Touchdown, MADDEN! Photo Contest — Play Madden NFL 10 Inside Cowboys Stadium!

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PlayStation and the Dallas Cowboys are letting 256 select fans and gamers test their skills in Madden NFL 10 in the first football game played in Cowboys Stadium. The invite-only event will take place in conjunction with the Dallas Cowboys season ticket holder appreciation day on Saturday August 8th. This will be the first chance for PlayStation and football fans to get their hands on the new Madden NFL 10 from EA SPORTS and see actual gameplay across the stadium’s big screens via the PLAYSTATION 3.

Madden NFL 10 Packfront

Contestants will compete in a ladder tournament where portions of the competition will be broadcasted live, stadium-wide, throughout the day for the over 10,000 season ticket holders in the stands. The winner of the tournament will take home a prize package that includes a PLAYSTATION 3 system and a copy of Madden NFL 10. Second and third place winners will take home a PSP prize pack that also includes Madden NFL 10.

So here’s where you come in. We’ve got 25 entries to this event at Cowboys Stadium to give away…but you have to earn it. Commence the Touchdown, MADDEN! Photo Contest. The first 25 qualified photo entries will win access (including a guest) to the event. Here’s how to qualify:

  • Your photo must demonstrate your favorite touchdown dance or pose
  • You must be wearing NFL gear
  • You must have something PlayStation in the photo (controller, game, etc.)

To enter, send your photo to along with your full name and date of birth, your guest’s full name and date of birth (open to US residents only, age 13 years or older only), and if you are going to be in the Dallas area for the event on August 8th (you must provide your own transportation), located at:

Cowboys Stadium
1 Legends Way, Arlington, TX 76051
Saturday, August 8, 2009
10:00 AM- 5:00 PM

You must submit your photo by this Wednesday, August 5, 12:00PM Pacific. Winners will be notified by email.

Good luck! And keep an eye out later this week because we’ll have a special Flickr set hosting all the photo goodness.

Official rules are here.

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  • Ooooooh boy. Very cool promo!

  • Clever bit. Pity about it being Cowboy stadium. You couldn’t pay me enough money to go near Cowboy land. Cowboy fans are just one circle of hell above Notre Dame and Yankee fans.

  • meh. Hate the CowBoys. GO BIG BLUE

  • I live less than 2 miles away from the stadium in Arlington. Too bad I’m not a football fan, heh, bring some cool RPG/Action/Adventure/Platforming/Shooter game events to the Cowboys stadium, or Arlington, or the DFW metroplex and I’ll most def. sign up.

  • lol I used to live right on top of where they made the stadium (Waterford Apartments) until we had to move.

    Despite being born in Dallas, I hate the Cowboys w/ my life lol I just hate how it sorta messed up the city.

  • Can’t wait to pay $5 to play on sheep servers.

  • It’d be nice, but I’d inevitably wind up bringing my girlfriend. Who would not approve…lol.

  • Nice to see PS3 getting some heavy EA Madden love. Madden 2008 was a damn shame. It’s about time Sony citizens get treated right.

  • Are we gonna get footage on Psn?

  • Heheh. This is the perfect example of the hypocrisy I’ve mentioned in the past. Hating a sports team’s guts unquestioningly is seen as normal, but hating another console is seen as “stupid fanboyism.” I thank all those who did and will participate in proving my point. :-)

  • @10 jeigh going on and on about what other people do show you have no life.


  • @10 jeigh going on and on about what other people do show you have no life.

    Cowboys rule The Giants suck


  • Woah 256, is that a reference to MAG?

  • Is the PS3 version the Lead sku on this? The 360 demo is noticeably better when I look at them side by side. I really want to get the PS3 version but I really hope the demo isn’t an indication that the 360 version may have better visuals. Do you have any knowledge of whether the PS3 version is a port of the 360 version?

  • Or a typo?

  • i might get this game

  • will they be usng the ps3 version of madden, in this years madden nation?

  • I’ve never understood the appeal of sports games, but I am tempted with those prizes…

  • talking about 256 does mag have a release date yet?

  • 256 people? That automatically made me think of MAG.

    Also, what happened to the Playstation conversation

  • MAGnum

  • @11

    You and I are wishing for the very same thing. Heavenly Sword 2 and a Heavenly Sword Trophy patch. That would be sweet!

  • mag demo soon please

  • i need a mag demo now

  • i dont have any football gear dang it…. but please release a MAG demo the game look great from E3..

  • Woot! I got in. I don’t wanna shame chris, jeff, and the psblog community so I’m gonna play the madden 10 demo non stop. My goal is not to lose in the first round

  • YEah I Got In. I Am Going with My Friend To the tourney. Good Luck To everyone…this will be a little overwhealming though because everyone will be watching.

  • Why did you guys remove my question about the AFL legacy uniforms? So are they gonna be in Madden10 or not?

  • I got in too I have yet to recive a second email. I hope we get a copy of Madden 10 also :) Playing Madden 10 WOO WOO WOOOOO YOU KNOW IT!!

  • I got in too!!!!….are they gonna provide transportation???

  • Hey i got the email saying ive made the team, but i have 2 questions. firstly, how/why is it first come first serve basis if we already have a spot reserved for ourselves? And why are so many people posting saying they got in? Also do we get a second email?

  • @30 and 31

    both your questions could be answered if you just read. No they don’t provide transportation, and the contest winners were decided by first come first serve I think, and the first email says you’ll get a second email

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