No Win Like a Sports Win

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We’re now a couple of months into our 2009 EA SPORTS “season”, and I’ve been delighted with the response to our first titles out of the gate this year, especially with products like Fight Night Round 4, Tiger Woods PGA TOUR 10 and NCAA Football 10 really capturing the imagination of fans on the PLAYSTATION 3. With the launch of Madden NFL 10 around the corner, I think it’s very clear how we’re prioritizing quality and innovation in our pursuit of delivering personal access to the emotion of sports through everything we do this year. And as Maddenites around the country ready themselves for Aug. 14, we know “training” for Madden launch on the PS3 has become just as important to gamers as NFL Training Camps are for NFL players, as our new TV spots clearly show.

I also think it’s likely become very obvious to sports fans of all ages – gamer or not – over the past several weeks how we intend to deliver “The Win” in a way unlike any other sports brand in the world. Whether you’ve watched the NBA Finals, the Stanley Cup Finals, Wimbledon, or most any other major sporting event this summer, our EA SPORTS brand TV spots, created in collaboration with our partners at PlayStation, have been everywhere sports fans live and breathe this spring and summer. These spots are celebrating the fun and emotion of sports video games.

Delivering access to “The Win” is at the heart of everything we do. It’s why we consume sports differently than anything else we do, and we’re excited that the PlayStation team shares our passion for “The Win” that makes the sports video gaming experience so unique. These new spots convey the passion and intensity of sports gaming differently than we have done in many years, and it’s a testament to our shared vision to develop a unique and innovative campaign that would merge the worlds of real sports with that of the virtual world. I hope you all agree the end result really nails the experience we all know and love when playing sports videos – the euphoria of “The Win”, which for the great majority of us will be the closest we will come to the “real” thing on the field, pitch, rink or arena.

When we think of the sports gaming experiences we’re delivering with Sony this year, it’s very clear that our partnership and our commitment to the PlayStation platforms has never been stronger. Consider that…

  • In Madden, PS3-PSP integration will enable NFL fans to build their own formations & plays from scratch. Via connectivity with the PS3, fans can perfect their plays on-the-go and download them to their PS3 anytime.
  • In the EA SPORTS Complex on PlayStation Home, Club Fight Night is now open and drawing in Fight Night Round 4 fans, while four new Red Tournament poker tables have also been added to handle the overwhelming interest (nearly 2 million games played to date).
  • We’ve recently announced that this fall our revamped EA SPORTS Challenge Series will create a global online competition exclusively on the PLAYSTATION 3. In addition to the robust online competitions, our first live event is later this month in Dallas. Get in the action today and get all the details by visiting

It’s clear that there’s never been a better time to be playing EA SPORTS games on the PS3 and PSP. Download your Madden demo today, and I hope PS Nation is ready to fight for every yard when Madden hits stores next week, as I know I will be with my beloved Patriots.

My sincere thanks to Rob Dyer, Pete Dille and Scott Steinberg of SCEA for their help and support in creating these ads, to our talented creative team at EA, and to the tremendous team at Heat/Freestyle.

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  • Mr Moore :D Good to see you posting here on the Blog :)

  • Holy crap. Its Peter Moore.

    Thanks for the update. Fight Night Round 4 is awesome.

  • Yes I wonder if he will read some comments as well? ;)

  • Peter Moore posting in a sony blog? Times change…

  • Great TV spots!

  • I’ll probably get madden soon, but one thing: BRANDON MEBANE IS HIGHLY UNDERRATED. Last year when he got the tackle on a run play, the run went for 1.3 yards, and he had 5 sacks, tied for 4th best for all defensive tackles!

    have a nice day :)

  • Nice try Moore puttin ma Saints in your spot! I wont be persuaded so easily. Funny spot btw. =)

  • Nice spots, although we’re really waiting more for Fifa over here. ;-)

  • ZOMG its peter moore! OMFG my jaw dropped, you sir are a cool man, thanks for supporting gamers!

  • Awesome commercials lol!

  • Thanks for the Sony love Mr. Moore, I’ve showed EA love and have purchased NCAA 10, Fight Night 4, and am waiting for my paid copy of Madden 10 for Ps3. This PsP Madden integration sounds amazing and I may have to get that.

  • hay Peter Moore, do you have a tattoo of Madden on your body as yet :)

    I have to say, these are the most entertaining commercial I seen all year that is related to Video Games. I seen a lot of video game commercial, have yet to see a Killzone 2 or inFamous commercial, but these two are number 1 for sure. And I am not a madden fan, but playing the demo, I can see that they series has gotten a lot better from past years and I might just have to pick this year version up. Now only if you guys can make a better Basketball game than NBA 2K, I might have to go to EA for my sports games.

