Over 100 New Pieces of Content Releasing This Thursday in PlayStation Home

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Attn: Killzone 2 fans. We’ve seen you in Central Plaza all decked out in your Helghan wares. We’ve seen you in the Bowling Alley showing your love for the ISA. We’ve heard you proudly boasting your Warzone rank in the Gamer’s Lounge. So we know that this Thursday, August 27th, you’ll be rushing into PlayStation Home to grab the new KZ2 content we’ll have waiting for you – specifically, the Killzone 2 Visari Throne Room.

This special personal space is based on the final stage of Killzone 2 in Scolar Visari’s Palace and is the absolute ideal gathering space for you and your KZ2-obsessed friends. Releasing in tandem with the Visari Throne Room will be a variety of virtual items that you can use to customize your area (including the Helghan Defense Painting – my personal fave). Check out the video below for a sneak peek of this space and other Killzone 2 items available in PlayStation Home.

We know that you guys and gals love collecting personal spaces, furniture, and gear for your avatar, which is why we’ve been working night and day to make this publish the biggest ever virtual items content release in PlayStation Home. In addition to the Killzone 2 Visari Throne Room, we’re also dropping an all-new, all-original personal space on you. The new Post-Apocalyptic Apartment is sure to appeal to your inner Road Warrior, and to celebrate its unveiling we’re offering a value bundle of furniture that runs the gamut from chairs to couches to tables to flooring to storage to assorted décor all at a special introductory price that just can’t be beat. And that’s just the tip of the iceberg. We have approximately 70 items total being released just for this personal space, so the customization options for this area alone are virtually endless.

But that’s not all. No siree. Come this Thursday, you’ll also be able to rep your favorite big cities with the release of some new animated t-shirts that broadcast your hometown pride. And are those animated glow sticks I see too? Watch the video down there and let me know that my mind ain’t playing tricks on me.

As always, this week is jam-packed with events – and we’re counting on seeing you at all of them. Head on over to the official Home Clubs and Events sub-forum at www.us.playstation.com for more details about our daily game launching parties…and a special celebrity look-a-like event planned for this Thursday in PlayStation Home where you can win some of the rarest items ever to appear in our world.

See you in Home!

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  • That’s alot of content.

    Thanks for the info.

  • Awesome! I can’t wait! Good thing I’m off from work tomorrow. I’ll make sure to pick up some PSN cards this evening :P

  • Wow awesome. Finally killzone has it’s space. Thank you!

  • Good to know L_s i will try to ignore how overdue this is ;)

  • Man, keep up the good work…Locus you guys rule…

  • Can’t wait to see all of the new stuff. Just got my wife a PS account as well since we have 2 PS3s. Now we’ll have to see who’s personal Home space looks better!

    Who am I kidding – of course it’ll be my wife.

  • Sweet new stuff!! Helgan FTW!!

  • Excited!!! 3rD!

  • thats pretty hot! keep em coming aye.

  • Woot! looks awesome!

    and BTW nice touch to the new PS3 ad at the end!

    It only does…..EVERYTHING!


  • 8th :()

  • Deleted home, waste of hard drive space. No real propose. Only freebie hoarding non-gamers inhabit that place now.

  • I miss the old sequence with the voice that says “PLAYSTATION” at the end of the trailers before the slim was announced…with the black background and the logos flying in individually…instead of the way it is in that trailer^^

    but i really wish you guys would give more free content in home instead of making us buy any cool clothes.

  • I wonder if there will be Canadian cities on the shirts, I doubt it!

  • I wouldn’t be wrong when I say that HOME is probable never coming out of beta until the PS4.

    When are you guys ever going to give up the content that got most of us interested in HOME to to begin with? I am talking about streaming content from your HDD in your HOME space and the trophy room.

  • i like the new slogan “only does everything”

    what about netflix? hehe nm I have playon anyway

  • They need to put that KZ ad on TV if they haven’t already. It is great!

  • 70 items alone for Killzone? barf. And the other 30 will be lame or have a price attached huh? Ever think of beefing up the amount of free HOME startup items?

  • That’s some pretty freaking awesome stuff. The Killzone 2 area is, as one would expect, amazingly detailed. But in the second trailer, someone’s going to fess up to what they were REALLY focusing on- don’t give me that “We were entirely focused on the merchandise” line. XD


    Good point! They gave the PlayStation Network, Home, Firmware Updates and so much more free; what use could they possibly have for money? They should just give away everything and start begging on street corners. :|

  • Looking forward to discovering what’s new in Home. Thanks, guys.

  • megamixer is right. If they added quite a bit of worthy content that was FREE they would certainly attract a lot more people to HOME. I think HOME is an awesome idea myself, however I have found myself only going in HOME when there is new content – and really only spending a few minutes at a time in HOME then. There are lots of different spaces in there now, however there is not really anything exciting to do in any of them. They need to expand the EA area that has poker in to a full casino or something like that. Have it where there is an entire map for SOCOM that is only available if you launch from HOME. Something like that (free).

