Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2 – Chapter Challenge Mode, Ninja Records and More!

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Countdown has begun…less than two months to go!

Hayashi from Team NINJA here. The last few weeks since our last post have been extremely busy for our team, putting the final touches on the game. This is our first attempt in releasing our game simultaneously in all three regions, but we’re confident we can make it happen.

We’re excited to see the response and feedback to the all-new Team Missions mode (and everything else we’ve shared so far), and today I’d like to introduce two additional, new features of the game.

The first reveal is Chapter Challenge Mode. The mode will become available once you clear Story Mode – you can go back to your favorite chapter and replay to compete with fellow ninjas around the world for the highest Karma score. After clearing the chapter, you will be ranked based on your total Karma score. The highest rank – of course – is “MASTER NINJA” and the lowest is “NINJA DOG”. You also have the option to review your gameplay in Ninja Cinema (which is also available in Team Missions) and share your videos online and download videos of other players. Online rankings are sorted by chapter and difficulty level. It’s entirely up to you whether you want to rank in all difficulty levels or master a certain chapter…just be ready for the challenge!

Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2 Chapter Screenshot 2

Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2 Chapter Screenshot 1

The second reveal is Ninja Records. In order to keep up with how well (or bad…) you’re performing, we figured it would be nice to have a place where you can view your complete stats from fastest mission time, number of enemies defeated, numbers of Izuna drops, maximum combos, rescues, character usage rate in Team Missions mode, number of playthroughs…and more. Ninja Records will keep track of your moves performed in both Story Mode and Team Missions. You’ll be able to pull it up anytime from the title menu screen, so use it to learn more about your own play style. The best part of this is that you can also share your stats online!

Ninja Gaiden Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2 Records Screenshot 3

Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2 Records Screenshot 2 Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2 Records Screenshot 1

Another piece of good news – that’s not directly related to the game but still exciting – is we’ll be adding an official soundtrack, packed with over 30 tracks, to our Collector’s Edition! That’s in addition to the 80-page exclusive book that features a prologue comic, mini-strategy guide and art gallery. Check this out:

NGS2 CEcatalogue2

BTW, have you seen our Japanese viral ads? I’d like to take a vote and see which one gets more attention…

Last but not least…the GameStop exclusive pre-order costume looks like this:

Ryu_costume_GS copy

More to come in the next post!

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  • Not really related to the post but didn’t knew where to say this:

    I just read that you have “29 stores across 25 countries, which require the use of 13 currencies and 8 languages” <—this was posted on the European PS Blog….

    What I wanted to ask is if you are going to sell PSN cards in Mexico, as I have seen Wii Cards and Microsoft Points Cards down here in blockbuster stores and some other retailers.

    I use my US credit card when I buy stuff from the psn store, but I would prefer to use a psn card while Im down here because its easier, and its kind of annoying to see that the competition has those cards available all the time but no psn cards anywhere.

    Hope you can work it out soon.

  • Blood drenches the sword, not pixie dust. No gore, no buy!

  • @37

    I’d much rather wait for a PS3 version of a game than get it at the same time as 360 when the games are THIS much better. This is like literally twice the game.

    As for the blood, I have no problem with the toned down blood because they instead put in these kool effects and particles that are certainly uusing more of the PS3’s real timee horsepower than just buckets of blood would. The only thing I wish they’d change about the “mist” is that I wish it was different collors for different kinds of creatures.

    That being said, while I would personally prefer the kool effects to gallons of blood, I DO think there should be an option in the game to choose which one you prefer between maximum visual effect or maximum blood. Even if it wasn’t the same buckets of blood from the 360’s version, but just make the “mist” have a bllod color and texture. That “mist” as blood imo would look even better than the spurting buckets anyway.

  • Not really my thing!

  • @50 there are two co op modes not just one Please read the post There adding it so U can go back and play any chapter in the game and beat it if U wish in Co op. ++ Your mission Mode.

  • 360 ad in the ps3 version!? Wow! If only they spent more time on porting Itagaki’s game instead of trying to remove gore and add fairy dust.

    • The 360 ad has actually been taken out of the final product. That screenshot was taken from an earlier version of the game.

  • Amazing indeed! =D

  • @54

    No one even knows how good this game will be yet. Everyone is making claims about it and they have barely even seen any gameplay footage. The gore is gone and it does suck that they took it out. There’s no need to be defensive about it.

    There’s no more limbs flying around, a lot less blood, and all the body parts disappear as soon as you cut them off. It’s a letdown, but at least they put in extra content.

  • Wow, that costume looks amazing, to say the least. I wonder how it looks in the actual game though, since that is a concept art. But will this at any point be available as DLC at some point in the future? Everyone doesn’t have a gamestop near them, or has the money to buy it release day, so many of us won’t be able to get the costume.

