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  • Thanks for the heads up Chris, I get lazy to visit the Blog so I mostly just wait till the end of the week to view all at a simple click ;)

  • Thanks for the update Chris, is there any news on when or if you and Jeff are gonna start a podcast?

  • i would like to know if record of agarest war will come in a blu-ray.because it seems to me that the game is too big to be download only… since i’m told that just the voice overs are about 15gb or more..

    can you talk to aksys games about it,jeff?

  • Where is the SE Package that you guys were saying that you even had a POLL on??..I hope there is a SE GOW 3 Package I will pay a lot for like most people will..the game looks Stunning and worth the money!

  • good week!

  • It was an interesting week Marvel Sackboys, Fat Princess and a new Ratchet and Clank trailer.

    Chris I have a quick question. Do you know what the GamesCom conference will be like? Will it be a 3 hour E3 like presentation or will it be a 2 hour food and drink thing with developers and an 1 hour conference?

    I think a statement should be released telling us what it is to stop people from being disappointed on the day.

  • Fat Princess = Glitchy and a pain to find people online to play with

    When can we expect a Patch for this fun quirky little game of cake?

  • Good week as always guys.

    I really want to find out about a possible uncharted le, any word on that?

  • i hate weekends….the reason is that there arent any new posts in this blog(except the recap and stuff).I really like to read about new playstation stuff…sigh….gonna have to wait till monday..btw any word on qore?

  • Thanks for the info Chris. Will you be representing Sony at the gdgt meet up on Tuesday in San Francisco?

  • I am sorry but I have a very hard time believing those GTPSP screen are from GTPSP and not GT5. Has Kaz turned into Kojima with all this mystery? Next thing ya know we will see a trailer with Porsche and Lambo and he will say “did you rike it!”. Lol.

  • Fat Princess is AWESOME!!
    but my internet connection is crappy, and i get lag alot.
    i heard alot of people complain about it too. would be nice to fix :]

  • nice job grabbing castle crashers and braid.

  • Hey Jeff or Chris, are you guys going to be at lollapalooza at the end of next week? I’ll actually be at the PlayStation booth representing PlayStation ;)

  • Avatars?

  • Nooooo someone else uses the strawberry girl avatar.


  • Can someone please tell me if their Fat Princess is lagging really bad? I am using a router to connect, do I need to move my modem to connect to the ps3? Games like COD4 run fine.. But FP runs like ass.

    Also please for the love of god add split screen. This game would be perfect with it, and I could play with my gf as she loves the worker class! Even if you want to charge another $5.00 for split screen, I will get it. As long as it comes with some new costumes and maybe some other goodies :)

  • Hay Jeff and Chris
    BRAID is coming to the PS3. Can you guys get the developer on the blog so we can know more about it and what exclusive PS3 gamers are getting?

  • So should I take it as a no that you won’t be in San Francisco on Tuesday for the gdgt meet-up?

  • Humph….Sexist developers…Why not Fat Prince?!?! HMMMM?!?….It better be a sequel or I’ll solve things the old fashioned American way: I will SUE!



    JK I LOVE FP!!!

  • Hey are we getting the Comic store on the US PSN like they are getting one in Japan?

  • Good to Know… where’s the socom update Folks?

  • Ok, when is it… u know what i am talking about. A Firmware with some actual features for the ps3?

  • If this Slim PS3 for 299 Euro rumor is true… hi hi hi *rubbing me hands*, its gonna be fun, fun, fun… in sales land. Can’t wait for GamesCon :)

    Ontopic, this week was surely great for PlayStation, keep up the good work!

    Only one thing… I did the 2.80 firmware update a few days ago and now my Browser is constantly freezing :-? Maybe you can pass it on to Eric. Must be a small error or something. It ain’t much of a big deal ;)

  • So is trine coming next week?

  • Until they release L.O.N.I. here in Louisiana i have pretty much the fastest internet connection allowable and the top of the line equipment to keep it accurate and smooth and sometimes i am still waiting 30 minutes plus to connect to a Fat Princess server…

    i have two ps3’s and after an hour plus was still unable to connect to the same server as my son even though there were 20 simulated players on the server he was on..

    but all in all the game is awesome when it works >.<

  • @STP. it’s not your connection. Everyone is going through some online problem with the game as well.

  • Just curious as to when the next PSP update will be available? thanks

  • whens the psp update coming ay?

  • Can you guys talk to Dice and find out when the voice chat proble with battlefield 1943 is going to b fixed? It is ruining an otherwise gret game for EVERYONE.

  • Off-topic but important:

    What on earth do we have to do to get Konami to patch MGS4 with Trophy support? I’ve wrote countless emails to Konami and it’s getting pretty tiring. Any advice from Sony reps would be great (Erik, Chris, Jeff and Grace) whoever. It doesn’t seem like Konami is listening to their fans.

    Please help!

  • Valkyria Chronicles Trophy patch would be sweet too. You guys need a poll on the blog about Trophy patch.

  • Sad …Nothing new in socom for the entire month of July. Still waiting for patch 1.50 which has been worked on since at least mid March. No new info on DLC. Does this mean anything to you? “We’ve got a lot in the pipeline for this so please stay tuned!” Theres so much info you’ll have to wait atleast 1 month to get more info!!
    How about this one “We’ll be unveiling a lot more information on the contents of the pack in the coming weeks.” Coming weeks…well its been an entire month and counting. Could you at least have the ballz to say in the coming months?

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