Sack it To Me: The “Comic-Con & Sweet Levels” Edition

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LittleBigPlanet Ghostbusters Banner

LittleBigPlanet at Comic-Con
Next week (July 23 – 26th), over a hundred-thousand comic-book, movie, and video-game fans will converge on the city of San Diego for Comic-Con 09! Of course LittleBigPlanet will be on the floor to greet them. Want to get your hands on LBP on PSP? Be sure to stop by our booth to get a taste of how you can now Play, Create and Share everywhere!

gevurah22 and Darknessbear

As a special treat, LBP Super Creators gevurah22 (Azure Palace) and Darknessbear (LittleDeadSpace) will be at the PlayStation booth to chat with any aspiring LBP creators to give creator tips or just to walk folks through some of their favorite User Generated Levels. They’ll be sporting one of the sweet Hot Topic shirts below, so be on the look out for em!

LBP Shirt 1 LBP Shirt 2

Heck, they might be able to hook you up with one if you can beat them in the game so be sure to practice your Sackboy Slaps!

Special Message from David (aka gevurah22)

Hey there fellow Sackboys and Sackgirls! This is David (The Azure Palace creator, gevurah22) saying what’s up and opening an invitation to y’all to come and visit the LBP booth at next week’s Comic-con Convention in lovely San Diego, CA! We’ll be giving out level creation tips, messing around with new levels, giving away prizes, and even creating a Comic-con inspired level that y’all will be able to participate in! It’s definitely fun meeting different players and creators face-to-face and talking about the ins and outs of LBP and getting a better understanding of what people want and what to expect from the future.

Special Message from Lucas (aka Darknessbear)

Greetings to all in the Playstation universe and the littlest biggest planet (my LittleBigPlanet friends!). My name is Lucas but you may know me as DarknessBear (creator of the Little Dead Space levels). I’ve decided to leave my moon and travel to the big planet known as Comic Con. I’ll be looking forward to talking with some fellow Playstation lovers and LBP players. Many tips will be shared as well as some good times had by all! I look forward to meeting some of you and hope to learn a few things too. See you all soon!

I’ll be on the show floor representing pimping awesome player levels and other whatnots from Saturday to Sunday, July 25-26, so I hope to see y’all there!

MmPICKS: Some of the Sweetest Levels on LBP!
You got a sneak peek last week, now check out some of the latest Mm faves that they posted on their site! Need help finding levels? Don’t forget about the great SEARCH tips you can use!

A Royal Love Letter
by Mamett-Box

Hyper cube
by mrsspookybuz

ToS2 – On the Island of Sultan Cazimi!
by Syroc

Electronomicon Delta
by Stackford

Available now on the PSN store, The Ghostbusters! This pack features four costumes and a set of stickers for $5.99 or each individual costume for $1.99 each.

LittleBigPlanet Add-On Ghostbusters Costume Pack LBP Ghostbusters Stickers

  • Ghostbuster: Ghostbusters Hair, Trousers, Jumpsuit and Proton Pack, Ghost Trap (pic)
  • Stay Puft: Navy Whites, Sailor’s Cap
  • Slimer: Slimer Hat
  • No Ghosts Logo: No Ghosts Head, Body

Be sure to visit Media Molecule and get some cool Stay Puft wallpaper action too!

LBP Stay Puft

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