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Slow news week, amirite?

In the event that this gargantuan list of links didn’t hit on your favorite story of the week, please share yours in the links below.

The PS Blog weekly reading list (Week of August 17, 2009)

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  • Lots of good news all around. :D

    But, I think the best news is that Batman: Arkham Asylum comes out on Tuesday! I can’t remember the last time I was this hyped for a game.

  • Thanks for the updates jeff no 1

  • Hope that in the future the PS3 and PS3 Slim will come in silver to North America… now that would be hot! ;)

    PS3 Animated Themes + Premium Avatars—-What-Are-They.html

  • I love the joker he’s the bomb! No pun intended not like there isn’t a pun there.


    I don’t see the pun now that i think about it.

  • Not too bad, when can we expect firmware 3.0?

  • @4 September 1st.

  • Firmware 3.0 should come out on November 25 since that’s when the new PS3 Slims ship out
    If the firmware team is still doing something to it, I can understand, but I doubt they are…

  • ^November????

    Lots of headlines this week, go figure! :D

  • I heard fat princess might have new classes…king ninja pirate and cheff… Idk what ones are true or if any are

  • i want monsterhunter 3 on my ps3 , sony ? wi do jou leting excluzieve games slip to oter consolles ?

  • always love the reading list.

  • I hope we here something about Castle Crashers, Braid, and the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles game in the near future

  • I love my PS3 except for 2 reasons. 1st the PSN imo there is literally nothing on it that is a truely phenomenal game that I havent played before. 2nd that everyone is saying that we have a stellar line up of games coming. For example there might be 2 good games coming out but completely different types. That doesnt mean Im going to like both games. So even though there might some good games coming chances are Im only going 2 care about maybe 2 of them. Then I have 2 wait months maybe even a year before another game that i like even comes out.

  • Damn that’s a huge bi…list! Thanks for it.

  • Just in case you knew why Jeff, many of us playstation users are no longer getting psn store e-mails. We have resigned up, put the address in our safe lists, yet we still cannot get e-mail updates from the playstation store. Could you help with this issue? Thanks

    • Yeah, I\’ll let those people know. If you don\’t mind my asking are you using gmail, hotmail, something else?

  • that’s funny because at first i thought my spam filters were acting funny because my brother who signed up for psn a couple months ago was still getting emails. then i started looking through the spam folder and nothing.

  • This was an epic week for Playstation,but still a lackluster PS Store update. Come on Sony!
    Anyone know that retard hiphopgamer?He is so full of crap.

  • Im still wonderin if i should get the slim or the 80gb

  • Hey what’s the word on .detuned?

  • What a great news week, can’t wait to see what TGS brings next month. More GT5 and 3D Dot Game Heroes news from Japan please!
    Made a blog about the future of the PS3 I hope you’s find interesting;;blog1

  • Hey Jeff,

    Lots of great news from Sony, but I gotta ask one favor. Please tell me Sony is trying there hardest to get Diablo III on PS3! Could you possibly get them to put out the original Diablo as a PSone classic too? Thank you.

  • Can we get a blog entry from Housemarque soon about some of the gameplay elements for Dead Nation? Something along the lines of what the single player will be like and if there will be competitive multiplayer? Thanks!

  • I have the same problem as comments #14 & 15.

  • The future is now

  • tons of good news!

  • Great week for the PS3. I loved reading all the article how the SLIM will fail, SLIM is Sony last hope, and hope a price cut will still keep Sony in last place.
    I lolz while reading those article because of how stupid they were.
    Always some idiots trying to bring down Sony because they are xbox 360 fanboys

  • signed up for LBP water beta and Im hoping insomniac is starting to work on resistance 3

  • singed up for the LBP water beta day one. now all i have to do is wait. and wait.

    *checks email*

    A new meassage!!

    Opens mail *topic reply notifacation*

    … Dang it!!

  • I signed up for the LBP water beta as well. I actually clicked on like 10 links because I haven’t seen some of these. I usually try to keep up to date on game details.

