Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2 – Chapter Challenge Mode, Ninja Records and More!

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Countdown has begun…less than two months to go!

Hayashi from Team NINJA here. The last few weeks since our last post have been extremely busy for our team, putting the final touches on the game. This is our first attempt in releasing our game simultaneously in all three regions, but we’re confident we can make it happen.

We’re excited to see the response and feedback to the all-new Team Missions mode (and everything else we’ve shared so far), and today I’d like to introduce two additional, new features of the game.

The first reveal is Chapter Challenge Mode. The mode will become available once you clear Story Mode – you can go back to your favorite chapter and replay to compete with fellow ninjas around the world for the highest Karma score. After clearing the chapter, you will be ranked based on your total Karma score. The highest rank – of course – is “MASTER NINJA” and the lowest is “NINJA DOG”. You also have the option to review your gameplay in Ninja Cinema (which is also available in Team Missions) and share your videos online and download videos of other players. Online rankings are sorted by chapter and difficulty level. It’s entirely up to you whether you want to rank in all difficulty levels or master a certain chapter…just be ready for the challenge!

Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2 Chapter Screenshot 2

Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2 Chapter Screenshot 1

The second reveal is Ninja Records. In order to keep up with how well (or bad…) you’re performing, we figured it would be nice to have a place where you can view your complete stats from fastest mission time, number of enemies defeated, numbers of Izuna drops, maximum combos, rescues, character usage rate in Team Missions mode, number of playthroughs…and more. Ninja Records will keep track of your moves performed in both Story Mode and Team Missions. You’ll be able to pull it up anytime from the title menu screen, so use it to learn more about your own play style. The best part of this is that you can also share your stats online!

Ninja Gaiden Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2 Records Screenshot 3

Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2 Records Screenshot 2 Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2 Records Screenshot 1

Another piece of good news – that’s not directly related to the game but still exciting – is we’ll be adding an official soundtrack, packed with over 30 tracks, to our Collector’s Edition! That’s in addition to the 80-page exclusive book that features a prologue comic, mini-strategy guide and art gallery. Check this out:

NGS2 CEcatalogue2

BTW, have you seen our Japanese viral ads? I’d like to take a vote and see which one gets more attention…

Last but not least…the GameStop exclusive pre-order costume looks like this:

Ryu_costume_GS copy

More to come in the next post!

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  • Oh good! can’t wait

  • love that first video, lmao but maybe should have put more focus on the fingers and maybe a description at the bottom. People may not get that she’s using a special ninja hiding technique lol.

  • Err, is the limited edition only on sale in gamestop?

  • Boobies!!!

  • The first commercial is funny and a little pervy but the second is my favorite.

  • Sounds good, I’m going to post a second set of question that will hopefully be passed to Hayashi san:

    – Will the new weapon have two level charge regular UT’s in addition to a 360 one like the rest of the game’s arsenal?
    – Is there multi-channel LPCM support or is it just Dolby Digital 5.1?
    – Are leader board bugs being addressed?
    – Is the bow an infinite projectile in this version? If so, is its UT intact?
    – Any significance of the colour purple that’s used for the dismemberment effect? A lot of us are puzzled when a shade of red wasn’t chosen instead.

    Anyway, with the addition of the soundtrack, the CE is now worthy of the extra $10. Too bad it’s a Gamestop exclusive though.

  • What Is so exciting about that game?

    BTW: @4
    You keep posting that same thing on facebook all the time, were you abused as a child?

  • Nice pre-order costume, too bad I live nowhere near USA =(

  • Will purchase on day one. Can the next post show how the ninja cinema mode works?

  • @ #7

    The modern NG games are arguably the most satisfying action games around. There is enough depth and long move lists to keep you busy for months. Also, the main adventure itself is pretty long which is uncommon in today’s games.

    Try out the demo that’s out next month.

  • why gamestop? that costume look badass. why on not bestbuy? Anyway, will be getting this game next year because there is just too many games I am getting this year. January next year I am getting this game.

  • that first one is crazy. You guys should bring leah dizon back for a comercial

  • Stop with the exclusive costumes!!!!!!!!!!

  • @11
    I will, But is nothing like “tekken” or anything like that, right?

  • This is great news, especially the part about the soundtrack. This game has great music, but I was wondering if there were any plans to include Custom Soundtrack support at release or perhaps later as a downloadable feature? I know I (and many others) will be playing through this game many times, and eventually the music might get boring.

    Either way, this is shaping up to be one superb action adventure.

  • i like the second vid its very cool and very NG

  • @ 15

    Of course not, this is still an action game not a fighter. It’s also renowned for being challenging as well.



  • not quite sure if i want a record that shows how bad i am – sigh… :\

  • Damn. You guys are really doing your best to make sure it would be stupid for me to NOT get NGS2. I really do love me some soundtracks, and I’m definitely liking what you guys are doing with the game. I really do get the feeling that this is almost an entirely new game, and not just some port. I thank Tecmo for its efforts and I’ll be sure to do my part on the consumer’s side. =)

  • Will each character have their own story. Or are you going to mix it up like it was in NGS1?

    Why do you companies keep giving gamestop bonuses and then complain about them with their used games??


  • I have already lined up for the game. I am sending this post from my cell phone as I am sitting outside Gamestop right now. I will not leave until this game is mine.

    Bring me food.

