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    God of War III at Lollapalooza! – Come out and join us this weekend at Lollapalooza and experience God of War III playable in person. Here’s your chance to take control of Kratos as he rains carnage and destruction upon the Gods who have betrayed him and the entire Ancient Greek world!

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  • Nice week! :)

  • Sorry to bug you so much Chris but is there any word on if there will be an update that makes it so you can delete trophy games in ‘my trophies’ that you have 0 % in.

    Also games that you have some trophies in that way if your a completionist and you can’t get all the trophies.
    Thanks a lot.

  • Who cares. Where’s the Socom News?

  • the fat princess patch did not fix anything. I still have connection error.
    Oh can we have some new avatar please.

  • No news on DC Universe Online yet, *sigh*.
    Here’s some interesting games on to put some more news on, if you helps you PlayStation Bloggers = )
    1. MAG
    2. DC Universe Online
    3. The Agency
    4. Agent <- Rockstar's Latest PS3 Exclusive!!
    5. LittleBigPlanet (Game of the Year Edition + Add-On Content)
    6. PlayStation Home (ANYTHING ON IT)
    7. I don't think this is what EVERYONE wants, but what a LOT of people want and me of course, lool = )
    8. Oh yeah almost forgot:
    9. Uncharted 2: Among Thieves
    10. Ratchet & Clank Future: A Crack In Time
    11. Thank God for those two = )

  • Nice week, but happened to the post called ‘This Week in PlayStation’ that used to come each monday? did you stop or am i just blind? or better yet, will they be back? THanks

  • ok week.

    the fat princess patch made me happy

  • @2 Nick-30

    No you cant. Even if you did the game would make the trophy list reappear.
    I.E If you deleted WipEout trophy list BUT if you replayed WipEout – the trophy would reappear. (I know having a long trophy list annoying but theres nothing you can do.

  • I like #2’s idea. I have Endwar sitting at 2% on my list and I really don’t like that game. I’d like to delete it, even if it means giving up the trophies I unlocked.

    I’d also like to add, it would be nice if Sony could tweak the trophy leveling system. Once you hit level 12 it becomes and absolute crawl. Leveling is great in games, but it isn’t all that helpful when comparing yourself to other players. For example, a system where an entire game’s worth of trophies ranks you up one level would be better both to avoid the extremely slow leveling at higher levels and to make it easier to compare with friends.

    Hopefully one of you guys can pass this on to the guys in charge of the trophy system.

  • @7

    True, but if you wanted the game off your trophy list, you probably wouldn’t be playing it again anyway so it’s really not an issue.

  • @9 Exactly what I was thinking.

  • socom ? /facepalm

  • iam starting a killzone 2 clan put your psn id below ill add you and i am haveing a tryout tommorow 2 pm eastern time my if my clan is not filled up i will have some more tryouts ( they arent really tryouts but just to show me your decent ) my psn mad0joker1995 , i will prob add most od the people who tryout

  • What confuses me is, why is there no damn avatar update? It’s either the people who do PSN updates are lazy, or there something bigger going on that will either do away with avatars and use crappy home avatars or something else.

  • @13

    Well, you know how it turned out that Valve didn’t know how to make games for the PS3? Well, I think that Sony forgot how to make avatars. Would explain why its been two years without a new avatar.

  • @13

    I’m betting we’ll be able to upload our own icons eventually. That is the only reason I can come up with for why they wouldn’t just spend a few hours on Photoshop making some avatars to shut us up.

  • cant wait for demon souls deluxe edition im pre ordering it

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