Supersonic Acrobatic Rocket-Powered Battle-Cars Gets Another Free Update

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Psyonix Studios is pleased to announce the release of the latest patch for our PS3/PSN game, Supersonic Acrobatic Rocket-Powered Battle-Cars! The game, if you’re not familiar, focuses on exciting car-vs-car soccer gameplay. Rocket around (or above!) the field, crash into the ball to shoot spectacular goals, or even destroy the opposing team’s cars if you’re going fast enough!

The highlights of this update include:

  • It’s free!
  • Two brand new maps: “Galleon”, set aboard a pirate ship at night, and “Stadium”, based on a sprawling European-style football field (cheering fans included!)
  • Many improvements to the handling of lag and servers with slow internet connections in general
  • Two new skins for each car, 14 in total
  • Updates to our unique replay editor so you can more easily record your favorite highlights and upload them directly to YouTube!
  • Tons of bug fixes and general improvements

A full change list is available on our forums here, and we hope to see you out on the field!

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  • Awesome update!!!

  • Wow thx for the update!

  • Fantastic job on the patch/DLC! I just wish more people played this game. Everyone needs to pick this up, so much fun! Definitely underrated, which is a shame.

    Though it may be too soon, will there be more DLC in the future? Maybe a SARPBC 2?

    Thanks again!

  • Looks great!

  • Hellz Yeah! we love free DLC!

  • awesome i realy enjoyed the demo i might pick this up

  • Backflip goal at the end was AWESOME!

    I need to pick this up. Just looks like too much fun.

  • Damn… I wish i had money. >.<

  • oh this is great :)

  • Awesome Update

    VGEVO.COM For life!!

  • might get this but have way too many games back logged to beat before I can pick up anything new.

  • I didn’t even know this game was already out. I haven’t seen anyone on my friends list playing it.

  • Free DLC?! Wow ;) That made me wanna buy this game ;)

  • If you own a PS3 buy this game, simple as.

    Best PSN game out there folks, and it keeps getting updated – And for free.

    You won’t be disappointed.

  • I’ll only even consider buying this if it comes on a disc.

    No disc = no sale.

  • I’m glad you guys enjoyed the backflip goal at the end, that was me :)

  • i urge everyone to get this game!
    ive had it since february and am still hooked!
    its pure awesomeness

    and free DLC just makes it even better.

  • Vell I doubt it’s coming out on disc. Just buy a bigger HDD and put it in your PS3. Directions are in the manual for how to do it. But I wish I would have bought this game instead of Wipeout HD, oh well. Maybe soon enough I will. Game looks real fun.

  • @15 afdgsfdgnb
    I was like you once …
    Get over it or miss out on some incredible games, simple as that really.

    Yeah this game rocks!
    Nice update too!
    LOVE new maps!

  • I have yet to pick this game up. I guess I will pick it up after I purchase another year of Qore.

  • I’ve bought many download only games…but this is by far on my top 5 list, and you get free updates, not micro updates like the last guy charging 2 bucks for almost no content.

    There are many games you will not play after paying for them, super acrobatic powered rocket cars ain’t one of those….

    Just play the demo with friends and you will see what I’m talking about, every shot, every save is different, amazingly cheap just by the amount of fun you can have playing it.

    I regret buying some games from the psn store like high velocity bowling (I payed full and later got a download code from Qore, wasnt worth it..), Pain…yeah, pain is what you feel after buying everything the game offers but you dont have fun at all.., soldner x….fun for about an hour or 2…etc.

    But I will NEVER, regret Buying Supersonic Acrobatic Rocketpowered battle cars…thanx for the free content psyonix…everyone uses the Unreal Engine nowadays…few have mastered it like you.

  • This is by far one of my most played games. And for the past four days, while my internet was out, I still played it, even though it’s primarily an online game! It’s just too much fun.

    I totally didn’t expect an update, and this is a great surprise to find when I finally got back online!

    Thanks for the support Psyonix!

  • P.S.


    No disc = No sale…

    Well…Terminator Salvation is on a Disc…

    Damnation is on a disc too…

    Leisure Suit Larry: Office box Bust..guess what?…on a disc too!!!

    G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra???…WOW on a disc!!!

    Thing is…their boxes are pretty, but what are you paying for? YES, THE GAME!!!…

    In the end, you pay to play the game, if you play it, then you reduce its price cos the fun it provided you was a lot more of what you payed…

    There is no way in hell Im gonna pay 59.99 for WipEout HD+Fury, SuperAcrobaticRpbc so you can have your nice useless and meaningless box in your shelf…Im ok by downloading these fun games that are worth more than some retail games, and so is many ppl that buy for digital content.