  • Peter Moore hello, EA are masters of marketing. Sony not so much!

  • not a big Madden Fan (FIFA is My THING) but I do know how big of a franchise this game is in NA. I hope SONY will be running these ads 24/7 on every network out there so that People would associate Madden with the PS brand. These were some cool ads BTW!

  • Hopefully PS3-PSP integration isn’t the only way to create custom formations and plays. As a quarterback who has played at both the high school and college level, this has always been an important feature for me in Madden games. It makes a surprisingly good teaching tool to young players as well, but I’m not about to go buy a PSP just to do it.

    With that said, I’m happy to see the level of work put into Madden this year and am excited for the release.

  • LMAO, the ads are great and funny, good job.

  • HAHA, I love the commercials!

  • lol

  • OH SNAP! Peter Moore on the PS Blog!? who would of thought that would happen???

  • The refs don’t leave tracks in the snow like the players. Kinda took me out of it.

  • I rated this post a 5 for your participation alone; thanx for posting.

    PS – Already purchased FN4, TW10 and in the fall NHL10 (I am Canadian; eh)

  • Glad to see EA showing some love for the PlayStation brand again.

    I hope we get some nice ads for FIFA 10 too.



  • Peter Moore!

    Wow, this is weird. Won’t be long until Aaron Greenberg is posting on the Blog xD

  • I doubt it’s really him. Someone probably typed that all up and they put his seal of approval on it.

    If it is, I challenge you to a hair cut!

    Really nice to see more PS3-PSP stuff though.

  • PS love from EA. Good to see its back. And welcome to the blog Peter Moore.

  • Who dat say dey gonna beat dem Saints?

  • Peter Moore ftw

  • Your effort in making madden a better game is very obvious this year. You have accomplished true greatness with this years madden. I hope to see this kind of effort year after year instead of making the same game again and again like in the past. Finally I’m hype about football agian ! Thanks EA for this years effort :)

  • Peter Frickin Moore…..Goodnite ladies and Gentlemen!!

  • I just want to thank Peter Moore for giving us at the PS Nation Podcast a shout-out, kind-of :-)

  • Peter Moore on the PSBlog? Must be the end of the world.

  • Wow, we can get Peter Moore on a Playstation blog, but we can’t get Fedor in the UFC.

    So when are we going to hear about the EA MMA game? Anything coming soon?

  • im expecting some EA Tatoos on New games on his arm ROFL.

  • Niiiiice. A step to the right direction. I hope EA continues to support the triple

  • this is awesome..hey do you have a psn account so i can play you in madden?

  • nice vidoes lol

  • Mr. Moore has come over to the dark side!

    Good times ;)

  • I wonder If Peter will reply any post!? he had a positive reaction unlike other companies posting in here.

    Glad to see everything is going well in the EA sports world Peter.

    Now heres the plan Pete!

    1.Use EA money to buy Shenmue license from Sega
    2.Make Shenmue 3, release 9/9/09

  • Hello Mr. Moore,

    Will you actually make Madden a decent game this year? It has sucked for the past 5 years.


  • Oh! Hello there Mr. Peter Moore.

  • Peter Moore on PS blog :(
    Great Well all I can say is I look forward to boycotting your company again this year. And I don’t have anything Nice to say so I’m out of here.

  • What I want to know is when are we going to start to see the difference in EA games between systems?

    I think EA could do so much more with the PS3 as the lead platform and maybe scale things back for the other systems instead of making the games as even as possible.

    But maybe thats just me….

  • Who’d have thunk it? Peter Moore posting on the PS Blog.

  • “Won’t be long until Aaron Greenberg is posting on the Blog”

    I’d pay to see Aaron “biggest moment in the history of the internet” Greenberg on here….

  • Peter Moore, I want to see more of you here in PS Blog!

    It’s great that you took over EA and giving more support for PS3 and PSP, I can’t imagined playing another inferior version of EA games.

  • holy $hit its peter moore whos next bill gates

  • I’ve seen these in Canada for a few weeks now. It really surprized me when no X*** 360 logo popped up at the end.

  • all the cool and funny commercials for madden won’t take away from the fact that it’s just a $60 roster update.

    zero competition equals zero innovation.

  • Peter Moore on the Blog??? buwhat what what? as Bob Dylan once said: The Times They Are Changing…..

  • Peter, Is Madden 10 on PS3 going to be the inferior version this year? Because the demos show a noticeable difference between the two next gen versions. Is that an accurate reflection on the final product?

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