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  • Probably the best week of Playstation I’ve seen in a long time!

  • Did Chris do an interview with Kaz Yamauchi while he was at GamesCom?

  • hey i entered the ratchet and clank future a crack in time comic con contest and i won and recieved an email saying i won but i still have not recieved my schwag bag and i was wondering if they have been sent out yet
    can you please reply to this the comic was made by me (Joseph B)

  • Can’t wait 4 da home and firmware updates!

  • Ok seriously can we get a playstation blog app for the iPhone I mean is that an option in this day and age is it to much to ask for.. Or at least a official playstation app ofsome kind

  • Jeff:

    With the new PS3 logo, and rebranding of the PlayStation 3, which will be the first game to include the new boxart?

    Would you make a post about all the changes that are going to take place with the new PS3 Slim?

    This was a great week for PlayStation Fans!

  • Jeff when are you guys going to orlando to do a blog meet up?

    • Nothing on the calendar for now. I *may* be in Orlando in December for a WordPress convention, so I\’ll explore the opportunity then.

  • @ Jeff

    Is there any way that you could tell the developement team about if they could work on this feature: An update that makes it so you can delete trophy games in ‘my trophies’ that you have 0 % in.

    Also delete games that you have some trophies in that way if your a completionist and you can’t get all the trophies.
    Thanks a lot.

    I remember I asked you about a month ago and you said you would let someone know ( but i haven’t seen anything).

    Thank you so much.

  • Even though I don’t like the slim design(still have a launch 60GB,love it),I can’t wait for Firmware 3.0! Now all I want is a GT5 release date and Uncharted 2

  • This years gonna be crazy!

  • “Firmware 3.0 neglects BC Supporters…. big surprise still no PS2 BC”

    should be an article on that.

  • @12
    You probably think that it was your whining and complaining that finally got Sony to drop the price of the PS3, it wasn’t. They are a large corporation and work off of mathematical formulae. Profit margin per machine = x, number of machines selling = y expected expenditure of people that cant afford a PS3 now but can when the price drops = d.
    For the BC to come out you need to calculate the number of PS2s being sold vs PS3s, the number of game developers still making games and the number of people who ould purchase a PS2 game if they could play PS3 games. They have no real motivation to release a BC firmware update until the PS2 drops in sales, devs stop supporting it and more people buy a PS3 and show support (which doesn’t mean buying used games or renting).
    Please quit whining. There will be a BC update, it won’t be soon, maybe this time next year? If you really can’t stand the wait then go on ebay and get a BC machine, yes, they cost a bit more but if you really need one they are available now.
    I swear, the number of people on here that are toatal ingrates and complain about everything from updates to game prices is staggering. GROW UP.

  • Hi Jeff!

    A question about firmware 3.0:

    Will this firmware change the initial logo in the old ps3, like in the the new “slim” version where it appears the new PS3 logo instead of “Sony Computer Entertainment”?

    Thanks, and sorry for my bad English. :P

  • Great week for Playstation 3, not PSP :)
    Best news of the week was……..The Heavy Rain Trailer and new Avatars :)

    Everyone knew about the Price Cut and PS3 slim, so that was not a surprise at all.

    Second, firmware 3.0 is a major let down. SPARKLES? Are you serious? New Avatars was the only thing that saved this firmware from becoming an epic FAILZ…oh and that kick ass LBP theme :)

    That Heavy Rain Trailer. I am speechless to be honest. I was not expecting that at all consider my interest in this game was almost zero. I must have watch that trailer about 30 times now.

  • “but admit it – you’re secretly ecstatic that the battery indicator won’t cover the clock.” OMG HOW’D YOU KNOW!?!?

  • So much good news this week! Especially all the new Heavy Rain details.

    btw, can I get a MAG beta invite?

  • oh, and this!

  • @blooodycow i have to agree with you on this one. its bad the only good thing about firmware 3.0 is Themes now support GIF.. the problem is half our features Sony leave it up to developers to add them in and they don’t. like the picture taking feature were we can take pics to use as themes i can all the games that use it on one hand. Littlebigplanet on of the best games that should support this feature and it don’t.

    Play, Create, Share, they should build on that with features besides games. like letting us record 120 seconds of game play so we can put it on Youtube. and make a App. so we can share our video with our friends on our list and other PS3 users.

  • Jeff, I see they are using your trophy list image for the new signature trophy thing. I think you need to get a platinum when you have some time, you know to spruce it up.

