Gamescom Show Floor Report: LittleBigPlanet PSP

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Stationed on a seesaw in the PlayStation booth at Gamescom 09 was Sackboy, alongside stations of LittleBigPlanet PSP. As you know, a lot of LittleBigPlanet news came out of Gamescom in Cologne including the PS3 Game of the Year edition and the water gameplay addition.

But it wasn’t all about LBP PS3 in Germany, and we found SCE Studio Cambridge Development Director James Shepherd to walk us through what’s new in LBP PSP at Gamescom, including details on Create mode, on-the-go level inspiration and more.

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  • Please delay the game and add multiplayer. Gran Turismo has it, Monster Hunter has it, why can’t LBP have it?

  • SECOND!!!!!

  • This game dose not have Multiplayer? So then its not identical to the PS3 version then…. video lies!

  • fourth!!

  • I cant wait for this game, it looks awesome!!!!!!

  • I fourth 3 legged freak’s motion D=< err question

  • yayaya im getting it

  • You guys should head over to the Rockstar booth next. I want to see Chinatown Wars PSP.

  • man this is great for PSP! man im thinking of buying psp go now.

    i can see why they dont add the multiplayer.

    i mean LBP is a big game in PS3 and putting it in psp is hard. the graphics looks nice for psp and u can “creat” “play” and “share” which is the main thing about LBP.

    with soo many features i think that the multiplayer dindt fit in psp or else they will downgrade the “create” or graphics which is a no no

  • Tenth? xD
    Huge Sackboy was awesome…

  • My wife and I definitely have our eyes on LBP, GOTY PS3 and PSP versions. Is there the possibility of multiplayer being patched in, later on? Guerrilla Games performed that magic trick with Killzone: Liberation. Even then, LBP’s going to make a few waves, without the multiplayer aspect. Perhaps not as many, but that won’t stop me from picking this up.

  • I don’t see multiplayer as an absolute necessity, and besides, the engine and the psp are probably working extremely hard as it is, multiplayer would put far too much strain on them. I’d say without even having played it yet, they pulled it off with excellence.

  • thank you for this game

  • I thought they were sitting on Sack Boy’s lap LOL!

  • I have Little Big Planet on PS3, but I’m probably going to buy it for PSP as well, lol.

  • Cant wait to play this game on my future PSPgo

  • This is the game has got me so stoked, I love my PS3 version, building levels is the best and to do so anytime? Just awesome, Thank you sooo much!

  • The game is nice the new psp go is way too small, please handle it out also as UMD-Version!!

  • but but… the SCEE blog cameraman made it look like Sackboy was doing the interview.

  • Can you convert your PSP custom levels to your PS3 LBP and vice versa?

  • Could it be possible to play psp levels on the ps3 version??

    It would be nice that psp levels looked pixelated, or something like ps3 sackboy is visiting a lowpoly universe when playing psp levels.

    Has the psp release date been announced?

  • Mm, you guys are awesome for bringing LBP to the PSP, thank you. I’ll be looking forward to it this fall!

  • i hope i can download levels through my ps3 for psp.

  • This game should be good

  • Yea I would rather a delay with online (or at least ad hoc) multiplayer, than a game that I’m not going to do much with after a day or two…

    Multiplayer is the REASON for LBP. Play, Create, Share is great, but “share” to me implies together, which implies multiplayer. It’s a very important part of the equation, if you ask me…

  • FINALLY, I will be able to create wherever I am, besides the usual graffiti and jokes/pranks and other interesting things I have been a part of. This is a must have for me. Multiplayer, atleast an Adhoc version please. I’ll still more than likely Buy this game. MM are a Great company and I will support their future games. One thing though, when’s PS3 LBP II?

  • Please Delay the game please please =[
    we all want to play with our friends multiplayer is very important, i think you guys should use PS3 to create the levels so you can add multiplayer on the PSP Version.
    or think of something else. =[

  • LOL…..I wanna put that HUGE SACKBOY in my bedroom!!!!….LOL :D

  • This is the perfect! LBP is the sort of game people want to play on the move.

  • It can’t have multiplayer because the physics are too processor intensive.

    Or so they say.

    But still, this game is gonna rock!

  • Graphics really don’t matter if you’re not having fun….

  • Wow looking at the detail in some of those levels is stunning. I’m surprised. Why do I want a PSP GO now…

  • can’t wait for LBP for the PSP!

  • For those who missed the multiplayer announcement. Multiplayer takes up 1/3 of the psp computing power. For any game. They took it out because it compromised the in game physics. So delaying the date isn’t going to give them time to put it in, or figure it out. The psp just isn’t powerful enough to handle both at the same time. Would you prefer Multiplayer with the physics outta whack?
    I can’t wait for the game. Already pre-ordered, should be out 11/17/09 *crosses fingers*

  • WHAT! James Shepard said LittleBigPlanet was pushed the limits of the PS3!! Criterion Games (who created Burnout Paradise) said they didn’t get close to the power of the PS3.. And that game.. sorry to admit, looks much better than LBP!

  • really nice interview. I wont miss multiplayer that much, I never use it on the ps3 version any more any ways.

    I hope they have a PSP world on the PS3 version where you can play all the psp levels.

    But I will likely be getting this. :)

    Make sure people cant upload creations unless their PSP is not jailbroken. I hate people that are too cheap to buy the games.

  • man i cant wait for the new psp version to come out man im gonna hae a blast man!!!!!!!

  • Nice interview.

    Thanks Chris

  • At least ad-hoc. Please.

  • Great Interview,looks like PSP developers are concentrating on this platform this year.

  • wtb multiplayer

  • Gonna be a good game, but. online multiplayer now please!

  • Am i buying this game? HELL YES :)

  • I’m sure the guy on the SCEE blog interview said you can do ad-hoc…?

    Anyway can’t wait for LBPSP :) Some interactivity with PS3 version would rock

  • I’m so picking this game up on my PSP Go!

  • Along with all the other folks here, I fully support a delay of this game if it means you can jam multiplayer into it. LBP seems made for more than one person. What’s the point in going through all these levels alone?

  • I saw the create trailer and it looks amazing. really the only noticeable problem with gameplay seems like the 2 planes. But other than that, it’s the same game. besides, it also has 3 flat planes

  • Also since there’s no multiplayer, They wont hide any secrets that you need 2, 3, or 4 players for

  • I’m so picking this game up, even without multiplayer.

  • @44

    You can do ad hoc to share, but not to play which is what I meant.

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