Qore Episode 15 – Featuring MAG, Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2, Tekken 6 and Katamari Forever

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One of the most highly anticipated PS3 titles shown at this year’s E3 was Zipper Interactive’s MAG. Since you’ve been asking us so much about it, we decided to send Veronica Belmont to Seattle to get the 411 on this ambitious shooter. After seeing the game in action, we’re certain you’ll be just as impressed with its scope as we are. But the US isn’t the only place to find great games, of course—Veronica and Audrey Cleo visited Japan this month to see what other games are coming our way.

Unprecedented Action
If anyone can pull off a 256-player online shooter, it’s got to be the developer behind the PlayStation’s SOCOM franchise. Learn more about this upcoming PS3 exclusive and see how good Veronica is at taking orders…

Ninja Hijinx
Tecmo’s Team Ninja has added three new playable female characters, new bosses and an online co-op mode to make the latest game a new experience for PS3 owners. Veronica talks to the game’s director about what it took to make the definitive Ninja Gaiden title.

Tekken it to the Next Level
Namco’s storied fighting franchise returns to the current generation of consoles with a new online co-op “scenario campaign” mode. Audrey Cleo visits Namco Bandai’s headquarters to see the greatest roster of characters in the series to date.

Having a Ball
The Katamari franchise keeps rolling along—this time featuring HD visuals, a remixed soundtrack and a few gameplay twists to keep things fresh. Veronica finds out how the unique sounds were created and re-discovers the joy of collecting things.

All subscribers and purchasers will receive an exclusive Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2 PS3 theme this month, and we’ve also got a new Rune Raider level pack in the Qore Arcade.

Our thanks to all of our original subscribers from June 2008 who renewed their subscriptions last month. If your subscription ran out with the July 2009 episode, please check your e-mail or visit the PlayStation Store upon the release of Episode 15 for a special renewal offer. When you see what we’ve got for you in the near future, you may be sorry if you let your subscription lapse!

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  • Having problems transferring funds from my credit card. I even called the credit card company to confirm if my credit card is active and it is. Hope you guys fix it soon.

  • I think that we need Zombie Apocalypse and a God of War III Theme

  • 43 TerryVSL

    But, i am a 17 year old male. And a loser :P

  • And guys, the MAG public (closed) beta is already underway. It’s just that they are currently doing a PROPER beta (with people who will actually leave feedback, to get rid of bugs and stuff). If it’s like every single other first party PS3 game, it will have a open beta afterwards, where they will server stress test etc

  • I love Ms. Belmont :)

  • I’m glad this qore will have some info on MAG. This should decrease the tumult of ” is the beta out” threads considerably on the official MAG forums.

  • When you see what we’ve got for you in the near future, you may be sorry if you let your subscription lapse!

    Used the same line with Hot Shot OB. Maybe a little more info to what and I will renew.

  • I agree with Almighty-Slayer that a beta is already underway internally for specific client side issues and when they fix them they will allow outsiders into a beta whether it is from Qore which I believe will happen in a couple of episodes or closer to release day similar to Uncharted 2 MP Demo happening the 15th-29th of Sept.

    I am happy with my subscription to Qore and during summer there is more attention to future games coming during the Holiday buying season. So if better content for subscribers is whaning now it may get better later in the year.

    So will I get a MAG beta I am positive my Qore Subscription will get me one and when it comes I plan on playing and if wanted will give feedback as best I can.

  • Yes. I’m a second year subscriber and the beta invites were what warranted my purchase MAG beta please! FFXIV beta would be excellent also!! Can we get a Square Enix Episode with all Final Fantasy?

  • veronica is so hot on that red shirt..

  • The beta is only open to Sony workers they say, maybe they will give it to qore members soon but don’t keep your fingers crossed though, I wanted this myself and have been looking all over for it so maybe something might come our way if we are lucky

  • My PS3 got YLOD AGAIN! And i lose my account..
    pay 230€ for a repair?
    NO WAY!

