PlayStation Home SingStar Rooms Launch on September 24th, Buzz! Game Launching Support Announced

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Greetings, Bonjour, Konnichiwa, and NuqNeh, Home-people!

As you may or may not know, we announced the upcoming SingStar rooms for PlayStation Home at gamescom in Cologne, Germany a few weeks ago. For those of you SingStar fiends who have since been blowing up my PM box on the official PlayStation Home forums asking “where are those rooms at, Locust?” I’m positively thrilled to confirm that this new game space will be launching two weeks from today on Thursday, September 24th. You can peep some exclusive sneak peek pics from this new space below.

Home SingStar Screenshot Dancefloor 1 Home Singstar Screenshot Dancefloor 2

The first thing you’ll notice when you visit this space on opening day is that dance floor reacts to the shapes you throw and that the music will change according to what style on dance the majority of avatars are partaking in. Note: This is where you thank me for not dropping the polka dance on you last update.

There’s also an interactive jukebox in the space where you and your friends can vote for your favorite tracks and the SingStar Music Quiz (which will be accessible in a future update) is there to test the knowledge of the hardest of hardcore music geeks in Home. To top it all off, there will be tons of rewards to be earned and future events galore, so you’ll want to add this space to your Favorites list right from the get-go. You’ll want to check the doors at the back of the SingStar rooms regularly. You never know what might be popping off inside.

On an unrelated, yet equally awesome note, you’ll notice today that Buzz! fully supports game launching in Home. So gather in the Buzz! space to meet other trivia buffs and launch into this hit party game. And while you’re at it, take a moment to go explore the Mall. If you look hard, you’ll find some new free items hidden therein. These free items will only be available for a limited time, so you’ll need to log-in today. Consider it a gift from us to you, the PlayStation Home community.

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  • Always glad to see new improvements to home

  • Wasn’t the next major Home update supposed to allow for universal game launching?

  • where’s cyd….i haven’t hung out w her since cb

  • Thanks for the update, Locust. Will version 1.3 be coming on the same day? I’m really looking forward to that.

  • So does this mean we will finally get our SingStar trophy reward items or are they still not allowed here in the US?

  • Speaking of singstar, they just released the new update yesterday that adds video editing and clubs.

  • Playstation Home version 1.3 coming September 24th?

    Confirm or Deny?

    lol love that commercial.

  • yayy! i want v.i.p ! =]!
    && my singstar home rewards !

  • @5 , Yeah man I am right with you on that .. I have singstar Queen and i should have atleast two home rewards but nothing nadda zilch and thats crazy considering it says it in the US trophys for singstar as well .. why tease like that if you aint gonna offer?

  • Nice update L_S huge props for what you do for us! Can’t wait for the new singstar space.

  • Is this the 1.3 update?

  • nice,how we will be supposed to get those rare items

  • @juggulator

    There’s nothing in the post about Home v1.30 so it’s not about it.

  • Thanks got all the free hidden stuff this morning. I just wonder why a friend of mine told me that the uk home has 72 free items in it atm.

  • Cool beans

  • Looks cool, and for my birthday its interesting. But is there a chance we’ll see the RE5 Archives 2 weeks from now as well?

  • How about universal game launching?

    and locust please please please make it posible to choose(travel) through different version of HOME(europe usa japan).Iknow lots of europeans that want to visiti usa HOME or americans that want to visit japans HOME etc.

  • Any word on the big update?

  • sounds great to me I love cheaking out what is new in home I will be sure to take a look around xD and knowing me I will be doing one of those dances hmmmm maybe thee…..robot 8D why not right?! but really putting sing star in home was a good idea cant wait.

  • Looks like a cool hangout spot.

  • that great news sony keep it up

  • ahhhhhh still can’t get the mobile site to work on my iphone!

  • where is the problem reporting on this freaking blog?

  • Thanks for the heads up Locust_Star.

    Still waiting for that 1.3 update to come and checking nearly daily.

    I know you mentioned September timeframe, but wondering if you can give us a bit more detail as to when it may come out ?

  • Absolutely amazing.

    Everyone knew Home was going to huge. I remember the insane lengths people were going to try to get into the Closed Beta.

