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Hello Guitar Hero Smash Hits Fans!

Tomorrow, Friday July 24th, Beenox developers will be online to challenge you for the 1st time on Guitar Hero Smash Hits.

We’ll have drums, guitars, vocals, and bass so they’re will be plenty of ways to challenge us. Don’t forget to bring your headset as you’ll be invited to ask us any questions you may have on the development of Smash Hits.

You’ll be able to meet with, artists, note trackers, testers, programmers and more…the team is really excited about this event and has a lot to share.

How this works is pretty simple, just add the list of developers to your friends list and when you see us online at 4pm EST, send us game invites or simply search for players with GHBXDEV in their name.

When: Friday July 24th
Time: 4pm EST
Developers to invite:

    Programmer: GHBxDevJonathan
    Programmer: GHBxDevMathieu
    Animator: GHBxDevJeff
    Producer: GHBxDevPaul
    Guitar Note Tracker: GHBxDevGuy
    Guitar Note Tracker: GHBxDevFrancois
    Tester: GHBxDevMelissa
    Drum Note Tracker: GHBxDevClaude

I really hope you’re ready for the challenge! Happy practicing and see you all on Friday!

Paul “GHBxDevPaul” Gadbois

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2 Author Replies

  • cool beans!!

  • Thanks to all developers participating and spending their times with PS3 users tomorrow.

    I hope to hear (here on the Blog) who managed to get the most points, wether you guys or PS3 users.

    Just one question, are you guys the developers for ‘Guitar Hero 5’ too?

    Thank you once again, and keep up the hard work!

    • Well the event is about half way done and i can tell you that Beenox is being owned lol!

      There are amazing players out there :P

      I personnally should\’ve practiced more… oh well :-)

  • These “play with developers” events need to be advertised to gamers on the actual PS3.

  • Thanks for taking the time to do this.

    Maybe a ‘Message of the Day’ needs to be added to games so announcements of this sort can be made to the gamers that play often.

  • Oh, so suddenly the PS3 community means something to Activision and their ilk. Sorry, I’ll be busy tomorrow pre-ordering Brutal Legend.

    Tell Bobcat Kotick to eat it. Thanks.

  • Would love to have participated in this, but unfortunately the game doesn’t come with a friggin’ guitar. Same goes for GH: Metallica. Not interested in previous games in the series, so wasting money on one of the old bundles is not an option for me. Would it kill you guys to at least sell the official instrument controllers separately if you aren’t going to bundle them?

  • how about this should all be DLC anyway instead of all these stupid versions that come out every 4-6 months. Of course no fault of Sony but this stuff is getting pretty old

  • Who’d want to play with Devs from Activison? The same publisher who is suing the makers of BrutalLengend, talking trash and making threats about not releasing games for the PS3 anymore.

    Lastly we all know how much Activision loves to milk every last drop out of their franchises.

  • did on this, Activision is not a friend of mine, and i’ll no longer buy games from them.

  • I’m a Rock Band guy but I was surprised by GH Metallica. I actually liked it!!! I haven’t picked it up yet but I look forward to playing Smash Hits.

  • @9: you are not alone my friends, no activision for me

  • I think it’s good to see dev interact with players but I agree with the making treats about not releasing games comment.

  • Sorry Activision. Your reputation follows you. Not making many good moves in this economy are you.

    Have fun.

  • Uncharted Countdown YAY!!!

  • You guys, Beenox has nothing to do with Activision. Though it’s interesting to see how much that publisher affects what you think of the game. Anyway good of you developers to do this, now if I only had the game! :D

  • It’s a shame that such a threat being made to stop supporting us has resulted in a threat from us to stop supporting you. Of course, such a threat CANNOT be taken lightly and really wish your head would’ve weighed such a statement more carefully.

    I’m not really against you guys, but I have trouble supporting someone I’m not sure is going to be around in a year or so.

    Maybe it’s time for a retraction on the statement or a sign of good faith. We are not Sony, and the threat you made affects us just as much as them.

  • Guys, while I appreciate the irritation with Activison (and the belief this should all be DLC for GHWT) there’s no need to go shouting at the guys who developed Smash Hits. They made the game for Activision, they are NOT Activision. That’s like blaming Naughty Dog for the PS3 price being too high. Developers are not at fault here, the publisher is.

  • @16: A sign of good faith would be to stop flooding the market with rushed out cash-ins like Smash Hits.

    Maybe if these were appropriately-priced downloadable World Tour add-ons I would have entertained the idea of buying these tracks again, but I can’t continue supporting a franchise whose distributors posses such an evident disregard for their consumer base and the gaming community at large.

  • DLC for Guitar Hero sucks. I would rather wait untill CD is $20 then buy it. DLC price never goes down CDs Do, And why can’t they do this stuff for Metallica or GHWT. I got those!!!! Activison also makes Call of Duty people. Trytec and Infinty ward make the games. I guess there going to bash Call of Duty now? over 1 guys stupid remarks is dum. At lest there not EA and make crap games and sell the same game over and over every year and just put a new price tag on the old box.

