Interpol: The Trail of Dr. Chaos Available September 17 on PSN

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Hello and welcome to the Interpol: The Trail of Dr. Chaos blog post where all things hidden are good things!

Interpol: The Trail of Dr. Chaos (available September 17 on PSN for $9.99) is a hidden object game, the first of its kind on the PS3. For those who are not familiar with this type of game, go back to your childhood and remember the “I Spy” and “Where’s Wally” books, in which you needed to locate cleverly hidden objects or characters within the pages of a book. Now imagine that coming to life in vibrant living HD color on your PlayStation 3!

In this wildly addictive genre of games, you will travel around the globe (virtually, of course!) and unravel puzzles in order to gather hidden clues from exotic and remote locations, investigating elaborate crime scenes and overcoming treacherous mini-games along the journey.

Interpol screenshot 1

Interpol: The Trail of Dr. Chaos is sure to provide many hours of challenge as we immersed you in over 40 exciting levels and puzzles. The mini-adventures takes place around the world in locations such as Hollywood, New York City, Tokyo, St. Petersburg, Monte Carlo, Interpol Head Quarters, and more!

One of the features I’m most excited about is the multiplayer co-op mode. This fun mode lets players both locally and via the PlayStation Network play along with up to three others. This solves the finger print problem we had on all of our monitors when someone would walk up behind us and wanted to “help” showing where something was hidden. Now they just pick up a controller and can play along.

We’ve all had a great time making this game for you. Our artists have meticulously recreated this puzzle adventure in High Definition graphics, providing a stunning, one of a kind experience.

Interpol screenshot 3

Our team of writers have taken the original story line and re-envisioned it for PlayStation 3, providing for an all new adventure.

And our team of engineers (who by the way LOVE Trophies) have implemented fun Trophies to reward you as you play through the game. Additionally, they’ve included mouse support as well as custom music support so you can jam along to your own tunes as you play.

Please do let us know what you think, as we’ve got more adventures for you in the future!

Interpol screenshot 2

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  • Wow @_@ didn’t not think one of these would come to PS3, well I know what I’m getting for mothers day.

  • Damnit not first -_-

  • You know what….kinda think PSN needed a game like this…finally one of these in HD! And with Custom Soundtracks…perfect.

    So is it 720p or 1080?

  • This is pretty interesting. In a way, it reminds me of Carmen Sandiago (the globetrotting bit) with an interesting twist visually. Looks pretty good. Any chance of seeing a demo?

  • Oh cool it’s one of those find the item type games. Might get this.

  • Where’s Wally? Is that Waldo’s brother?

  • Professor Chaos?!

  • neat! it’s always a nice thing to see new genres of video games coming to the ps3.

  • This sounds like a lot of fun. I’m glad the PSN is getting a lot of different types of games.

    And good idea with the co-op! I’m especially appreciative that you included *Offline/local* co-op, as that particular feature seems to appear less and less.

    looking forward to this one!

  • This looks like fun to me. And Trophies as well! Sweet! Good thing I’ve got a US PSN-account too ;)

  • awesome I can’t wait to get my hands on this.

  • I actually love these kinds of games. Definitely a refreshing step into something other than shooters, action-adventurers, and what have you.

  • Wow! This looks awesome. I can’t wait. :)

  • I love these types of games. I play Mystery Case files on my PC, and it’s really fun. I can’t wait to purchase it. Now i just need to buy some PSN cards.

  • Are the pictures in totally-not-HD, like in the XBLA version of game?

    • Hello PhunnedZerggie…the pictures in Interpol are all in HD. We wanted to make the photos as immersive as possible for the player experience. We truly hope you enjoy it!!!

  • Never played anything like this before but it sounds very interesting. I will definitely give this a shot.

  • Awesome! Day one purchase… I love these types of games…

  • Mouse support is a huge plus for this kind of game.

  • Normally I wouldn’t be into this type of game but now that you mention it… sure why not?

  • It was already sounding cool before I read about the co-op part, but that has definitely sold me on it.

  • love the idea, something new to keep the psn network fresh!! I like it love the mouse support and custom music, always love custom music. Thank you looks like a good game

  • Interesting….

