Sack it to Me – The “Community Picks” Edition

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If you have been visiting Media Molecule’s website or just keep up with our Sack it To Me post, you know all about Mm Picks! That when Mm shares their thoughts about some of the levels created by you fine folks. The ones they think come with an extra helping of awesome sauce.

However, because you guys play the game far more than they can, the chances of you striking gold as you dig your way across the world are far, far greater.

So this week, we thought we’d feature what the LBP Community thinks are some of the great levels online! It works in the same way as Mm picks, except the levels are voted on, chosen and commented by the creator curators from some of our beloved community sites.

Now, your levels have the chance to be highlighted not just by the game’s developers, but also by LBP peers, the other creators that make up the LittleBigPlanet. We’ve started with three of our favorite sites, but if you think your community has something to add to one of these in the future, get in touch!

Without further ado:

LittleBigPlanet Central
Pinball Wizzard 1: The Great Pinball Adventure
By Allieran

LBPCentral: We’ve seen a ton of Pinball levels, but this one is unique in all aspects. With fun gameplay, fantastic visuals, a playful storyline, and even a dragon, you’ll love playing through Allieran’s unique reinvention of the classic “save the princess” lore. You’ll earn more points depending on how many lives you have left, so you might find yourself playing through more than a couple of times!

Little Big Duty: Naptime
By fusionboxer

LBPCentral: While the name is a bit misleading, don’t let it fool you: this level (part two is here) will keep you alert from start to finish. Reminiscent of games such as Metal Slug and other retro shooters, you’ll find yourself fighting tons of baddies, racing trucks past explosions, and even battling a helicopter! This and much more makes this level a worthy addition to your Hearted list.

The Diamond Lovestory-Part 1
By TOBsn08

Bludhound’s Comment: This level has brilliant design and decoration, unique obstacles and it’s a very fun level that will keep you coming back for more.

Amazingflyingpoo’s Comment: This level looks outstanding, and plays even better. It is a platformer through and through, and any LBP fan will love it!

Zepher Vally
By mrsupercomputer

Bludhound’s ( This is a very unique level, the character and enemy design is amazing, it was really fun hopping on bits of land held up by balloons and the boss fight is epic.

Amazingflyingpoo’s ( This is one of the most unique levels I can think of. The characters look awesome, the scenery is incredible, and the boss fight is the best I have ever played. This level puts just about any other platforming level to shame.

LittleBigPlanet Forum
Konoha Ninja Training
By Penev10

rkNrolla ( This level is fun to play and challenging, but the quality and quantity of the beautiful yet functional artwork and set design set this level up a step up from others of its kind.

Penev10 has created another great level that is has enough scenery and challenge to please a wide range of players. I like the recreation of kanji on the walls in different styles as well. I loved the rope walking trick you’ve set up, it works very well in this context.

The ending of the level sets up further levels in the future if Penev10 has the energy and time to make them, and I’m sure that many people will be happy to play them.

ChewToy: Rodent Warfare

LoveLittleBigPlanet(PSN: Blade_2008):

You are the Chewtoy, the discarded Sackboy tossed in the hamsters cage of It’s down to you to help the other sack boys and girls that have also suffered this fate. This level is kinda multi path in that you can complete the level quickly, but not do all the mini tasks or you can go all out for that high score, explore and find all the hidden games and things to do.

This level is instantly striking in its design. The attention to detail and effort that has gone into this level is obvious straight away. I don’t think it even compares to any other LBP level that I have played as yet.

The details in the pics and texts on the books made me smile; it was a really nice personal touch.

5 stars and a heart from me!


LBP Crown is a great site that donates all its revenue to charity and they want you to design their SackPerson Mascot! The person who submits the winning design gets a LBP Crown! Check out their site for the official rules and good luck!


LBP History Pack

Who says history has to be boring? Next Thursday we release 2 new packs for all of creators who have been hungry for more materials and new classical fits! Fans of the MONSTERS PACK will love the new HISTORY PACK ($3.99) this new set of creative goodies including:


Fans of Historical Characters or classic fashion will dig on the HISTORY COSTUME PACK ($2.99) with clever little numbers inspired by folks like Mozart and Genghis Kahn!


LBP inFamous Good LBP inFamous Evil

AVAILABLE NOW: inFamous “Cole” Costume ($1.99)

Whether you are good or bad, fans of inFamous can traverse the landscape of LBP dressed as their favorite hero / villain Cole McGrath!

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  • Yay! Let’s play!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I still want more MM lvl… xD But that’s fine for now, I’m finding great stuff Online.

  • Cool stuff. I always love me some fancy LBP levels.

  • hey the “cole” costume..the red orb doesn’t work!..or is it just me?…by the way i useto be one of those who wanted “level packs”..but i guess these player created ones are not so bad. ooh and i would like to ask MediaMolecule to PLEEEEASE create a sort of KING COSTUME..the CROWN..obviously not the same as the SPECIAL one you guys make for those SPEACIAL CREATORS..and a CAPE..and a CANE..well just askin..thanks for all the cool stuff you guys come up with ..keep u the GREAT WORK!

  • LBP is a great game! Keep up the good DLC for it!

  • Love LBP, don’t know how my second level is going to end up turning out, mainly because it was originally constructed with a couple friends, and now they don’t want to help me finish it (GASP!) and I am stuck figuring out what puzzle to do next. Love the game, keep up the support though, and hey, bring on the online co-op create mode!



