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Hey everyone, we just flew back from Comic-Con (and boy are my arms tired?), and are working on some more vids for you (including highlights of the hugely entertaining Uncharted 2 panel). We didn’t have a lot of time to do any reading, so please help us catch up with your links this week. Thanks, and see you tomorrow.

Sleep now.

The PS Blog weekly reading list (Week of July 20, 2009)

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  • I hope that we get the Fat Princess date announcement on Monday…

  • Yo Jeff! Just wanted to ask if you could do me a huge favor and try to put in a word for some of us who really want to see Tomba! and Tomba! 2 as PS1 releases on the store. Its one of my favorite games and I’d love to be able to play them again with my nephews.

    I just can’t afford the prices the original copies are going for. I seriously appreciate how much you guys are listening to your community, Have a good one.

  • Jeff, are you doing the live interview tomorrow with Titan Studios? :D

  • Awesome and hope more info on Fat Princess soon :)

  • All I know is that Kaz Hirai better have a legion of Japanese RPG’s behind him for PS3 to follow up his speech at TGS. We’ll be entering year 4 of the PS3 in November…. Thats 3 years with a list small list of RPG’s with only 2 of which are stronger than X360’s already weak line up of RPG titles.

    I hope there is something to the Vesperia stuff.

  • Hey Jeff you missed these!

    Home is beta until it hits “final quality”

    WipEout, Killzone packs top PSN bill News

    New Bungie IP deal “close”

  • 1 question Jeff, do you know or have a link on to Namco Bandai but like a section where i can email them/ask questions? i want to send them an email regarding Tales of Vesperia US release date, i know they consider it tho :P

  • Question: Is this BC:Re patch retroactive re: the trophies? Or will we have to start a new file, and begin again from square one?

  • @6

    Just go to their contact section on the Namco Bandai website, I’ve already sent in emails in regards to a few of their games. Including Tales of Vesperia where they reply with “we have forwarded your request to are marketing department.” and some other stuff about how they appreciate your opinion etc.

    I’d give that ago instead of bothering jeff for the information.

  • @7
    You have to start a new file.

  • @9

    Figured as much. Gives me an excuse to revisit a favorite.

  • Can you give us Playstation’s version of Madden 10? (=

  • “The 31 Best PSP Games”

    why did that site mention Daxter twice?
    its at the 4th page and at number 9

  • “Sleep now.” That’s exactly what I would say…If I went to Comic-Con. (Curse you Insomniac, I needed to win that contest!) I never get to go anywhere.

  • another good week az alwayz

  • Fat princess interview will be definately tomorrow!

    man hope they post it 1st lol

  • Hey Jeff….can we get an interview with Insomniac for RCF:ACIT? I’m dying to ask some questions :P

  • So Jeff how was comic-con? People are saying it was better than E3.

    • Right, well I think that\’s the case every year. More people dressing up, more celebrity sightings, and more people.

      Also, Downtown San Diego > Downtown LA

  • Edit: Not game wise but like atmosphere wise..


  • Even with comic-con you guys managed to read more articles than I did. Not a bad week, tons of comic-con items i would of loved to get my hands on.

    Is anyone else having a hard time trying to get the bolt gun and flame thrower in the new map packs? Even in a 5 vs 5 I still didn’t manage to rack up 10 kills.

  • [The playstation conversation was freezed since the Final Fantasy XIII sound effects link appeared on top and un-freezed today showing the Bionic Commando Rearmed patch link on top]

    About BC:Rearmed patch! I started playing the game again, I was only missing the last level and boss on Super Hard and the last challenge room. It doesn’t hurt to play everything again as this is one of my favorite games!!

    Wish Capcom could release challenge rooms every week or a challenge room creator to extend the game’s life. I would throw enemies into that to make the created levels more interesting.

  • @8

    Thank man, i just sent them a message and hope they do bring this game to US :)

  • Hi Jeff, is it True that the Socom v1.5 patch is coming out this week? I read in the forums that Shijima, From Eu Socom and Mag, posted a thread in the EU forums that it was coming out within this week. Meaning Before Saturday. Is this information correct or just a cruel joke? Just very curious to find out the cat’s outta the bag…

    Here Kitty Kitty Kitty Kitty…

  • Is the new R&CF: A Crack in Time trailer releasing online today (officially – direct feed!) or later this week?

