Sack it To Me: The “Comic-Con & Sweet Levels” Edition

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LittleBigPlanet Ghostbusters Banner

LittleBigPlanet at Comic-Con
Next week (July 23 – 26th), over a hundred-thousand comic-book, movie, and video-game fans will converge on the city of San Diego for Comic-Con 09! Of course LittleBigPlanet will be on the floor to greet them. Want to get your hands on LBP on PSP? Be sure to stop by our booth to get a taste of how you can now Play, Create and Share everywhere!

gevurah22 and Darknessbear

As a special treat, LBP Super Creators gevurah22 (Azure Palace) and Darknessbear (LittleDeadSpace) will be at the PlayStation booth to chat with any aspiring LBP creators to give creator tips or just to walk folks through some of their favorite User Generated Levels. They’ll be sporting one of the sweet Hot Topic shirts below, so be on the look out for em!

LBP Shirt 1 LBP Shirt 2

Heck, they might be able to hook you up with one if you can beat them in the game so be sure to practice your Sackboy Slaps!

Special Message from David (aka gevurah22)

Hey there fellow Sackboys and Sackgirls! This is David (The Azure Palace creator, gevurah22) saying what’s up and opening an invitation to y’all to come and visit the LBP booth at next week’s Comic-con Convention in lovely San Diego, CA! We’ll be giving out level creation tips, messing around with new levels, giving away prizes, and even creating a Comic-con inspired level that y’all will be able to participate in! It’s definitely fun meeting different players and creators face-to-face and talking about the ins and outs of LBP and getting a better understanding of what people want and what to expect from the future.

Special Message from Lucas (aka Darknessbear)

Greetings to all in the Playstation universe and the littlest biggest planet (my LittleBigPlanet friends!). My name is Lucas but you may know me as DarknessBear (creator of the Little Dead Space levels). I’ve decided to leave my moon and travel to the big planet known as Comic Con. I’ll be looking forward to talking with some fellow Playstation lovers and LBP players. Many tips will be shared as well as some good times had by all! I look forward to meeting some of you and hope to learn a few things too. See you all soon!

I’ll be on the show floor representing pimping awesome player levels and other whatnots from Saturday to Sunday, July 25-26, so I hope to see y’all there!

MmPICKS: Some of the Sweetest Levels on LBP!
You got a sneak peek last week, now check out some of the latest Mm faves that they posted on their site! Need help finding levels? Don’t forget about the great SEARCH tips you can use!

A Royal Love Letter
by Mamett-Box

Hyper cube
by mrsspookybuz

ToS2 – On the Island of Sultan Cazimi!
by Syroc

Electronomicon Delta
by Stackford

Available now on the PSN store, The Ghostbusters! This pack features four costumes and a set of stickers for $5.99 or each individual costume for $1.99 each.

LittleBigPlanet Add-On Ghostbusters Costume Pack LBP Ghostbusters Stickers

  • Ghostbuster: Ghostbusters Hair, Trousers, Jumpsuit and Proton Pack, Ghost Trap (pic)
  • Stay Puft: Navy Whites, Sailor’s Cap
  • Slimer: Slimer Hat
  • No Ghosts Logo: No Ghosts Head, Body

Be sure to visit Media Molecule and get some cool Stay Puft wallpaper action too!

LBP Stay Puft

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  • I love yor game but the costume packs feel like a waste of money. The level packs are great though. Great job on making an great game.

  • That’s really awesome guys, can’t wait to see what you put out your sleeves after the con.

  • Stop releasing overpriced costume packs.

  • Typo alert:

    Special Message from Lucas (aka Darknessbear)
    “I’ll be on the show floor representing pimping awesome player levels and other whatnots from Saturday to Sunday, June 25-26, so I hope to see y’all there!”

    Unless he’s working on a Back to the future level with a deloren (Please!) he might miss SDCC.

  • not overpriced if u share the cost with your buddies

  • yay!! FATPRINCESS!!!!