  • cant wait 4 this game

  • It really won’t hurt for Zipper to allow Qore subscribers to be in the MAG beta sine it’s up for Sony employees already.And august is the best time for MAG beta to drop if it’s going to release this fall.I am disappointed to see that there’s nothing mentioned about the MAG beta for Qore subscribers.

  • Any news on the MAH beta? Sign me up for it, can’t wait to find the bugs/glitches and report them!

  • MAG*

  • So… What do you guys mean by “Tekken it to the Next Level” ? By allowing Microsoft Xbox 360 to have the game and DOWNGRADE IT for PLAYSTATION 3 Users? The games looks as BAD as Tekken 5 DR PSN, All I’ve seen and heard about Tekken is Xbox related Garbage, Granted I’m a Fanboy of PS Brand ( Now ) I don’t like to buy a DOWNGRADED game that Was suppose to look like Killzone 2 in Graphics department because Namco Bandage wants some extra $$$.

    Plus is it just me… or has Qore gotten More useless ? AT the very least throw in a beta or a demo every episode for the dam $3 your gonna get per user… If i Want HD Interviews and Video Trailers with Advertisements I’d go to GameTrailers… For Free!

    I don’t think $3 is worth seeing two chicks doing interviews…

  • if you start a prescription late, you still get the next 12 episodes right? Or do you pay for like how ever many episodes there are left in the year?

    If that makes sense.

  • I still can’t believe this isn’t free… but I guess someone has to pay for Veronica Belmont’s trips around the world every month…

  • Are trophies ever going to actually be worth more than just saying. “hey, I got that and u didn’t”. We need some kind of reward I think. Something thy breaks that fourth wall in gaming

  • I am most interested in Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2 and MAG

    Veronica Belmont… dang she is beautiful!

  • Damn, wish I lived in the US and could subscribe to this. Come to think of it, “Why the hell is this a USA thing only!?”

  • @22 regarding fat princess the games are hosted by people who have the game there for there haven’t been any dedicated servers made for fat princess so the only people to blame are the host and yourself for the lag(latency). also this would explane why you get a lot of host left the game errors as well.

    would like to see the ability to turn a pc into a dedicated server for fat princess like you can do for ut3(pc and ps3), hl2, and tf2 to name a few.

  • “All subscribers and purchasers will receive an exclusive Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2 PS3 theme this month, and we’ve also got a new Rune Raider level pack in the Qore Arcade.”

  • Cod4 Fly hack and Similar things Ruin Game play for us that just wanna have fun

    Releasing A Report Function would help
    Just add it as a Option to Players Met so you can just select and then prompt players to enter info conserning the event that took place

    ALSO More Online Games Need a Vote Function like that of SOCOM def helps weed out the players who dont play well with others and the Constant team killing we somtimes see

    but thats Just my 2 cents…

  • DEF Cant Wait for MAG MW2 GT5 DEF on my HOTLIST..

  • MAG defines next gen

    although we have a 256 player game on PS3, x360 RRODS while playing a 32 player game

    i am so excited for MAG

  • wow im really leaping towards getting the subscription for Qore this year but does anyone that have it think its worth it?
    How do you receive Qore monthly? Do you download it on PSN or do they send it to your email…

  • Anyone?????????????

  • To nv_los….If you subscribe it shows up in your ps store download list every month, that is where you download it every month. I think Qore is a waste, I have only bought one single issue, besides the few free ones they released. I really think it’s useless advertisement crap in my opinion…But that’s just me.

  • @DANO69

    Thanks for the info, i’ve also purchased 1 or 2 just so i could get the SPYRO game but thats about it

  • Video player still doesn’t work correctly in Firefox. Video player still doesn’t work correctly in Firefox. Video player still doesn’t work correctly in Firefox. Video player still doesn’t work correctly in Firefox. Video player still doesn’t work correctly in Firefox. Video player still doesn’t work correctly in Firefox. Fixxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  • YAWN!!! Can’t believe I actually renewed last month. Last episode sucked and this one seems just as bad. Where is the good stuff? Uncharted 2, Final Fantasy XIII, Final Fantasy XIV, etc…

  • Please have an open beta so when this game comes out it will be ready. Good episode, weak download.

