Killzone 2 DLC “Napalm & Cordite” and Map Pack Bundle Releasing Tomorrow

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Hey all, tomorrow our third DLC “Napalm & Cordite” will be released, allowing you to nail or toast your enemies with the addition of the Boltgun and Flamethrower. For those of you that might have only just picked up Killzone 2, or have not jumped on the DLC wagon yet, we’ve got an announcement to make.

Also going live tomorrow is a Bundle of map packs Steel & Titanium, Flash & Thunder and Napalm & Cordite combined. And we are calling it the ‘Map Pack Bundle’, original I know, but it does what it says on the lid. The bundle is being offered as a “3 for the price of 2” ($11.99).

So enjoy all the destruction and beauty of Killzone 2 Multiplayer DLC with these 6 great maps.

Seb, MotherH, Downie

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  • nice since im waiting for my ps3 to come back from sony i was not able to play killzone yet….”its just sitting there yelling to be played”

    but this bundle is nice… how long will the bundle be up for? or is it up for good till a new bundle comes out?

  • @47 I’m sitting here and crying over the $6 difference and I bought the first two maps.

  • Don’t suppose we could get a co-op campaign that has us playing the part of a helghast who eventually defects in the end and appears in KZ3 as an addon…..

  • So a Already have the Flash and Thunder Pack… What do i do Now?

  • i bought the first 2 map packs (11.98$)… What about people who bought Maps separately? any discount?

  • Great news… at least for me :D

  • Keep it coming!
    Can’t wait to rock this tomorrow!

  • I hope and Pray that I don’t have to pay $5.99 for the 3rd pack since I have bought the 1st 2 at that price. If I do I may skip it since the bundle kinda shows me that I got screwed a little

  • Cool stuff, guess its time to start playing KZ2

  • GREAT! I’m getting the triple bundle!!! Thanks a lot

  • C’mon guys, SONY always do that with the games they publish so it’s not really a surprise

    That’s how I got the Warhawk DLC…many people is now buying Wipeout HD, they release DLC and cut the price for the game…isn’t that great? Wish more publishers did the same thing!…it gives new life to the games

    they can give WipeoutHD for free if they want to, I wouldn’t complain as what I purchased was worth my money….I’m sure the other K2 DLC are not “horse armors” so there’s not really nothing tricky here

  • i’ll buy this one. the guns make it worth the price. the problem with prev kz2 DLCs is that not a lot of people bought it so you have the maps but no one to plays on it.

  • great bundle now i just need killzone 2 :)

  • ‘Map Pack Bundle’, “3 for the price of 2″ ($11.99). “GREAT” and what’s for the ones (like me) that bought 2 separate DLC at full price… a third one full price too?

  • @5

    They already talked about how putting a party system is hard to do with the way Killzone 2 is set up. There working on it but who knows if it will happen

  • Wow, that bundle is better than expected!

    As for all the people b****ing how they get shafted fir buying the first 2 map packs, GET OVER IT. It’s like this with every game. The people who want to get it EARLY get to pay more… It’s called being an early adopter. If you wanted it cheap, you should have waited…

    On a side note, I AM an early adopter and I have no problem with paying $6 for the new maps/weapons. KZ2 is great and the previous map packs were terrific!

  • I love how KZ2 has had 3 DLC’s already while Socom Confrontation has been out for 9 months with nothing… and we were promised DLC every month with a big package every 3…

    well congrats on giving us nothing in 9 months :D going for a guiness record we see with a patch thats taken the better half of 5 months now

  • Hey guys please make a SNOW and LAVA map!

  • That’s great for GG to add a bundle. Problem is that those who already bought some of the DLC won’t be getting a discount. I bought the Steel & Titanium pack when it first came out at $6. I would need to buy that map pack again under the new bundle. How about having another pack where you can select 2 map packs for $8. I would definitely get it if it were available.

  • Yes! finally the bundle i was waiting for. I will add funds to my PS3 wallet to get ready for purchasing this tomorrow!

  • This is what i was exactly waiting for Thank you GG!
    Purchasing this day 1

  • @66 Being an early adopter shows our support for the game. It would be really disappointing if GG just gives the shaft to the people who supported the DLC from the beginning rather than give us some sort of discount. ESPECIALLY since no one really even plays the DLC I spent my money on.

  • GG should definitely also offer a two’fer for those that already bought either the first or second map packs.

    The 3 for 2 bundle
    Map pack 1 & 2 bundle
    Map pack 2 & 3 bundle

    It couldn’t possibly take much effort to add the two additional bundle offerings for a special price.

    Make it happen and the third bundle above is sold. Otherwise, I guess I won’t be buying…

  • also please add a party system to KZ2, and again a JUNGLE/SNOW map would be awsome

  • I guess the second bundle I suggested should be the Map pack 1 & 3 bundle….

  • Yeah, a snow and lava level sound awesome. I’m still amazed at how great this game looks. Sometimes I’ll just be checking out the scenery, even online, which more often times than not results in my death. :)

    Not to mention it’s a ton of fun. Great job guys!! Keep the DLC coming.

  • Agree @ AngelMayLaugh. Like I already posted earlier today: it feels nasty to have bought the first two and pay for the third one, while new players (yes, also NEW players, not just guys who where waiting for it to release) are getting it for the price of two.

    You need to see this through the eyes of both groups, and the third group.

