See More of Batman Arkham Asylum’s PS3-exclusives Tonight

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The calendar may still read “August,” but I think this is the week that the summertime gaming lull is officially dead and buried. And it’s pretty clear what the biggest game is this week: Batman: Arkham Asylum. The game isn’t just racking up some really rave reviews, it also comes packing some compelling exclusives for PlayStation 3 owners, like the downloadable Joker Challenge Levels (available – for free, no less – on the PlayStation Store right NOW), and a special Batcave Outpost Personal Space for PlayStation Home which unlocks with the game disc.

For those who can’t wait until tomorrow, you can learn more about these exclusives tonight on Gametrailers TV, as well as more on the combat system, musical score, and Invisible Predator mode. Also, they interview the man who played Cocknocker in Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back. Apparently he has something to do with the game :-)


You can catch this special on Spike TV tonight at midnight (Eastern and Pacific), because host Geoff Keighley – like Batman – is a night owl. (Not Nite Owl, that’s something entirely different. Mostly.)

In the meantime, try out the demo on the PlayStation Store – it definitely got my attention!

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  • Buying first thing tomorrow. Can’t Wait!

  • I love Batman so much, read the comics every month. This looks like it is going to be the best Batman game ever, though it doesn’t have much competion. I’m going to make love to this game.

  • Hopefully my copy of the CE will be here tomorrow. I can’t wait!
    P.S. Mark Hamil was Cocknocker? Ha! I didn’t even realize that!

  • The demo was amazing. The look of the character models reminded me of heavenly sword, which I’m very disappointed they canceled. But was gorgeous non-the-less.

  • Preordered the special edition? CHECK!
    Downloaded the Joker Levels Already? CHECK!

    Demo was awesome can’t wait to play the full game!

  • Is it me or is every video posted on the blog messed up? Like when you move your mouse over it, it flips out and stops the video and starts it from the beginning? Happens in Firefox and IE…

    • Try again. It\’s because of a pop-up blocker that you have installed. I threw in a bit of code that should help.

  • @5 Happens to me, too.

  • I’m not a superhero fan but the Batman demo blew me away. I can’t wait to get it and the PSN exclusives are a nice addition.

  • @5 Doesn’t happen for me on IE, FF or Chrome, maybe you could re-install the flash plugin / player?

  • I’m picking up the collector’s edition that I pre-ordered tomorrow morning, I already downloaded the Joker DLC, I can’t wait!!! :D

  • Batcave Home space? I didn’t know that. Can’t wait for my Amazon package tomorrow!

  • LOLz Cocknocker!

  • Getting mine at a midnight release tonight!

  • This game is amazing!

  • i loved him as Cocknocker. i’m waiting for my package to come.

  • I will be picking up this game, Thanks for the PS3 exclusives in this title! Cant wait to play as the Joker ;-)

  • @6

    Happens to me with EVERY video.

  • lol Predator mode sounds awesome

  • First the Dark Knight… now an AWESOME Batman game in my lifetime? WOW who would’ve thought this day would come!!!


    I found that the problem with the videos occurred to me due to the ADBLOCK Plus I installed for convenience (ads are annoying), if you disable it for this website at least for me, videos have no more problems

  • Will scarecrow challenge come out as a dlc sometime later or is it really a gamestop preorder “exclusive”

    Also regarding PSN store any news on Dino crisis/resident evil 2,3
    Which adds a another question in mind.

    There is a kojima podcast talking about trophies in MGS4 and it appears that they hear us and they can’t say anything about.
    Just wondering………..What does that mean?!?!??Are they considering it or are they saying they can’t say anything because there is nothing else to say.

  • I’ve already beaten and Platinum’d the game, and it is indeed quite amazing. My GOTY thus far, easily.

    The Joker is quite fun to play with, and takes a little getting used to because the timings are off from Batman’s moves and he obviously doesn’t have as many gadgets. Still, it’s very fun to play as him and take out the security guards, and even Commissioner Gordon himself! Also, the new soundtrack for the Joker maps is friggin awesome, to say the least.

    Can’t wait to see what other DLC Rocksteady has for us!!

    Is there any chance of there being more Joker DLC for us PS3 owners, though? :) More maps to play as him with would be nice, or even more gadgets.

