PlayStation Eye Chat — Military Madness: Nectaris

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A couple weeks back, you met Backbone designer Kyle Tunison who dropped some first details on Military Madness coming soon for PSN. As promised, we brought Kyle to life via the PlayStation Eye, throwing him your questions and more. So take a look at the vid, and stay tuned as Kyle will be back to talk in-depth about Military Madness’ multiplayer mode in the near future.

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  • I think it will be alright game.
    oh and 1st.

  • I’m looking forward to this game. Turn based strategies are always fun!

    • Kyle Vincent Tunison

      I agree completely, mamaitata! I was so psyched when I got to work on this game, especially since there just isn\’t enough TBS on consoles!

  • Happy 20th birthday Turbografx 16!

  • What happened to the main page of the site? The bar on the right side doesn’t show up and I can’t view older entries at the bottom of the page. This is on both of my computers.

  • Hay Jeff or Chris
    Ok, I am buying the Game of the Year edition of LittleBigPlanet. Do I have to pre-order the game to get into the Mod Nation racer beta, or does it coming inside The Game of the Year Edition of LittleBigPlanet. Please I need to know because the game is coming out in two weeks.

  • I think cockknocker broke the blog

  • I love how Kyle from Backbone is rocking the Piano Black Jabra from WH. Great headset.

  • I am using IE 8 and the site is messed up. I can see only till the newest blog update (the batman one) but can not post on it. This is the only update I can post on.

  • I’ll be waiting for the demo ^^. Remote Play?

  • Yo guys my PlayStation 3 died three days ago :(
    I’m getting a Slim soon though!

  • I’m running Windows XP Media Center Edition Version 2002 Service Pack 3 with Internet Explorer 8 on my computer and Windows Vista Home Premium Service Pack 1 with Internet Explorer 8 on my laptop. It just started happening today. Do you want screenshots?

    Maybe this will make me switch to Firefox…

  • Im having problems with the site to, Im using internet explorer

  • yeah chris i have a internet explorer for windows xp yeah its microsoft. sony should make a good os for some computers some time. and i like the videos too chris. i find it nice to see what some people that develop games look like. and no more zombieblogneck err professorplaystation for the this week with playststion post for whats to occur with the blog for the week.. i did like the other past ones for mond.. he did.. well yeah.. adios.. yeahh.. and i can only see the post here with all of the comments and only a little for the batman one and it does have no comments to see for itt.

  • This game looks great.

  • I was not interested in this game until this Eye Chat(I don’t like RTS on console’s to well) however this game looks pretty well designed I will give the demo a whirl and see from there. ;-)

    • Kyle Vincent Tunison

      Glad to hear it, nickert0n! RTS games definitely benefit greatly from a mouse/keyboard set-up. But, since this is TBS (turn-based) game, I think you\’ll find it a great fit for your controller!

  • How messed up will the multiplayer be for this game? You have a great running streak of [DELETED] up multiplayer, and I won’t be buying any of the games with your company’s name on it until you fix the multiplayer for all the games you developed. Thanks for reading, much appreciated.

    • Kyle Vincent Tunison

      Our netcode is rock solid for MM. If you\’re resolved to not buying the game, you should at least get the demo just so you can find out what you\’re missing! ;)

  • I love hwo you guys are doing the blog with Playstation Eye Chat =)

  • How much will this be?

  • Site problems are fixed, thanks Chris.

  • I can’t wait for this game…when you say “near future”, are we talking a couple weeks or months?

  • it looks stupid dnt u guys have better game 2 come up with

  • It looks a little confusing

  • Is it perfect for 4 players?

    • Kyle Vincent Tunison

      It\’s perfect for 2, 3, and 4 players! With that said, each experience is very different. 2P games are easily the most competitive. 3P are awesomely cutthroat (and we have maps designed specifically for 3P). And 4P can be completely different depending on whether or not your playing with teams! It\’s all about the way you want to play!

  • Off topic sorry

    Sony should really hire the people who made this commecial and make another one for PS slim and the games for this year and next one and market the hell out of it from now on.

    This is the commercial that got me to buy my Motorstorm bundle back in early 2008. :)

  • 1. What will the native resolution be? 1080p? Will FSAA be used?

    2. Will the audio assets be 24-bit? lossless? I personally prefer higher quality audio over the poorly executed surround sound found in several PSN games.

    3. Who do you have doing the music? I’ve really loved the retro-remixed music in Bionic Commando Rearmed and Shatter, and am hoping for more!

    4. Will the multiplayer campaign just be a rehash of the single player? I don’t care for games that basically make me play through a game twice in order to get all the trophies.

