Qore Episode 15 – Featuring MAG, Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2, Tekken 6 and Katamari Forever

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One of the most highly anticipated PS3 titles shown at this year’s E3 was Zipper Interactive’s MAG. Since you’ve been asking us so much about it, we decided to send Veronica Belmont to Seattle to get the 411 on this ambitious shooter. After seeing the game in action, we’re certain you’ll be just as impressed with its scope as we are. But the US isn’t the only place to find great games, of course—Veronica and Audrey Cleo visited Japan this month to see what other games are coming our way.

Unprecedented Action
If anyone can pull off a 256-player online shooter, it’s got to be the developer behind the PlayStation’s SOCOM franchise. Learn more about this upcoming PS3 exclusive and see how good Veronica is at taking orders…

Ninja Hijinx
Tecmo’s Team Ninja has added three new playable female characters, new bosses and an online co-op mode to make the latest game a new experience for PS3 owners. Veronica talks to the game’s director about what it took to make the definitive Ninja Gaiden title.

Tekken it to the Next Level
Namco’s storied fighting franchise returns to the current generation of consoles with a new online co-op “scenario campaign” mode. Audrey Cleo visits Namco Bandai’s headquarters to see the greatest roster of characters in the series to date.

Having a Ball
The Katamari franchise keeps rolling along—this time featuring HD visuals, a remixed soundtrack and a few gameplay twists to keep things fresh. Veronica finds out how the unique sounds were created and re-discovers the joy of collecting things.

All subscribers and purchasers will receive an exclusive Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2 PS3 theme this month, and we’ve also got a new Rune Raider level pack in the Qore Arcade.

Our thanks to all of our original subscribers from June 2008 who renewed their subscriptions last month. If your subscription ran out with the July 2009 episode, please check your e-mail or visit the PlayStation Store upon the release of Episode 15 for a special renewal offer. When you see what we’ve got for you in the near future, you may be sorry if you let your subscription lapse!

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  • Any word on the MAG beta?

  • There’s a MAG beta?? Sign me up.

  • I sure hope they mention something about the beta !

  • the mag beta should be OPEN. if you guys are serious about 256 players online, then make it open.

  • Sweet!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Sure Glad I got annual subscription last October.

  • Can I resubscribe using a different Master Account? My PS3 broke and I got a new one and created a new Master account. Please let me know because I do not want to use my other Master Account anymore to purchase PSN contents.

  • MAG is on track to be released this FALL????

  • Sounds like a good episode, hope to find out more about MAG.

  • MAG BETA PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • i think if there was a MAG beta coming out with Qore they would’ve mentioned it like they did with Uncharted 2… just saying

  • The content looks good. The promotional THEME is just sad though. I subscribed for the extras but if you keep making it a theme I may not subscribe again.

  • FAIL for no MAG Beta and nothing exclusive for annual subscribers.

  • May as well board the train.

    MAG beta?


    There. Meanwhile, looking forward to the next Qore. Always a pleasure.

  • GAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH. Need fat princess, need qore subscription, need Trine. NOT FAIR WITH THIS ECONOMY :'(

  • Flood of “Please let me be in the MAG beta” comments commencing in 5…. 4…. 3… 2… 1!

  • Maybe info on mag beta will be announced

  • I hope Sony realizes just how much fear and anger there is from the Xbox fanboys in the gaming press and is preparing to protect the game from the inevitable barrage of hate and trashing that is lined up to try to diffuse the massive hype for this game.

    The premier console shooter dev Zipper putting out a 256 player online game on the PS3???

    Every Halo(16 player laggy P2P networking with crappy graphics) and Gears of War(10 player laggy P2P networking and crappy Unreal Engine graphics) fanboy in the gaming press want to get their opportunity to rip the game to shreds in their ‘reviews’.

    Just like how Killzone 2 made a complete mockery of Xbox fanboys still trying deny the massive graphical power advantage the PS3 has over the wimpy Xbox 360, MAG makes a complete mockery of Xbox fanboys trying to justify wasting 50 bucks every year for laggy P2P online games.

  • sweet and can’t wait for the 18th.

    btw will US playstation offer warrenty extention like Hmong Kong?

  • “GAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH. Need fat princess, need qore subscription, need Trine. NOT FAIR WITH THIS ECONOMY :’(”

    And Ninja Gaiden 2…

    And Gran Turismo PSP…

    And Demon’s Souls…

    And Uncharted 2…

    Just to name a few of the big names coming out for the PS3/PSP over the next two months.

    Easily going to be spending 300+ dollars in August/September/October.

  • Im subscribing tomorrow.

  • Sweet two months in a row with BS themes as our exclusive content. YAY for waste of money

  • If FAT PRINCESS, 32 players, underestimates its user base and has lag/connection issues, imagine HUNDREDS of 256-PLAYER ROOMS without a proper beta.

