Demon’s Souls Pre-order Bonus Expands, Now Also Includes Full Soundtrack

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Hey folks, AtlusA.R.A.M. here, and I’ve got some news to share regarding Demon’s Souls, the upcoming action RPG for PLAYSTATION 3.

Now, if you’re unfamiliar with Demon’s Souls, getting up-to-speed should be as easy as checking out the blogs we’re featuring in the official game message boards, hitting up the game’s official website, and checking out the great PlayStation Eye chat we had with the incredibly awesome Jeff Rubenstein.

As you may already know, we’re offering fans who pre-order either version of the game (Standard or Deluxe, at participating retailers only) a full-color, 40-page art book featuring sketches, designs, and renders that wonderfully show off the game’s gritty medieval aesthetic.  On its own, this is a pretty nice bonus (says the publisher offering it), considering it is being thrown in at no additional cost to the customer, but we’ve recently decided to take things a step further:

Demon's Souls Pre-order

Resist, if you dare.

In addition to the art book, fans who pre-order will now ALSO receive the game’s FULL soundtrack CD.  That’s right, we’re going to throw 24 tracks (about 71 minutes) of music into the pre-order bonus as well.  And if you’ve ever heard the game in action, you likely know that the music is haunting, atmospheric, sweeping, and orchestral.  Don’t worry, people who have already pre-ordered: the music disc is secured on the back inside cover of the art book, so you won’t miss out!

So, whether you reserve (at participating retailers) the Standard edition of the game, which would net you the game, art book, and soundtrack CD, or whether you upgrade to the Deluxe edition, which gets you the game, a 150+ page strategy guide, a collectible slip case, the game’s complete musical score, and a premium art book, you’re going to be getting a heck of a deal.

Demon's Souls Strategy Guide Sample

Sample from Official Demon’s Souls Strategy Guide

Of course, these extras are in addition to all the changes and enhancements coming to the North American release of the gaming, such as:

  • All-new North American cover art
  • All-new North American online servers (which ensures a level playing field for newcomers)
  • An improved localization, which addresses many grammar/inaccuracy issues from the overseas version

Join us, won’t you, as we venture into the Kingdom of Boletaria on October 6th, 2009.  It’s going to be a tough battle to deliver the realm from evil, but hey, at least you’ll have a ton of free swag to comfort yourself if you happen to reserve your copy today.

Until next time, friends.

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22 Author Replies

  • Sweet!

    I can’t wait for this game. I’ve got it pre-ordered and now I only need it to release.

  • Thanks Aram.


    Is this available outside the US as well ?

    I know many times it’s region specific, just wanted to know if Canada has this offer too ?

  • so its only on pre-order?
    i really want it , but i can’t pre-order..

    • You\’ll have no trouble getting the Standard or Deluxe editions of the game, but the free art book and soundtrack CD are indeed pre-order bonuses, and are only available to people who reserve either edition of the game at a participating retailer.

  • That looks nice ;P

  • Wow I’ve never heard of this game maybe we could get an interview or something to find out more on it. I’d like to hear more

  • I hope this game sells very well.

  • Ok guys….For anyone that’s played it…is it better than Oblvion?!?!? I sure hope so. There needs to be more games like it. From what i’ve seen, it looks better.

  • Nice pre-order bonuses.

    Thanks for the info.

  • This is harsh. Evaluate me.

  • Playing the game right now XD Too bad I’m gonna miss out on these free goodies though :)

    Would be nice if you guys could scan the NA cover for me to put on my Asian copy, this cover freaking rocks! Also, will the Artbook and soundtrack be sold seperately too? Really want those too ^_^

    • The artbook, soundtrack, and strategy guide will not be available separately. You\’re just gonna have to pony up for the US version if you want \’em!

  • You know what, screw it, i’m getting this. I support PS3 exclusives before anyone else. What am i thinking?!?

  • Will you guy implement friend invite in the online co-op? That is the only reason I am not guying this game. What the point of having an online co-op game if I cannot play with my friends on my buddy list?

    • BlooodyCow,

      There will be no friends lists or friend invites in the online cooperative play. It is not a separate mode you initiate, but rather, an integral component of playing the game.

      Once you spend a few minutes experiencing how the online play is integrated into the game, you\’ll understand why it is setup as such and why friend invites wouldn\’t work.

      Thanks for the question!

  • Us Europeans missing out again… Bring this damn game to Europe.