  • Just my 2 cents…
    I check playstation blog at least twice a day, via phone, psp, ps3 and PC. So im never outta the loop.
    I have a subscription to playstation magazine.
    I check other websites such as ign, and watch X play.
    Lol i also have a subscription to qore…

    I have found one thing to be true, everybody has the same story, in every story/article you all talk to the same people to get the same information. There are a few exceptions… When qore covered the making of the commercial for Motorstorm P.R. that was fun it was short but it was fun. The music in Street Fighter 2 Remix not my cup of tea but still interesting. The meeting with developers to here the same story i get everywhere else not so cool. Qore has proved capable to go further than any of the before mentioned above. I would just hope that it would do so more often.

  • Im sad to report i the hard drive on my PC just died i think i angered the Qore gods. :(

  • Whats sucks is as soon as I got the Annual Sub they stopped with the free games and am stuck with crappy Themes noone ever uses thanks for pulling a fast one on me Sony

  • I always look forward to Qore, never know what you are going to get. Themes are okay, but we do get our money’s worth in the long run. And if you feel different, next year just don’t renew.

  • wish they come out with a MAG BETA

  • Just watched this edition of Qore. One of the most boring ones available. I hope it gets better now that some solid games are coming out.

  • hey i just subscribed where can i download calling all cars i was told that it was given free with the subscription

  • this is driving me absolutly CRAZY!!!!!

    I got the subscription for Qore and now I CANT EVEN SEE EPISODE 15 IN THE PSN STORE!!!!!!
    OR IN THE DOWNLOADS LIST, WERE IS IT!?!?!? AAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Am I the only one with these problems!?!?! HELP!!!!

  • Stayin with the theme – MAG beta is needed and yes it should be open – test the limits.

  • What is going on with you guys on this days?
    We expect to get more exclusive stuff, not just some useless THEMES. I was looking forward for Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2 Demo at least, but apparently you guys don’t care about your consumers anymore as long as you get your money! And now Qore is just getting less developers interviews than before.

    However, wasn’t Qore “supposed” to be something way different?!
    But I guess it’s kind of the same interviews we get anywhere else. Besides that, maybe Jeff R. and Chris M. should take over Qore. They threw better questions for developers.

    Despite of that, why don’t you allow us to download images from those contents (like downloading those MAG images that are in Qore, or any other title’s and upcoming ones)?
    I always wanted to download those in-Qore game images since the release of Qore. But you guys don’t even want us to download those pictures from Qore!

    I hope we get to hear and know MORE from: UNCHARTED 2, Ratchet & Clank: A Crank In Time, God of War III. etc…

  • @ 87 | echogridlock

    I agree with you. But it’s a fact that Qore is the *last* media to get the same story/ article for the same information we can find anywhere else to date. Perhaps we paid or are paying monthly just to watch Veronica play a game we would like to get our hands on it!

    Example: I watched Qore Episode 15, and on this episode Veronica asked Ed Byrne (MAG Creative Director); My real question is, Why are guys able to have 256 people playing at the same time when this hasn’t been done before?

    And my real question is, Hasn’t Zipper Interactive explained this before, even in E3 2009?!

    However, now we just get only 1 story/article per game. When we used to get at least 2 stories the time SOCOM, LBP, Resistance 2 and more titles were featured in Qore.

  • I just subscribed to qore after seeing all the free stuff they got and since I subscribed (july 2009) there hasnt been anything…. Whats the deal??

    Also if I subscribed in july 2009 do I get calling all cars for free?

  • well, as a new subscriber during the may promotion that was to include a free access code for the Uncharted 2 Beta,
    I’ve still not gotten my access to code ” & we know that is useless now!”
    Since then every issue is continues to be a let down.
    H%%# High Velocity Bowling showed up again with the theme this time? what’s up with that ?? How many times they gonna offer that

  • is qore worht it?

  • really i been waiteing 4 4 weeks 4 this quore and there is on mag beta what the heck……………………………

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