  • Two extra notes:

    First, if Jeff or whoever could do me a favor, Mobius_124’s comment is incredibly childish- the sort of thing that we should be beyond by now, and quite worthy of the Bansword methinks.

    And, also as a follow-up, yeah, not quite to fond of the pre-ordering at Gamestop thing for exclusive costume. I don’t mind pre-ordering per se, just doing it there. Just something to keep in mind in the future.

  • awesome, the costume is awesome, glad we don’t get crappy Shadow Walker and Biometal again, i waste $7 for them in NG2 which i don’t even used at all, only the fiend.
    glad this costume is different.

    also what about Ashtar (red muffler) costume from NGS?
    i hope it return too.
    and also i hope the blue original costume from the NES NG return too.

  • Not buying this without the gore. What a disappointment.

  • Thank you so much for supporting PlayStation with your amazing Ninja Gaiden Sigma Series.

    I will be playing this as soon as its released and gladly support Team Ninja for all the hard work and extra effort you put into your PS3 games.


  • Cool stuff.
    Glad to see Team Ninja and TECMO showing lots of love for the PlayStation brand this generation



  • looks good

  • Hayashi-san you are a genious! :D

    I like the sound of picking levels how I want rather than constantly saving under different files with manual save. Can I play through the Lycanthropes castle without any hastle?

  • @26
    mywhitenoise | August 11th, 2009 at 9:49 am

    Not buying this without the gore. What a disappointment.

    nobody care.
    there’s NG2 on X360 if u like gore that much.
    or else get into a real fight to the death w/ gangsters and see how will u survive. try being badass like Ryu i dare u in a real fight w/ real sword.

    yeah i respect your though, no blood no buy for some.
    anyway as for me, i have NG2 and beat everything already including Master Ninja mode and all the missions on Mission Mode already.
    NG2 was a great game, this game is going to be a better game even if it doesn’t have gore like NG2, why?
    replay value is what make a game better, NG2 don’t have much replay value, its content-less w/ gore/blood.

    also if u’re not into real fight, then go buy Nano Breaker, that game has way more blood than NG2, and also gore as well, cut people in half and split the in half also.

  • Team Ninja is nothing without Itagaki-san.

  • oh i forgot to include Prototype as well, it look to be like Protohype instead.
    i was so into Prototype before it come out and after it come out, i bought the game full price and its so boring even w/ all those gore better than NG2 gore, Prototype is BORING and no fun and bosses are boring.

    lastly, maybe there could be gore DLC for the American fans soon after this game get release.

  • @32
    TailsTheCat | August 11th, 2009 at 10:06 am

    Team Ninja is nothing without Itagaki-san.

    have you played NG2 yet?
    it’s content-less and full of issues.

  • I too would like to see Custom soundtrack support. And also, why is it that both NG2 and NGS2 do not feature a time limit for the Karma counter?

  • The chapter 3 picture has a 360 ad in it lol

  • Next time try releasing it simultaneously with the 360 counter part. I’m going to wait for a sale or the bargain bin.

  • Looks great. It releases on my birthday in the UK :D

  • hahaha…
    That first video is just plain straight hilarious. looks like a great game (although, i am a little disapointed that there is no local multi-player or local co-op or something…. everything is online these days…

  • Not buying unless you put the gore back in. Itagaki is going to be correct, Sigma 2 will be a disgrace to his legacy.

  • Clearly, the boob wall/door is the best viral video! Hilarious!

  • I sure hope you come to your senses Hayashi when making Ninja Gaiden 3 and bring the gore back. Don’t mess that one up by trying to blend weak pacifism with ultimate violence like your doing in this one.

  • I think I’ll pass on this one. First Fallout 3 and now Ninja Gaiden. You would think that the ps3 would stop getting hand me down ports. Hopefully next year will be better.

  • Day 1, just like the original NGS.

    A great fall for action games: NGS2, Uncharted 2 and R&C Future: 2.

  • Those are awesome features Team Ninja! I can’t wait to get this game. I especially love the video sharing feature nice! I’ll be picking up the CE, the costume looks awesome!

    I am also requesting support for PlayStation Home. Maybe a personal space surrounded by Cherry Trees? I’d love to buy a Ryu Hayabusa premium outfit if you offer more than one costume that would be sweet!!!

    ROFLMAO @ the breasts viral ad. I would love to see an extended version. All the men seem to be attracted to it. Even that business suited guy with a briefcase looks around to see if it’s clear to get a feel.

    You guys are the definitive Ninja game developers and thanks for supporting the PlayStation 3!

    I hope we see DOA on the PS3 one day!

  • Will there be a demo for the game (I’m already sold on the game but I just want the demo to help keep me busy until it releases)?

    Also, I think the 1st video is better (though I didn’t really understand the 2nd video. Was the guy looking through a scope of a sniper rifle or was he hiding?)

    Also, Hayashi > Itagaki. =)

  • @39 Co op It does have co op read the post.

    @43 Port your joking this is no port this is the BADDEST Ninja Gaiden yet and it’s only on PS3. And doesnt even play like the 360 version. There is no co op in 360.

    Team ninja I will be buying this day one looks Bad and I’m a hugh fan.

  • I got my NGS2 theme (Qore) on my PS3 right now!

  • @46:

    The co-op is just for Mission Mode only. You can’t play the game Story Mode with co-op. It’s just for the extra side missions.

  • hey zipper interative you guys gonna release a MAG DEMO SOON i keep on having dreams about the game!

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