    I ask because I remember the Fiend Hayabusa costume being a pre-order exlusive, but later on it became DLC along with Biometal and Shadow Walker.

  • @56

    You need to read the post, man. It says “Chapter Challenge” is a mode you can go back through and compete with fellow ninjas — that’s just based on score. It didn’t say the mode was co-op anywhere.

    Co-op is just for the extra mission mode only. No story mode co-op. I don’t want you to be mislead and disappointed later.

  • Keep your pre-order, Gamestop, disc-locked costume gimmcky business…

    No gore. No buy.

  • is this really hayashi? everytime a guest posts something, i get a feeling that it’s jeff in disguise.

  • I want this game even more now if that’s even possible!

  • @63

    Of course it’s not Hayashi. I’m sure he doesn’t write English more fluently than he speaks it. He uses a good translator in his interviews.

    This is a good way to market your game. It could be a Tecmo rep for all we know. But I don’t think it’s Hayashi.

  • Holy moly I want this NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I am getting this game definitely for sure!

    Thanks Team Ninja for making this happen to the PS3

  • Will there also be a non co-op mission mode? do the extra characters have more than one chapter each in the main story mode?

    • Team missions is only 1 player + AI (offline) or 1 player + 1 player (online). Being able to replay the chapters in Chapter Challenge mode is almost the same as a non co-op mission mode, right?

      Rachel, Ayane, and Momiji only have one chapter dedicated to them in story mode.

  • I’ve just had a killer idea for those wanting the gore. Personally I don’t give a damn myself but maybe if you use Dagra Dai’s chant your chances could improve. ;)

  • @24

    sorry if my comment was childish, but if its up to developers on whether or not they should incorporate Home in their games, then we have to let them know that we want it, by chanting it all the time.


  • @67

    Good questions. I want to know the answer to those too.

  • Awesome post! Can’t wait.

    The first advert is awesome. Love the way that everyone who goes pat has to grab them :D

  • Mr Hayashi, will the Limited Edition also be made available for Asian regions as well (i.e. Singapore)?

    And will re be able to use all our collected weapons for the next difficulty after we clear the game?

    Pls I need an answer for these questions for I’m also waiting for this game too!

    • No word for the Asian regions yet about the Collector\’s Edition.

      Also, yes, you are able to use all your collected weapons for the next difficulty level after you clear the game.

  • This is making me strongly consider getting that limited edition.

  • I need that costume.

    Will that be available for download (even at a price) later?

  • To add, it’s the very top billboard, not the pink screen.

  • Mr Hayashi, will the Limited Edition also be made available for Asian regions as well (i.e. Singapore)?

    And will re be able to use all our collected weapons for the next difficulty after we clear the game?

    Pls I need an answer for these questions for I’m also waiting for this game too!

    (asking this for a second time)

  • i wish their was co op story

  • both ads are nice… im still wondering if ill buy it tho hmmmmm…

  • BooBies (.)(.) dude at 20-30 seconds lmao

  • Um, what’s up with the 360 Billboard in the fourth image?

    Oh man, that’s not good.

  • very good, I’m impressed. it is obvious that lots of hard work has been put into this game. I appreciate it.

    if you dont mind, I would like to know if the exclusive DLC costume is available in UK, also any word on the demo release date?

    Thank You.

  • the game looks great, and the pre-order costume too.



  • Oh sweet new content, but what’s this less blood? Why, no thank you! [Insert Collective Middle Fingers Here]

  • @People saying No blood,No buy:

    There was no blood in Ninja Gaiden 1!

  • @87
    Check your source, that is incorrect.

  • What can I say!? speechless! 10/10 GOTY for me!

    *One thing I would like to know, the projectile weapons, they can be used in third person and first person mode. Can we still charge them up and use them as essence/ultimate techniques?

    *In Team Mission, will the characters have a selectable projectile weapon? Or do they all just get the default projectile weapon like Ryu’s default will be the Bow?

    *While you are finalizing the game now, please make sure the controls are fixed and 100% responsive. Because the controls for Sigma 1 sometimes delay and is 90% responsive at certain times.

    • Yes, the projectile weapons can be used in third person and first person mode.

      In Team Missions, you are able to select your projectile weapon.

  • Ninja Gaiden 1 had head decapitations and there WAS blood. NG Sigma 1 had more blood than NG1.

    But Ninja Gaiden 2 had lots of blood, the most in the series, and the bodies could be cut in many different ways other than just the head. The arms, legs, and heads could be removed and the enemies could also be cut in half at the midsection.

    It was the next logical step to go that way because this kind of thing started in NG1. When you cut an enemy up, what do you expect to see?

    This game is toned down a LOT compared to Ninja Gaiden 2 and even the first NG’s :( but it have extra stuff. There is purple mist and the all the body parts disappear when you cut them off in this version. But it have extra stuff.

