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I’m guessing it’s a ghost town around here with everyone playing Fat Princess (seriously, how often do you see the majority of your PSN friends playing the same game?). So while you continue to engage in the feeding of the royal cake, we just wanted to a give a huge thanks to your long-running support for the game, from the special playable demo at the GDC San Francisco meet-up through the beta and now beyond release. We hope everyone’s enjoying the crap out it (I know I am), and don’t forget to share your strategies on the Fat Princess boards.

Of course, there was plenty of other great “non-fat” PlayStation news going on this week. Shatter, a game that is bordering on addiction for me, continues to get excellent reviews. If you yet to take the plunge, it’s like Arkanoid in the future on ‘roids, times ten. Also this week, IGN’s Podcast Beyond hits its 100th episode (congrats, guys!), and Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2 officially gets dated for September 29.

There’s lots more of course, and don’t forget to share your links in between your fat Sunday. See you all tomorrow!

The PS Blog weekly reading list (Week of July 27, 2009)

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  • am i the only one who doesn’t have fat princess or what?

  • very good but confusing as hell week?!

  • I have no interest in fat princess either.
    Look forward to GT5 though.

  • BZB playback….I likes that.

    I might be buying Fat Princess and Burn Zombie Burn soon.

  • I didn’t get fat princess yet either. I was hoping for some reviews… I might grab it this week.

    I’ve been busy with Street Fighter IV since it was on sale for $20 new at GS last week. Awesome game and needs friends to make it what it is meant to be. Did anyone else here about how you CANNOT backup your own save files in SF4? Unbelievable Capcom hasn’t addressed this yet.

  • Just watched the Fat Princess PS Home video. Ugh why does Sony do this. It’s just another space that people will check out once and it’ll be deserted within a week. When is Sony gonna realize they are going about Home the wrong way. They should hire me to fix it.

    Anyway wish we were hearing about new OS features like cross game Voice chat, and party features, internet radio streaming, etc. Stuff people actually will use and use over and over rather than just visit once and never touch again. Those are the things PS3’s competitor is clearly doing right.

  • Many people on my list are playing Fat Princess, but half of them say they dont like it and the other half says the online is plagued with problems.

    I opted for Shatter myself instead, but I’m kinda regretting that as the game gets old really, really quick. Should’ve just got the Wipeout expansion or saved for Trine…

  • I’m shocked, shocked I tell you, that you didn’t put up the story about your red headed step child Socom having more players than your babies Resistance 2 and Killzone 2.

  • @8

    It’s because Socom came packed in with a mic and it is really cheap, I bought it kept the mic sold Socom to EB games

  • Any word on when the Fat Princess patch will be released? I’ve only been able to connect to online games a handful of times :( and it’s such a fun game.

  • @8,9

    Yea, if you go into the games stores there are more used copies of Socom than anything. That been said that has nothing do to with that fact that it’s still the #1 played game on PS3. There are always 10,000+ players actually online playing. More than KZ2 or R2. I almost feel sorry for those people.

    Then again it COULD have been a fantastic game if the 1.50/1.60 patches ever came out to bring it up to the features the box advertised when it came out TEN months ago. Alas the game is dying because of it. The patches promised never came…

    If only Socom was delayed 1 year, so it could have all the features Sony actually advertised AND have more polished, better graphics, AND maybe have had a couple more maps as well.

  • you guys missed:
    -Braid coming the PS3.
    -Amazon listing the PS3 slim
    -Square Enix basically confirming Star Ocean 4 for the PS3

  • Only one person on my list is playing it, though most of my list is comprised of a bunch of shooter fans with a mix people who will buy anything, and I mean anything.

    I’ve been totally engrossed in BF 1943, great game with a variety of things to kill enemies with. Except those failed kamikaze attempts that end up in suicide only :(.

  • @11
    You don’t have to feel sorry for us, we have more than enough people to play with on both of those games.

  • Could we read “where is Jeff”? :)

    I’m expecting to hear more of new Avatars, there is a threat on the official PlayStation Forums making lot of enthusiasm for new PSN Avatars. If I’m correct, we have over 1 year without getting new ones. Which leaves us in despair for more.

  • BEYOND!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • @6
    I’m still waiting for that too happen to the siren space. Still can’t get in the minigame, and that’s been months.

    btw, is Jeff too busy playing Fat Princess to post the what we read. anyway, off to play fat princess :D

  • I counted 2 people playing on Fat Princes today…More people were playing Warhawk than were playing FP!

  • yay white knight sequel maybe this will push the release date to come out sooner =D

  • Is Sony Santa Monica Studio still working on .deTuned or they have skipped this title because of their hard work on GOW3?

