Sack it to Me – The “I Can’t Wait Until GOTY + DEMO Next Week” Edition

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LBP GOTY online banner

DEMO and GOTY in-stores next week
Sept 10 – For those of you who haven’t “jumped in the sack” with LBP yet, head over to the PS Store on Sept 10, and you’ll be able to download a free playable demo of LittleBigPlanet.

The demo is filled with – PLAY: a hand full of in-game levels and mini-games by yourself or with 3 of your friends, CREATE: Customize your Sackboy and plaster levels with a variety of stickers and objects, SHARE: a few community levels picked from the over 125MM levels created online.

Hopefully, you’ll get hooked just in time for the release of the Game of the Year Edition (coincidentally next week as well :) ). If your just getting your hands on a new PlayStation 3, check out the’s “Top five games to purchase along with your new PS3” – which just happens to have LBP #1…and conveniently just arrived in our offices!

LBP packaging on wall

A few weeks ago, when we announced the Game of the Year edition, we saw a ton of questions, and wanted to address what we could, so we decided to create a quick FAQ:

“Will my old game save work with the Game of the Year edition?” – Yes, so long as you have the latest LBP online update.

“Are there new trophies” – Sorry, there are no new trophies in the GOTY edition.

“Will existing owners get a chance to play the bonus levels?” – Nothing has been planned yet, but stay tuned over the next few weeks as we’ll be highlighting our ‘super users’ so you’ll be able to search and play their other masterpieces online.

“Is there any other way to get the Modnation beta?” – Currently, this is the only way to guarantee entry. As we get closer to the ModNation Racers Beta, we’ll update if this changes.

“How will the bonus levels be shown in game?” – I took a few shots for you to see.

First, you’d see the “Bonus” call-out beside “Story”.

LBP Bonus section on menu

Then you’d see the Planet filled with all your free DLC and Level packs.

LBP DLC and levels on world

Finally, after selecting the Community Level pack, you’ll see all 18 community levels to select. :)

LBP Bonus levels on world

Ever since Gamescom, lots more details have been revealed for the PSP version (available 11/17). Check out the below news and catch up on the latest and greatest:


Paying the Bill! by Mnniska

Bludhound’s Comments (PSN: marquise126ace) :
This is an absolutly great platforming level. The author of this level has put the John Burgerman stickers to great use, making the scenery a real treat for your eyes. You will also find some very unique obstacles and a
unique x2 section in this level. Overall it’s a very fun level that you will want to play again and again.

amazingflyingpoo’s Comments:
Mnniska has managed to create a wonderful “feel-good” platformer. Instead of sticking to just tried-and-true platforming mechanics, he creates some original scenarios which helps to make a great experience into an outstanding one. On top of that, the story is so wacky that you just have to love it!

The Ultimate Puzzle Challenge by Werehare

Bludhound’s Comments (PSN: marquise126ace) :
Want to test your self with some mind boggling puzzles? Then this level is for you. The author of this level has done amazing work in coming up with puzzles that you don’t see too often in lbp. the design and scenery is absolutely beautiful, if you appreciate great design (that looks like it took hours just to think of) and puzzles that will test your mind then give this level a try.

amazingflyingpoo’s Comments:
This level has impressed me more than just about any other level I have ever played. Most authors struggle to come up with one good originalpuzzle, but somehow werehare has come up with a level composed of a large number of incredible puzzles.


Over on, dextroyer4u has created a new tutorial for those of you inspiring to make an “Earthquake” level. Good stuff, keep them coming.

NEW LBP stuff on the PlayStation Store


LittleBigPlanet Add-On VeraBee Sticker Pack

Check out the latest downloadable Sticker Pack on the PlayStation Network. We love how Vera’s stickers look in LBP and hope to see lots of levels influenced by her style. has a great interview with Vera along with a full site takeover.


LittleBigPlanet DynamicTheme Banner

As announced with the 3.0 PS3 Firmware announcement (thanks Eric), the LittleBigPlanet Dynamic Theme hit the store earlier this week for $2.99. Check out SirHypnotoad youtube clip for a sneak peek of the Sackboy Dynamic Theme in motion.

LittleBigPlanet @PAX

Yes, LittleBigPlanet will be at PAX. Drop by the PlayStation booth and check out LittleBigPlanet on both PlayStation 3 and PSP – and if you have something Sack-specific, we may just hook you up with a little sumptin-sumptin…

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12 Author Replies

  • Looking forward to picking this up. :D

  • Awesome. Can you answer 2 of my questions here?

    When is the LBP Water Beta arriving?
    And how come the box art doesn’t have the new PS3 logo and everything

    • Water is still in the works, but we\’ll be sure we\’ll \’drip\’ new news soon…

      As for the box, I believe LBP GOTY is the last SCEA title to use the old template. Everything else moving forward will have the new look.

