MotorStorm Arctic Edge – A Behind the Scenes Look at the Making Of

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Hey MotorStorm fans! We’re over two weeks away from the release of MotorStorm Arctic Edge for the PSP, but have already kicked off the MotorStorm festival! Between now and launch date (September 29), we will be unveiling brand new trailers that will allow you to go behind-the-scenes with my colleagues at Bigbig Studios where they show you exactly how MotorStorm Arctic Edge for the PSP was born, complete with never-before-seen footage from the game, as well as in-depth interviews from Bigbig Studios.

Take a look at the first of four right here on the PSBlog:

Continue to check back here weekly for the latest MotorStorm Arctic Edge trailer and updates.

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  • More making of features please. I like the behind the scenes.

  • JESUS CHRIST THIS IS SOOOOO cool im buying it and nice graphics !

  • No more PSP games, please…

  • I’ve never played a Motorstorm game(my computer blocks video so i’ve never seen gameplay). Is this a good Series?

  • Oh and will there be infrastructure?

  • Man, this looks absolutely insane. I wish my PSP’s analog stick wasn’t screwed up, because I love the PS3 MotorStorm games, and it sucks to have to miss this one.

  • The graphics look very nice for PSP, and I loved the first two Motorstorm games, so I don’t see any reason I wouldn’t like this one. Looking very good so far. We need more snowy games!

  • this is going to be awesome. what do you think jeff?

    • Actually, I\’ve been playing the preview copy, and it\’s very good. Probably the tightest handling of any MotorStorm title to date. I\’m actually winning races!

  • Cant wait for this game.
    I’m getting this game off the PS Store :)

  • need a demo – please?!

  • Demo …. !!

  • and the price?

    Under 10$ I’ll buy without question asked. 15$ is limit…

  • lol just like # 11 & 12 will there be a demo we get very little psp demos so PLZ?…

  • *wants this game*

    Managing my addiction to Dissidia is hard enough. MotorStorm on PSP is gonna add another to manage.

  • any add ons for this game in progress

    sweet game BTW

  • cool! the PS2 version needs to have online play though!

  • Motorstorm is just plain awesome. I look at racing games being release right now like dirt 2 and they still don’t look as good…I’m sure the PSP version will be great as well.

  • Looks really good. Definitely gonna pick this up when I get a new white psp go on the 1st. Hopefully Soul Caliber will be on psn by then too. Keep the behind the scenes coming. Really like these.

  • well its already paid in full , hey i have a question wheres the dynamic Motorstorm theme in the US store??? i cant buy the european one because it doesnt accept my credit card please bring it to the US thank you

  • ^ Some of you are just total dumbasses, seriously ” no more PSP games please ” ( shut the hell up, its an awesome game whether you like it or not ) and ” $10 please $15 is a limit (damn you’re stupid, the games gonna be $40 like all full retail PSP titles. :P

  • Game looks great, i’ll be sure to play it. PSP is on a roll lately, and doesn’t seem to be stopping, PS3 also.

    Nice year for Sony gamers in particular i see

  • Does this game got infrastructure multiplayer and if yes how many players??

  • The game looks fantastic, SOLD!!! :D

  • @12…this isn’t an Apple iFart ‘game’…it is a full fledged PSP game. $39.99 retail (though personally I’ll wait until it hits $29.99)

  • @22

    8 player adhoc or infrastructure mode.

    DEAR BIGBIG…why is your website so horribly out of date?

  • Nicely done. This game looks very impressive for a PSP/PS2 title.

  • Some gameplay videos are available at
    Two races, the introduction movie and a quick vehicle customization tour have been posted :

  • Looks amazing, although I’m not sure how it will play out on psp, the analog stick will possibly kill the experience.

  • want a demo

  • Guys this game looks truly amazing, it appears that you have captured the Motorstorm spirit and implemented it well in a hand held (And with the hardware limitations of the dating PSP mit appears that your dev team has major talent!). Bravo.
    This, GT:PSP, and LBP PSP are going to rock my handheld world for a while. Thank you!

  • The More see the presentations of Motorstorm Artic-Edge i want it more at first i didnt think it was worth it but the game play looks awesome !!! thank you Sony

  • Motorstorm is freakin awesome, and it totally looks like Bigbig did an amazing job translating the motorstorm experiance to the psp, looks great.

  • Wow,I can’t say nothing because of the defying graphics that BigBig Studios converted to the handheld,this is going to be one of the highly-anticipated games that will release to the PSP and the reason why
    is the crashes also the Avalanche they introduced to the Motorstorm franschise,which is outstanding.I have a question for you,Jeff(you dont have to answer the question).

    Are BigBig Studios going to make a sequel for the Motorstorm,but I wish the sequel was on water or the urban both for the PSP and PS3?

  • loks wicked cant wait motorstorm was quality pacific was outstanding and perfected some of those irratating parts from the first one mainly with variation of tracks and vechiles etc. but there are some things i would like such as with the cars to see speed handling percentages or something maybe/ maybe drivers should be better at doing certain things / certain vechiles? Just suggestoons just hope they’ll keep loading times down and .. well can’t wait really looks really good the artic setting is a wicked one i have been waiting for in the motorstorm franchise :D

  • Will this game be up on the PSP store Oct. 1st?

  • Slightly off topic. But does anyone know what the name of the song is at the start of the video?

    It’s really catchy and would sound great playing to MS Pacific Rift.

  • at 35 , yes it will , i have pre ordered 1 copy for my little nephew’s psp 3000 but im getting my copy with my new psp go on october 1st

  • This is one game that makes us not ask for ad-hoc party, thank you. Although, yah should still bring it to the US, since most of these games are just ad-hoc.

  • does this come out on Oct 1?

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