    It was supposed to release this Summer (as described on the link). But it hasn’t been rated neither, so that leaves me with a clue of ‘not hitting anytime soon’.

  • I cant wait to get my precious hands on Bomberman 94′!!!!!!!!!
    My friends and i used to play it all the time, and now we can again~
    Btw, any chance of getting Aksys to come to the blog ever? i’d really like to hear stuff about BlazBlue from them, or other projects!

  • to people who doesnt have fat princess get it now! this game is soo fun!

  • Thanks for all the links Chris.

    I asked this in the prvious blog post but never received an answer. Are you going to SF on Tuesday for the gdgt meet up? Ask Jeff about it if you’re not sure what it is.

  • Fat princess is amazing!! It’s so much fun. If you haven’t gotten it yet, get it.

  • @8Kchow23 you sir are miss educated when it come to Socom. Socom is far from being the red head step child between Killzone 2 and Resistance 2. if anything Socom is the first born with a bigger fan base then Killzone and Resistance sires.

    out of all games Sony should treat Socom like Microsoft treat Halo. i think Socom is the true Sony game that can battle Halo in popularity.

  • the “A Lot More Replay Value” article from PSXExtreme is based on Bryan’s answer to my comment.. LOL

  • chris my ps3 broke.ylod nonsense. think you can talk sony into fixing it for 112 dollars? all i can afford. free would be nice :).

    ok i know u probably cant do that but it sucks with no PS3.i never realized how much i use to use it. and dexter season 3 comes out on the 18th and now i cant watch it on bluray ;(

  • I’m not buying ANYMORE GAMES until Slant 6 releases the Socom 1.5 patch. Is that “Good to Know” Chris?

  • LOL Jeff’s probably playing Fat Princess too. I still don’t have it because well, Titan devs couldn’t tell us the release date just a week before. If they did I would have known not to spend that 15 on BF:1943.

    @ 27, you have a VERY STUPID PIECE OF REASONING.

  • You will like Gran Turismo’s Rlease date:

    PS3 Sales: Not much to whine about:

  • I was enjoying Fat Princess…. until my ps3 just broke right now, this sucks so much!!!

  • Chris,
    I’m just curious as to if Incognito has dropped all support for Warhawk. The last written update from them was from october of last year. Also, there haven’t been any game updates since last summer or any expansion packs. I would keep buying expansion packs if they would make them. Warhawk is a great game, and it’s a shame that it’s being forgotten.

  • warhawk owns, as does wipeout hd

  • + 26, 29

    You know, i’m starting to think that there’s some widespread issue going on with the PS3’s out there. Mine recently died as well, YLOD a couple days ago, after NEVER having any problems before and still being moderately aged (had to get a replacement after GTA IV bust my first). Interesting times…

  • @Chris Morell
    Sorry, here is the links

    Braid coming to the PS3: *

    Amazon list PS3 slim: *

    Star Ocean 4 basically confirmed for the PS3: *
    “We cannot comment on a PS3 release at this time.”

  • im loving fat princess!! if anyone wants to add me as a friend and play that and call of duty world at war add me as a friend and please have a mic!! those are important for alot of games

    by the way fat princess really needs a patch

  • Where the F! Is the fat princess patch!although it’s one of the funnest psn games to date(atleast for me)It seriously needs that patch.

  • k fat princess is really awesome and fun but the problem is why the f*** can’T i go online?

  • fat princess is fun but i can’t get online!

  • man gt5 madden nba 2k mag modern warfare 2 is wat everybody needs

  • nba 2k10;madden 2010 mag modern warfare 2 the games to get

  • Hey, are we getting the PSN Comic Store like they are getting in Japan?

  • LOL it’s amazing Fat Princess got delayed just for a buggy release. Well I guess it’s a good thing I haven’t bought it yet.

  • When will we get information on the Blog about The Beatles: Rock Band?! Really Chris and Jeff, I’ll never stop bothering you about this if you don’t mention the Game at least twice in here.

  • Any variety packs coming out for cod waw?

  • The slim PS3 listing is fake. It was a user created listing with a photoshop someone at GAF made.

    GAF is now laughing their asses off at every legit site that was dumb enough to run the story.

    They never learn, they always just cut and paste Kotaku story.

  • When are the Blazblue DLC coming to the PSN?(character colors and Unlimited character unlocks) is already up on Xbox Live! While there’s been no mention of the game on the PSN since it’s released….what’s up with that?

  • can i get some opinions on fat princess i saw the vids it looks fun but i want to know what people think

  • If you don’t wanna play online is Fat Princess worth buying?

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