  • Stay Puft: Navy Whites, Sailor’s Cap (Missing Skin?)…

    Yeah looking at the wall paper you posted it would have been so much better to have a Stay Puft Skin to give the little guys the right color hands and head and even some eyebrows.

    The wall paper make what you gave us look incomplete and for $5.99 it seems like we could have gotten more, like the hair for the actual Ghostbusters, Ray, Egon, Winston, and Peter. A Slimer Head was cool, but might have been better as a hand item.

    Also, the Jumpsuit is cool too but including the Ghostbusters 2 Gray Jumpsuit would have also been awesome.

    Not that it matters since I bought it already, but an update to fix what’s missing would be cool.

  • Does anyone know the booth number?

  • I remember that Dragon gevurah22 created back in the day. That thing is still the single most awesome thing I’ve ever seen in LBP.

  • @ BPink

    It’s not the first time that happen, there’s a skin missing in the Rag Doll Kung Fu pack…and they even put it in the pictures. Not to mention that they guve you the exact same trousers twice…yeah…. Some times Mm insults our intelligence.

  • Good Job And These Levels Are Great

    Ill Try Them Later

  • Levels and then I’ll play the game again.

    • Your choice my friend, but I still don\’t get why you would stop playing if there are such dope levels online.

  • I have that T-shirt! Woot.
    Now, I’ll impersonate the super-creators and make millions! It’s that easy.

  • “Don’t forget about the great SEARCH tips you can use!”

    Once again, how about adding a Top 5 user level picks to the Search Options? Jeez, it’s not rocket science. A Top 5 every week picked by MM, fansites, gaming websites etc., maybe based on certain themes.

    Posting them on the blog is a good start (Well done Syrok from EG) but your Patch idea was a flop so give this a try. Support the LBP community.

    Would be nice to get some responses to comments too. It’s poor customer relations when there is no response to comments/suggestions.

    • I agree, responses are nice. Have some patience though, it\’s been a nutty Friday. :)

      Thanks for the suggestion, Mm reads the comments and I\’m sure will consider your idea. This isn\’t the first time we posted great levels, Mm always tries to support the LBP community and their awesome creations.

  • please! less costume packs and more level packs

  • @1 ..WHAT LEVEL “PACKS”? they..or konami only make ONE..and it was GREAT and yet we ask for more and we gets NOTHING in return but COSTUMES..SERIOUSLY… understand there are kids playing this game and love it aswell..but there are some GROWN-UPS whom would like to have a challenge from not saying the costumes are not kool..if anything they are cute- a werd i hardly ever use!-and i buy soem to support Mm..but cummmonWE WANT Mm CREATED LEVELS! or atleast OTHER COMPANIES..ex..KILZONE..RESISTANCE…SOCOM.. WARHAWK or even PAIN!! which i think would make a great LEVEL PACK! :p

    • I\’m certain Mm is working on something cool. Till then, look up Resistance, KillZone, and other favorite games online. I\’m sure you\’ll find some fun LBP community stuff out there.

      Anybody out there got recommends for nYc?

  • The Little Dead Space man is my favorite. Awesome levels, man. I just wish I lived around these events….I would go to them everyday they were available. I would be all over Comicon and stuff like that.

  • Listen, I love all of this stuff. LBP is going strong and it’s aweomse. But will somebody please tell me WHEN ARE WE GETTING A RATCHET COUSTUME!? I’ve been waiting three months (purposely) to play LBP because I want to go through the whole thing again, but as Ratchet. Can someone give me anything?

  • LEVEL PACK PLEASE!!! I’m begging :P

  • thanks for the reply Chuck! : )

  • Has everyone forgotten about the online create mode? I’ve been waiting for the longest time to be able to create a level with some of my friends online. When are we going to finally see this feature?

  • Can’t wait to see more LBP comic packs. Love what MM did with 2000 AD. Would like to see a Marvel with a hacking and slashing Logan or DC Pack heck maybe even Image. Spawn sackboy with an animated cape and chains.