  • Well, dammit, that IS hard to resist. Consider me stabbed. A year ago I don’t think I even knew what this game was, but over the past couple months it’s risen to the top of my interests like a supermodel knocking on my front door. Thanks for this- very cool, indeed. (And Jeff IS amazingly awesome- hurray for the Lord of the Blog. :P )

  • Would love this game to come to the UK……..Could always import it though =D

  • Sounds great. I’m loving the import so far. I fully paid off my deluxe edition pre-order yesterday at EB Games.

    Question, will save files from the import be compatible on this release? It’d be great..

  • don’t import. we use a different system thing to you. we use NTSC you use in europe PAL.

  • seems to me a game like this is a no-brainer… it has aesthetic armor/equipment, and plays to my inner hunter/gatherer rpg lust… it’s a personal check-list to all i want out of a now-gen rpg… its all i can do to satisfy my urge not to import this… with atlus’ bountiful add-ons for pre-order, and the fact that its cheaper with extras than importing the norm, its making the wait unbearable. ill stick to scouring forums for any images, info and hours on hours of drooling on youtube. thanks for bringing this stateside, atlus! and your taste in rpgs!!

  • looks cool

  • Is this anywhere we pre order or does it have to be a gamespot/eb games?

    • Any major retailer. The confirmed list so far includes GameStop/EB, GameCrazy, GameFly, Wal-Mart (online only), (online only), (online only), and, and Videogamesplus (online only.)

    • The promotion is not exclusive to any one store, and the list of stores participating may grow from now until launch. Just be sure wherever you\’re pre-ordering, online or in stores, that you verify that they are in fact participating in the promotion.


  • Excellent. Already plan on picking this game up. How much will the Deluxe Edition cost?

  • no improvements on the game itself?.. maybe because it is already perfect..

    still, some improved textures/graphics would be nice.

    i pre-ordered the Deluxe already. can’t wait.

  • If i didn’t like the game so much that i imported it, would have picked this up

  • Uggghhhh…..Not a big fan of “action RPGs”, I prefer the real thing. But what else am I gonna play this year after I’m done with Cross Edge? It’s a long friggin’ wait for WKC and an even longer wait for FFXIII. Crap…okay….you win. Not really what I’m looking for, but close enough. Pre-ordering this puppy on Amazon. Thanks Atlus for sticking your neck out on this one. See you gamers on the servers this October. :-) Let’s do this!

  • I already pre-ordered the deluxe edition on amazon a few weeks ago, so will the cd be added to my deluxe edition?

    oh yeah i imported the game, most of us importers are glad Demon’s Souls is getting the recognition it deserves :P

    • Yes. The CD will be attached to the art book, so any existing preorders will automatically get the soundtrack too.

  • Can always count on Atlus for some sweet preorder swag (along with regular swag w/ games).

    Very cool… thanks!

  • Wait, Aram’s post makes it sound like the art book and soundtrack that come with the Deluxe edition are different from the regular edition. Is that true? Already have the Deluxe preordered but it would be nice to hear :).

    Also, is the guide an in-house project at Atlus or are you having another company do it? I hope it’s Doublejumpbooks. Their guides are awesome.

    • No, the art book and soundtrack are the same for both the Deluxe and regular editions.

      The guide is not produced in-house, but I think you can expect an announcement about our partner for it before too long.

  • I’m totally buying this game.

  • Great! I couldn’t decide which one to get but after seeing this I imediatly preorder ASAP the deluxe edition, thanks Atlus!

  • I wonder how many Atlus n00bs are buying this game

  • Which are these ‘participating retailers’?
    Also, has there been an official release date?

    • I listed the participating retailers so far a few replies up, but the release date is October 6th. (Of this year.)

  • @22

    $69.99 US / $79.99 CDN

    We Canadians get screwed. :( Fortunately, I came into a little extra cash this week, so my pre-order is paid in full.

  • Totally worth the double-dip. My only question is will it mess with my Import/Asian version trophies? Will it continue to add to them much like Singstar does or will it create an all-new record of trophies for the US version?

  • Are there a limited number of pre-order bonuses? Is there any way for us to guarantee that we get the bonus, or maybe to word that better, is it possible to pre-order and not get the bonus because they’ve run out? Is there a “best” place to pre-order so as to ensure we do get the bonus? This stuff is so cool I really want to make sure I get it. :)

  • Now THAT’S how you do a preorder bonus!

