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  • FIRST! :) The new ps3 ads rock!

  • Hey chris, what’s your psn id? I want to look at your trophy collection. I could use a good laugh :P

  • Good Week! Cant wait for the update next week!

  • @2 Chris is on my friends list, but he has quite a decent collection.

    Nice week guys! Do you think you can get DICE on the blog to talk about Bad Company 2?

  • very nice week

  • very nice week

  • Looking forward to 3.0! :D

  • I have to reiterate what I said before: Jeff is now my favorite Sony employee of all time.

    Long live Cocknocker and Kevin Smith.

  • Hrm, last message was moderated…

    Here it is again, just in case: “I have to reiterate what I said before: Jeff is now my favorite Sony employee of all time.”

    If only because he’s actually watched Jay & Silent Bob Strike Back.

  • regarding 3.0, I think it should release with a few new avatars. Eric Lempel said in a interview, that new avatars wont hit with 3.0 but at a later date.

    This news come as disappointing. Theres people out there that are most looking forward to the new avatars out of anything else on 3.0 (which shows the sad state of the current poor selection) that will be dissapointed come tuesday.

    You got a lot of criticism for releasing the trophy patch with only one game supporting it at launch. The same thing will happen after announcing 3.0 has new themes and avatars that wont come till October.

  • “See More of Batman Arkham Asylum’s PS3-exclusives Tonight — Best comic cook/superhero game of all time?”
    Oh wow! If Batman’s cooking can I get a BLT? Maybe some fries too.

    BTW I love the new Sony ad campaign! I’ve seen more PS3 ads in the last 3 days than in the past 3 months. Keep it up guys. Ya gotta get the word out to the peeps

  • It’s already been said 13,046 times (that’s the official number anyway- can’t gather information on “under-the-table” statements to the fact XD ), but great job with the ad campaign.

    Really wish we’d gotten more out of the Final Fantasy XIV post, ’cause it felt like the interviewer barely had the time to even sit down. There’s still far too much unanswered about it. In that vein, I really would like more information on EyePet, because I don’t really know exactly what the draw is for it. Are the a hundred minigames included in it or something? I just truly don’t know much about it and there’s precious little information on the Internet…

  • Pretty good week!

  • I’d like to see more news on the weekend, news like Playstation Home or About the Motion Controller cause the Playstation Recap and the Playstation around the web what we read as being the only thing on the blog on the weekend is lame and boring. I’d like to see more news about games and coming soon programs for the PS3 on the weekend

  • Oh and any update on the ps store e-mailing problem that most of us are having? Thanks!

  • I would also like to know why I’m not receiving any newsletters, etc. from PlayStation. I’ve opted-in to receive them but I’m not getting anything. I am, however, still getting receipts from my PSN purchases but no newsletters, promos, etc like I used to.

    I’m using Gmail if that matters at all to you.

  • another good week

  • Almost the dawn of the PS3 Slim, all the hype it’s created for potential customers should bring us lots more people to game against online :)

    I really need some new God of War III footage to get my teeth into, is there likely to be a new trailer shown at TGS next month?

  • I still can’t believe the incentive to buy a PSP GO in the US is a RockBand demo where in Europe they’re getting the best portable game ever with it in Gran Turismo.

  • R&C ship game play rules cant believe that ACIT has been under the radar. any possibility of another public Dev chat some questions i have.

  • Sony, once again, has taught Microsoft just how fundamental internal manufacturing design and ability to shrink componentes is in the console market:

    For 299 Sony can offer:
    * Slot loading Blu-Ray drive
    * WiFi
    * Bluetooth
    * Internal power supply
    * Silent cooling
    * HDMI 1.3
    * Massively more powerful graphics hardware

    vs Microsoft’s RRoD prone hardware:
    * Tray loading DVD drive
    * No WiFi
    * No Bluetooth
    * Giant external power brick
    * Substandard(RRoD) and noisy cooling
    * Old HDMI standard
    * Wimpy graphics hardware

    Bow, Sony, bow. You are the masters. With the PS3 Slims flying off the shelves, it’s time for a high end Slim model with full hardware PS2 BC like the my precious launch 60gig has.

  • Why does everyone point out why ps3 is better than 360?We already know that.It’s been said about a million times.Case in point above.

  • No one asked for you opion ndw4.

    Stop spamming the blog with worthless crybaby posts.

  • Why is my comment from 12:06 STILL awaiting moderation?

  • thx for the update, awsome week. Can’t wait till monday
    PS3 slim’and my old PS3 is coming back from you guys!! really fast service thxs.

