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Courtesy of Ken Chan

  • God of War III FanKit #2 – Spartan Army, we bring forth to you the second God of War III FanKit exclusively on!

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  • first comment wooot!

  • God of war yeah!!!!!!!!

  • God of war 3 ends with the death of all gods and cratos commuting suicide spoiler sorry : )

  • Bring on Gamescom 09

  • Sweet God Of War 3 fankit!

  • Are we going to be getting GOWIII at this rate till it releases in March? If so I am very pleased. I am surprised the game is being pushed this early.

    Second question, will the US PS Blog report events at Games Con or should we watch the EU blog?

  • god of war is the best

  • Can we get text chat rooms feature in XMB for PS3? Give people more reasons to buy the Wireless keypad that would be awesome!

  • Text chat rooms that random people can join. ^^
    Forgot to mention that, I know there are private chat rooms to invite friends to.

  • I’m looking forward for Heavy Rain’s interview and many more (i.e. God of War III & Uncharted 2 obviously).

  • Best week yet

  • Question:
    Is Madden 10 for the PSP being released as a digital download on the PS Store?

  • good week cant w8 for gamescom!

  • LOL when I say this I thought “Why are they posting this on Friday, don’t they usually post it on Saturday?” Then I realized today is Saturday.

  • I meant saw not say

  • looking forward to PAX updates

  • + ZAANOS August 15th, 2009 at 12:46 pm
    “Text Chat rooms that random people can join”


    Its called ******PLAYSTATION HOME******

  • when i go to the official god of war site i am unable to login to the forums there. after i enter my sign in stuff and hit login it just goes blank and doesn’t advance. ive tried it on 3 different browsers and 3 different computers and a ps3, it always does the same thing. could someone fix this or help me

  • “Enhanced PlayStation Network Trophies Online”

    You can never take a step forward without thinking of the stupidest possible way to screw it up can you?

    Sony Guy #1: All our fans want the portable ID’s to have up to date trophy content so they can show off their newest trophies on the various message boards they post on.

    Sony Guy #2: Sure we can do that. But lets make it so the portable ID’s never update themselves. Lets make them only update when you manually press a “Refresh” button burried in the sub menus of your profile on


  • Theres a lot a jealous 360 fanboys at Gamespot in the MAG headline. Cant wait for MAG. Oh and GT5 :)

  • @17 ThePunisher_111 said: “*Facepalm* Its called ******PLAYSTATION HOME******”

    I know what PlayStation Home is. I visit PlayStation home a lot and although a lot of people talk… everyone’s always trying to pick up on girl avatars(girl avatar’s being controlled by guys). I love visiting the Home locations and hanging with my friends but…

    I’m requesting a feature for a dedicated text chat room where random people can join just to chat. It would be a unique feature if PS3 had it. Have chatrooms dedicated to PS1, PS2, PS3 PSP talk and have themed backgrounds of the games of those eras. Would like to see more ways to network with other PS3 users and having a PS Live text chat room would be a perfect addition.

    SCEA could even have chat sessions with devs and have live Q&A.

  • Here’s some reading for you:

    Behind the Wheel of Need for Speed Shift

    Thanks for all the other links as well.

  • 22nd post Woot!!

  • i cant make my Portable ID in my account.. idk.

  • Anyone wanna play fat princess or new cod waw maps (zombies) with me get a mic and add me

  • I hear Sony is having a press conference at GamesCom. Is there anywhere we can get a live stream of this? Live blogs are nice, but I really like seeing it myself.

    Maybe, worse case scenario, if sites like IGN or GameTrailers aren’t doing one, you fine blog folks could rig one up using the PS video chat and then just stream the chat here on the blog? That would be pretty cool.

  • I think the european ps blog is gonna do a live blog and if you can get in the European home their putting up the podium to watch videos sort of like what happened in the US home for E3

  • Socom blog skipped over in the Recap post? That’s good to know…

  • Hey PS3 heads hello to all..Please can anyone help me out here I would like to use a djing/mixing program on my ps3 is A. possible B. Safe and C. can anyone pass on knowledge as to how I can do this Im thinking like VDJ on my ps3 for mixing ma tunes man….thoughts ?????????

  • @ Chris

    Sorry to bug you so much but is there any word on if there will be an update that makes it so you can delete trophy games in ‘my trophies’ that you have 0 % in.

    Also delete games that you have some trophies in that way if your a completionist and you can’t get all the trophies.
    Thanks a lot.

  • @21

    Do you really Eric Lempel is going to back on an USELESS feature?

    Short Answer – No.

    Detailed Answer – No. Because it would be waste of time of a useless feature. They developing on other stuff like: Universal Chat, Voice Messages and the like i could very less for these features. I hope you DO know this isnt the 1990s. This isnt Myspace.

    Your answer is here: remove *

    http://**.com and go to PS3 Support forums

  • Bring on Gamescom 09

  • @ 30 you are so right that it’s not even funny lol i have both systems 360 and ps3 and that in game chat is a useless feature when any of my friend or people i just played a game with send me that chat invite i never answer it. i hate that feature it’s like they want to talk more then play a game. it’s the one and only thing i don’t like about 360 , oh and no web browser ok that two thing i dont like , oh i forgot about the RROD ok forget it there alot of thing i don’t like about it sorry. lol they do have a few games i like and XBL is ok but PSN is neck to neck with them.

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