PlayStation Network and Gamebattles Auto Reporting

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Gamebattles and PSN auto reporting

Hi everyone! My group has been working hard with partners at MLG’s Gamebattles to give competitive PlayStation gamers a better tournament experience. Last month it was secure registration and authentication between PSN and Gamebattles. Today we’re happy to officially introduce auto reporting — a function of sharing game data between the PlayStation Network and Gamebattles tournament and ladder systems.

It works like this: When you finish a match which was scheduled on select Gamebattles PlayStation arenas, Gamebattles will fetch the score and statistics for both teams (or players). For the player, this means it will be much easier and faster to play PS3 matches on Gamebattles and there will be fewer disputes based on user input errors. It will also allow PlayStation to highlight PS3 Gamebattles activity in real-time, both on the interweb and within connected PlayStation communities.

This feature has been enabled first for the MLB ’09 THE SHOW All Star Championship, which is live and open for free registration now. This will be the first of many PLAYSTATION 3 titles to support such data integration. Enjoy and stay tuned for more multiplayer goodness!

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  • This is 100% EPIC!
    While I don’t play MLB I can’t wait to see what other games implement this and I hope Warhawk, Killzone 2 and others can benefit from this!

  • I’ve never heard of Gamebattles before. :-\

  • This seems nice, it’s a pretty nice idea.

  • Yes! I would like to see this implemented with the Madden Challenge.


  • Please add this for Warhawk, PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!

  • Very not bad!

  • This is an awesome feature! I look forward to making a clan now!

  • Sweet!!! :D

  • I haven’t used GameBattles since a match dispute on WaW back in February. My god, if WaW is the next game I’ll be so happy! WORLD AT WAR, BABY!

  • This is a great new feature. Looking forward to see it in action.

  • might actually sign up to gamebattles now

  • Can you tell /6 of Socom too srap the ladder patch then. And gives us our fixes and dlc PLZ!

  • This will be very useful.

  • Pretty darn original. Cool stuff!

    Dance party tonight in LA! Had to say that

  • wow! another great feature added to PSN!!! thanks sony! and thank you ps blog!

  • Resistance and Killzone 2 support, please.

  • Looking forward to see more exclusive upcoming titles to get this auto-reporting feature… Maybe UNCHARTED 2?

  • So is there a Home Space that ties in to this autoreporting system so we can gather there and follow the action in real time? ;)

  • It is about time Sony is doing something worth while for gamers on the PSN. I know Folding@HOME is the best, but that is not game related. This feature should be mandatory in all sports and competitive games from now on. Sony are too easy on developer when it comes to features on the PSN. You guys should make all the new feature such as in-game music and youtube support be mandatory on all PSN games starting January 2010.

  • Now all we need is a reporting system to report people that use Hacks (COD4) or exploit glitches in order to get kills. Oh and people that send you random hate message insulting everything from your family to your manhood after you owned their puck ass in a match.

  • While you are it…how about uploading some new PSN avatars!? It will only take you a minute.

  • Sounds like a cool idea. Just wonder if it will take off.

  • dude this rocks. Good job.

  • @22 Capt-Fury
    no point in asking dude. I been asking for the pass 3+ months and no response what-so-ever from anyone on this blog. They can at least say no. That way, I will stop asking.

  • pretty much just made socom’s 1.5 patch pointless… so can we please get some DLC now???

  • so please someone tell me because i dont exactly understand this. will i still need to take pictures of the scores? an please someone anyone tell me does this mean we dont have to report hour scores on gamebattles anymore? please say this all true if so OMG this is so crazy i will never log off of gb lol

  • Well that does it, i’m signing up for gamebattles now.

  • While I don’t participate in MLG it’s good to see this kind of integration and development. Nice work.

  • Epic FTW!!

  • So basically it eliminates user error….wow that makes things some much easier and faster.

  • good job! this will bring more tournament in PSN and more competitiveness.

    games like uncharted 2 will be great!

    we just need more competitive games and it will be all better! GJ SONY

  • EPIC!!!!!!!!!!

  • someone please reply to comment #27 im 14 an dont fully understand this hole thing but i been doing gamebattles for years now an i have no camera an i cant even tell you guys how many times i would get a loss when i won because the other guy did not want to report an i had no cam an i did not keep up with my disputes so i would get the loss thats enough to piss anyone off an make them leave gamebattles an so i did

  • i been doing GB 4 about a year and finally they get a very useful feature. for those who dont know what GB is


  • “So is there a Home Space that ties in to this autoreporting system so we can gather there and follow the action in real time? ;)”

    Home integration would be epic. And fairly easy to implement.

    Setup an EA style multi-Space – main area for live streaming of games, smaller areas for archived match footage to watch.

    An extra ghost player is logged into the live game match. That player acts as the camera operator and video is captured live off that machine and streamed directing onto screens in the Home Space.

    Big matches are archived and able to be watched on other screens in the Home Space.

    Leaderboards, schedules, etc up on the walls of the Home Space.

  • ThiS IS SOO EPIC!!

  • Im sorry im a bit confused.
    So i log into game battles, set up a match, win/lose a match, so do i go and report back to games battles? or will it do it automatically?

    • After a match is played, user clicks on \”report score\” on their Gamebattles team profile page. This will send request to SCEA game servers. Reponse will include match data. If there is a conflict or several matches, you would be prompted to enter manually. Thanks for the great question!

    • After a match is played, user clicks on \”report score\” on their Gamebattles team profile page. This will send request to SCEA game servers. Reponse will include match data. If there is a conflict or several matches, you would be prompted to enter manually. Thanks for the great question!

  • Great Job SCEA!

  • I am signed up for Gamebattles and used to play Gb’s for Rainbow Six Vegas and Rainbow Six Vegas 2. This feature ( which i am a little confused on) is/was much needed a long time ago as ref’s and admin’s could’nt cotrol corruption and cheating.

  • This came out of nowhere, impresive

  • WOW I LOVE U SONY! Now I hope it doesn’t take long to add games… I mean you have tons of games you can use these with! KZ2, Resistance 2, Socom, Call of duty, Unreal Tournament 3, GTA4, Warhawk, Guitar Hero, and much more.
    Looking forward to this :) Great job

  • Good idea but is this only for MLG touraments and or the basic ladders for the game. I never do the MLG stuff, but do have wars for socom.

  • I saw “PlayStation Network” and “Auto Reporting” and I expected something on the likes of GamerDNA compatibility. Any likelihood of this?

    If you’re not familiar with it, it’s a website where you can link it to your Xbox Live, Steam, or Xfire accounts and it will record all the games you play and then report it, saying the games you’ve played and the achievements you’ve earned. If you want to do it for the PS3, though, you have to manually enter it in, which is why I’m very curious if it’s possible that someday the PSN will be able to send out details like that to sites who can use such information.

  • So do both players have the ability to report score or is it the person hosting the game.

    How do you cut down on double submissions? and if the host is responsible for submitting then what if they don’t submitt and you want them too?

    I’m just trying to get a better understanding of something that looks very interesting.


  • Sony PLEASE add WipeOut HD and BlazBlue to MLG.
    I know BB is not under your control but tell the guys at Aksys.

    Fat Princess and killzone are good games to be supported too!

    And again, WIPEOUT!!!

  • this is actually pretty awesome

  • I’m a active participant in and I have to say that this is an amazing feature that both Gamebattles and Sony deserve a huge applause for.

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