  • Sweet. Heavy rain looks like fun

  • Hey what were the announcements made at the Fan Expo in Toronto? I thought there would be something on here by now.

  • yeah I agree with #4, dice would be awesome to have on the blog!! I love their games soo soo much its not even funny.

    Honestly if you guys would ever buy a development studio, it should be DICE, they even program all their games on PS3 first.

  • I agree with #17, I want more God of War III footage too. Are we just going to keep watching the official trailer over and over again till game release?

    Barely we expected a new footage to be shown at E3’s booth, but shame we got the same old ‘official trailer’. :'(

  • I bought Batman a couple days ago and even though I only played a half hour, I really liked it. The stealth and combat is superb and the atmosphere is great.

    Bad thing is though I started GTAIV again and I don’t want to continue Batman until I beat GTAIV. It’s hard for me to focus on 2 games at once and have fun.
    Another thing is that I can’t connect my PS3 to the internet so no Joker for me a while! :(

  • All the PS3 needs now is a kick @ss music player (like the photo software) and it’ll be unstoppable.


    Either the Dark Knight has taken up a strange new hobby (considering the subject) or you may want to revise this:

    See More of Batman Arkham Asylum’s PS3-exclusives Tonight — Best ***comic-cook***/superhero game of all time? A lot of reviews seem to think so. What do you think?

    Does the new game include some sort of cooking mini-game? XD

  • Cool chris i added you, hope you added me!

  • @FlatulentGhost, the PS3 is prone to the YLOD. There are countless posts on Internet forums from people whose PS3s have died (including the US and EU Playstation forums) and they die due to the same reason as the 360.

    My 2007 60GB model died recently and Sony wanted $180 for repairs. It cost $600 when I bought it but that means nothing to them. Sony really should offer a 3 year warranty like the competition.

  • @30 They would if the failure rate was at 50% but its not,its not even at 30%.360 has the failure rate at 50%,if they were to “not offer a 3 year warranty”,there would be an outrage and NO one in the right mind would buy a 360.

  • I meant @33

  • Could you put those Adverts on PSN? So i can keep them? They are well good :D

  • @MercenaryDemon.

    The relative failure rate is irrelevant. Thousands of people paid $600 for a console and it died within two years. This seems unacceptably short for such an expensive machine. If Sony valued its customers and had faith in its products it would offer a 3 year warranty. If the PS3 were reliable they wouldn’t have to repair that many would they?

    The PS3 uses lead free solder that weakens after extended use, a lot more consoles are going to die, a lot more people are going to be angry and disappointed. If you have a 60GB be sure to back up your saves. Once the console is dead, they are gone if you haven’t.

  • @Kenshin71

    Get lost. Now.

    You and your lies are not welcome here. Not now. Not ever.

  • Any more GC09 videos coming or is this the end of the road? I do believe there was a video planed for GTPSP and GT5… whats happening with that?

  • @FlatulentGhost (39)

    Unfortunately, those are not lies (for the most part). Many, many launch-buyers are losing their consoles to a ****ing yellow light, mine included. Honestly, beforehand, I didn’t believe it either. But go ahead and check out the forums. Sony really has something to answer for on this issue, especially with a $150 repair and a mere 90-day post-repair warranty for what is such an extremely simplistic repair, relative to problems with other consoles. I guarantee that they aren’t spending anywhere near $150 on these repairs and that’s what irks me off.

  • @38 Kenshin71

    Thats why i stay from 60GB PS3s. They *maybe* die faster than the other PS3s.

  • @ FlatulentGhost (39)

    Alright, I just read through the whole little conversation and he may be exaggerating a bit. Nevertheless, if the console is so reliable, and I believe it is, taking responsiblity for their range of culpability for at least a year after repairing it should not be an imposition. Hell, taking responsiblity for their own mistakes should not be an imposition EVER, but in a more reasonable world, three years would be fair enough. It would just be nice to know that we won’t have to pay for someone else’s mistakes, and I don’t think that’s unreasonable. Hopefully, Sony will come think that the same someday as well.

  • It’s well known that the launch units are crapping out. The 40 gig units and newer BC-less 80 gig units are running on cooler chips. This is vs. the 360, where ALL units, old and new, are crapping out left and right.

    Also, I have the nagging feeling that BC was removed becuase it’s involvement (especially in E.Engine equipped 60 gig units)and was accelerating the launch consoles’ demise.

    Otherwise, great week, and 3.0 better hit this week as well but I’m not holding my breath. Peace!

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