  • How do you record the levels to upload on youtube??

  • i´m in the Naruto and Chewtoy vids :P

  • Looking forward to the history pak! New backgrounds, sounds and creation tools are very much needed!!!!! Wish you guys would put out more of these type of paks!

    What I think would be great is the addition of a melee weapons pack and function for LBP.. Swords, Axes, Whips, MAce, and maybe a bow and arrow etc.. And not just static objects, make them dynamic like the paintanator, so i can swing a sword or use the wip to latch on to things and pull…. this would be great as we could make Hack n Slash games and Castlevania style platformers…..I have been thinking of this since the game came out but its not possible as of now as there is no weapons besides guns..unfortunately. There is enough shooter levels, more old school hack n slash!

  • guys can you please do some of those amazing level packs like the MGS one, im sure a load of people would buy it, I was expecting the history one to have a level pack….

    anyhow, it would be cool to have DRAONGONBALL Z CHARACTERS in LBP

  • Thanx for making the history pak I am definitely getting it, and thanx for making it cheap. I think the costume prices are high though. C’mon $2 for a costume what a rip. Not to mention I got alot of costumes. Oh well keep up the good work.

  • What about marketing LBP with some PSN Avatars?

    We want Sackboy Avatars, not just 1, We want lot of Avatars!

  • stop putting out dlc and release lbp2 already:<)

  • @13 nah they need to finish this one first.

    Good news on the new item pack! I also am looking forward to the day online co-op create is patched in, too many features promised at launch have been missing for a year now. I will get back into LBP when these features are released.

  • i think i dont want to continue with my level after watching all those cool levels. :(

  • @13. seriously why do you want LBP 2??… Like wtf…

    Get the psp game thats coming out if you want LBP 2.

    I think they should release more level packs though!!! CMON MAKE MORE LEVELS MM!!!! You only released ONE level pack!! ONE!!!!!

  • All the good ones are censored.

  • @16 cause when game get a sequal they usualy go in greatest hits after awhile i am broke and can only afford 30dollar game

  • Will not play this game until you start to add content worth the money. Where in sack hell are the levels???


  • Mark and MM, you are almost there. All you need to do now is put the Top 5 user made levels in the Search Options and make it a weekly thing.

    Of the million levels there should be at least 260 (52×5) you can use for the next year. The section could include Other Suggestions…which would link to other levels on a similar theme or levels favourited by the chosen users.

    I’ve been pushing this for a while now. Make it happen!

  • Oh man, I’m all over that History Pack. I love the themes! And new background, sounds, costumes, STUFF – yes! Who needs levelpacks if you get all those neat things to make your own? :)

  • Awesome! Love new stuff!! lol

  • In my opinion LBP should be a definitive game without sequels, just expansions for people to enjoy new stuff. For me it’s THE LBP game, awesomeness in a blueray disc.

  • I agree 24 = )
    But other PlayStation Console sequels are fine with me like LittleBigPlanet PSP, those sort of stuff, not something like LittleBigPlanet 2 as all of those user created levels and objects will just be… just be… errrm… well useless.
    Even if you put those in its sequel, no one will use it as there’ll be better quality levels etc.

  • Plus I never saw a LittleBigPlanet Pinball LEVEL BEFORE!!!
    HOW ON LittleBigPlanet DO YOU MAKE ONE???
    Shouldn’t you die if the ball goes to far away??
    Plus how do you give the ball lives, well that’s just confusing??
    I will give the author some hearting and so with the level and rate it 5* and a good comment, that’s just SPECTACULAR!!

  • Pinball is amazing. These kinds of levels need this exposure. Good job on bringing these to light :)

  • Um who cares where the help patch update that everyone has been asking for Media Molecule?
    Gezz!..And still after more then 6 months we still can’t play our own Music in the games we paid so much for!..Slackers..

  • It was a great game, but the lack of worthwhile updates made me just sell the game. 99.9% of the user made levels are garbage ‘H4H’ trophy levels. Since the awsome Metal Gear level pack months ago, there has been zero new level packs from the devs. The countless new costumes offered up add nothing new gameplay wise. Heck, even the in game ‘News’ section hadn’t been updated in half a year or so. Great game, so much potential but the lack of real new content killed it for me.

  • The wheel of doom killed it for me. then last week the yelow light of doom killed for me again.
    I wonder if I will lose the wicked levels I created…
    you all gotta try my creations, I did’t make them easy, but I did spend some quality time on them all. I hope they can fix my Paystation. No way I’m playing LBP to %100 again. not a third time.

  • I just started playing LBP yesterday, and it is by far one of the best games I’ve ever played.
    The user created levels give the game a whole other dimension, and I’m glad to see levels that are recommended because a lot are not that great.

    On another note, I think some US presidents should have been part of the History Pack.
    Like President Lincoln, for example.
    Even Julius Caesar. Now that would be cool.

  • ooh, a genghis khan sack! sweet! recommended reading: genghis khan and the making of the modern world by jack weatherford. genghis is actually NOT that bad!

  • Is there a place to give some constructive (not outlandish, I am realistic) suggestions for future content? Specifically costume ideas, but also stickers, and maybe more decorations, if not level content.

    Preferably someplace Mm and/or the Sony teams involved in actual decision making will read the suggestions? Comments from them are not required obviously, but I do not know if they take suggestions from the community in a specific place (or if they take them at all).

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