Call of Duty: World at War Map Pack 3 Available Today, Game with Developers this Saturday!

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Map Pack 3 for Call of Duty: World at War is releasing today on PSN for $9.99!

Map Pack 3 further expands the COD multiplayer experience with four new maps. Fight for ocean territory in “Battery,” defend Russia’s resources in “Revolution,” and battle in the dense streets of “Breach.” Zombies return in “Der Riese” (Zombie Factory), a Nazi research facility featuring a weapon upgrading Pack A Punch Machine, teleporters, and 10 Trophies.

To celebrate the release of Map Pack 3, we’re participating in a Game with Developers event for the PLAYSTATION 3 this weekend!

It takes place Saturday, August 8th from 1:00 – 5:00 PM PST (see PSN ID’s below). You simply add one or more of the below accounts to your Friends List, and hit the various developers up for some fragging! Note that their friend lists typically fill up fairly quickly, so type fast!


This weekend is also kicking off the Week of Double-XP, which is just icing on the cake for a Game w/ Developers event! Double-XP will be ending one week from Map Pack 3’s launch (Thursday, August 13th @ 10:00AM PST).

Josh Olin
Treyarch Community Manager

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  • 1st and thanks 4 the great map pack will we see a 4th?

  • arrrrgh it’s 1:29 EST here and the PS Store It’s still not updated yet :( i have to work in a lil over 3 hours.. oh yeah second

  • If it was up to Activision they would charge $60 bucks per map pack

  • That is a awesome video

  • SCEA is retarded they can’t ****** update the playstation store int he mornuing but hey Microsoft can and SCEE can. SCEA you suck ******* an d*** you guys are complete ****.

  • Wow. A little hostile, raptor210232?

  • Will Activision get any of my money if i bought this?

    I have nothing against Treyarch, just dont like Activision!

  • So it’s past 10 PST and I am yet to see the new map pack… I’m dying here!

  • Just got the game a few days ago, and will be getting this next month. Here’s hoping that they’ll come out with a map pack bundle deal.

    I also like the double-XP, too.

  • Everyone is so anxious for the map pack. I wish the would hurry and release it before my girlfriend gets off work.

  • Sorry Josh Olin but Activision sucks!!! Bobby Kotick = EPIC FAILURE!! Mr. Bobby Kotick needs to come on this blog and apologize to us PS3 fans. Until then I wont be supporting anything coming from Activision.


  • @ raptor ur the retarded one the uk is 5 hrs ahead of the east coast of the us and canada u [DELETED] idiot so its afternoon not morning u little dingleberry and [DELETED] microsoft u like them so much go buy a xbox or ur parents cant afford 1 right now or if u got a xbox buy the maps on it u [DELETED] idiot

  • Its already 2:01 EST and there is still no Playstation Store update. Wtf is taking so long? I gotta play before my girlfriend gets out of work in an hour.

  • No 3 for $20? That sucks

  • psn can suck my [DELETED] right now… its really [DELETED] that you have to make a uk account to download and play this early isnt sony outta northamerica wtf…… oh well bought this one twice i guess….

  • wow is it that 44506 out of 96657 players online playing map pack 3 zombies and i’m not even included. Why bcuz playstation store doesn’t have map pack 3. total let down right. it’s 2:08pm est. where is it

  • that is so AWESOME we get to play the cod developers!!!! thank you scea! cant wait! sweeeet!

  • It would be nice if they would at least announce something to let all the people know why the hell the map pack has not posted as they have been saying!

  • If I remember correctly the store does not update until 2 or 3 PST..

  • please correct me if I am wrong…

  • SONY WTF!!!! WHERES MY MAPS!!!!!!!!!!

  • The xBox 360’s have their map pack. Where’s ours?

  • 2:20 est still no map pack whats taking so long?

  • its 11:13am and still no map pack=( can any of the treyarch team add me as a freind i would love to be a game developer! and u guys and infinity ward and others are like my inspiration!! thank you for all the map packs!! u guys rock!

  • it almost 2:30pm where the hell is it

  • Wheres the mappack!!!!!!!!!! >=l

  • oh yeah and the video is killing me just let out the map pack *******

  • okay, this is stupid. i think psn should release it at an earlier time, but no. we cant be as important as xbox???

  • i kno yall reading these blogs so lets us kno when yall gonna release or update the store

  • been up sense 9 am and here it is 2:30 wtf…

  • OMG people only 3 and half hours untill PSstore updates. What can I do untill then I guess Gripe on the blog becouse playing another game would be wrong. LOL

  • Sweet, cannot wait ’til I get home to play this! NAZI ZOMBIES!!!!!!!!

  • if one of yall gets it say something cause i sure havent seen [DELETED]

  • I think the store should update the day it says its going to its 2:30 pm right now and the day is almost half over they should of said available the seventh cause thats where were headed this is [DELETED] oh and P.S. STILL WAITING!!!

  • I wonder when today it will be available at the playstation store.

  • about 2 play shi no numa any one wanna join me??

  • this suks its 2:40 est and still no map pack ahhh…

  • mann i cant wait this is taking too long

  • anyone know wat time the update comes for pst

  • omfg.


  • It’s out todoy,don’t worry :/

    The PlayStation Store updates at around 5 pm.

    There is still lots of time.Read JD’s post on twitter .

  • just out of curiosity…why release anything at 5:00 pm when the day is almost over, instead of at 10:00 am when most people can download it, install it, and actually get to play it?

  • but its crap. if they want ppl to stfu, they would do it at like…say noon est?

  • are you kidding me 5 wat were these retards thinking

  • Thanks to the developers for the time and efforts. Having add on’s at a reasonable price is why I bought the game. It also fits the system PS3, in my opinion is better than XBOX. Kudos, see you in the game lobby this weekend. Keep up with the map packs…..

  • Where is map pack 3? I need it now playstationnetwork! Now I say!



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