  • OK, I am buying the Game of the Year edition because it worth it to buy this game twice :)

    I have a question about the Water add-on that is coming later this year. If we buy the Game of the Year edition, will we get the Water add-on also? The water add-on should be free for the people that purchase the game of the year edition or make it free all together.

  • You guys should let us Qore subscribers in the Modnation Racers Beta. Please.

  • @Microshock
    The new PS3 box-art is debuting with Uncharted 2: Among Thieves.

    The Water add-on isn’t probably coming since it isn’t even in Beta yet.

  • Loved the dynamic theme :) Hate that I need to pay $3 for it though :(

  • Does the Modnation Racers beta come with GOTY edition from only select retailers? How about amazon?

  • what ever happened to ONLINE CREATE MODE in little big planet?

  • lookin forward to picking up the goty edition on tuesday

  • @heatseeker

    Online create pretty much just fineshed it’s beta period so it should be here around maybe october at the earliest.


    all copies of the GOTY edition get the mod nation racers beta but only the first ones shipped so you beta hurry and buy it if you want that beta.

    @ Mark

    What do you mean sack-specific? does that mean LBP swag? wait, why would the PS3 version be there unless somthing being announced or something. Are you teasing us?

  • can i get a beta code mate Xd

  • i have this game since launch and love it. however its a shame that this game has had just ONE level/story pack. its unbelievable that the psp version of the game will come out before more level packs come for the ps3. if this goty edition had new content and levels, i would buy it, but i won’t since i already have most of the game’s content. MORE STORY LEVELS!

  • “a few community levels picked from the over 125MM levels created online.”

    What are 125MM levels?

    When is the play/crate/share counter going to be activated?

  • Great it has the current box config, I hate that sony wants to change it now, it’s not cool that our game boxes will look different :( at least they should give us a choice or something (like include both covers)

  • Full price for one year game? LBP actually cost 20$ everywhere.

  • When do we get WATER ?

  • I’m waiting for Sephiroth, new levels, and water before I play this game again. Sorry but community levels just don’t cut it for me anymore. :/

  • when this game comes out??

    i hope it before 9-9-09

  • is there any news on the water beta for little big planet? becasue i realy want to know. thanks.

  • “Will existing owners get a chance to play the bonus levels?” – Nothing has been planned yet, but stay tuned over the next few weeks as we’ll be highlighting our ’super users’ so you’ll be able to search and play their other masterpieces online.

    Thats nice Mark, but i sincerely hope you guys will offer a DLC pack with all 18 bonus levels in the near future for us 1st day owners, if reasonably priced, i’ll be happy to pay for it.

    I think the GOTY is an excellent deal for anyone who missed out on this game, but i’ll be quite disappointed if existing owners are left out.

    And i agree with post #4, please consider letting Qore annual subscribers in the modnation racers beta, thanks.

  • I think it really sucks that everyone who has supported LBP until now doesn’t get to play these bonus levels.

  • Wow all this looks so cool. Especially the LBP dynamic theme…

    I can’t wait to buy all these when they hit the UK….

    OH WAIT!

  • “SHARE: a few community levels picked from the over 125MM levels created online.”

    Is that supposed to say 1.25 Million?

  • If you already played LittleBigPlanet and start playing the GotY Edition, does it start a new trophy list in addition to the old one?

  • Woot Mnniska

  • Haha guess I’m picking up the GOTY edition. Probably going to trade-in my original LBP for some credit towards the game!

  • Sackboy must get tired from runnin’ on that globe for so long.

    Yay for GOTY, thank goodness i didn’t get it when it came out, i really wanted too, but i said “i bet it’ll come out as GOTY because of PLAY, CREATE, SHARE idea.” and i was right!


  • I will not be getting this. 18 bonus levels are user created levels and are not made by MM. And I got all of the ADD ons metal gear and history pack and and moster pack so there is no need to update unless U like costumes and I don’t. We need LPB in Home. Seems wierd with out it!!! :)

  • When does the water beta start?

    Why do the Play, Create, Share scores *still* not work?

    Will LBP ever get a Home space?

    So you have over 125 millimeters worth of levels? Or maybe that should be 1.25M, as in million?

    • LOL…millimeters. MM is million in *most* advertising/marketing/finance circles, but since this is neither I\’ll be sure to spell out next time. Sorry. :)

  • “Will existing owners get a chance to play the bonus levels?” – Nothing has been planned yet, but stay tuned over the next few weeks as we’ll be highlighting our ’super users’ so you’ll be able to search and play their other masterpieces online.

    Now thats crap right there. That pisses me off. For us that bought this game when it released and purchased tons of costumes, level packs and sticker packs we cant get the new bonus levels? Up yours.

  • I would feel a lot better about purchasing if the ‘$30 of added content’ statement wasn’t actually physically part of the box art. Why ruin a such great looking covers with such cheesy adverts?