    Wish they added a combat mode button and added other evil sackboy AI characters to beat up that would be cool.

  • ho ho ho ho ho

  • PLEASE is there any way you can let us get those shirts without having to go the comic con?!! Like make something we can do like the way we did with the Patapon Shirts!!! PLEASE

  • wow what a bunch of whiners. just be glad mm is supporting the game as much as they are, plenty of devs release a game and then move on.

  • I *just* got LBP finally this week, and I’m loving it.

    Now, I have to admit, I am much more likely to spend my money on level packs and creator packs (actually already bought the MGS level pack), but the costumes are a cool option.

    My next purchase will probably be the monster creator pack.

    Anyway, thanks for supporting the community. It says something when I can buy the game so many months after release and jump in with tons of user levels, continuous add on packs, and a thriving online community.

    I hope this lasts for a long time to come.

  • do the ghost traps , the sackboys r holding shoot out electric/fire??

  • Thanks PSBlog! Look forward to seeing everyone there. And I’ll be there Jul 24th (maybe 23rd as well) and David will be there 25th and 26th. Come hang out, I’m always down meeting new people.

  • I am going to be honest, LBP is on my shelf collecting dust. I bought the game, loved the game, played the crap out of it, got 100% of the trophies, purchased the MGS pack and got those trophies and now… NOTHING! I really have been waiting for a cool new level pack from you guys but we are going on 8 months now with nothing. I am not a big fan of trying to go through the community levels to find a “Diamond in the rough”

  • cool =P

  • cool costumes.. but im not sure al buy though… i only use both costumes for like a week… then i always go back to my main 1… if it was a lvl pack how ever, i would have got it in a heart beat

  • I think you guys, Mm, should do more contests to us people who are less fortunate and can’t obtain LBP by shelling out 40 bucks.

    I suggest a contest for people that don’t have LBP and it would be cool if the prizes were some copies of LBP so that the fun of LittleBigPlanet can be spread to everyone. Please reply…

    Oh, and I have heard rumors of a:
    “game-of-the-year” edition of LittleBigPlanet for PS3 that would launch later this year and would include all of the LBP DLC to date right on the gameoftheyear blue-ray. Can you comment on this? Is it true? Thank you, all replies are greatly appreciated. Thanks Mm!

  • the new R@C game comes out in fall

  • I just want to say I love LBP; however, customes don’t make the game better. Can’t you just put the stickers up for sale, too?

    While talking about stickers, I’d like to see another artist sticker pack.

    Thank you!

  • I understand the online create patch is in beta testing. It’s been 8 months since the game’s release, we all thought online create would be out within a week or two from launch, but we were wrong. Can you give us an ETA of the patch?

  • I swear, today’s generation is so F*ed up. SONY IS NOT FORCING YOU TO BUY IT, SO QUIT COMPLAINING.

    Jesus, first you guys complain about the “lack” of support Sony provides, then when they dish out [fairly priced or free] DLC, MORE COMPLAINS. GROW THE F* UP!

    I bet you guys don’t even a PS3, and are just a bunch of dumb Xbots and Wii fanboys that come here to bash the competition. Just GTFO.

    Anyways, Sony! You have MY full support and I think they [the DLCs] are fairly priced. I am THANKFUL (keyword, to all the HATERS out there) for the continued support for LBP.

    *Give Jack Tretton a raise!* XD

  • I wish I could go. I hear someone at Anime Expo was making/selling custom Sackboys. With my luck they will be @ ComicCon too and I’ll miss out again. I wish I could get my very own cuddly Sackboy plushie…Is that ever gonna happen?!

  • Hey everyone just wanted to say I love this game and can’t help but to look foreward to every update Mm pumps out!

  • Materials, sounds and background music would be great DLC. I’am tired of this costume packs.

  • is this game any good

  • r u kidding itz amazing!!!!

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