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Courtesy of Victor Zuylen – Editor, Killzone Community

Courtesy of Ken Chan

  • United Cutlery Blade of Chaos Announced – This week we announced a cool partnership with United Cutlery who will be creating an authentic Blade of Chaos. The scaled replica of Kratos’ Blade of Chaos, stretches 20 13/16” overall and is designed with a 12 7/16” blade constructed from solid-cast zinc aluminum with a custom-etched mold texture, and unique fantasy grindings that mirror the piece used in the game.
  • Kratos at Comic-Con – Kratos is bringing chaos to Comic-Con this week. Fans are getting their hands on playable code and taking away limited edition God of War III lanyards and the God of War Comic-Con poster which features the art from the cover of the issue #1 comic. Spartan Army fans were also treated to several guest appearances. Marv Wolfman (writer of the God of War comic ) and Andy Park (Senior Concept Artist from Santa Monica Studios) are signing Thurs-Saturday at the Comic-Con booth. In addition Kratos himself made a surprise appearance to unleash chaos everywhere at the con.

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  • No Titan Studios interview. I’m disappointed.

    • It\’s coming very soon! We just couldn\’t get it out last week with the madness of Comic-Con.

  • ha ha ha ha ha

  • Good Comic-Con News =]Thanks Chris for all the interviews! Specially that Castle Crashers one.

    BUT. One little problem. No Fat Princess AGAIN… It better be coming next week, you said it’s worth the wait =] So I’m guessing it’s a release date :-)


  • I have a 60gb that is 2 years, 7 months, and 21 days old from purchase. I turned it on this morning and in less than 5 minutes it overheated (blinking red light). Now it won’t do anything. At first I was like, well, I knew this day was coming from all the forums I’ve read, but never thought it would happen to me. But the more I think about it, the madder I get. Now I have to spend $150 to get the same system again.

    So do I go get a 160gb for $499? Or $749 ($599 new + $150 repair) for my same 60gb?

  • I hate living so far away from Comic-Con so many awesome things going and being given away it’s almost like i’m being tortured… make it stop!!!

  • @5: This isn’t a support forum. Go email SONY,no one here cares.

    I was hoping for some super new announcements. I did like the Uncharted 2 mode :)

  • I really wish they would move Comic Con to San Francisco.

  • the Playstation Converstation news thingy hasnt been updated for a few days… guess nothings going on lol

  • What about the announcement of CoD: W@W Map Pack 3?

  • When are the comic-con media be added to the PSN store?

    Just saw the folder but filled with other content wtf?

    Oh and You rock Chris. Post more!

  • Even the fat Princess interview got delayed. My expectations for this game dwindles every day.

  • WTF!! I was getting ready to purchase HD Fury with a different card and it kept saying invalid.

    Now i cant even re-enter my original card!! I have NO billing info in my account and it says it can not be updated at this time WTF!!

  • ok for ppl whose whining about the Fat Princess.

    The release date will be announce on monday with the eye chat interview i think.

    Titans also said this game will be out before school starts and it will come out sooner than every1 expected.

    is coming out really soon.

    this weeks was good

  • O M G! I have been searching the internet for some good replicas of Kratos’ blades for about 2 years now.

    Wish I could pre order right now, but I will be buying those bad boys for sure. Looks like I’m going to have to pump up a bit more between now and Halloween.

  • Bionic commando rearmmed patch live!

  • No prommised fat princess video… :(

  • YES! The “Spiral of Death” won the contest! I was afraid that the “Giant Sticky Hand Toy” would win (horrible design).

  • i see Tecmo working in over drive to make NGS2 a new game and experience. lucky for them Bayonetta got pushed back now i have no choice but to buy NGS2 to get my Hack&Slash on.

  • @7 I care dude and I’m sure alot of other readers here care, go back to your xbox. It’s plain to see that that’s your true favorite.

    @5 No you pay that money and they Refurb Your 60gig. No they will not give you a new 160 gigger either. Thats what they did for mine. Luckily if you are in Canada (Like Me) it only takes around 5-8 days to get your PS3 back. I think it’s about 4-6 weeks in the United States.

  • Is it true that we will be able to feed cakes to our abducted princess next week?

  • I read on Kotaku that the trophies patch for Bionic Commando went live for PS3. I just checked then, it is definitely not up for Aussie users. Any chance you lovely people can ask Capcom for an update please?

    Also, can I please ask all Killzone 2 owners in Australia to buy the map packs please!?!?! I love the game and the new maps, but I am entirely sick of having to play them on EU servers and endure mad amounts of lag.

    Can I also please ask about the PSPgo? Will it be released in Australia? If so how much will it set me back? How about those of us who have a good collection of games on UMD? Any details about that good-will system that was vaguely described?

    One last request, can people please stop asking about Trine? It will come out one day, and if you were that keen for it you would have already bought it via Steam.

  • you guys might want to announce the BCR patch is live…………

  • Every time you video interview do you have to wear the same shirt?

  • Just come out and tell us Fat Princess is next week already :D

  • Can Fat Princess come out anytime soon?

  • Awesome news about Castle Crashers, good job Sony (even if it’s a year late). I hope it comes out in a reasonable time frame.

    Now if only we could get cross game voice chat, and some more parties features to match the competition.

  • @Chris Morell

    I wish they could move it to the UK, so San Francisco might be a possibility for you

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