God of War III at Comic-Con, plus Blades of Chaos Replica!

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Wanted to share with you guys some of the recent God of War news.

CHAOS IS COMING to the San Diego Comic Con this week! God of War will be showcased at this year’s comic con giving fans access to one of the most highly anticipated games of 2010.


Play God of War III
Show up to the Sony booth any day of the show and get hands on time with God of War III! That’s right you can play the code that everyone has been writing about at E3. Make sure to arrive early. Lines will be long.

God of War Comic Book Signing and Giveaway
Last week we announced the blockbuster deal with DC Comics bringing Kratos to life in comics. Now is your chance to get your hands on a Limited Edition double sided poster of the God of War comic and signed by Marv Wolfman (Writer) and Andy Park (Cover Artist).


Autograph Schedule at the Sony booth
Thurs. July 23rd 1-2:30pm *Marv Wolfman ONLY*
Friday July 24th 2:30-4pm
Saturday July 25th 1-2:30pm

Also wanted to let you know that today we announced a cool partnership with United Cutlery. That’s right an authentic Blade of Chaos. The scaled replica of Kratos’ Blades of Chaos, stretches 20 13/16” overall and is designed with a 12 7/16” blade constructed from solid-cast zinc aluminum with a custom-etched mold texture, and unique fantasy grindings that mirror the piece used in the game. The handle grip is injection-molded and surrounded by an intricate, detailed cast-metal guard and pommel. The Blades of Chaos replica includes a custom display stand with the God of War logo. Pretty sweet stuff!

Blade Of Chaos

Check out the merchandise section on the official God of War website to check out more information on United Cutlery’s Blade of Chaos. To learn more, go here.

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  • Ok I have never played a god of war game and I want to know if this is going to have multiplayer (online)??? Anyone wanna tell me??

    I’m still not sure if I’ll like it so I need a demo

  • finally, something i can open my credit card bills with! i’ve been sooo afraid… :/

  • @50
    NO multiplayer and probably not online.

    Why don’t you go get God Of War 1 and 2 if you have a BC PS3?

    If you like ripping stuff apart and killing the Greek Gods then you will like God Of War!

  • Sounds pretty good son!

  • I think the blades should be bundled with a limited edition GOW3 package

  • ok so I need two of those and some extra chain for each wrist and some crimson body paint.

  • @50

    No GOW does not have multiplayer and to be honest it would be horrible. It is a pure SP game with a great story. Not every game needs MP. Just my 2 cents

  • Way too pricey unfortunately. Had it been part of an Limited Edition including the game, I might have gone for it.

  • Oh, how I wish I could go to Comic-Con this year, of all years… and if I had the spare cash, I’d SO pick up one of those replicas.

    I’d butter my toast… with VENGEANCE! Or, just put them on my shelf in the game room, heh.

  • comic con this comic con that, i want some games now, i dont care whats a comic con, i want the games now

  • really cool blade I want one.

  • I’m Greek so these blades are free of charge for me…:D

  • Sony’s talked alot of the gameplay taking place on the titans but the gp we saw at e3 didnt take place on any titan.

    It was still awsome but i want to see some new footage to know how santa monica’s gunna knock our socks off!

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