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Zsolt from ZEN Studios here! In case you missed yesterday’s memo, I’m here to tell you there’s a new table coming for ZEN Pinball. We’ve teamed up with Capcom and you guessed it, we’re bringing the one and only Street Fighter franchise as the first expansion table for the newly released PSN exclusive ZEN Pinball. As long time Street Fighter fans, we here at ZEN Studios are extremely excited about this collaboration and we can’t wait to get this table out the door to all our fans!

ZEN Pinball Street Fighter table logo

To give you a little idea of what makes this table so unique, we’ve loaded it with all the iconic Street Fighter II characters that revolutionized the fighting genre, from Ryu, Ken, Chun-Li, and Guile to Sagat, Evil Ryu, Vega, Balrog and even M. Bison! The locations, missions, and even the tempo of the game capture the feel and look of the Street Fighter brand, so if you’re a fan of the franchise you’ll need to check this table out.

Right now we have a tentative release date scheduled for sometime in August 2009, so stay tuned to this blog, or check out the official ZEN Pinball site for more details.

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  • Wow this is amazing!
    Hope to see more of this kind.

  • dayyyyuuuum i cnt wait to get ma hands on that new psp

  • awesome thanks for the update is there gonna be a little big planet table

  • Why do you devs make us ask for the price? Even if you don’t know, you could say “the price hasn’t been set yet” or something. So, what’s the price going to be?

  • cool. Is it based on the original Gottlieb table by any chance? That’s one of my favorite tables of all time. http://www.pinballrebel.com/pinball/street_fighter/street_fighter_pinball.htm

  • ZEN Pinball is awesome. Nice to see the first expansion announced, and I hope there are many more!

  • Dude, this is the best news I’ve had all morning. Now if the table doesn’t cost as much as the game itself, I’m all over this. And what about other licenses? There should totally be some movie themed tables in the future; this puts me in the mind of the old arcades with their themed pinball games like Star Trek, The Simpsons, and Terminator. I’d be all over every single one of those!

  • No image of the table? Pretty pleeease? :)

  • Has Zen Pinball been fixed yet? As far as not resetting your high score for every table everytime you play and getting the three beep-system shutdown everytime you try to quit the game?

    Haven’t played it much past the first couple days of it’s release due to those issues.

  • i don’t have this game YET..but if there will be more tables like this and alil more upgrades as to visual affects..yeah i would be gettin this game on the double!..but im saving my 20 buks for MvsC2.Till then,keep up the creative work Zen..soon u will have my money..i mean support..;)

  • I’d also love to see an image of the table. :D

    Keep the price reasonable (1.99?) and I’m all over it. HA DO KEN

  • I’m guessing this is the exact same table that you guys already released for Pinball FX on Xbox 360?

    #11, if so, that was 200 MS points ($2.50 USD).

  • Its about damn time. Unfortunately, we dont need premium, game themed tables. Give us table packs, uncluding 4 or more tables. I havent played this stale game since the night it released.

  • @Zsolt Kigyossy

    Read this OFFER AND gave me your opinion:


    or this


    if you interested why not give it a try.

  • Zsolt, are you Hungarian?

    Where is your name from, if not?

  • Cool!
    Love this game!
    Trophies are hard as hell but the game is a blast!

  • Free please.

  • Id like to see original tables by zen. I will not buy the SF table because it will probably be way overpriced. A Metroid table however, that I would pay about three dollars for. Table packs should come with at least four tables, four tables for $1.99 to $2.99.

  • My wife and I are hooked on this game, every table you guys make as DLC aslong as its reasonably priced we will buy. Street fighter II is awesome for a table.

    May I suggest Guns and Rose’s for the next one ;-)

  • Awesome, I love the game and this is just icing on the cake, SOLD!!!:D

  • I really enjoyed the demo for this game. My only gripe with it was that the sound effect didn’t sound like a pinball machine. It feels like something is missing. That’s why I didn’t buy the game.

  • Does this mean we might get a Resident Evil table in the future? I need to buy this.

  • Thank you for not saying “Q1 2010”. That seems to be the trend nowadays ;)

  • We need this game in HOME Like (Yesterday) if not something similar…

    and for the HOME Devs bring the open voice chat back, its been to long, come on now…

  • The best rendition of Pinball on a console yet. Haven’t put enough time into learning what shots and lights do what yet. Any quick guides?

  • SWEET!!!!! Keep the new boards coming!!

  • I assume this won’t be free, but please at least make it fairly inexpensive.

  • Open voice chat. The system is far superior now w/out open voice chat. Immaturity reigns supreme. Not to mention Home is useless.

    Original tables by Zen please.

  • Is this the same as the SFIIHD Remix table from Pinball FX on XBLA?

  • If you’ve made this table to closely resemble or replicate the SFII table from Gottlieb, then please grant my wish of The Addams Family! Zen would quickly become my favourite dev of all time. :D

  • Sounds like fun.

  • Will this add more trophies?

  • Abiss..I agree with those theme tables you mentioned. I remember this arcade I went to when I was younger that had Star Trek: The next Generation…I cannot even keep count of the quarters I stuffed in that pinball game. Zen Pinball is a good game and the Street Fighter addition will be a good one. I Wonder how much it will cost?

  • Will Zen Pinball ever work with Remote Play for the PSP?

  • call of duty 5


  • I have run into a minor problem with Zen Pinball and was wondering if a patch was in the works? When ever I play any given table, after a short period of time my controler will go into vibrating chaos and will not stop vibrating. It forces me to turn off the vibration on my controler to play, again this is minor and I still love to play. This game by far is the best pinball simulation I have played. :)

  • @38 …..never heard that before ….but i love zen pinball . i was just thinking about something like this ..but i was hoping a god of war or uncharted . but this is just the beginning …sweet

  • Monopoly, Star Trek, Terminator, Spy Hunter, 007, King Kong, Fun House all great original tables…please consider. I’m old and loved these tables since 78 all the way up to the demise of quarter arcades.

  • oh yeah! is it just me or is it that El Dorado is way too generous with points compared to the other three tables?

  • That’s good news!

  • Was hoping it would be released today (and cheap). After all, the trophies are already there, and we cannot get them until the game come out (which mean lower % until then).

    I love and hate this game. I love it because if I only have a few minutes of play time, it’s perfect. But I hate it because when I start it, I cannot stop, and usually stretch those few minutes way too much.

    Also agree, forget theme and having to pay to use big names. You did a great job on those 4 tables and they didn’t need big names behind them to be so good.

    Well, I guess if they are cheap, I won’t mind. But if you have to pay royalties, then bring on some good old pinball games.

  • That’s a REALLY cool update! Any word on if you will be doing other boards and if they will be based on real world ones? Because you REALLY need to make the original Adams Family Pinball exactly (if you could) ~ http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FsnzDXXSURU

  • collaborations ARE in! i love capcom and having a touch of “zen” makes it more exciting! keep it up guys! looks like you guys have meditated well on this! :D

  • Wicked cool. I will buy this day one!!

  • I liked the first tables, so I’m interested to see what it will look like. Hopefully the tables aren’t too pricey.

  • I already have the Zen Streetfighter Table on another Console..Is this Different???

  • Nice. Picking this up day 1.

  • Nice. Love Zen Pinball.


    Nearly everything on the store is way overpriced. Do not make the same mistake.

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