  • “When you see what we’ve got for you in the near future, you may be sorry if you let your subscription lapse!”

    How about you throw something our way and stop bs-ing around.

    Two dumb themes the last two months. WOW! AWESOME!

  • Qore is worth it if only for Veronica :)

  • Hey Sony, How about giving Canadian Qore subscribers a Amazon.ca(or some other Canadian Retailer) $5 off Uncharted 2 coupon?

    Its not too late to correct this glarring oversite. SCEA and SCEC should have enough knowledge about what the other is doing and be willing to work together to make that possible.

    Also you’re greatly slacking on the downloadable’s for subscribers. The downloadables are the only reason Subscribing to Qore is worth while.

    Last year by month 2 we got 2 beta invites and and a free game along with some free themes. So far this year all we’ve got is themes. Smarten up.

  • “When you see what we’ve got for you in the near future, you may be sorry if you let your subscription lapse!”

    Wow, what a sales pitch! Not “you WILL be sorry”, but you “may” be sorry. So it’s not conclusive that you will actually be sorry…?


  • Needs more exclusives for ANNUAL SUBSCRIBERS.

  • Sadly I have to agree with the people who are complaining about the lack of exclusive content for us subscribers lately. We don’t want themes, they’re useless. We want demos and betas.

  • Wow I pay another 20 dollar for theme exclusivity.. I love it qore u becoming a joke..

  • I wish it featured:

    -cross game voice chat
    -party features
    -new web browser that actually works decently
    -internet radio streaming
    -faster in-game XMB

    Then future ones:
    -ps3 slim
    -price drops
    -ps2 backwards compatibility

  • At Least New Gran Turismo 5 Video!!!!!!!
    This Should Be My Birthday Present lol
    Anyway … Thanks But Not Buying It This Time

  • Omg Yay!!!!!!!!!!! This will be my fav. Episode from Qore ^^!

  • M.A.G doing a lot of new stuff that’s not in most shooters besides 256 players. i don’t see a reason why any FPS fan wouldn’t own it. mainly when every so called HARDCORE shooter fan either claim its nothing new or waiting for one game. *COUGH, COUGH “MODERN WARFARE 2”


  • Im sure this year QORE is going to step up there game in making subscribers get that WARM FUZZY feeling inside. Last year they took in alot of feedback trying to make QORE what we have always wanted.

    @24 :)

  • looks good. i look forward to the Katamari Forever portion.

  • Although I subscribe to Qore, if there is a MAG BETA, I agree on making it open. That’s the best possible way to test it, and strain the servers hardcore.

  • Ugh, I was hoping to get a MAG beta, the exclusive content is lacking this month, thankfuly ill be able to enjoy the MAG preview.

  • This episode better have at least two hours of content. Or these exclusives won’t due.

  • No free PSOne game? Thats sad.

  • What the hell is this Qore thing about!??

    Maybe I’ll have to subscribe just to know more about Sigma 2:)

  • @24 sry but Audrey Cleo blow Veronica out the water. Audrey Cleo the perfect Asian HOT (smokin).

  • Kevin Furuichi // Executive Producer, PlayStation Network,

    What is taking so LONG with Socom Confrontation’s 1.5v update patch? The summer is almost over and nothing. I for one have decided to refrain from BUYING any games until My favorite is Fixed. No I will not even buy MAG. Please if no one else out there gives a crap. Maybe you sir do. Considering Sony and Socom is synonymous with each other. Please again sir I beg of you, Do not let Socom Die.


  • NEJI64, almighty-slayer

    Thanks for reinforcing the stereotype that gamers are nothing but of teenage male losers.

  • I am really tired of hearing about MAG. There is a thing called over-exposure, you know. Until the beta is available, please stop over-stuffing us with marketing fluff about it.

    I would rather hear about what is being done to fix Ghostbusters and when a patch will be released. I don’t buy many new games at retail, and that poor experience and the total lack of information about the remediation has totally put me off of buying retail games in the future.

    On a more positive note, how about some deeply technical developer interviews?

  • Terrible… a theme? That’s it?

  • Audrey Cleo *drool*

  • i would have preferred a Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2 demo myself. looks like the downloads are only gonna get weaker from here on out. a decent episode, but there won’t be enough info on the games for me to care. i don’t think i’ll be renewing.

  • This is going to be a great episode.

  • Good episode

    Now FIX my account i cant buy things anymore on the PSN store with any credit card…
    thank you
    (no i dont want to buy pre paid cards)

  • hmm.. I signed up and got the Uncharted 2 beta, now all I’ve gotten is a few themes.. which I don’t even use. I’m not necessarily complaining, but I would like a little bit more I suppose. and yes, a MAG beta would definitely do the trick.

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