    No Disc = No sale = Dont care

  • I”ll have to pick it up soon. BTW For Life!

  • Well said, LordMetzen.

    If all that guy cares about is “longevity” with games on disc, then he should also be worried about losing the numerous and MANDATORY patches you can only get on the PSN.

    So if he’s worried about losing any purchased downloaded games should the servers ever go down (due to nothing less than some terrible nuclear disaster AND his inability to make a backup), he should also worry about losing patches EXACTLY like this. Unless he’s content with Blu-ray releases staying forever on 1.0, with all the bugs and glitches and none of the extra features you can only get by DOWNLOADING.

  • Man, I have had this game for a while. Great game. Can’t wait to check out the new maps!

  • I tried it OL once and got crushed. I scored only once and that was because the other person was just trying to screw with me.

  • @23 yea it might be cheaper but what if U don’t have PSN not everone who has a PS3 is hooked up to the internet. And I haven’t payed $60.00 on a game in years. Why becouse there are things called Sales. Heck I think I could have got SF4 for $20 last week.

    Greatest hits PSN titles for BLUERAY please.

  • Wow, great to see support for this solid title.

    I haven’t played this in so long, I’m gonna have to get back into it and get the rest of the trophies.

  • this game is fun but the game options on it are many..jus chasing a BALL..but thanks for the FREE DLC..much appreciated

  • one of the best PSN games out there

  • Awesome! I need to get back into this, it’s my favorite psn game but I’ve had too many others to play lately. Good to see that you’ve been working hard on fixing and adding new things.



  • Psyonix Studios pitching their idea:
    “So you’re trying to tell me that you want to make a game that instead of people playing football has Supersonic Acrobatic Rocket-Powered Battle-Cars playing football?”
    “Yes. Yes we do.”
    “And you are going to name it “Supersonic Acrobatic Rocket-Powered Battle-Cars”?”
    “Yes. Yes we are.”
    “It is so ridiculous it just might work!”

    And work it does! This game is really ridiculous, when you think of it, but goddamnit is it hilarious and adrenaline-filled!

  • @ 15

    welcome to the future, you’re swimming upstream. I would prefer a physical copy also, but unfortunately DL games are here to stay and will only grow over time. I admire your principles but you are only forcing yourself to miss out on some truly great games…such as SARPBC’s. Some of my favorite experiences this gen have been with DL games.

    The Future: embrace it, fight it, or ignore it.

    Great job on the FREE update Psyonix Studios!! Awesome competitive game that I think a lot of gamers overlooked. The gameplay is just plain FUN.

    Keep. It. Up.

  • Free = WIN

  • best free dlc/patch I got all year but the lag is still the same for me since I’m one of those people who always has a terrible internet connection… =(

  • KidCommando – don’t admire him. That same person straight up told a developer to “go to hell” just because a game didn’t come out on UMD.

  • This is a really good game and I love the free DLC.

    One thing though, I’ve called Sony about this before and they said they would mention it to someone, but it’s still not on the games list.

    When I sign on to update my games list under My Profile…I have yet to find this game in the list to add it.

  • zombie9 – Those Blu-ray discs would be obsolete the very second patches like this come out. Or would you rather the devs release the patches on discs too?? Boy, that sure sounds cost-effective…

  • Good to see you posting this here Corey. Enjoying the new maps

  • This game was one of the most enjoyable on psn when it was launched.

    Then you updated it with and improved lag generator and I must admit after a few months of this patch not being released I asked Sony for a refund but they told me to wait for the patch.

    Now I’m glad to see there is almost no lag!! The galeon arena is difficult as the space arena you released on the last patch, there should be an option to choose arenas at random and exclude those you don’t like.

    The stadium arena is my second favorite now! My all time favorite still is Utopia, shame almost nobody likes it.

  • This game is great. I like Stadium the best out of the 2.

  • The last goal was awesome! Stadium looks sick.

  • pretty good video :P

    i got the game the day it came out, i love playing it with friends (split screen), but i havent played in a while… gonna check the update.

  • Ah, sweet! The rewards hath come to I who wait. =P

    Every time I play this my friends messages commenting on how funny the title of this game is. Really does advertise itself once someone’s playing it. Any chance the screen-tearing thing got fixed? It can get pretty bad on my SD setup (no HDTV as of yet, and probably not for a long time, unfortunately).

  • Great game bought it on day of release ,
    played against some devs on day 1 , bought from US store , now have UK version and its great , you guys keep up the good work . NO1 game…well done guys again.

  • @41 triple_lei
    People that don’t have internet don’t need patches most patches are for online play take Fat Princess for exaple. And if Dev made the game right the first time they would not need a patch.

  • Glad I bought this game

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