Killzone 2 DLC “Napalm & Cordite” and Map Pack Bundle Releasing Tomorrow

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Hey all, tomorrow our third DLC “Napalm & Cordite” will be released, allowing you to nail or toast your enemies with the addition of the Boltgun and Flamethrower. For those of you that might have only just picked up Killzone 2, or have not jumped on the DLC wagon yet, we’ve got an announcement to make.

Also going live tomorrow is a Bundle of map packs Steel & Titanium, Flash & Thunder and Napalm & Cordite combined. And we are calling it the ‘Map Pack Bundle’, original I know, but it does what it says on the lid. The bundle is being offered as a “3 for the price of 2” ($11.99).

So enjoy all the destruction and beauty of Killzone 2 Multiplayer DLC with these 6 great maps.

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  • Hhahahahahahh!! A bundle huh? A bundle that saves you money huh? This goes out to all you losers that tried so hard to defend the current prices for each individual map pack and bought it early at rip off price. Go ahead and defend yourselves with “Well we got it first”, or “It was worth it”. The rest of us adults, who know how pricing works, waited and questioned GG and Sony’s strategy. They finally heard, they know what they did wrong, and now we get our price. Getting the word out and patients is key. We did it. Thanks for listening, your KZ community is now satisfied, except for those who don’t get this price.

  • Why can’t you guys be more like this guy? He’s got the right attitude:

    @31 -ski_bumm wrote:

    “Supported you guys from the start, not disappointed that I did. I’m willing to pay a premium to be the first to play the high-wuality levels you’ve put out thusfar.

    I’m happy more people will be playing the DLC levels; stratifying the multiplayer community is never fun.”

    –see that is what you whinners don’t get… You pay more to be first to have it. It’s like that with most things… you guys got to stop sounding like you are entitled to everything free…that’s not how the real world works.

  • @101:

    Try telling yourself that, and I find it funny you say the rest of us “adults” … Adults don’t whine like little kids on a message board when they had to pay the price of 3 beers for getting content when it came out. You see adults have jobs, and $6 is pocket change for anyone who works full time. The content was equal the price….

  • @72 –

    no the price doesn’t go down for just buying 2, that is what a bundle is… it’s incentive a small discount for buying all three. How hard is this for you people to get? It’s been this way for ages…stop feeling like the they owe you something and buy the map already.

  • I don’t think “yah” children understand how this world works. Yah claim to know, but don’t know at all. Why is the ps3 third in sales of its system? Simple, price. You guys love this game, and will support GG and Sony right from the get go. Thats cooh. But, these companies have to think in the long term, and the casual or non gamer. They’re not gonna profit off of just the hardcore. They need everyones support, but everyone isn’t gonna pay whatever just cause its good, or for support. Sony has been using the same line over and over, how its the quality and quantity of the console that should make people pay that price. The normal person doesn’t care bout that. If you support GG and Sony, you should care bout how much money they are losin. And your money alone isn’t gonna do it. Your defense on these dlc’s pricing won’t do it. The normal everyday person only speaks price.

  • Midnightshade, you clearly don’t pay alot. What, you live on your own, in a little apartment? Maybe with your parents? Or roommates? If your really an adult that has many things to pay for besides yourself, try, a family, a house (do you have a house of your own?), every dollar in a “real” adults life must unselfishly be considered for future bills, or mouths to feed. Not just my own family, but there are others out there that need help too. Look around you, besides yourself.

  • Hooray for the bundle. I’ve heard so many people say they were waiting on a bundle to buy the new maps. I already bought the first 2 and of course I’m buying Napalm and Cordite. I CAN NOT wait to impale someone with that bolt gun!

  • Awesome… can’t wait till I get my PS3! Will buy this whenever I jump on Killzone, this game is amazing thank you Guerrilla. :)

  • The people who are complaining about the bundle not being fair to those who have all ready purchased it need to shut it. Think about like this, you purchased the dlc early so that you can play it asap. While the other people(like me) waited faithfuly for months until they bundled. So let’s see…you threw in the extra $ and baught it in release, and got to play it before us. So quit winning about it.

    Anyways good going GG on all the updates and for the bundle.