  • Let’s try this again to see if I can get an answer. :)

    Will our save files from the English work with this version?

  • Already imported the game, but just letting you guys know that this is my Game of the Year so far. Nice deluxe edition stuff.

  • atlus, your so mean =\..but if there is any game that i would buy twice it would be this master piece

  • Whoop, typo. It should be clear enough, but I was asking:

    Will save files from the English Import be compatible with this version?

    Regardless, I’ve paid for the deluxe version in full, but I’d still like to know if I need to restart the game or just continue leveling.

  • where’s the action figure?! decals?! stickers?! i want trophies too!

  • I think I’m gonna give the game another chance, sold the Asian version, found it really boring to be honest, but you never know. Hated more games in the past which I totally loved during a second play time and those goodies are too hard to resist.

    Still praying for a Persona 5 PS3 release here dear Atlus :-) *please, pppplease*

  • I was a little concerned about the pre-order but now I have no problem double dipping on this game. Let’s just hope Atlus doesn’t tone the game down any…which reminds me, I should play some more tonight!

  • Will this game be also released in Europe? If so, when?

  • @Aram Jabbari OR Nich Maragos

    1-is there any plans for Atlus to bring there ps1 games to PSN?

    2-is there any plans for Atlus to bring there PSP games to PSN?

  • Well after reading this

    “Aram Jabbari replied on July 29, 2009 at 10:57 am

    There will be no friends lists or friend invites in the online cooperative play. It is not a separate mode you initiate, but rather, an integral component of playing the game.

    Once you spend a few minutes experiencing how the online play is integrated into the game, you’ll understand why it is setup as such and why friend invites wouldn’t work.

    Thanks for the question!”

    I dont know if I will buy the game then. Sorry but I have played RE5 with random people and it really sucks that way. I like to play with my friends cuz then you can get things done without the other person being stupid and just killing themselves or whatever. I will pass on this game. Thanks for letting me know in advance.

    • Anubis80,

      We certainly want you to know as much about the game as possible before purchasing.

      Let me describe for you a scenario that could never happen in RE5 but which will happen frequently in Demon\’s Souls.

      You are currently in spirit form, meaning you were killed recently in the game and have yet to revive your body. Since offering your help to other players is one of 4 ways to get your body back (the others being defeating a boss in your own game, using a rare stone, or breaking into someone else\’s game and trying to defeat them), you create a soul sign and you are pulled into someone else\’s game (they will see an etheral statue of you in their game, along with how you\’ve been rated by other players in the past).

      Assuming you\’re able to stay alive and help the host player defeat the boss in the region they are in (and during this, you are transported from your game to theirs), you will be awarded with soul points (more if you are rated well by the host, and since there is no incentive on the part of the host to lie, current worldwide trends for the game are for these ratings to be very fair and accurate), and you will also be revived, restoring your health to full capacity.

      In this sense, and in the other aspects of online interaction with other people, there is a purpose, a genuine need in your own game for you to work with (or challenge) others.

      Other games make you tread the same steps you would offline with a group of other players, but the rewards rarely change.

      In Demon\’s Souls, some of your most rewarding experiences will be from the times that you reach out for help or break into someone else\’s game… it really makes for a one-of-a-kind online experience, and it\’s awesome that it comes as an exclusive to PS3 owners.

      Hopefully you\’ll have a chance to check the game out and experience it for yourself when it\’s released.

  • Damn, oh well. Unless there’s any noticeable gameplay enhancements, such as new areas or bosses, I might just sell the sealed copy and keep the extras. :)

    Thanks for the answer Aram!

  • @45 / Anubis80

    Actually, what they say is very true. The people that buy this game are not going to be the annoying children randomly killing themselves. It’s a hardcore title, and anyone I’ve run into online has appeared to be playing as safely as they can, with no BS in the mix.

  • I’m curious about a European release as well – should I preorder from the US or should I hold my breath? :)

    • Atlus U.S.A., Inc. is strictly a North American publisher. We cannot speak for any other region.

      As far as we are aware, there are currently no plans for Demon\’s Souls to come to Europe.

      Hopefully that will change, because it really is a unique, amazing experience and we\’d love for everyone to be able to try it out!

  • @47 bdavid81

    That might be right now. Just wait until the game actually hits here in the US or anywhere else. I find it hard to believe that it wont happen. But I will keep my ears open from what my friends say about it. Thanks for atleast saying what you have experienced so far with the online part.

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