    5. Any level creation&sharing as part of the Play Create Share theme?

    • Kyle Vincent Tunison

      1.) 1080 with FSAA.
      2.) Not certain on this one.
      3.) Our music was our own in house audio team. I loved the music in BC:R and Shatter as well, but we wanted to be more unobtrusive with this score. Most people don\’t listen to rocking electronica or techno while playing chess. you can expect a more orchestrated score here.
      4.) The multiplayer component has 10 competitive maps built for it. These were all built from the ground up and were designed for player vs player.
      5.) Sorry, no level editor. :( Our game\’s art isn\’t \”tile-based\” so this just wasn\’t possible.

    • Kyle Vincent Tunison

      Note: That\’s 1080p with FSAA.

  • sounds fun im gona buy it!

  • Will the Playstation Blog in Home be updated for more of these interviews? I go there on a weekly basis to watch Pulse and the PS Blog. Unfortunately not much is happening in the Theatre. Maybe it’s my ADD kicking in. Thus the impatience. Do you ever wonder why clouds make funny shapes? – I’m kidding.


  • Cool game and great interview Chris.

    Thanks to all involved.

  • Chess? Tanks? Moon? Future? Sounds exactly like Battlezone :) (Except for the future part, unless you count Battlezone 2)

  • I was hoping this game would be released on PSN one day and I was suprised to see this remake!

    Thanks a ton for bringing it to the PSN =)

  • Oh my! Great game, was a bit under the radar, but wow, day 1!

    I hope it will be successful, and please make a ‘fantasy’ sequel, with dwarves, elves, and dragons of course! Can’t wait! (Heroes of MM light :)

    Great job guys, greetings from Hungary!

    • Kyle Vincent Tunison

      Did you just reference Heroes of Might and Magic? HoMMV is one of my all-time favorite games (and III also)! It\’s too bad we don\’t have more turn-based games on consoles, they\’re so dang fun.

  • Hmm, don’t really dig the honeycomb grid, but looks promising. Might buy it =s

    • Kyle Vincent Tunison

      I understand your skepticism, but trust me: hexes are the way to go! I encourage you to check out the demo when it comes out, I\’m sure you\’ll be a believer before you know it!

  • I forgot to ask has a price been decided?

  • Im wondering as it was problably mentioned in the Ey chat but just dont feel like watching. lol. I read that there will be up to a 4 player offline game with either every one shares a conroller or each has their own. Im curious as to know, will it be like a co-op where you team up and eliminate the CPU, or will it just be head to head.

    • Kyle Vincent Tunison

      Your choice! We support bots, so if you want, you and a buddy can team up against an AI or a pair of AIs!

      Of course, you could always just do a free-for-all too! :)

  • I will definitely be buying this game. I love TBS games and the fact that there is local/online multiplayer pushed me over the edge! Keep up the good work guys!

  • Is there a way to improve the audio. The voice chat sounds very clipped and compressed. Better headsets next time?

  • Good interview. Hope we get more.

  • Yeah, lossless audio is a must. I tend to stay away from games with that Dolby Digital crap in them… It ruined Assasins Creed so hardcore it’s not even funny. Same with FLOCK.
    I’ve never seen a PS3 exclusive with lossy audio though. >.> I’m just gonna assume this has it.

    • Kyle Vincent Tunison

      I\’m definitely with you on lossless audio, it makes everything better (if you\’ve got a decent sound system anyway). To be fair, the general audio design of MM:N is relatively subdued, since we didn\’t want anything obtrusive or distracting getting in the way of players thinking (a rather important part of the game).

      If you want a little sample of the music in the game, the website ( actually uses a low-fidelity version of one of the tracks from the game (which plays once the trailer is done or when you click on the platform of your choice).

  • Yes, Heroes of Might and Magic is great, cant wait for this game, as kind of a similar style!

  • -Cross Game Chat/ Cross game launching
    -In Game Music for Every Game IF YOU CANT DO THIS SAY SO!!!I’m sick of waiting and being strung along.The 360 has these features standered.I like sony more,but these features are more important to my gaming needs then a few exsclusive games,i.e uncharted 2,god of war III, MAG(and MAG will be usless without X game invites).I WANT TO KNOW IF I SHOULD TRAD MY PS3 IN ,OR NOT.These features are the STANDERD NOW.IF YOU CANT PUT THEM IN TELL US!!!!Seems like i payed $600.00 for a secound rate system.DID I?

  • You know, I actually glazed over this post earlier this week, but I’m glad I came back to it. You guys definitely seem to have your heads on straight and I like what I’m seeing. I’m especially appreciative of the release of a demo, since so many games just don’t bother. I may end up getting the game just because of that fact alone (well, that’s not quite true since I already like what I’m seeing, but it’s sets good precedent.)

    Thank you for stopping by! =D

  • RELEASE DATE!!!! RELEASE DATE!!!! When is this game going to be released? I am dying to play this game!

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