  • @ 104, midnightshade

    1 Why are you acting like a [DELETED] to someone who wasn’t even talking to you and asked a question in a calm manner

    2, they do ow us since we spent a good 60 bucks on their game and have kept their game going by playing it everyday, reporting bugs and giving feedback

    3, It only makes sense to do it that way. Why should I buy a DLC content twice.

    Stop acting like you represent GG and shut the [DELETED] up.

  • @ 104, midnightshade

    1 Why are you acting like a b!tch to someone who wasn’t even talking to you and asked a question in a calm manner

    2, they do ow us since we spent a good 60 bucks on their game and have kept their game going by playing it everyday, reporting bugs and giving feedback

    3, It only makes sense to do it that way. Why should I buy a DLC content twice.

    Stop acting like you represent GG and shut the hell up.

  • @100
    I don’t complain about much, but when I do it’s usually over something worth while to me. In other words I could give a flying …… well I don’t care about COD Packs put simply.

    Honestly I buy all the DLC for KZ2 on day one and I’d like to see more people playing those maps. I continuously get stuck in the older maps do to players not playing on the new ones.

    I’m happy they are releasing the bundle, but as I said releasing the bundle later on instead of 6 months after its release is a little brain dead. I personally don’t care if they are cheapskates without jobs etc as you put it, I just want as many people to jump on as soon as possible. Waiting 6 months for these people to finally get with the program is just not cool.

    As far as Activision goes, who cares about them. They can rattle their saber all they want, they just don’t have a game line up that anyone cares enough about or justifiably able to pull out of the PS3. It was perhaps the most empty thread I’ve seen in years. I mean come on 3rd parties are all taking the capcom approach and a game like guitar hero needs cross platform revenue. Artists want a broad spectrum from sales, they would essentially give ground up to EA.

  • I don’t even play Call of Duty so I don’t know about those DLC. And I can whine and complain all I want.I spent 12 dollars for 4 maps no one even wants to play. I could have saved those 12 dollars and put it towards a good PSN game instead of Killzone 2 DLC. It’s GG’s fault in the first place for not pushing their maps out more and putting them at a lower price point in the first place.

  • @109

    Us people that purchased it early didn’t get our money’s worth because we rarely get to even use the maps thanks to people like you who waited. Thanks a lot.

  • hey i appreciate all the DLC the maps r spectacular but it would be nice if i could actually create a party wit me and my friends and go into a room togather, instead of them being in a room and just joining the room. As good as ur game is thats one reason I dont play it.

  • The next time i will wait or purchase only “DLC full” like a Wipeout HD for example.

  • Why the guerrilla dont wait for the release the 6maps together instead release 3 pack and dividing the base?

  • Very nice! I hope this brings a lot of new people to the maps, as it’s a great price. It’s so nice to have the developers listening to their fans so aggressively. Now we just need to get dedicated rooms to keep these maps alive! :)

  • @113
    guess ya should have waited ;)
    You would have saved money and actialy get to play, that’s another reason why I wait because I know there will be alot of people playing the dlc when a bundle hits the market(like on warhawk).

  • @118
    Well I wouldn’t know that seeing how Killzone is the first game I ever bought DLC for. I was naive and thought almost everyone would buy the DLC since there were always a lot of people online.

  • YES! I was hoping for this. Now I will get all 3. I thought $6 for 2 maps was overpriced. Good thing I waited.

  • way to screw over the early adopters.

  • I was never a fan of FPS but Killzone 2 changed that for me. It’s blows the latest Socom online battles away. Thanks GG you have a player for life.

  • YEAH!! Thanks GG! I bought your first two map packs and loved them and will be picking this one up tomorrow. I’m glad that people who haven’t got the dlc yet will get a better deal and it was well worth it to me being able to play those previous map packs when I did. It makes perfect sense to cut a deal now on a 3 bundle and it is completely fair. You people complaining don’t seem to understand. This is great because it will encourage more people to get the map packs that haven’t previously and will let the K2 newbs be able to better afford getting all 3. We payed a few bucks extra because we bought them when they FIRST came out! It’s like getting a deal when you buy a movie trilogy or having have paid more if you bought the movies one at a time when they FIRST came out! Some people need to use their brains more often so I don’t feel the need to explain things that are seemingly obvious.