  • the link to the sixthaxis is

    it looks bad to add the comment and it be the only one you havn’t linked too.

  • I love LBP! Play these levels: “Pink Floyd The Wall” & “Pink Floyd Dark Side of the Moon”, by MeanMrMustard. And “Two songs by The Beatles: Yellow Submarine and All My Loving!” by GoldenSeal. Let the hearts flow freely!!

  • i want a lbp psp demo at this point. if you dont have lbp ps3 by now you’ve really been missing out

    any more news i want to hear about the ps3 version is only GOOD updates such as level packs or gameplay additions (yay water!)

    the modnation racers beta is enticing though. that game looks like its doing a lot of things lbp should have done.

  • will you be making any more LBP dynamic themes? or will there be any free ones? i love the idea of it, just to fork over 3 dollars is a little much. i am still thinking if i want one.

  • Hi Mark.

    Thanks for mentioning TheSixthAxis, but you appear to have missed out the all important link. ;-)



  • Awesome, it’d be good to entice more people in to this great game.

    Oh, and you missed the link out to TheSixthAxis article you mentioned

  • I don’t want to have to buy the GOTY edition to get access to all the extras…

    I bought the original on day 1 and have purchased every single costume and sticker / level pack ever released since then….

  • I’m very tempted to buy this next week. I’m pretty low on money at this time and want to save it for Uncharted 2, but this is very tempting for me.

  • If I find out that “sumptin sumptin” at PAX is merchandise, like Sackboy dolls or T-shirts I will…be very sad.

    Broken record mode: How’s that merchandise coming, Mark? Kid coming in February. It needs a Sackboy.

  • I also want to add: All other dynamic theme creators should follow your lead and show us a preview video until the store has that functionality added.

    Otherwise, no money. Realizing that this theme also reacts to day/night changes might have just earned my $3.

  • will this GOTY edition come with the Water add-on on the disc?

    also, any additional music/songs or upgrades to 24-bit audio?

  • please Mm tell us more about the water

  • ““Will existing owners get a chance to play the bonus levels?” – Nothing has been planned yet, but stay tuned over the next few weeks as we’ll be highlighting our ’super users’ so you’ll be able to search and play their other masterpieces online.”

    So, you’re telling us that the people who preordered this game or went out to buy it day one //will not// be able to play the bonus levels? I think it’s a real shame that you’d intentionally leave early fans of your game out of this. I don’t really care too much about their other levels that I have access to anyways, but why would you limit those 18 bonus levels to so few people, and alienate the millions who bought your game in the first place? Is there any legitimate reason for this? Those who bought it before the GotY edition are the reason the GotY edition exists in the first place.

  • @41 Magesx

    EXACTLY! Thats what I stated earlier! If this is how MM will treat its existing fans that bought anything and everything for this game that was DLC well then screw them. I wont support them again.

    Well I just got back from trading in LBP towards Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2.

  • Geez people. Do you want them to just put a new cover on the game that says GOTY and not put anything in just so the people who’ve been playing this game since it came out don’t get their feelings hurt and go off to whine about it? If you answer yes than i swear i’ll go crazy. also @41 millions haven’t boughten this game. but that would be awesome. Also @whoever asked about the water add on being in the GOTY edition, no. It won’t be included as the beta hasn’t started so the water won’t be coming for several months at the least. But seriously, please, please, please stop whining and complaing people. geez.

  • @Ausohoj, you don’t understand that I and most others are okay with extra DLC being in the game. I’m totally okay with people getting $30 worth of stuff for free, because I’ve had the game for a year longer than they have. In other words, if Mm had come up to me when I was buying it and said “We’ll give you $30 if you buy this game in a year’s time”, I would’ve said no, because I don’t want to wait that long.

    The difference between the rest of the stuff in the pack and the bonus levels is that the free stuff is attainable by anyone. Mm isn’t saying “hey, //only// GotY buyers get MGS stuff”, but they’re just giving it out, and I’m okay with that because if I wanted to, I could go and buy it right now.

    However, if Mm sticks to this plan, then there will be //no way// to play the bonus levels if you couldn’t wait a year to buy it. It’s a real slap in the face to those who wanted this game from the beginning.

    Also, a quick check on VGChartz says that LBP has sold just under 2.4 million copies worldwide, and just under one million in the States. Since the GotY edition is only coming out in the US, I amend by last post to say “million” instead of “millions”.

  • @magesx

    OK, fair enough, but they didn’t say they wouldn’t release the levels to us evetually. they just said there were no plans at the time. Also, really? 2.4 million units worldwide? Hmmm last time i checked (which was a very long time ago) it was only like 24 thousand or somthing.

  • Having no plans at any given time to do something is usually a sign that it’ll never happen. Hopefully Mm can show us that they’re the better company.

    Also, I was surprised to see the sales were that high as well. I had expected around 1.5 or so million worldwide at first.

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