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Another great, busy week in PlayStation land. Of course if you followed along, you know there was a lot going on Blog-ville this week…and the week ended with a patch for Fat Princess that improves multiplayer connections (yay!).

But hey, we’re not completely self-involved! Shatter and Fat Princess continue to soak up great reviews. We seem to be learning more about Persona and Final Fantasy XIV every day.

By the biggest surprise for me this week was firing up my morning Adam Carolla podcast, specifically the episode with The Crystal Method. About halfway through, the Method talks MAG for a couple minutes, going off about how crazy the game is, and how great it looks. I recommend giving it a whirl (and the Ace-Man is always good for a listen).

See you tomorrow.

The PS Blog weekly reading list (Week of August 3, 2009)

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  • Great week!

  • Thanks Chris. Is GT5 coming out this year?

  • Another great week. I’m really looking forward to Supercar Challenge (which is out in under two weeks) and I am dumb struck at the fact that their is almost NO advertising for the game or any support from Sony for an exclusive title. Is this game going to be getting any attention from the Blog?

  • What a grand week!

  • A MGS4 trophy patch sure would be nice, also batman is looking great, liked the demo.

  • I was hoping that there would be news about valve developing for ps3 =(

  • We haven’t heard from Comet Crash and Mushroom Wars in quite a while, any news updates on them coming soon?

  • Speaking of Final Fantasy XIV, will you guys have anyone from Square on the blog any time soon?

  • Good week a usual i think this month is goin to ne good and i think the price drop or the slim will be out this month if so im buyin whatever looks better or cheaper haha

  • That’s Good to Know, but again, where is the Socom info?

  • Woah, Adam Carolla!

  • hey whats mag release date websites are saying january 2010 but sony said that was just speculation and at e3 they said fall 2009… so what is it im really excited for mag.

  • Where’s Jeff? Is he taking a 2 week vacation?



  • is anyone else disappointed with the lack of update to the avatar selection? When are you guys going to ever update the AVATAR selection? It going to be almost 2 years since the last update.

  • Good to know.

    Now how about you guys wake up and deliver on promises made by one of your developers, Slant Six, and Producers, Seth Luisi

    Or you could just continue to ignore it and keep pumping the failure that is MAG. Way to go Sony

  • Anyone Wanna play fat princess or cod waw zombies with me add me please

  • Cool a new space on thursday

  • I was at that madden event at cowboys stadium. I lost in the third round but it was tons of fun. They brought us out a buffet of chips, cookies, drinks, and hot dogs with sesame seeds in the bun! it was great not having to pay 15 bucks for one of those. They also brought out Rocket Ismail to play some games with us but I couldn’t stick around for that, we were like vips so we could go anywhere. Thanks to Sony and EA who really took care of us.

    • Awesome! So glad you had a good time. We\’re shooting to have a nice recap post on the event early this week.

  • How about a story about all the PS3s that seem to be dying recently? There are big long threads on the US and EU forums about PS3s dying en masse, not unlike the 360 had with RRoD.

    Pretty poor when a console lasts 2 years or less and then Sony expect $150 or more for repairs. Maybe Sony better extend their warranty before they get a big fat class action suit.

  • Kenshin71

    Everything you just said is false

    it is completely different from the RROD because it is like .001 percent of the People that Buy PS3’s that have problems with them not 33% like the people who’s Xbox 360’s break.

    My PlayStation 3 is a much more reliable console than any 360’s ever will be.

  • BIG congratulation to Mr. PlayStation.Blog, Jeff.
    By the way here is a website that has chosen their 10 *top* 1st and 2nd party developer studios. I clearly agree with some, but there isn’t any sights of Mm being on the top 10 which makes me sad a bit. :(

  • Congrats Jeff.

    What I read around the net, Sony not working with DICE to fix the voip issues with the battlefield games.
    “Current Status on some pending issues

    * PS3 Mic – Nothing much changed and it is very hard to get logs or this to pass onto Sony, but it is a priority.”

    It was the same in Bad Company 1 and now BF1943.
    I have been using me cell phone to play in squads with my buddies since the game came out come on Sony get it together.

  • i agree with 20 there are not alot of real big story about the ps3 breaking down like the 360. i have both systems and i am on my 4 360 , also the RROD is costing Microsoft a billion dollar and this number is growing the article is in game informer magazine.

  • @gold5225, despite your valiant defence of Sony you will still have to pay the $150+ when your console dies too. Sorry. I used to think the same way you did until mine died.

    US PS Forums thread:

    Unofficial YLOD Info/FAQ thread

    Please read before if you are considering buying a PS3. You run the risk of your console dying within two years. Sony, take care of your customer base and extend the warranty to 3 years like the competition.

  • Congratulation on the Baby Jeff.

    Any comments (blog Staff) to the Greatest Hits line. They added two more this week,but in the future is going to be done quarterly, yearly, bi-yearly, or whenever?

  • yeah umm wasnt there supposed to be an item in HOME given to the ones that attended the humans vs hamsters danceoff? i was there but still didnt get anything??

    Someone’s gonna be a great dad. ;)

  • Can we please get one or two tmnt arcade games? i mean i know you read these things and every1 wants it. tmnt in time or tmnt arcade.

  • could you guys try and get michael jackson moonwalker arcade game or final fight

  • @25

    mine is 3 years old, running strong. Of course anyone with problems will post on the forums. There is a problem with the 60 gigs, maybe that’s what you are thinking of. Those ones are a bit suspect. Otherwise, PS3’s are bulletproof.

  • I Like To Know More Imfo On Final Fantasy XIV

  • @11 It’s funny, if I’m not playing a game on my PSP, it’s a Loveline rerun machine using the internet radio.

  • Trophies for Metal Gear Solid 4 would be just awesome.

    Then if only we could get a PS3 firmware update with some much needed features like:
    -Cross Game Voice Chat.
    -Party features that keeps the text/video/voice chat on when you close the program and when you reopen it you can see your friends and show pictures seamlessly.
    -Faster in-game XMB
    -Auto sync trophies.

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