  • Does all this stuff include for Europe as well?

  • Is any of this free? Cause I don’t see much of a reason to pay for it other than it looks sorta cool.

  • Look like some great additions to home. Can’t wait for the bigger update though ^_^

  • Yet still no TV’S and STEREO usage in our personal spaces. That is why home is still useless.

  • I just can’t believe how the bulk of this update is focused on a single game, and yet another shooter at that. Isn’t HOME supposed to lean towards the casual audie…. shooter… oh, nevermind.

    In any case I sure hope Sony puts this much effort into the Gran Turismo space(s)! :)

  • Suggestion: For Home’s personal spaces, why not allow people on day 1 to download it TEMPORARILY for free?

    I know I’m more likely to buy something like that if I’ve seen it for myself. Give it to anyone who loads Home up on day 1 of the download, just for the day. Remove it the following day, and then people will be more encouraged to buy it. (provided it’s a cool space)

  • Oh also, doing what I said there would also encourage people to check into Home more frequently since on day 2 you would lose the ability to download the Home personal space “preview”. Just a thought…

  • Killzone 2 finally game launching!!!See U there.. (we need days for game launching in killzone 2 just like R2 get’s every friday)
    Still waiting to play music though. And where is LBP in Home if fat princess can get a home space surly LBP can get it’s own home space? But any way it all sounds good just can wait to see it! :)

  • I love the little promo at the end.
    “it does everything” and back to the original Playstation catch phrase.. I love it!!!!!

  • Do you guys seriously like PS Home? I mean come on I don’t know anyone who uses it. Sony should be adding things like Party Chat and other Party Features not this.

    Maybe Home 1.3 will be good.

  • OMFG L_S thank u 4 finally, FINALLY lettin us kno NA will be gettin the Visari Throne Room tomorrow, atm thats all I care about

  • Sony saying “it does everything” about PS3 isn’t true.

    It doesn’t do Party Chat, Internet Music streaming, it doesn’t play MKV files, the web browser barely works, it doesn’t offer Netflix or any other subscription service.

    I still am happy with my PS3, but it doesn’t do everything.

  • nice, so I stink at playing that game, maybe I’ll do better in Home.. i think so.

  • There’s no new free spaces? I am interested in the post apocalyptic space, hopefully it looks like a zombie invasion happened. I also hate those american city shirts too because I know they won’t ever make a toronto shirt, more and more I’m wondering why I should give you money if you aren’t going to give canadians equal treatment.

  • Too much dress up… you need to give us more things to do there. We can’t buy this content and STILL do nothing!
    You need spaces like the bowling ally and Buzz.

  • @10

    I like the new ad as well.

    “It only does… EVERYTHING!” XD

  • Oh great, now Home has the option for people to ‘represent their hoods.’ Yeah that’s precisely what Home needs. Deleted Home, it was taking up too much space for other stuff that’s actually fun.

  • I love the new slogan “IT ONLY DOES EVERYTHING”

  • am i the only one who finds ps home absolutely useless despite the mini games? ill start to become interested in it if it evolves into some form of “second life”: jobs, in game currency, places to go to, thing to do, etc.

  • how about signing a deal with one of the online t-shirt companies (threadless, bustedtees, shirt.woot.com) and digital versions of their garb?

  • I’m very excited about the glowsticks. Any chance you guys could add some actual glowsticking dance moves? Check outGlowsticking.com for inspiration! Even a simple figure 8 would beat the butchery you guys have programmed for “rave.”

  • Home has potential. I get what Sony is doing with it from an internal marketing strategy. I don’t ever buy anything or go there to socialize but I will check out game trailers every now and again. More events like XI or something like a free MMORPG experience would really draw more people in. Accumulating trophies in games could be tied in to leveling up in Home which leads to unlockables, quests and places to explore. They could add to it by putting trophy support for Home as well. Kind of like a PS3 gamer rpg. Just a thought.

  • Home continues to be a waste of time and resources. How about the BC that is so unimportant that droves of us are still asking for it. Hell, even Cross Game Chat that I couldn’t care less about would fill an actual request. Oh well, it’s not like Sony even reads or listens to the fanbase. That goes for you too, you rampant butt-kissing fanboys. Your meaningless verbal back patting falls on deaf ears(eyes?).

  • killzone room finally….great job

  • Well, that’s a lot. Looks to be an awesome update.

  • @ 46

    why do you want BC so bad ? I bought my ps3 to play ps3 games on my HDtv …cross chat ???? I don’t want no kids buggin me. My friends have something important to tell me …message me or call me …Trust me unless your a 11 year old nobody wants to be bother when your playing a different games . 5 dudes chatting with each other playing different games …LOL

  • looks better then xbox crap and you have to pay for it F*** that!!! thank god for PS3!!!

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