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Hi and welcome to the SingStore update!

This week, we have a real surprise for all Spanish and Portuguese language singers amongst you: over forty Spanish and Portuguese language tracks previously unavailable in the US store are now available for download. You can see the full track listing below and I hope you like what you see.

Also included in the update are great tunes from Roxette, Deep Purple and The Bangles plus two Song Packs: SingStar Sizzlers a perfect addition to any BBQ party in your back yard and a special Vagrant Records pack including The Hold Steady, Dashboard Confessional and Senses Fail.

For all your Queen fans, we’re also happy to announce that SingStar Queen for PS3 and PS2 will be available for purchase as a standalone disc starting tomorrow.

SingStar Queen Packfront

Enjoy! Until next time…

Nina X.

In English

  • Strange Kind Of Woman (A side remix 96) – Deep Purple
  • Chariot – Gavin DeGraw
  • Flowers & Football Tops – Glasvegas
  • Dressed For Success – Roxette
  • Fading Like A Flower – Roxette
  • It Must Have Been Love – Roxette
  • Joyride – Roxette
  • Listen To Your Heart – Roxette
  • Run To You – Roxette
  • Sleeping In My Car – Roxette
  • Spending My Time – Roxette
  • The Look – Roxette
  • Tell Me It’s Not Over – Starsailor
  • Walk Like An Egyptian – The Bangles
  • On The Radio _ The Concretes
  • Happy Birthday Helen – Things Of Stone and Wood
  • Just A Friend of Mine – Vaya Con Dios

In Spanish

  • Cada Golpe – Melocos

Additional tracks in Spanish and Portuguese:

  • Ahí Estás Tú – Chambao
  • Asas Na Mão – Lúcia Moniz
  • Besos – El Canto Del Loco
  • Búscate un hombre que te quiera – El Arrebato
  • Cadillac Solitario – Loquillo y Trogloditas
  • Chuva – Lúcia Moniz
  • Con La Mano Levantá – Macaco
  • Con sólo una sonrisa – Melendi
  • Cuídate – La Oreja de Van Gogh
  • Depende – Jarabe de Palo
  • Devuélveme A Mi Chica – Hombres G
  • Dile Al Sol – La Oreja de Van Gogh
  • El Último Vals – La Oreja de Van Gogh
  • Fala-me de Amor – Santos e Pecadores
  • Fantasminha Brincalhão – Avô Cantigas
  • Geografia – La Oreja de Van Gogh
  • Hablando En Plata – Melendi
  • La Casa Por El Tejado – Fito & Fitipaldis
  • La Costa Del Silencio – Mago De Oz
  • Lola – Pastora
  • Manos vacías – Miguel Bosé con Rafa Sánchez
  • Maria Albertina – Humanos
  • Nada – Jorge Cruz
  • Nada que perder – Conchita
  • Não Voltarei a Ser Fiel – Santos e Pecadores
  • No sé qué me das – Fangoria
  • Noche en vela – Guaraná
  • Novia A La Fuga – Melendi
  • Pokito a poko – Chambao
  • Princesa (Beija-me Outra Vez) – Boss AC
  • Que no – Deluxe
  • Quiéreme – Andy Y Lucas
  • Si quieres bailamos – Pereza
  • Sideral – Macaco
  • Sin Documentos – Los Rodríguez
  • So Payaso – Extremoduro
  • Soldadito marinero – Fito & Fitipaldis
  • Soñaré – La Oreja de Van Gogh
  • Una Noche Con Arte – El Arrebato
  • Ya nada volverá a ser como antes – El Canto Del Loco

SingStar Sizzler Song Pack

  • LDN – Lily Allen
  • Summertime – DJ Jazzy Jeff and the Fresh Prince
  • Sing It Back – Moloko
  • Barbara Ann – Beach Boys
  • Daydream Believer – The Monkees

Vagrant Records Song Pack

  • Screaming Infidelities – Dashboard Confessional
  • At Your Funeral – Saves The Day
  • A Fact of Life – FACT
  • Can’t Be Saved – Senses Fail
  • Stay Positive – The Hold Steady

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15 Author Replies

  • Hi Nina, thanks for the update.

    Any word on the wireless mics?

  • Sounds good. Singstar Queen here I come!

  • Ah, que bueno. Desafortunadamente, no me encanta cantar antes de otras personas, ademas de que mi PS3 ya esta descompuesta. Que dolor. Sin embargo, te agradezco para propocionarnos con tantas oportunidades para karaoke en espanol. Imagino que no muchos ofrecen esta opcion.

    Muchas gracias. :)

    I don’t think I made any errors there- maybe a preposition, but anyone who’s studied languages knows those are supreme pains in the ***.

  • Cool thats great for spanish and Portuguese languages and Singstar is great ive been playing it for 4 months already and love my wireless mics… I live in the U.S.A I imported them from Europe

  • lol Jeigh , no te gusta cantar antes de?? o ante otras personas???