  • I thought you busters at Activision were going to stop supporting the PS3?

    Now you wanna come here and smile in our faces?

    I’ve stopped supporting Activision… You guys can eat it.

  • @ 5, 6, 16, 17, and 18…


  • Pretty lame “nice” thing for Activision to do after so may rotten things they have done lately.
    “Test” pricing Modern Warfare 2.
    Threatening to stop supporting Sony.
    That whole rotten cross compatibility thing with GH3 and Rockband.

    I can’t thing of a game company that hates gamers more then Activision. :)

  • Sorry, dont play with people who think the ps3 is worthless.

  • I hate Activison!

  • ThreeLeggedFreak

    LOL seems like that comment from Activision CEO is biting them in the ass judging by what people are saying.

  • Activision = meh from me as well. I can live without them.

  • You reminds me to reserve a copy from Brutal Legend.

  • I’m actually excited about this.

    I have been harranging the Activision folks on ScoreHero for ****ing EVER to get a Play with the Devs event going for Ps3.

    It seems Neversoft is too deep into Microsofts pockets to care, but Beenox is definitely 1UPing Neversoft in many respects lately, so why stop here…I will definitely be online.

    Also to the haters, yes Activision is an evil empire who would milk a fetus if it meant a buck, but Beenox aren’t Activision. They’re the work horse who just does what they’re told…they are doing fans a HUGE service with this event.

  • I though Activision was going to stop supporting the PS3 if SONY did not drop the console’s price. Which leads me to believe that we will be getting nothing but second hand…crappy ports for the games that they releasing this year.
    So……Why should we support Activision????

    Please tell us????

  • I rather enjoyed Smash Hits despite Activision being the publisher. It has a lot of good songs on it. Also welcome a play with the devs. Only problem is thats quit early for me as im in Alaska.

    • I\’m really sorry the timing isn\’t perfect for everyone. Beenox is located in Quebec City which is GMT-5.

      Our evening is your afternoon in the west coast.

  • @ 5, 6, 16, 17, and 18…

    I Agree to0 Screw Activision Now You Want to Play with Us when you showed no support to us in the Past u kept going to Xbox. Then you say you gonna stop supporting PS3 well u know what If i can form a finger here suck it
    Also your Games suck

  • why is the 360 version getting the map pack for modern warfare as a dlc and we are not?

    what? you dont like ps3 gamerz money? or only when its convenient for you?

  • @Paul Gadbois // Producer, Beenox
    Read the comments above and probable below, mine also, we are just not going to support Activision because of their treat to stop supporting Playstation owners. If Activision think they can threaten us and then expect up to purchase their games, then they are wrong. Activision need us and we do not need them.

  • what happen to paint it black for this guitar hero

  • Down with Activision!

  • meh…I will not support Activision after that silly threat made by that [DELETED] CEO.

  • Why would I buy your fake plastic instrument game??

  • crazydiamond1to9

    wow, this sounds so wonderful, I– ONE IN THE AFTERNOON? What is this, games for the unemployed? You didn’t want to do it at a time when people are actually home?

  • Well, good for you guys taking reign over the development of the GH series away from effin’ Neversoft. However, I am in despute with your cash-over-quality-monger publisher, so it’s a no-buy, possibly-rent for me.

    and @19, get off while you can, and quit being naive over game series; at least EA is TELLING THEIR DEVELOPERS TO DO SOMETHING NEW WITH THEIR IPS, NOT JUST REHASHING THEM FOR 9 YEARS STRAIGHT! Get off, noob, or stay on your Campers of Dusty cities game.

  • Hey devs for GH Smash Hits, I like what you guys are doing. GH is a fun game, and more fun is always better. Unfortunately I will vote with my wallet, and anything that says Activision on the box is now forbidden.


    These particular people may be alright however ACTIVISION is trying to KILL BRUTAL LEGEND with lawsuits just because tim shafer wouldnt change the name to guitar hero brutal legend. LONG LIVE BRUTAL LEGEND.


    Those guys suck!!! Bobby Kottick is a jerkhole that does not deserve playstation owners buying his companies games….


  • What I would like to know is when is the Guitar Hero space in Hime going to recieve an update?

  • @39 warezIbanez
    LOL, have U played Madden 07 on PS3 Worst madden game ever made. And worst PS3 game ever made. EA also made Orange Box Have fun with that. I play all FPS Killzone 2 also and there my favorites.


    Tell your boss that’s what I said. I’m sure he’ll know why I’m making this comment.

  • @ Paul Gadbois

    Activision CEO Bobby Kotick needs to come on this blog and write an apology to us. Either that or you guys can forget about me ever buying anything that says Activision on the box.

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