  • Well this is different….really different, I do love these kinds of games/puzzles though so that’s awesome. I hope there is a small demo of some kind. Either way for 10 bucks that’s not bad at all.

  • I’ll Take it!

  • Somewhat of a missed opportunity here, maybe, but it would have been cool to use the Playstation Eye to interact with the games, having you point to the object you’re looking for, even if you’re just controlling the arrow. Would be nice to add that BAR GAME feel to it, since we can’t have a touch screen TV. =)

    • Hello Evil69, we are already looking into implementing Playstation Eye functionality for the next game in the Interpol series, and possibly a PDLC. Great suggestion!

  • The first PSN/PS3 game with mouse support.


  • I’m picking this up for my kids day One. Who am I lidding, I’ll play this more than they will. :)

    Thanks for bringing one of these to the PS3, adding custom soundtrack is a nice added bonus.


  • Thats kind of cool.

  • TikGames hasn’t let me down yet!
    This looks fun especially with online and local co-op!
    Plus custom music … this has WIN written all over it!
    Just curious does custom music work while co-op online with voip? Assuming of course there is voip.

  • Any chance of this working on remote play with the psp? That would be great, since it looks simplistic enough. Might be a tad hard to see sometimes, but cool none the less.

    • Keeferes, always a cool direction to cross-platform engaging games. Great suggestion, I will circle back with our team and explore this possibility.

  • Interesting. I think my daughter will really dig this. Day one purchase here.

  • Looks cool, I may just snag it next week. Most interesting PSN game I’ve seen so far. Keep ’em coming!

  • So, this game was released today in PSN EU… Have chances of Critter Crunch release today in PSN USA?

    :( The American Summer ends next week!

  • this game was fun for a short time became very hard on the eyes

  • Since you can play online with other people, is there support for bluetooth headsets? I’d like to chat with my brother as we play the game.

  • This kind of games is actually my favorite on PC (Mystery P.I. games)
    I’m really excited for this game already !!
    I play this kind of games with more than 5 other people and it’s more fun to have people over head telling you where to press :P

    THANKS ALOT, I cant wait !! any plans for DLC?

  • Thanks Jeff! Capybara Games Hurry! :D

    About this game… Good, Mystery Games look like this are rare!

  • At first I was like “Eh”
    Then i was like “Hm?
    Now I’m like “Yeah”

  • Now, this is a great example of the bite-sized titles we need on PSN. Not an epic title, not a mini-shooter, not another fighter, but something different.

    I hope this pans out to be as interesting as it seems. :)

  • sounds great!!! I’m guessing there will be plenty of DLC for this one right?!

  • I like playing a game of this type on my friend’s ipod. I will consider this when I have some extra funds in my wallet. Whenever TMNT reshelled comes to PSN, when I pick up a $20 PSN card that day, I’ll probably get this as well.

    What I really want to hear is that you guys are planning on more Magic Ball levels. I WANT AN ALIENS/UFO THEME. I love MB SO much. Shatter is cool, but Migic Ball is the best brick breaker of all time. Please keep supporting it.

    I’d like to work for you guys doing NOTHING but building Magic Ball levels.

  • @Alex Tikhman OR atikhman

    1-IS THERE ANY PLANS TO PRIG Minesweeper Flags TO PSN.

  • Any chance for a trailer? Can’t tell if it is fun or not based on a couple of screenshots.

    Also, any more detail on what kind of minigames there are, or how co-op works (is it competitive)?

  • Actually, I definitely like the idea of a version of this game with the PlayStation Eye.

  • The game looks interesting, I would not mind trying this new title out..

  • It’s like Highlights Magazine: The Game
    haha if only my doctors office had this when I was a kid in the waiting room…

  • I can’t wait! I lovelove Hidden Object games, and to be able to play co-op with friends? Love it more.

    Plus trophies, my own music, possible future DLC, and mouse support! I can’t wait!!

  • I take it TikGames was named after you (Tikhman)

  • This game would be even better if you used the new SDK for ‘infinite’ zoom. Great way to hide things.

  • Aren’t the graphics in 1024 x 576, so not really 1080p? Doesn’t matter, static graphics look great upscaled by the PS3.

    Also thanks for the mouse support!

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