  • Whats all the hype for this game for its just batman can someone explain to me whats the big deal?

  • @ 20
    They are considering it, but there is nothing to announce yet

  • Hey guys, if any of you are planning on picking up this game tomorrow, pick it up at ToysRus before 2:00pm to get a $30 gift card. So, in the end you only pay $35 for a great game.

  • midnight is taking forever to get here

  • Refering to Mark Hamill as the Cocknocker was the best part of this post. You definitely have your priorities straight, Jeff.

  • i bet Mark Hammill loves being reffered to as Cockknocker. bet that is one of those roles he list at the top of his resume(loved the movie btw). i cant wait to get my PS3 back from repair i really would like to get this game

  • @TwiztedR3DHead

    There is still a huge amount of people who are fans of DC comics and most of them are gamers.
    Then there are people who grew up watching batman and saw the Dark Knight.The idea of having batman the way he is portrayed in the comics(dark and gritty) instead of cartoonish is extremely preferred.Not only that but most batman games have failed.The reassurance in this game was the demo and videos showing exactly what this game will deliver.

  • Who knew the two best games this year would be superhero games? (inFAMOUS and Batman)

  • just paid off my pre order of Batman!!! Midnight launch party at my local gamestop, i’ll be enjoyin this one early!! Kudos to Eidos & Rocksteady for giving us the best bats game since the old skool nes!!!

  • I can’t wait! I will also be at my local Gamestop for the midnight launch.

  • Come on Amazon! Ship my damn copy already!!!

  • LOL Jeff, Nite owl’s movie version does look like Batman,

    BTW, are you gonna catch “Number 7’s” debut this week?

  • I agree with post no 6, please can you fix the videos.

  • great job snagging the exclusive content. I actually went to buy this last night but found out it doesnt release till 2morow.


  • I have no problems viewing the same videos on the EU PS blog but when trying to view them here I get the same problem as the others are having.

  • This game will be awesome. I’m waiting for my game day deliver (cross fingers)!

    GOY I am sure and the best comic book game EVER! Even the demo was tough!

  • Batman Arkham Asylum looks great and I preordered it and plan on picking it up tomorrow.

    Oh and Jeff how much programing do you do for the blog. Like what types of Coding do you use.

  • “Is it me or is every video posted on the blog messed up? Like when you move your mouse over it, it flips out and stops the video and starts it from the beginning? Happens in Firefox and IE…
    Jeff Rubenstein’s Avatar
    Jeff Rubenstein replied on August 24, 2009 at 11:54 am

    Try again. It’s because of a pop-up blocker that you have installed. I threw in a bit of code that should help.”

    This is still happening for me using Firefox :(

  • @39 Try Using Google chrome.

    Thats what I use and I never have problems with the PlayStation Blog.

  • looking forward to playing this tomorrow

  • It is nice that you guys actually respond to a lot of questions.

    is the joker thing a timed exclusive? (i hope not)

  • what if you just want the home space?

  • OMG the entire planet will be watching this tonight, i hope the lines don’t clog up hehe :) Go Batman,Go Batman,Go Batman, oh and Go joker. Heck we need them both.

    EXTRA: maybe later they can do like a bonus level or something Where batman is the bad guy beating the crap out of everyone “just an idea.” I know, i know he’s the good guy but it’s the Evil side of me :)

  • sorrry to post twice but i thought i could ease some confusion.
    @20 gamestop will give u a voucher that has a code on it, put that code n the ps store and u’ll get the scarecrow maps

  • So looking forward to this game! I think, as well as hope, that Eidos created the ultimate Batman game!

    Mark Hammil has the greatest Joker voice & laugh ever!!!

  • Pre-ordered mine yesterday…got it for $46.99 from BestBuy(had some reward points) with 2 Batman cartoon DVDs, free shipping and a $10.00 gift card. Can’t wait to play!!

  • Im getting Batman Arkham Asylum Speical Edition. The demo was great. Hopefully it sells well in the coming weeks.

  • Can’t wait for the mid-night release tonight :D

  • I’ll be all over Batman in a new, strange, way tomorrow. And no it’s not like that – kind of.

    Also I’m looking forward to the new Batcave Outpost as well. Only on the Playstation where they’ll give away the Joker Challenge Levels for free! Love it!

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