    Not a bad week, the paid avatars thing was such a let down. We waited a year for new avatars for them to announce that they’re doing paid avatars as well. What a jip.

    Also where the fudge is in game chat for all games?

  • “you’re secretly ecstatic that the battery indicator won’t cover the clock.”
    YES! By the way Jeff, I played with you on MAG Beta :D

  • @15: The sparkles is just an example of what the new themes can do. He specifically said you can turn them off, listen next time. You just admitted that the LBP theme was cool.

    Man, you guys got a bunch of whiners on this blog. Anyways, terrific week. Can’t wait for the Home update, one question though. Are we ever going to get that trophy room that was shown off a LONG time ago? Or was that just CGI?

    Actually one more question. Is it gonna be updated on September 1st? Or is there no date yet?

  • By far the best week ever for playstation! Gratz

  • The thing I’m looking forward to is LocoRoco: Midnight Carnival. Still, one of those good weeks at Sony.

  • …and YES! to the song from O Brother, Where Art Thou?

  • Might as well take my wallet as I’ll be basically be buying everything PS related in the next few months.

  • @22 ryuk_shinigami
    Wow…. what crawled up your butt?
    I specifically mention the SPARKLES because Eric Lempel specifically mention them trying to make a OMGWTFBBQ moment. If you are going to show off some of the new themes highlight, you do not show off sparkles. We are not 5 years little girls to be like sparkles.

  • Guys, I have paired up my iPod touch via Bluetooth. Is it possible to create an app that let’s you use the iPod as a Keyboard in the PS3 or other things like that?

  • @ 27 Let it go dude we all know what you were trying to do and you failed badly. Sony great week you guys rock it out the park and to any hater out there can you guys for once give Sony some love for the week that had? LOL if you can’t you have to be dumb or nuts or maybe both .

  • PAX!? tell us more, AAAAANNND GO!! =D

  • i cant wait for modernwarefare 2 to come out

  • “PlayStation 3 Firmware (v3.00) Update – sure those animated themes look awesome, but admit it – you’re secretly ecstatic that the battery indicator won’t cover the clock.”

    Psh. Should be:

    “PlayStation 3 Firmware (v3.00) Update – sure those animated themes look awesome, but admit it – you’re secretly ecstatic about the SPARKLES! FREAKING SPARKLES!”

  • I wonder what footprint the 3.0 update will have on ram now?

  • Personally, I’m ecstatic over how much good came of this week. A sweet new firmware update, an incredibly welcome price-drop, PSP Minis, Persona 3 Portable, an expansion to the Greatest Hits list, another great step forward for Home, and a much needed significant update to Socom: Confrontation. These are all such great things, which makes all of the whining all that much more surprising and pronounced.

    Some people simply can’t be pleased, no matter what you give them. What should really be looked into is making official titles for people on the blog- I’ve seen bloodycow kicking and screaming so much this week over every good thing that I can actually spot one of his/her/its comments before even seeing the name. “Resident Crybaby” would do nicely.

    To the developers, Sony and Jeff: don’t let this minority population of the PlayStation Nation get you down. You all did an amazing job this week. Rest easy for now and prepare to do it all over again. =P

  • @29 cowboyd21
    And what exactly am I trying to do? Since you know what I am trying to do, can you please enlightening me on what I am trying to do?
    Read my first post before talking sh!t next time.

  • cool week

  • the best week ever!

  • great week i got a MAG BETA invite hope zipper interactive selects me!

  • Hey Jeff, take a look at God of War’s link. It’s not working.

  • That was quick! :D

    Thank you.

  • Can’t wait till the MAG event… Jeff you need to bring someone from Mr. Kojima to the blog for an interview… MGS:PW=PSP GOTY and theres 3 new unannounced titles they are working on!!! also people wanting to know more about the animated themes and new avatars, here is some more info from G4—-What-Are-They.html

  • @14

    That’s weird…on a 1up PS3 slim unboxing video, they hooked up the PS3 slim and it started with the new PS3 logo but it wasn’t FW 3.0 yet.

  • Unfortunately, Jeff, the beta has issues on several bluetooth mics, so I couldn’t hear you :(

  • A PS3 is a true luxury item for most households, but what a guilty pleasure it is. I was an 360 head but got tired of the S.O.B. breaking down, LIVE is excellent but system sucks (360)! I will never go back to microsoft!! GO SONY!!!

  • I am headin to PAX but didn’t see the thing about the meetup in time to get signed up. Is there gonna be any events on Saturday?

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