  • Getting sick of the fat princess complaints. They release it when there ready.

    Good week, I spent 35 in the ps store once. Took the time to check out wipeout fury. :D

  • Again, what about the Call of Duty: World at War Map Pack 3 announcement on GamePro?

    BTW, here’s my highest level (with 1 other person) reached in NZ’s :)

    Nacht Der Untoten: 28
    Verruckt: 30
    Shi No Numa: 28

  • I can’t believe that White Knight is getting released in 2010. Basically, it’s going to end up taking over a year to bring an incomplete game over to the US.

    Pretty pathetic when you think about it, especially since the PS3’s holiday lineup of exclusives is terrible.

  • Really good to see you guys reading up on Tales of Vesperia. This game is a must have for English PS3 owners considering the JRPG drought.

  • Jeff Playstation Hong Kong had Fat Princess listed to be released this week, Is that true? Also If false, can you tell me if Fat Princess is in QA or comming soon?

    Any news on Castle Crashers for the PS3? Is it comming out this year or next year?

  • Also can we have a edit and a replay button for these blog comments? It’s wierd typing “@29 (comment here)”

  • See now i made a few spelling mistakes, hence the reason for a edit button.

  • Spathis,
    Perhaps the need for an edit button could be eliminated by making fewer spelling errors? ;D

  • No Yakuza 4 article?!?!

    Maybe you guys can get Sega of America on the blog to talk about the series. Maybe we can already stop waiting for Yakuza 3 :( .

  • Ugh with White Knight Chronicles now delayed again and Tales of Vesperia not even announced for North America, RPG gaming on PS3 is just hopeless until next year.

  • Where do we make our voices heard for PSone classics in the store, and will our voices honestly be heard? I would very much like to see Die Hard Trilogy, MDK, Return Fire, Vigilante 8, Soul Blade, and Loaded.

  • ACiT Trailer tomo.. well today now. Cheers Jeff!

    Yakuza 3’s higher on my most wanted list than any other RPG right now so I hope SEGA and SCE can work something out.

  • Oh, everyone should check out for the recently added screenshots.

  • Hey Jeff

    Any idea when the Bionic Commando patch is coming to the UK?

    Great work on the blog btw, keep it up! =D

  • I just purchased God of War: Chains of Olympus used from GameStop. Sorry Sony, didn’t have the cash for the “new” package, but didn’t want to miss out.

    I did get a smack to the face for my purchase, though. I started playing through the game until I ran across a screen that said “Coming 2009” or something like that and then I realized that GameStop gave me a DEMO DISC!

    I’m pretty ticked. I’m going back to Gamestop tonight to get the game I purchased and to return the demo disc they gave me.

    At least the demo gave me a good taste of what’s to come.

  • when is the fat princess interview coming??!

  • I’m still waiting for the Bioshock 2 Q&A??? =(

  • The Uncharted 2 panel at Comic Con would be awesome bonus material for the game itself. Lots of TV shows and movies have stuff from Comic Con on their DVD’s and you have an entire BD to fill. Do you think that the material you have would allow it and that Naughty Dog would be interested in that?

  • @Jeff: Many of us Resistance fans would love to see a Q&A with Insomniac where you ask them a question about upcoming DLC and a possible Resistance 3.


    Greg Miller:
    “See, the last puzzle was a noodle-scratcher. I’m sure some kids are wired for this stuff, but it took PlayStation Blog guru Jeff Rubenstein and I a few cracks to figure out what we had to have shiny Clank do.”

    PlayStation Blog guru Jeff Rubenstein :D

  • Jeff,

    When will the RCF:ACIT trailer be posted?


  • ^ Tuesday now.

    Jeff: “We’re readying a more comprehensive RCF:ACiT post for tomorrow, which includes that trailer, and more.”

  • how about some socom updates? why does sony hate the socom community? why cant we get some DLC after a year???!!!

  • Jeff, congrats on your new baby! Hope you and the family are doing well!

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