Sack it to Me – the “Big Announcements” Edition

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Hey guys – With all the hustle and bustle of all things GamesCom, wanted to share the LittleBigPlanet news in the air. We hope you don’t mind us moving this week’s “Sack It To Me” up a few days but we couldn’t wait to reveal some great news. So…are you ready to get WET?

Introducing the latest major gameplay update to come to LBP…WATER! We wanted to give you a peek of what Media Molecule had up their sleeves. When we released the Paintinator, we loved seeing user generated levels evolve from the platform genre to action oriented levels. Now with Water, we look forward to another evolution in level design. Stay tuned for more details on Water in an upcoming DLC kit in the near future.

LittleBigPlanet on the PSP – CREATE mode revealed!

For all you fans tracking the latest news for the PSP version, look no further. Our Cambridge Studios are hard at work on the PSP version and released a new video focused on the CREATE mode of the game.

Workshop of the Week

Our friend, luisbravo1, is having quite a bit of fun on the LittleBigWorkshop. Not only does he have some tutorials to help out the community, but he and his friends shared some ‘ice cream and cake’.

We’ll have more info for you soon!

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  • Yes! I’ve been waiting for water! No more using blue glass. Great update MM!

  • WATER!!! Finally, no more weird tricks with glass! But one thing I think you guys should do is make it so we don’t have to use that 3d glitch to put objects out of sackboy’s bounds. it adds a whole new depth to the game play. Just let the game support it!

  • Awesome. Now for online Create mode and Play/Create/Share to be fixed and the game will be complete.

  • Cool. Hope it comes with new levels and trophies. and hope it comes out before the end of the year.

  • So, when will the water be available?

    Also, lol at the ice creamy cake. Baskin Robins lol.

  • WATER!? That’s awesome! I kept guessing at what the new annoucement might be and I thought about water but then I thought that was crazy. Nice to know I was right and not just crazy. :P

    Can’t wait. It will be great to use water in levels and open up a new world of possibilities. So, will the DLC pack be free or will you have to pay? Maybe it will come with premade water levels? I hope so. :)

    Also, LBP PSP looks like it’s coming along nicely. It will be nice to finally get my hands on it. :)

  • lol nice the water is really cool

  • Awesome, they are finally going to put water in the game. It should really add to the gameplay possibilities. I just hope using water in your level won’t fill the thermometer to fast.

  • will this kit be free? i hope so. So is there anything else included in it, like the enviroment kit had? btw this is sweet, im going to make an atlantis level.

  • About dam time. :)
    Getting this add-on for sure
    While we are speaking about LBP, can we have some LBP avatars please? I would love to have sackboy as an avatar. Please give us some LittleBigPlanet Avatars.

    • lol…\’dam\’

      Hold tight on the avatars, it\’ll be soon enough. I know we said that before, but we really mean it this time.

  • WATER yay, more yays if there will be new levels that come with it.

    WATER, in full caps awesomeness.

  • like many have stated before me. the water kit should be free. i really hope it will be.

    great job MM

  • how much is this going to cost

  • Copy and Paste if you agree or want:

    Can we have some LittleBigPlanet avatars for our PSN account please?

  • OMg. Water!!!!!! Yes! Media Molecule, have i ever told you how much i love you people?

  • Water makes me want ice cream and cake!

  • Water
    Time to go to the Drawing Board

  • Um… that’s the same LBP PSP trailer from E3 and it has nothing to do with create mode…

  • It would be kind of cool if you could somehow transfer costumes from your ps3 to psp, or psp to ps3, and “Modnation Racers” too. By the way thank you for water!!!

  • i want cake and ice cream

  • I wonder why they didn’t save this announcement for the press conference later today. It would be more exciting to announce it at an event than a blog post.

  • This is really awesome!
    Still waiting for the Play Create Share counters to start working, image import, and online coop create.

  • YAY, now I can drown in real water instead of glass!!! O_o :P :D

  • I was actually losing hope on this game but not anymore. Thanks for the update.

  • When you guys said you had a big announcement for today ive been all excited for a while now. Now, just disappointed. Although I do like the water and the possibilities, I was hoping for a MM developed level pack. Something significant. Being how thats easily what people want most over any other DLC, I thought that maybe finally you’d give us something. Id pay up to $20 for a significant expansion. Oh well, guess Ill just have to wait for LBP2.

  • There are other megatons waiting to be unveiled at Gamescom right?

  • Is this the big announcement of 18 Aug ? :P

  • Cool but I wish the water came in the form of a patch instead…

  • LBP Bioshock 2 Level Pack as pre order bonus for Bioshock 2?

    DO IT.

  • Oh Noes!! damn you mark! now that ice cream and cake song is stuck in my head

  • It it coming in the Game of the year edition, an update to the game, or do we have to pay for it?

    • Sorry, not in the GOTY edition. I\’ll be part of a downloadable pack, but we\’ll have more details in the near future.

  • Nice addition H20! So how much will virtual water cost??

    I might have to grab the PSP version. LBP seems perfect for the PSP.

  • THe water is a megaton, no doubt. Now how about those FF7 level packs (and more!!!)???!?!?!

  • I don’t think water will cost, though I don’t mind, it looks like a great new potential for levels !!

  • Water looks fab, can’t wait to see more.

  • Holy Crap!!! This was the only thing that was missing in LBP! And btw, the water looks great too. You guys must have spent a lot of time on this.

  • I hope the water dlc is free but i doubt it! Either way looks cool!

  • I tried pouring water onto my PS3, but nothing happened… what am I doing wrong? ;)

    Just kidding.
    Seriously, This water looks awesome. I can’t wait to see what the community does with this.

  • oh yeah, and the PSP create video seems to be the wrong video. it has very little to do with create mode. more about everything.

  • Awesome! im getting this

  • *gasp!* So Mark does know what he is talking about! Looks great Mark, can’t wait to create some levels with it.

  • Sackiroth…. ;)

  • The water looks good, the PSP version looks great! Mm, you break my wallet. My DLC total so far…$52.83. that’s almost everything except for a few costume packs. How about some freebies for the big spenders. BTW, the capture object tool should let you capture yourself (costume, stickers and all). And be able to be used in game as a prop, with tweeks like facial expressions, stiff or ragdoll pose. Oh yea, check out my Pink Floyd levels, not musical but VERY fun. Let the hearts flow freely!!!

  • This is the greatest thing that Media Molecule has come out with yet! Will it come with other water items that allow boats to be propelled in it without using wheels? Something like a motor just for water craft.

    Anyways, great work MM for keeping on updating Little Big Planet where most companies release their games, add some to the online experience, then forget about it. (Not mentioning any names, Incognito’s Warhawk team…)

    • Warhawk had tons of support. 3 expansion packs in a year, each with evolving gameplay (vehicles and new modes).

  • totally awesome!

  • keep up the great work. you guys know how to keep your fans happy maybe you can give some pointers to the guys working on singstar

  • GREAT WORK MM! I did not expect that! On a sidenote, when do we get to Create online? I mean the game has been out for months, i’ve been wanting to create online with friends, and how about Play Create Share score? any news on when those are gonna be up and running?

  • All LBP, all the time… zero complaints here!

  • or give Slanted 6 a helping hand…..

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