    Group 1) early adopters: we are supporting new DLC. Without us, the whole idea of releasing new content is useless. If we don’t buy it, what’s the purpose of releasing single DLC?

    Group 2) waiters: these guys are waiting for map packs for a lower price. They will come eventually, so paying less for all three is okay to me.

    Group 3) new players: these players have the best option right now. They just bought the game and they can get their hands on the full map pack. Never had to wait for something to release, but still can get DLC for a nice price.

  • You know what pisses me off is buying the first two map packs that hardly anyone used a mere couple weeks later only to find out people who didn’t buy them initially get the third at a discounted price while those of us are “loyal” get screwed over.

    I realize that this move will eventually bring more players but in turn it still screws me out of my money. Also what the fudge happen to free DLC that was said to be released? So far it’s all been $$, this game can only last for so long before people move on. Judging by the lobby I can see it’s already happening.

  • SNOW MAP will be amazing, try it GG!

  • Give us a jungle map and new game modes, also improve ne skirmish experience in terms of options pre match. Thanx

  • Kinda bummed I bought the other packs early…..

  • Why can’t the bolt gun and flamethrower be available in all of the maps?

  • Sold. Thanks for the bundle.

  • Hi GG, thanks a lot for bringing this new pack. I love the others maps and I will be buying the #3 tomorrow.

    Also good move on the bundle. I think it’s a opportunity for many people that did not buy the other ones.

    Keep improving the game and realeasing new content that I will be supporting you guys too.

    Thanks Sony and GG for making the best FPS ever.


  • Now you [DELETED] have no reason to complain anymore. You got your wish, the bundle. See you all online!

  • Anyone Seen any early gameplay of these new maps?

  • To all the people whining about the $6, here’s something to keep in mind for all future purchases: as time goes on, things get cheaper.

    I also find it hilarious how people claim their supporting a developer yet they complain about purchasing DLC. If you were such an amazing supporter, you would have no problem buying all three of these map packs separately.

  • Oops, meant they’re in that second paragraph. I’m an idiot.

  • nice bundle!

  • I love kilzone 2 everyone must buy this!

  • I bought the 2 map packs, when I bought the first one there were no many players, but I wanted to support this great game so I bought the second one map pack and now they reward me for my loyalty making this bundle pack………….. so the loyal players pay 6 euros more when they want all the maps ……….. great idea!!!

  • Question!

    I already bought DLC 1, but skipped out on 2 & 3. What if you want to buy the bundle but have already got 1 of the DLC, will the price drop to 2 for the price of 1?


  • I bought both map packs already and still havnt found a game in map pack two,wished they would have cycled them like cod4(got my $’s worth with those)nonetheless,good work GG with all the dlc and game support.i will continue to support you even if i cant play the maps.

  • ayy regardless if the 3rd KZ2 MP is free for people who bought the first two packs or not, im still getting it as a day one purchase like the others. I enjoy killzone and I will continue to support.

  • @72 & Guerrilla Games – Sebastian

    I kind have to agree with you, I mean I’ll happily march in and get the new DLC and I’m really excited about it. However we are getting the short end of the stick here. Sony and Guerrilla are doing very little to encourage people to buy this DLC as soon as it comes out. Which honestly is what we need, more people on the new content from day one. All this does is make a problem worse as people wait for the discounts.

    I wouldn’t mind the bundles if the packs had been up for over a year and a half, but I purchased this game this year and have 3 DLC packs.

    I spoke out against this on the forums, but I may have to change my tune as it maybe the best solution. How about giving discounts for upcoming DLC if certain trophies are acquired for the expansion packs before a certain date? Lets say for so many deadlines you hit for each expansion you can apply it to the next expansion or hold onto it. Make this for DLC only trophies.

    Make the n00bs feeling like [DELETED] for not supporting their favorite games. Then wait a year before packaging them together like that and selling them at the discount the early adopters got for supporting the game.

  • 3 for the price of 2! that’s the type of care for the players you never find on xbox

  • Awesome… love this game.

  • i’ll add my voice to the chorus asking for a discount on this map pack for those of us who purchased the previous two when they first became available.

  • GOOD JOB GG!! I have been supporting you all along buying the maps…but unlike the cheapskate whiners on every freakin’ post that feel that the world owes them everything for free…I am glad to pay for the last map pack I don’t have. They were worth $6 to begin with!! other companies put out dlc that consists of unlocks for stuff in that was already in the game, but you guys don’t complian then… why do you guys alway complain?

    Are you all kids without jobs? I was a kid once… and guess what I had a job back then. Stop acting like immature kids and man-up already…jeesh! It’s freakn’ 6 bucks…pocket change.

    and #47Sparda is actually quite right: “most people that bought the maps already (like myself)don’t sit there and cry over $6 difference / savings.”

    Right on brother. This blog really weeds out the cheap people and whinny girls for sure!

  • @95 – if you really love the game you will buy the dlc early and be happy you have it to play. Only cheapskates without jobs, or people busy doing something else, will wait for a bundle. I am glad they put out this bundle as it will get more people into the game. That is what you should be concerned about. I have bought all the dlcs and will buy the next. And I am happy with it!

    Why don’t you guys whine and complain over craptivision’s overpriced cod paks? and we know you guys buy them ( i don’t) as they are always in most buyed..I won’t support that company after they threatened Sony with dropped support for ps3/psp and exploiting devs…B. Kotick is a fool! but I will support any 1st/2nd or 3rd party dev who treats the system right with good games and dlc.

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