  • @midnightshade
    get outta here man u have to agree with those of us who already bought the first or second map packs cuz its just bull i mean the dlcs haven’t even been out for that long and already a discount?

    NOW THIS SUX CUZ I HAD JUST BOUGHT FLASH AND THUNDER 2 WEEKS AGO AND ITS NOT EVEN WORTH IT CUZ THERES HARDLY ANYONE EVERY PLAYING THEM!!! And because of that i aint buying no more dlc unless u give those of us who actually bought either 1 or both dlcs or why not just say 2 for $6 or 1 for free??

  • @121

    Early adopters always get “screwed.” Paying extra is pretty much a requirement to be an early adopter. You pay extra to be the first to use the product.

  • Only I have the second package and buy it yesterday. Now what?

  • Yup, I am going to buy this tonight. I was waiting for a bundle and thank you Sony and GG for giving us what we had asked for. Like I promised in one of my previous comments, I am defenitely going to buy this bundle :D

  • A nice bundle would be legit for a customer like me :)

  • Difference of weeks is not Early adopters.

    I bought because thought a bundle would be released long after, but not.

    Guerrilla changed, KZ liberation have better DLC and free.

  • we knew they would bundle this. I don’t know why everyone keeps complaining. Those who waited 3 and 2months to get these maps only are gonna save like 7 bucks in the long run as opposed to getting them when they first came out. 7 bucks for 3 months



  • So what does this mean, for all of us who already purchased map pack 1 & 2 we just get screwed for supporting it, yet those that did not want to pay for them get rewarded by getting all 3 map packs for the price of two. Zhit if thats the case I may not support new map packs till they release bundles then. So much for supporting the map packs great job KZ2 & Sony way to help out your supporters.

    I hope that is not the case though.

  • CrenShawMosWantd | July 23rd, 2009 at 10:17 am

    I was looking all day for these new maps & they are no where to be found.

  • PS store updates at 5:00 Pm est(whatever that is in your timezone you figure out). about 3 hours away from now.

  • i know good and darn well that we have to be able to purchase the napalm add on by it`s self, it dont make sence that we couldt buy it buy itself. how else can we play with otheres if they have it and we dont? THIS IS NOT FAIR, I HAVE BEEN LOOKING FORWARD TO IT, I DONT CARE ABOUT THE LITTLE 2 FOR ONE PRICE DISCOUNT, ALL I WANT TO DO IS BE ABLE TO PLAY WITH THOSE THAT HAVE THE NAPLAM ADD ON. IF THIS IS THE CASE WHY ADD THEM ON IF WE ALL CANT BUY THEM AND PLAY WITH EACHOTHER


  • I think Europe might have it already, not sure though.

  • Tell my one reason why should i buy this [DELETED] pack if other people get discounts! i already bought the first two packs thinking there were alot of people who would play it. also i agree with AngelMayLaugh.

  • CrenShawMosWantd

    i like to buy the add ons so it extends the life of the game. i beat the game but just like call of duty, it keeps the game exciting

  • Still not out yet. A lil impatient huh? Any said time for arrival to PSN EST?

  • @136

    Thanks, shoulda read farther up comment row. 5pm EST it is then. Good hunting…..

  • So, I bought the first map pack for $6. I went to play it and of course NO ONE in the whole world was even playing 1 game. So of course I didn’t buy map pack 2 when it came out. Now there is a bundle that includes all three map packs. If I buy the bundle for $12, will you guys give me PSN credit for the first $6 map pack? I don’t get why I should have two copies (or pay twice) of the same mappack?

  • that was a great strategy for GG…good going

  • Hell Yea!!!! Thnx sooooo much 4 the bundle.
    C guys all u gotta do is rebel. they saw they weren’t gettin $$$$$ 4 those outrageous prices so they made a bundle thnx GG

  • i love this maps !!!

  • Awesome job on this game! I really enjoyed playing it. I haven’t had a chance to play online yet. i did buy the first DLC tho. Im looking forward to playing all of them as soon as me schedule slows down some. Keep up the good work.

  • How do I play the new maps once I DL the bundle? it seemed to have DL’d and installed correctly but how do I actually play the new maps? I dont see them in my warzone menu.

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