    But man, logging into Home everyday with friends inbetween gaming and the place just feels so alive. All the different zones. All the different crazy avatars.

    If Sony made 1 million dollars in profits back in the first month of with a much smaller population and a tiny number of items to buy, with the over 8 million Home users now and the massive amount of content, Sony has to be making huge amounts of money from Home.

    Fantastic news for PSN.

    No wonder Xbox fans are so terrified of Home.

  • I will try to show interest in the SingStar homespace as soon as they release the effing cordless mics in the U.S. Until then, I won’t even bother putting the disc in.

  • It’s cool that the Singstar space is finally coming out, but I’m still kinda curious as to what happened to the Home-rewards related to unlocking certain Singstar trophies.

  • What’s the point of these custom game spaces once the game gets old? What will their purpose be after 5-7 months or so?
    I’ve been curious about this for a while now. Nobody ever answer though.

    • The idea is to continually update and refresh these spaces over time…think more game tie-ins, exclusive content, etc. We haven\’t been able to do as much as this as we\’d like yet because we\’re still in beta and therefore super-focused on getting out new spaces.

  • So…no way to show of our own singstar vids within the home space?

  • Looking good. Any date for when Home gets that “big’ update?

  • the video screen in HOME (all the streaming one)
    are hard to view as the buffer all the time

  • Giggity giggity ALRIIIGGHHT!

  • Are you going to actually fix the sofa vs. sofa mode in Buzz? Otherwise this is all a moot point.

  • When universal game launching is added then I’ll have a reason to stay in HOME. Till then I’ll continue to be a rare visitor.

  • Thanks for the update on the SingStar space, Locust_Star. I’m looking forward to checking it out on the 24th.

    I love SingStar, but we really need some better product support here in the North American market. We always seem to be the red-headed step children, compared to what is available in the EU market.

  • Totally off topic, I was wondering why there was no included furniture with the Post Apocalyptic Apartment. I mean all the rest had some type of furniture included with them, why not that one. I would like to do my place up but I’m not really willing to spend $30 doing so. Why was this like this for this space?

  • uhhh PS3 firmware post sometime soon?

  • *yawn*

    People still use Home?

  • Would love to have an extra lounge section in the Singstar Home area that lets us watch the top hall of fame user created videos from Singstar Online. It would entice those who do not play to see how fun the ‘youtube’ aspect of the game is. :D

  • I have only visited Home occationally, but nice job continually adding the new spaces and games.

    If voice chat returned I would definitely log onto Home more often, but right now it just feels so lifeless. Can’t everyone just be muted off the bat and you choose who you want to chat with? That way it is not a foul mouthed free for all.

    anyway, good for those who use Home.

    -trophy rooms
    -universal game launching
    -sharing media with friends (not ownership)
    -voice chat

    Those things would get me more excited to use Home as opposed to the addition of a 100 new spaces/rooms.

  • will this have the 1.3 with it

  • i’m getting some problems with transactions right now. whenever i try to complete one using the Playstation interface, it hangs up and gives an error message. after exiting out of the error message, home cashes entirely, and i’m left at the main menu.

  • @43 Im having the same problem.

  • No actual singing?? No ability to launch into this game and sing with friends? Singstar has no multiplayer and I was rather hoping that the Home space might be able to add some form of functionality for this. No karaoke?

    … so what you’re saying is this is yet another Home space where people can have their avatars dance… like the dozen other spaces where people do this? It’s another bar-like pick-up join environment for guys to hit on girls-that-might-be-real-girls-or-might-be-guys? It’s yet another second-life social space with no actual purpose for people that play games?

  • umm wasnt a version update coming soon anything on that locust

  • Guys at home team I need some help. I got a high speed connection but when I go to home in the theatre there’s always buffering every 3 seconds, any ideas?

    BTW Home is awesome now ,I was watching Gunslinger Girls yesturday. Hope to see more content in home like that.

  • Austin Powers says: “I like the night life… I like to boogie…” :P

    Here’s hoping this means v1.3 on the 24th (or 17th, please be 17th please be 17th).

  • @47: If you’re on Wireless try going with a Wired connection to your router to see if that improves performance. If that doesn’t work, PM me on the boards ( and we’ll try a few other things that might help.

  • Wow! Even more places to shake our groove thang!

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