Street Fighter Hadoukens Zen Pinball Today

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Get your flippin’ fingers ready! It’s my pleasure to announce that today ZEN Pinball Street Fighter II Tribute is making its worldwide debut as the first expansion table for ZEN Pinball. That’s right, we’ve coordinated our launch efforts with our friends over at Sony to make sure that our fans on both sides of the pond can experience on day one the legendary Street Fighter franchise as only ZEN Pinball can deliver. We also included a few screens below for a first look at the table!

ZEN Pinball Street Fighter II ZEN Pinball Street Fighter II

And for everyone looking for a great value… well you can be the judge and jury! In the US you can grab the Street Fighter inspired table for only $2.49, and a mere 1.99 EURO in Europe. Not bad, right? For more information, be sure to check out the official site for ZEN Pinball at:

ZEN Pinball Street Fighter II

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  • 1st yeah!..this is cool enough for me to ge tha game ..RIGHT NOW!..

  • Looks interesting, and at a reasonable price. I might have to pick this one up.

  • I’ve never played street fighter, but im definately getting this table. Looks very cool, and reasonably priced! Nice work. Any hints at what tables might be next? ;)

  • Already bought :)

  • Prett good, not a big fan of fighting games, but big fan of fighter pinball? haha will buy!

  • Great price. Love the game, tables are fun so wouldnt this one be. Id like a Tommy Table please :) Come on you have to!

  • awesome

  • I hear Pinball FX delivers it quite similarly. :P

  • Thanks Zsolt !

    Been waiting for this one since you announced it.

  • woohoo kept the tables comming we a whole family luve pinball

  • At #3…
    You’ve never played Street Fighter?

  • Is that $2.50 if you already have the game or $2.50… I have the game already just asking

  • Will definitely buy.. tough game, but fun.

  • this game is way to difficult, thats why i am not going to buy this table and support this game.

    i prefer to not get frustrated to death…

  • It takes practice. It’s surely hard though. It’s a $2.50 DLC on top of the $9.99 game price.

  • Sure its $2.49 but it will still cost me $5.00 to download due to Playstations $5.00 minimum add funds policy. Sure they will say its standard but I never had this problem with itunes. Sadly this purchase will have to wait untill I find something else thats $2.50 or over. Don’t even get me started on LBP DLC.

  • @12 sscoolChea
    uuhh $2.49 no matter. The board by itself is pretty useless without the game so I don’t imagine the cost for the board being more expensive if you don’t have the game.

    I am getting this!
    Love pinball!

  • TAKE NOTE: It’s the SAME TABLE from 360’s Pinball FX. (It cost them money too though)

  • @16 echogridlock
    You should be able to add the exact amount to purchase content.
    Don’t add any funds then during check out it will ask you if you want to add the exact amount to pay for the purchase in the drop down.
    Unless it has been changed because I have done it before.

  • @11 Nope!

  • Cool! Hope to see more of these in the future.

  • i cant get on my account some1 tell me y?????!!!!

  • tooooooo cooool!!!!!! Man that looks better than I thought it would

  • @19
    Yeah it dose that if its over $5.00 but if its under, theres a $5.00 minimum. Its a small beef. lol but where it can really mess someone up is. If your not paying attention is if you buy $2.00 in the game store, $2.00 in the video store, and then $2.00 in Home because all three have a separate checkout/buying system. I wish you could checkout with different media be it game DLC or video.

  • The SF2 Tribute table is definitely the best table for Pinball FX / Zen Pinball. Anyone with either platform should buy it.

  • Thank you, I will be buying this tonight ;-)

  • pretty good price and pretty good DLC

  • Darn it looks good but i’ll wait for the 99 cent sale. Around the corner?

  • This look Sick

  • Now that does look nice i may get this

  • Yeah that looks pretty awesome, some great eye candy there. I’m not really into the fighting genre but this is still an easy buy for me!

  • Id like to request a table with moving targets, a-la Devils Crush. I love this game, but feel like 2 of the 4 (el dorado and shaman) tables are close enough in theme that it makes me want something different. I would love to see a zombie, or medieval theme, complete with moving targets! Slightly less traditional, but with your awesome physics would be a blast to play. :)

  • it looks a lot like the actual SF2 table from back in the day. A very nice touch. I wish I got that table of my grandpa now. lol

  • Wow, and the EU price is NOT 2.49€ but 1.99€!


  • Can we expect more tables in the future, and if so, how many?

  • Nice touch especially the arcade cabs on the side.

  • Yes it is the same table from Pinball FX, but that’s not a bad thing. It’s extremely well done, and 2.50’s a GREAT price for it.

  • Great price guys…every single developer out there should learn from these guys. I will be purchasing tonight. Thank you kindly in being mindful of my wallet. :)

  • who did the street fighter artwork? ugh…If you need a good illustrator let me know. The artwork is way off.But over all the game is great.

  • Great price, but:

    1. is it as beautifully detailed as the other content?

    2. does it add new trophies?

    3. Did they just copy the low-quality audio asserts from the 360 version, or were they re-encoded to take advantage of PSN’s larger download limits and the PS3’s built-in codec support?

    My friends and I love playing Zen Pinball together (physically) in hotseat mode. We get a little further on the trophies each time we play. Tesla is my favorite so far.

    I’d love to see a Ghostbusters, Monkey Island, and Brutal Legend boards in the future!

  • Cool table, but the physics on this game really suck HARD. I guess the devs never played Pinball Hall of Fame: The Williams Collection or Gottlieb Pinball Classics. Not to mention PinMAME/Visual Pinball.

    Go back, play those games for a few days, and release a patch with REAL pinball type physics.

  • Already bought this on Pinball FX for XBLA. NEW tables please? I also stopped playing both because the ball is just too fast. It moves like a ping pong ball. If you’ve played The Williams Collection or Timeshock, you’ll know Zen is messed up.

  • cool, but i wish there was more than just 1 table… gonna buy it anyway

  • I’m getting it ’cause it’s a good price and such should be encouraged.

    Zen Pinball’s physics are a little out – but it’s ok. The sound effects are shocking though. You’d be better off without the programmer’s brother doing the voice efx.

    Pinball Illusions did better in both departments, and by a large margin, and Pinball Dreams only did better again, etc. It was easier to track the ball too, even with a scrolling screen – but then it was only 2D.

  • I have this table on my 360 zen pinball already,im gonna have to wait for a bigger purchase to get it.

  • Seriously, you could release one of these every month, with a new -gaming/movie/music theme ‘at will’… and it wouldn’t hurt your business

  • I do like this table addition. I’m not sure I am going to pay $2.50 for it. I think some of the physic issues are a concern as other people are pointing out. Maybe the devs will get the message. Overall, it is a decent game.

  • I was waiting for this, SOLD!!! :D

  • You guys are the greatest! Beautiful game and right price. Especially in Euro. Please keep supporting the game with new tables. Hopefully some classics like Addam’s Family. I’ll buy ALL of them!!!

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