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  • another great week for sony

  • What are the odds of us getting Uncharted 2 early lol.

  • Drooling over the thoughts of Uncharted 2 And R&C ACIT..

  • Any word on a flow trophy patch?

  • You forgot

    * We broke popular games on the PS3 2 weeks ago and haven’t done a thing about it.

  • I know you guys don’t want to hear it, but what about an update that will allow me to play Uncharted?

    Or at least an option to allow us to revert our firmware back so we can play it?

    I just want to play the game on my PS3 sometime in the near future. Please?

  • Total Sony domination once again.

    Insane Slim sales across the planet.

    An mind boggling large number of AAA PS3/PSP exlcusives coming out.

    The PS3 has utterly annihilated the 360 in graphics this gen.

    Millions of people packing the Home servers with content being constatly added by Sony and game publishers

    PSN continues to be the Gold Standard for online console gaming – Free for everyone with lagfree dedicated servers

    The PS3 ads are the best anyone has seen for any system this gen

    Way to go Sony! You are embarassing the competition. PS3 owners are absolutely estatic with how incredible this gen has turned out so far.

  • Cant renew my subscription to Qore and its nowhere in the store…

  • Can’t wait until TGS…

  • Googles the troll PotVsKtl.

    Golly, an Xbot trolling the PS3 blog??? That’s something you rarely see…

  • Ohio State vs USC… GO BUCKS!!! Gameday down here is CRAZY. lol

    PS: Will qore subscribers be able to use the MAG beta codes when they are sent next week or do we have to wait until october 6th.. or whatever that date was?

  • hay juff how dose a new game compuny contact sony, to make a game?

  • damn imma gonna be busy in october

  • Hmm good week. :)

    Any update on the e-mailing issue. Sorry for the nagging as I know the problem is hard to fix apparently. Maybe make a blog post on the matter. ;)

  • heads up! since updating firmware update 3.0 i’m getting random disconnections from my ethernet internet!

    i’m also getting booted out from the playstation store since that update. btw, everything worked fine with the previous firmware update 2.8

    jeff, i would apreciate it if u give the heads up to eric lempel and company,thanks

  • my ps3 displays a message saying that ” ethernet connection not found” and also after playing for about 15 minutes online(zen pinball) i either get disconnected from my internet with the above message or get booted from the psn altogether

  • so there is a problem with the email system. i thought it was AOL but do anybody know if G-Mail any good?

    Uncharted 2 a month away WooHoo!!!

    2 games Sony need to make on PS3 8 Days and Heavenly Sword 2.

    “Heavenly Sword 2 keeping hope alive”

  • Dear SONY,

    Please NAME your motion controller thingy NOW. MS’s ‘NATAL’ is a cod name for sure but it has BUZZ as it is easily referenced.

    You are LOSING mindshare by not having labelled your tech.

  • @18- lol, and I kinda agree. :P


    This game should be on everybody’s radar. It’s dropping Oct. 6th exclusively for PS3 and it looks f’ng fantastic.

  • This has been a great week. UC2 is now done, the new ad campaign is going great. Slim sales are doing awesome.

  • this is late but how about shadow of the colossus on blu ray next since gow is!!

  • Yeh, great week Sony… How about you UPDATE people on the fixes with FW 3.00, like… I dunno, the 1000+ people screaming and raving on this board:



    “Please NAME your motion controller thingy NOW. MS’s ‘NATAL’ is a cod name for sure but it has BUZZ as it is easily referenced.

    You are LOSING mindshare by not having labelled your tech.


    Microsoft has nothing else to hype other than their piece of junk EyeToy ripoff and you actually think anyone cares?

    Wow, are you utterly clueless.

    “OMG!!! What will Sony do???”



    Please implement this guy’s ideas. Even better, HIRE HIM.

  • Will us Canadians be getting a chance to win an Uncharted 2 Fortune Hunters Edition? maybe from the blog? will we hear next week?

  • Tales of Vesperia PS3 English Holiday Release


  • @FlatulentGhost

    Wow, way to be a tool. What’s wrong with naming the ps3 motion controller? Or giving it a code name? Can we please check our fanboyism at the door? Don’t get me wrong, I love my PS3. I prefer Playstation over Xbox360. However, that does not entitle me to lash out at anyone who critiques the “ALMIGHTY PLAYSTATION”.

    Anyway, I am glad to see Playstation picking up steam coming into the holiday season. I’m really looking foward to Uncharted 2, Heavy Rain, and The Last Guardian.

  • @23,

    Thanks for the kind advice.

    Now, if you had any clue about marketing and buzz you’d know that the earlier you can get your products name into the media FOR FREE the better it will be for sales of said product. This has NOTHING to do with the QUALITY of said product. (If North Americans bought QUALITY instead of BUZZ we wouldn’t have the Wii where it is right now would we and you wouldn’t all be fat on McDonald’s)

    Each week you seem to come on here and try and point out ‘trolls’ when you’re the one that hasn’t checked himself before speaking up.

    As for being ‘clueless’…um, yah, internet slapdowns are so much fun. You keep working at it and sometime in the future I might give a rats arse.

    See ya SON.

    (that’s for you Watchmann)

  • can you guys fix the firmware? niether me or my best friend can play games or log into the store.

    @23 yeah people do care, which is why people ARE talking about it. you are clearly the clueless one.



  • It would be understandable that fixing this firmware issue with Uncharted is cumbersome and time-consuming on Sony’s end. However, leaving all of us consumers in the dark the entire time wondering how long it will take for the problem to be fixed is inexcusable. We as your consumers deserve to know the status of the issue and when we can expect a fix.

  • How do you make a firmware update that doesn’t allow people to play games that has to be the worst f$@k up in PS history!!!!! Who’s fired ??

  • Infamous is a great game…

  • the new slim is awesome!
    it’s cool/silent, personally i start to wonder who paid for those forum posts about heat?

    the PS3 slim is much cooler and more silent with folding@home, I’ve been running folding@home on it since Friday non-stop! (i want to make sure it’s 100% stable ;)

  • uncharted also runs fine here.

  • Ok so I have been looking everywere on the site to find a switch to mobile view button but I can’t find it when the blog went mobile it worked fine for about a week I don’t think it’s my iPhone please help it’s getting annoying!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • My PS3 slim gets crazy hot, but it’s got a 1 year warranty so I guess I’m good for a little while, but yeah, I can confirm, it gets way hotter than my 40 gig phat did before it died. Keeping my fingers crossed! Maybe I just got a fluke, but whatever. So many great games coming out.

  • hey Chris how you doing man?? listen can you take a look at this i hope the gray boxes are there for a reason and that reason would be something like this

  • @38 how have u placed it? it should be removed 5 to 10 centimeters removed from a wall.

    if there is a wall behind it, u can also place it sideways ;)

  • mine is very cool compared to the 60GB euro PS3.

  • 50 Celsius degrees isn’t very hot, and it should be hot otherwise it isn’t cooling the cpu correctly ;)

  • The new LittleBig Planet demo is amazing. The game of the year edition just came out and anyone who has not played LittleBig Planet should definitely grab the game of the year edition.

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