  • this looks interesting – i just might get it!

  • sorry i meant to say ive been playing singstar Queen for 4 months already

  • yo mgsfoxhound how did you get the wireless mics?? thats the only reason why i havent bought the game yet , my sister wants it and even more with all those spanish songs but im waiting for the wireless controllers to come to the states

  • Can we get some hiphop please?? or at LEAST some oldschool R&B or something?? thanks

  • I will “review” the Wireless Mics for PlayStation LifeStyle haha.

    Thanks for the update!

  • Sorry to ask this question, I’m sure you get it alot… Any possibility of Journey – Midnight Train?

  • Hi Nina,

    Thanks for the update. A lot of good songs, I was wondering if there are any plans for the future to add Mecano songs to the Spanish library. Mecano has so many good songs, and it was so popular both in Spain and Latin America. Just a suggestion.

    Oh, and please, please, please, bring more Vaya con Dios — love them!

  • I forgot to add.


    The European store already has Time Flies (by Vaya con Dios) in their library. Any plans to give us that one too?

  • will there be a singstar queen edition that comes with the mics?… i dont have singstar, but it looks interesting.

  • Good but no UMG songs… I will cry this week instead of celebrating :(


  • any plan include UMG and Warner music artists in the singstore?

  • Lame, I’m sorry I’m 27 and I don’t even know these songs.
    In English

    Strange Kind Of Woman (A side remix 96) – Deep Purple
    Chariot – Gavin DeGraw
    Flowers & Football Tops – Glasvegas
    Dressed For Success – Roxette
    Fading Like A Flower – Roxette
    It Must Have Been Love – Roxette
    Joyride – Roxette
    Listen To Your Heart – Roxette
    Run To You – Roxette
    Sleeping In My Car – Roxette
    Spending My Time – Roxette
    The Look – Roxette
    Tell Me It’s Not Over – Starsailor
    Walk Like An Egyptian – The Bangles
    On The Radio _ The Concretes
    Happy Birthday Helen – Things Of Stone and Wood
    Just A Friend of Mine – Vaya Con Dios

    I’ve never heard of any of them. Why do you keep adding songs that are not even popular? My parents are not using my PS3, I am so enough with the songs from 1930’s and beyond. I still enjoy a few but that’s all we are getting lately oldies. I want new rock, Seether, Breaking Ben., Linkin Park, All American Rejects, Metallica, etc

    • Hiya,

      I\’m sorry that you don\’t find anything this week you like (or know).

      I can assure you though that some of these are very popular with the SingStar community, believe it or not :).

      How about the Vagrant songpack?



  • Thanks for posting the US updates on the blog. At least Singstar has some visibility here now and we don’t have to go looking at the SCEE sites.

    While I agree that more modern music is great, in my house it is the older “kids” (parents) that play Singstar the most ;-)

  • ******************************************


    Please comment on whether we are going to see a U.S. release of the wireless mics or not. We are constantly asking the question, and are ignored EVERY TIME. Even a “There are currently no plans…” answer would be sufficient. A little communication on this matter would be appreciated.


    • Hiya,

      I\’m sorry, I try and not ignore anyone on here and I like to make sure I giue guys the right answers rather than just an easy \’I don\’t know\’.

      Unfortunately, I haven\’t been able to get an answer on this myself yet. Hope to have one soon for you though. Sorry for the delay.



  • at #18…

    so buy Rock Band or Guitar Hero and stop crying.

  • Hello Nina,

    I have an important question, and this is the number 1 reason why I haven’t bought Singstar yet (2nd being no wireless mics in the US, 3rd being songs tied to your machine and not tied to your account), anyways, my question is, is there a plan for an “adult” subcommunity? What I mean is, will it ever have uncensored songs with the original uncensored music video (where a music video is available). You can require CC activation and verification to make sure you’re not selling them to a minor and those songs in the subcommunity would not be able to be redeemed by PSN cards and would only be sold by Credit Card.

    IMO this would be really good as you’d expand your audience, I know I wouldn’t buy Korn’s “Freak on a Leash” right now because I know it’s censored and I would be weary of buying Pink’s “Just like a pill” because it might be censored. As far as keeping it family friendly, I totally and completely understand, hence why you would have this subcommunity for people that want those songs, you could even have 2 versions of the songs, one that’s family friendly and one that is uncensored. I hope this is actually something that’s considered.

  • Thanks for adding lots of Spanish and Portuguese songs btw

  • Great, 9 Roxette songs – I keep saying there aren’t enough Roxette songs on SingStar. Who makes picks this crap anyway?

    The song options for SS are really disappointing! Then you release Queen songs, but on a disc? I would have bought a couple songs but there’s no way I’m buying an entire disc of Queen for SingStar!

    SS is a great game, but very poorly managed. Seriously, 9 Roxette songs???

  • @Nina

    Thanks for the response! Not the news I would have liked, but an answer non-the-less. Hoping to see those wireless mics here soon. My SingStar purchases are on hold until then. Thanks again!

