Over 100 New Pieces of Content Releasing This Thursday in PlayStation Home

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Attn: Killzone 2 fans. We’ve seen you in Central Plaza all decked out in your Helghan wares. We’ve seen you in the Bowling Alley showing your love for the ISA. We’ve heard you proudly boasting your Warzone rank in the Gamer’s Lounge. So we know that this Thursday, August 27th, you’ll be rushing into PlayStation Home to grab the new KZ2 content we’ll have waiting for you – specifically, the Killzone 2 Visari Throne Room.

This special personal space is based on the final stage of Killzone 2 in Scolar Visari’s Palace and is the absolute ideal gathering space for you and your KZ2-obsessed friends. Releasing in tandem with the Visari Throne Room will be a variety of virtual items that you can use to customize your area (including the Helghan Defense Painting – my personal fave). Check out the video below for a sneak peek of this space and other Killzone 2 items available in PlayStation Home.

We know that you guys and gals love collecting personal spaces, furniture, and gear for your avatar, which is why we’ve been working night and day to make this publish the biggest ever virtual items content release in PlayStation Home. In addition to the Killzone 2 Visari Throne Room, we’re also dropping an all-new, all-original personal space on you. The new Post-Apocalyptic Apartment is sure to appeal to your inner Road Warrior, and to celebrate its unveiling we’re offering a value bundle of furniture that runs the gamut from chairs to couches to tables to flooring to storage to assorted décor all at a special introductory price that just can’t be beat. And that’s just the tip of the iceberg. We have approximately 70 items total being released just for this personal space, so the customization options for this area alone are virtually endless.

But that’s not all. No siree. Come this Thursday, you’ll also be able to rep your favorite big cities with the release of some new animated t-shirts that broadcast your hometown pride. And are those animated glow sticks I see too? Watch the video down there and let me know that my mind ain’t playing tricks on me.

As always, this week is jam-packed with events – and we’re counting on seeing you at all of them. Head on over to the official Home Clubs and Events sub-forum at www.us.playstation.com for more details about our daily game launching parties…and a special celebrity look-a-like event planned for this Thursday in PlayStation Home where you can win some of the rarest items ever to appear in our world.

See you in Home!

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