PixelJunk Shooter Ice Stage Walkthrough with Producer Matt Morton

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Hopefully those of you who made the trek out to Comic-Con stopped by the PlayStation booth because there was some brand new PixelJunk Shooter to get your hands on. But for the majority of you that didn’t, SCEA Santa Monica’s Matt Morton has you covered. Here, he walks us through some brand new areas of the ice stage, explaining a host of things you probably haven’t seen, including the lava cannon and more.

I am thoroughly impressed and excited by this game each and every time I see it, so definitely watch this vid from beginning to end.

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  • PixelJunk games are so awesome. I wonder when this one is going to come out on the PSN.

  • Looking forward to buying this when its released!

  • After playing the at E3, it’s already my favorite in the PixelJunk series.

  • Any idea of when the Ratchet and Clank post will go live?

  • Does it comes out during the Summer or Fall?

  • @4

    Same here.

  • Still no online co-op!! when would u guys get it??

  • First day buy.

  • I likes what I see, I can’t wait to try it out.

  • @7
    I agree that the only major complaint about pixeljunk titles is their lack of online coop. They do make some great games though.

  • can we have some Pixel Junk Shooter avatars please?
    Second, were is the Ratchet and Clank Blog post? Been waiting for that all day today.

  • not really feeling this game. cant wait to see the next one though.

  • Gonna be awesum, games like this make you realize how great it is to have a downloads store on your console.

    Im sure there working on some pain in the a$$ trophies right now. O_o

  • That looks sweet.

  • Hate the name, love the game (at least what I have seen so far).


  • Wow, I love Pixeljunk. PSN would not be the same without them.

    I have to admit that the PSN companies are really delivering right now, with this and Fat Princess on my mind I see hours of fun ahead of me.

  • I wasn’t interested in the other PJ games, but this one is a day one purchase–looks fun!

  • I want! :)

  • Sweet gameplay video and great commentary :)

  • Looks awesome!

  • @10

    Ill buy this game… but online co-op will make this as worthy as fat princess

  • I want, I want. I need, I need. I have? I have? Thanks Thanks soon?

  • i cant wait for this game! definitely a day 1 purchase for me. What i really want though is a Pixeljunk Monsters 2. that would make my day.

  • I saw this video already, still looks good though.

  • Looks pretty nice nice nice

  • I really loved PJ Monsters, hope this game involves me as much as Monsters did.

    No word for Eden.

  • Just a heads up: When I hover over the embedded video it keeps turning white.
    However I can watch it via going to the site itself (just use YouTube? you got a channel there anyway and embedding is better).

    On the game: Day1 purchase, looks awesome.
    I love all my PJ games (yes even Racers!)!

  • Shooter looks incredible, it’s gonna be hard to top!

    1UP’s featuring it tonight at 5 p.m. PST on their “Game Night” live video feature.


    Will there be any Gravity Crash coverage before GamesCom? It’s getting overlooked pretty badly right now.

  • first of all.. I cant WAIT to play this!!! Day 1 buy for me

    Second of all.. why.. why in gods name did they ever take the camera OFF the tv to show the guy!? Maybe show him for a small amount of time. But GOD, we want to see the game! Ugh every time it switched back to the guy it just drove me crazy!!

    Please fix this in the future interviews

    • Awww, starBlinky01, I wore my best shirt for you AND I combed my HAIR! My friends know how rare that is! :)

      Actually, The entire interview was shot with me in the frame, but the PS Blog guys recaptured some straight video feed to add in later for this post.

      See how much the PS Blog team loves you guys!?

      They ALWAYS comb their hair for you!

  • cant wait to play it

  • I wish these guys would make a PJ Monsters II or something. One of the best games I have ever played. My wife and I have logged tons of hours into it. More of this game would be great. I will definitely be buying Shooter to see if the co-op is as good as Monsers.

  • Gimme! I want that bad boy NOW!

  • Off-topic but people are having trouble with the Media section *downloads* on the official Uncharted 2 website.

  • PvtPoopy: There’s a bunch more content in PixelJunk Monsters Deluxe for PSP.

    Maybe PixelJunk Series 2 will have a 3D version of Monsters with some sort of new twist.

  • Looks super wicked! Can’t wait to try it out, assuming there will be a demo like previous PixelJunk games. :D

    Gameplay looks fun and graphics are sleek and stylish!

    Summer release or later?

  • Nice I really like the look of this game but since I can’t waste alot of money like before, I don’t know.

    Do we get to fight huge bosses?

    Thats a plus for me.

  • When is this set to release?

  • I love PixelJunk’s games, especially Eden.
    It’s a shame that some people haven’t bought them yet.

    Have you guys thought about offering a bundle pack of your games.
    Kind of like a “Best of PixelJunk”.
    You could offer the base game and/or the DLC.
    Maybe even offer this in retail stores as a voucher.

    I bet this might get more people to play your games and get hooked.
    One game is all it took for me to get hooked.

    I’m really looking forward to playing the demo for Shooter, although this is going to be a buy either way.

    Keep up the awesome work and let us know the release date as soon as you can.

  • Looks awesome. Been playing A lot of PJ Monsters lately- I’m shocked at how good my kids (3 and 5) are at it.
    Tell us more about the co-op!

  • Can’t wait!!!

  • This has officially grabbed hold of my attention. Looks to be a very fun game.

  • Any Demo soon to? ;)

  • I can’t imagine this not living up to the Pixeljunk level of quality we are now used to. Most likely a day 1 buy for me.

  • I’d really prefer a release date to a walkthrough. I don’t want to see too much of the glory that is PixelJunk yet!!!!

  • Please get rid of the Pixel Junk border across the bottom. Rather than go to the expense and time it takes to try and prevent it from damaging tv’s why don’t you just remove it completly? Or better yet, give us the option.

  • What is the release date? I need this!

  • Hey Jeff, Is there any way you can talk to Dice and find out when the Voice chat problem for Battlefield 1943 is going to be fixed. It is ruining an otherwise great game for a lot of people

  • Game looks great!

    Any idea of a rough release date? Release year perhaps?

  • PIXELJUNK FTW!! this company rules and makes great games first day buy for sure. keep up the good work. also when is this coming to the psp.

  • More games need offline co-op! Can’t wait for this!

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