  • Thanks for the update Nina!

    I like the added spanish songs but can we get some more recent hits please?

    Also the english songs were not that great. We also need more current hits.

    The competition is definitely beating you guys at putting better hit songs for their users… =[

  • What’s the word with wireless mics? That’s all I really care about.

  • Looks like a fun update, not as good as the European one, but still nice!!

  • any news on singstar vol.3?

  • will singstar queen finally prove that fat-bottomed girls make the rockin’ world go round?

  • Though I am happy about a few of the tracks (Bangles, Roxette)….I would like to see some more recent *American* music on the store say within the last 5 years (I was pumped when Santogold showed up on the store).

    Also there is a HUGE lack of American Grunge music…..Nirvana, STP, Alice in Chains, Pearl Jam, etc…

    I dont know a whole lot of British pop songs, probably because I am American that is not to say they are bad, I just wont buy them because I am not familiar with them.

  • I agree about the comment made earlier about not purchasing a whole disc of Queen songs or even the ABBA songs for that matter simply because I’m only interested in a couple of songs. Why aren’t these released to the SingStar Store so we can cherry pick the titles we want? The die hards are going to buy the disc anyways so why not offer them in the online store?
    For those inquiring about the wireless mics just order them online already, they are really easy to find. I’ve had mine for a few months and love them.

    • Hiya,

      Again, we\’d love to get things like ABBA and Queen on the store for you but it is just not possible sometimes for the US.

      Possibilities for releases are limited for now but we are constantly making an effort to resolve any issues we encounter daily.

      It\’a very slow process and we can\’t even be sure that these things will ever be possible but there\’s always trying and hoping… :)


  • Thanks for the content. Its nice to see new songs being added often.

  • When will you add some songs from Lady Gaga?

  • Singstar Queen sneaking its way out onto store shelves is only rivaled by Snake sneaking his way back into Shadow Moses in full OctoCammo.

    Glad it’s finally out, though!

  • not my taste but koo

  • I don’t have singstar, but I’ve noticed many of the songs on singstar do not have a home on either rockband or guitar hero, even though they are definitely “band” songs. Is there a correlation here, or just coincidence?

  • Can you guys please allow people to download their singstar bluray discs to the HD. It’s a total pain having to change multiple disc each time you want a different set of songs. Not cool!

  • Updating the Singstore wouldn’t hurt neither. I’m not sure how it is in the other countries but in NA the SingStore sucks.

  • Nina, Thank you soooooo much! What an awesome update. For sure I am buying a chunk of these tracks!

    More Miguel Bose please! Julieta Venegas too please! And while I am at it Aleks Syntek or RBD.

    None the less YES!!! Queen + Bangles + Roxette + Miguel Bose + Hombres G + La Oreja De Van Gogh = Broke me! YAY!

  • Any chance we in the States might see some Depeche Mode… ever?

  • Some bands I would love to see on the SingStore:

    Led Zeppelin
    The Strokes
    David Bowie (I know theres a few, but theres sooo many good ones that arent there)
    Rolling Stones (Again I know theres already one there, but we need waay more)
    The Cars (Specifically ‘Drive’)
    Billy Idol (Specifically ‘Eyes Without A Face’)
    The Smiths
    When In Rome (Specifically ‘The Promise’)

    Any plans for any of these? I would buy all of them! Thanks : ]

  • It’s awesome that you’re finally giving some love to Spanish users! Any chance of having “Flaca” by Andres Calamaro make it over to the NA SingStore? It’s available in Europe.

  • Nothing for me this week. I hope that Universal songs come ASAP to the US Singstar.

    Oh, and Wireless mics and Singstar Starter Pack, please.

  • @18
    you are 27 and you haven’t heard of “The Bangles ” “Roxette” and “Deep Purple” ?

    you been living in a cave?

  • I take that back, I went to youtube and listened to those portuguese and spanish songs and most of them suck…..still a nice start though.

  • One suggestion:
    Can you allow us to sort the SingStore downloads by release date? If I miss a couple weeks it’s hard to remember what was already out. I’d like to just see what’s been added in the last, say, 2 months.

  • I have been a fan of sing star since the first disc came out for the PS2. I was really happy when it made the jump to PS3, but i am unhappy with the songs that the USA get’s compaired to other countries. The UK get coldplay, depeche mode, U2, and other great bands, the USA seems to get left overs. I will continue to play but i just wanted my voice to be heard, “equal rights to the same songs for all players”

    • Hi there. I hear you loud and clear and believe it or not, we\’re as frustrated as you are at the possiblilities.

      It\’s not that we don\’t WANT to give these artists\’ music to you on the US store, we simply haven\’t got the right to at the moment.

      But, as always, we\’re working all the time to get you guys more tracks you can enjoy! Hope this helps!

  • Where are the Michael Jackson songs at? We need some classics of his put up in the SingStore.

  • give me Depeche Mode!!!

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