PlayStation and Green Day on Tour!

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Hey Guys! It’s Devlin, and I’m here in Boston, MA, the first stop for PlayStation on the Green Day World Tour 2009.

PlayStation and Green Day on Tour

If you’re headed to one of the Green Day concerts below, make sure you stop by the PlayStation area and say “what’s up?” to me, but also play some Rock Band 2. Because here’s the deal: each night we will be giving away VIP passes and vouchers for the Green Day DLC to the top scoring band! Be sure to check back for highlights from the tour and who knows, you could even win just for having some fun at one of the best tours this summer! Check out the tour dates, find the one closest to you, come hang out, and of course, be sure to download “21 Guns,” Green Day’s hit song of the summer! Hope to see you guys on the road!

07-20 Boston, MA -TD Bank
07-21 Philadelphia, PA- Wachovia Spectrum
07-22 Pittsburgh, PA- Mellon Arena
07-24 Hartford, CT- XL Center
07-25 Albany, NY-Times Union Center
07-27 New York, NY- Madison Square Garden
07-28 New York, NY- Madison Square Garden
07-29 Washington, DC- Verizon Center
07-31 Nashville, TN- Somet Center
08-01 Atlanta, GA- Gwinnet
08-03 Tampa, FL- St. Pete Times Forum
08-04 Miami, FL- American Airlines Arena
08-05 Orlando, FL- Amway Arena
08-07 New Orleans, LA- New Orleans Arena
08-08 Houston, TX- Toyota Center
08-09 San Antonio, TX- AT & T Center
08-11 St. Louis, MO- Scottrade Center
08-12 Kansas City, MO- Sprint Center
08-13 Omaha, NE- Quest Center
08-15 Denver, CO- Pepsi Center
08-16 Salt Lake City, UT- ESA (Energy Sol Arena)
08-18 San Jose, CA- HP Pavilion
08-20 San Diego, CA- Cox Arena
08-21 Las Vegas, NV- Mandalay Bay
08-22 Phoenix, AZ- US Air Arena
08-24 Sacramento, CA- Arco Arena
08-25 Los Angeles, CA- Forum

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  • Tour date just added: Spokane Washington, thanks

  • Wow I wish I lived in the States, I Love Green Day and know all song off by heart… if only there was a way for me to go to at least 1…

  • Damn. No Canada. >.< Oh well. lol

  • This looks like a great move by SCEA. They should do it more often. Personally, however, I don’t like Green Day and there are no concerts near me, but this is a great idea. Kudos Playstation!

  • Nice for people who likes greenday i guess XD

  • Yea I want to go to the Denver show. Franz Ferdinand is opening! I just want to see them could care less about green day. I’ll have to come down and See you guys and play some RB2

  • I just went to the concert at Chicago a few days back. Wish you guys were there!

    Anyways, this is awesome. Nice idea!

  • I don’t trust guys who wear make-up. LOL.. except clowns. LMAO

  • inb4 the Green Day haters.

    Well considering Green Day, PS3, and Rock Band is awesome, this will be a hit!

  • I think it would be a great marketing ploy that when Green Day sang the song “Do you know your enemy” they flash a 360 on the screen :).

  • i love living in Las Vegas!!! So much stuff comes here:)


    Massachusetts rocks! GO BOSTON!

  • King0fHearts2007

    07-20 Boston, MA -TD Bank

    Wate today is 7/20? So Boston is out of luck?

  • yeah go DENVER

  • I just may have to drop by while you are in Sac Town!

  • Wow! Three of my loves. PS3, Rock Band, and Green Day. I will defiantly be checking it out in Sacramento. Also now this picture is my background on my computer.

  • Killswitch Engage is better than Green Day

  • Alright! Boston’s my hometown, whatcha think, Devlin?

  • Fun and perfect grouping, Rock Band and a rock band. What floors me is that Sony has close links to the Rock Band franchise but the announcement comes that the Rock Band Network (i.e. create your own tracks) is incoming and it will be only on the 360 with breadcrumbs for the PS3. As a supporter of the PS3 and a die hard Rock Band fan, this saddens and confuses me. If you have the strong ties, step up the support with EA and Harmonix and equalize the field.

  • man the only green day song that i like its (good riddance the time of your life)

    thats a sad but good song….

  • ha ha ha ha ha

  • 1 hit wonders lol naw go ps

  • Go figures the midwest is left out again from anything.

  • How about PlayStation 3 on tour with MetallicA?

  • Actually Jeff Chicago and Milwaukee are always left out from anything that Sony does. I am not driving 6 hours one way to go to St Louis and KC is out of the question.

    • What about Lollapalooza? We will be there August 7-9th and make sure to stop by the tent because we are giving away VIP bracelets and side stage passes to the PlayStation® Stage.

    • What about Lollapalooza? We will be there August 7-9th and make sure to stop by the tent because we are giving away VIP bracelets and side stage passes to the PlayStation® Stage.

  • I’m going to the Wash DC show :)

    I -am- curious about one thing though–the DC show starts at 7:30; what time does the PS area get set up? Will I have time to jam before the show?

  • Wow, Greenday is a good band!

  • For people whining that they aren’t following their favorite band, shut up.

    This is the best decision Sony could have made. I hate Green Day, I think they are one of the worse bands out there. But they do attract the casuals and so does Rock Band. This is a good choice.

  • Green Day World Tour ? Seems more like US Tour to me with the anounced dates.
    Nice move anyway. Can’t get enough of Rock Band 2.

  • green day is a horrible, horrible band that hasn’t had a decent album since the late 90’s.

  • No kidding?!!! Why don’t I live in the US… for *beep* sake! *sob, cries*. That is so awesome, Green Day and PlayStation. I’m not like a real fan but love their music and even love PlayStation more :-) Two birds hit with one stone, so to speak.

  • 08-09 for me!!!!!!!!!!!
    Man I can’t wait!!!!

  • San antonio i might just go!

  • I was at the show in Montreal last saturday. INCREDIBLE!

    But I haven’t seen that Playstation thing…

  • green day is still around?

  • i wish they did this with artists that actually mattered.

    green day, i am sorry to say, have become a bit of a joke in the alt/rock pop-“punk” genre.

  • Really wish SCEA did this for Muse’s upcoming album tour The Resistance. They have an awesome album theme!

  • Can’t wait to see you guys in Tampa.

    How early before the show starts are you guys usually set up? I want to make sure I get there early enough to jam.

  • fantastic
    not central, but any know how to change the avatar?

  • Alex_Assassin_08

    sadly i’ll be seeing them in London, no rock band for me :(

  • Thats just wrong. I live in Boston, thanks guys for getting that info out there the same day GD played here…..Would gone to see them if I have known well in advance.

    Sony, you need to become better promoters.

  • I’m so excited! I just bought my tickets today for the 28th, and im gonna be practicing all week for those VIP passes, because i was refreshing the PS Store like crazy on the 9th waiting for that pack :D I’ll be seing you in NYC next tuesday!

  • Lol. I ended up winning at the Garden on the 28th :D. Thats some story to tell, especially when you add on the fact that it was my first concert and Green Day played for 3 hours that night, with six encores! (35 songs!)

  • I Just had to get back on here and say that the concert in Tampa was AWESOME. And I wanted to say thank you to the Playstation guy for being so cool. (I think it was Devlin but it was a really long night and by time I got home I forgot so, sorry) Any way, thanks again and enjoy the rest of the tour.

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