  • Persona 3 on the psp…
    does that mean its confirmed for america (and canada too i assume)? :D

    • Not confirmed, but with Persona coming to PSP very soon in NA, I\’m optimistic.

      Of course, buying Persona 1 on PSP will only help the cause, right?

  • You guys didn’t cover anything GT5? A demo was playable for the first time at Gamescon.

  • Hi Jeff
    I noticed earlier you said you were talking to Bandai Namco about a localised release of Tales of Vesperia. Has anything come of it? Is there a realistic chance of it getting a PS3 release in the near future?

    • They\’ve still got nothing to announce. Believe me, I bring it up with them every chance I get (including just last week).

  • What a week and next week will be better to

  • @30 fuifuimoimoi
    Yeah, I would like to know also. Loved the demo on Xbox live

  • It’s official…. I hate John Koller, the man brings nothing but bad news and bad data to me. “Our numbers show” wow I’m happy for you john you have numbers. You want to know what my angry numbers show…

    anyway some decent articles, but Sony may want to consider getting rid of john or moving him to a different division. The man inspires nothing, but extreme degrees of hate in me.

    Maybe it’s his job to be the fall guy, but every time grrrr.

    I have BC in my PS3, I use it and own a good number of PS3 titles. I have friends who have PS3’s and purchased them to play PS3 games. However they did so expecting an emulator or the possibility of selling their PS3’s to get a new unit with hardware BC. Great Job Sony * sarcasm*.

  • ok so i love the playstation store and everything but… we need more and better PS1 classics..

    something along the line as
    crash bash
    crash team racing

    and wut wuld b cool is some dam information on wen the ps3s r gonna b bakwards compatible.

    i like playstation but pick up the pace

  • I want Persona 3 Portable so much!!!

  • @34
    Crash Team Racing is already on the store
    Research before you demand kthxbai

  • what are you playing tonight jeff?

  • @ Reply to 29

    Here’s hoping you guys get the scoop on some really juicy exclusive info!

    The GT world has more questions now than ever.

  • @Jeff

    In response to #14

    I’m using Yahoo email and I haven’t receive any emails from PSN in a long time

  • @Jeff

    In response to #14 and #39

    I use GMail and have not got a single PSN/SCEA Email for a long long time. I use to think it was in spam but I never see it in that section either.

  • I’ve received emails from PSN. I use yahoo too “39”.

  • Would it be possible to get an update on Zombie Apocalypse? I’ve been looking forwards to that one.

    I’m also looking forwards to Dead Nation! Loved Super Stardust HD, I know Housemarque won’t disappoint. Would love to get more info on the game.

    and Jeff, I’m also using Gmail & haven’t been receiving emails from Sony for a while.

    • ok, well I think it\’s clear it\’s not the mail server (I get them on my gmail account).

      I\’ll forward to that team.

      As far as Zombie Apocalypse, I was just talking to Konami about that a few days ago, and they want to post here on the game.

  • Jeff, I’ve been having the e-mail problems for a while now. My case is a little unusual, I use the mail server on the college campus where I work. (So you’d be looking at a .edu address.)

    I did receive the last Qore e-mail, which was the first e-mail I’ve gotten since March, so I’m hopeful. Funny thing, I do receive the confirmation e-mails for purchases on the PSN. Anyway, hope that helps.

  • Love all the news (especially all the ps3 slim discussions and articles….hooray price drop!)

  • Jeff Rubenstein replied on August 23, 2009 at 11:28 pm

    They’ve still got nothing to announce. Believe me, I bring it up with them every chance I get (including just last week).

    Thanks for the reply Jeff. It really means alot to us fans to at least know you guys are listening to what we want.

    In saying that do you think there is a relistic hope of it coming out here when there hasn’t been any word for so long? It would be alot easier if Namco Bandai just gave a definitive yes or no so that everyone knew where they stood.

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