Sack it to Me – The “Community Picks” Edition

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If you have been visiting Media Molecule’s website or just keep up with our Sack it To Me post, you know all about Mm Picks! That when Mm shares their thoughts about some of the levels created by you fine folks. The ones they think come with an extra helping of awesome sauce.

However, because you guys play the game far more than they can, the chances of you striking gold as you dig your way across the world are far, far greater.

So this week, we thought we’d feature what the LBP Community thinks are some of the great levels online! It works in the same way as Mm picks, except the levels are voted on, chosen and commented by the creator curators from some of our beloved community sites.

Now, your levels have the chance to be highlighted not just by the game’s developers, but also by LBP peers, the other creators that make up the LittleBigPlanet. We’ve started with three of our favorite sites, but if you think your community has something to add to one of these in the future, get in touch!

Without further ado:

LittleBigPlanet Central
Pinball Wizzard 1: The Great Pinball Adventure
By Allieran

LBPCentral: We’ve seen a ton of Pinball levels, but this one is unique in all aspects. With fun gameplay, fantastic visuals, a playful storyline, and even a dragon, you’ll love playing through Allieran’s unique reinvention of the classic “save the princess” lore. You’ll earn more points depending on how many lives you have left, so you might find yourself playing through more than a couple of times!

Little Big Duty: Naptime
By fusionboxer

LBPCentral: While the name is a bit misleading, don’t let it fool you: this level (part two is here) will keep you alert from start to finish. Reminiscent of games such as Metal Slug and other retro shooters, you’ll find yourself fighting tons of baddies, racing trucks past explosions, and even battling a helicopter! This and much more makes this level a worthy addition to your Hearted list.

The Diamond Lovestory-Part 1
By TOBsn08

Bludhound’s Comment: This level has brilliant design and decoration, unique obstacles and it’s a very fun level that will keep you coming back for more.

Amazingflyingpoo’s Comment: This level looks outstanding, and plays even better. It is a platformer through and through, and any LBP fan will love it!

Zepher Vally
By mrsupercomputer

Bludhound’s ( This is a very unique level, the character and enemy design is amazing, it was really fun hopping on bits of land held up by balloons and the boss fight is epic.

Amazingflyingpoo’s ( This is one of the most unique levels I can think of. The characters look awesome, the scenery is incredible, and the boss fight is the best I have ever played. This level puts just about any other platforming level to shame.

LittleBigPlanet Forum
Konoha Ninja Training
By Penev10

rkNrolla ( This level is fun to play and challenging, but the quality and quantity of the beautiful yet functional artwork and set design set this level up a step up from others of its kind.

Penev10 has created another great level that is has enough scenery and challenge to please a wide range of players. I like the recreation of kanji on the walls in different styles as well. I loved the rope walking trick you’ve set up, it works very well in this context.

The ending of the level sets up further levels in the future if Penev10 has the energy and time to make them, and I’m sure that many people will be happy to play them.

ChewToy: Rodent Warfare

LoveLittleBigPlanet(PSN: Blade_2008):

You are the Chewtoy, the discarded Sackboy tossed in the hamsters cage of It’s down to you to help the other sack boys and girls that have also suffered this fate. This level is kinda multi path in that you can complete the level quickly, but not do all the mini tasks or you can go all out for that high score, explore and find all the hidden games and things to do.

This level is instantly striking in its design. The attention to detail and effort that has gone into this level is obvious straight away. I don’t think it even compares to any other LBP level that I have played as yet.

The details in the pics and texts on the books made me smile; it was a really nice personal touch.

5 stars and a heart from me!


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