  • Oh yea I forgot to add.

    The first video is better as it gets more attention, although it really doesn’t relate to Ninja Gaiden very much.

    Whilst upon the second video is a Ninja Gaiden video but it didn’t really show anything.

  • I cannot wait for this. A definite day one purchase for me. Hell, the soundtrack might just convince me to go the extra mile and buy the collector’s edition.

  • to all those complaining about blood, its very simple. do not buy this game, this game is not for you. stick with NG2. play the game with tons of blood and bugs, frame rate issues, glitches, etc.

    but for people who want a very good amount of content, tight and smooth gameplay, new characters, no bugs, slowdowns, glitches like NG2 on X360, online co-op, new bosses, new enemies, new weapons and more, buy NGS2.

    going on internet forums, complaining and crying about blood, wont change anything, live with it. get over it. its not going to change, get that into your heads.

    this game will be the ultimate Ninja Gaiden game.

    They have fixed all the problems in NG2 on X360, bugs, glitches, slowdowns, and whatnot, added an unbelieveable amount of new content, yet you guys choose to ignore that and instead focus on blood. how stupid is that.

    like I said, dont buy the game, if you only care about blood, its that simple.

  • @93

    So you’ve played NGS2? Do you know for a fact that it has no issues whatsoever?

    Did you even play NG2 btw? A lot of people know that the bugs were blown way out of proportion. NG2 is a great game and one I enjoyed a very, very much. And I can’t stand bugs. I still play NG2 and now I will never sell it. Had it since Day One.

    It’s not even about NG2 or just blood. Some people just really feel that toning down the violence was a bad decision for an “ultimate” version of this game and that NG2’s violence was the next logical step. It made sense to keep it in and it was indeed BADASS.

    Most people don’t like censorship or anything that resembles it. There is no need to attack them or get defensive.

    People who don’t care about the toning down of the gore effects, are showing support for Sigma 2 and no one is here attacking them. So let’s just respect each other’s opinions. It will be nicer that way.

    I have all the NG games, so I will always be honest about things. See my PSN username. NG 4 life!!

  • @94(Too continue my comment)
    The first 3 three are also bad*** without the blood too

  • This game is a instant buy for me.

  • NinjaGaidenLover stop crying on Team NINJA’s blogspot man.

    So what you love NG2 for ever, if you want the blood keep playing NG2, what’s so damn hard about that.

    We’ll all get this game and tear it apart till Ninja Gaiden 3 arrives.

    NG2 was a piece of sh…once I finished Master Ninja, I sold the 6/10 game!

    Sigma 2 isn’t censored, it’s a new approach for dealing with violence, blood+gore is getting old! The best game with blood+gore is Wolverine’s Origin. Developers will never change, so it’s a good news Team NINJA are being the first to change the way violence plays.

  • Mr Hayashi, will the Limited Edition also be made available for Asian regions as well (i.e. Singapore)?

    And will we be able to use all our collected weapons for the next difficulty after we clear the game?

    Pls I need an answer for these questions for I’m also waiting for this game too!

    (asking this for the third time)

  • Hi Hayashi

    Love the new costume, can’t wait for this game. And I like both commercials, but the second one better.

    I have a question and request:

    Do you think having these new characters takes away Ryu Hayabusa’s manhood?

    Ryu Hayabusa used to be a badass one man army.

    Now he is getting help like he can’t handle missions on his own, it’s like he’s not a man anymore when lots of people are saying he is becoming a wimp, but I believe he is still badass, only other people don’t.

    Please do something about that.

    Ryu Hayabusa is supposed to be the most badass powerful character in the Ninja Gaiden world. He’s been a badass one Ninja army since the days of the NES.

    So all I’m asking is please make cutscenes or something to show that Ryu Hayabusa is still a unstoppable badass, like Dante from Devil May Cry and Kratos from God of War. Just so we can shut those Dante and Kratos fanboys up when they run their mouths about this game being for wimps and Ryu being a weakling.

    Ryu and Ninja Gaiden has been around longer than those other games, they deserve better.

    Thank you for your time and good luck!

  • @TailsTheCat – what are you an xbot trolling the blog? Seriously, if it wasn’t for itakagi leaving Tecmo, we wouldn’t even be getting this game. That guy was by definition a micro$oft sellout bribed fanboy dev… no question about it. He even insulted Hayashi and the dev team for making SIGMA 1 which was well superior to any other version…just because he didn’t make it…lol. What a tool.

    Team Ninja is great they don’t need him!! They do better work without the drama queen itagaki destracting them. Seriously have you played SIGMA 1? It’s hands down the best action game of its kind! I am playing it again, until sigma2 releases just to expeirience it again and get into shape for Simga 2… Keep up the work Team Ninja and don’t let the xbots or Itagaki fans get to you… they are just sour!

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