PlayStation at the MLB All-Star Game (Also: Win my schwag!)

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Here’s the cool part of making the best baseball game out there: You’re invited to the MLB All-Star Game, and all the related festivities. Just in my day or so here in Missouri, it’s very clear that St. Louis is a Baseball Town; everyone’s decked out in Cardinal Red, and fans are flooding the All-Star events such as FanFest, where you can find PlayStation on full display. We’ve got dozens of hi-def Bravia stations for players to go one-on-one with each other in MLB 09: The Show (oftentimes for prizes), but even better, we’re putting this Baseball Town’s extensive knowledge of the sport to good use.

Around the FanFest area at America’s Center, you’ll find kiosks set up with Buzz! Quiz TV (near the Chevy, Sharp, and Reebok “bases”). We’ve set up a special set of baseball quizzes, and the top scores are competing for a PS3 with a copy of MLB 09: The Show. If you’re in the area (through Tuesday), I highly recommend that you drop by and take a crack at it (after studying your baseball trivia first, natch).

Buzz! Play Around the Bases

So what does this have to do with you if you’re *not* in St. Louis this week? Well, through the power of Buzz! Quiz TV, you can play the same Play Around the Bases quiz, either through Buzz! Quiz TV on your PS3, or right on the web.

Here’s a link to the “Around the Bases” MyBuzzQuiz.

Think you got them all right? Hit us up with the correct answers to the *last* 3 questions with an @reply on Twitter. Randomly, one participant will win whatever schwag I pick up at the All-Star Game :-)

Continuing with the All-Star Festivities, today we’re going to hold a cool exhibition, where US troops stationed overseas will compete with soldiers back here in St. Louis in some MLB 09: The Show. Who knows, maybe some All-Stars will show up in person?

Edwin Jackson plays with the troops

More on that tomorrow…

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  • Cool i wish i was there!

  • I am there, yet I doubt I’ll be up at FanFest. Ehh, I wish I could be there though. Have a good time Jeff, and if you’re going to the actual game, where are your seats?

  • I also wish I was there, what a cool event!

  • Why isn’t Buzz on a SONY Bravia?

  • wish I can be there to win a ps3 . I will beat anyone in mlb the show .

  • looks like fun wish i were dea

  • Shwag answers Tweeted! I want the shwag Jeff, please!

  • Ok I tweeted away, hopefully lady luck will smile upon me, most of the answers I knew from watching TBS yesterday when they had a series about the all star games when they ran a bunch of baseball movies :D.

  • Or was it FX? I forget.

  • Buzz was very fun when i played it! I might go out and buy it ;)

  • I wish I was there as well.

    I LOVE baseball. It is such a dear place in my heart. From when I used to play all the way to gaming.

    I was at the 99′ All Star Fan Fest in Boston, and unfortunately the gaming presence was not as big as it is now.

    Considering how phenomenal MLB The Show series is, and being able to hang out and play with others who enjoy it, would be a blast.

    Keep the updates posted, and I cross my fingers The Show devs has something planned for us all through these festivities.

  • So…I’ve never used Twitter. I don’t know how to “@reply” lol…

    So, until I figure it out, I am not going to be able to answer these questions…lol.

  • Nice posts Jeff. I really wish i could be there. although, i do have a few questions:

    -Are Canadians allowed to win the schwag?
    -Have you heard anything about that ps3 slim video? if so, fake?
    -And will there be any news from NISA in the near future?

    hope everything is great~

  • Ugh, another schwag giveaway? I still haven’t got my Uncharted 2 schwag bag yet.
    Did they already mail out all of the U2 schwag?

  • Ok I just submitted on twitter, I hope I win. :)

  • @15 I’m still waiting for mine as well.

  • I Love Schwag!

    But you already know that :-)

  • Cool to see a post from my hometown…and yes we do love our baseball. Hope you guys have fun and go NL!

  • I love Schwag. Still waiting for my U2 stuff though. :(

  • Go Phillies!!!

  • ThreeLeggedFreak

    Very nice, Buzz is a very good casual game, should be advertised more with kiosks in stores. Buzz and Singstar are the 2 main casual games from SCE. Eye games like Eye Play and stuff are close behind. LBP, Ratchet, Jak, etc are also casual but takes some playing to get used to it, unlike the other ones.

  • Jeff,

    Speaking of schwag, I have yet to receive my Uncharted 2 schwag :( How long do the deliveries take, do you know?

  • Holy jebus! That MW2 Prestige Edition is epic!!!

  • @21
    Definitely, GO Phils! I Know Jeff is with me on that.

  • PHil FTW

  • Go Cards!!! Pujols is the freaking man and its cool to see Playstation representing in my home town.

  • hey Jeff as someone else already said it Buzz is a very good game , i didnt know it was so much fun playing it , it should be better advertise it , its a very good casual game , im so glad i bought it 2 weeks ago , i might start downloading the add ons in the playstation store in the not too distant future

  • Eh? You guys are in da Lou?!! Damn, wish I knew ahead of time. I’ve been gaming all night and didn’t see this post until now. Supposed to be doing something tomorrow evening, but maybe I could cancel…..

    FYI – I work for the company that makes the onfield jerseys like the one on that wall.

  • I still havent gotten my uncharted 2 schwag, whats up with that. the email said 1-2 weeks and its been over a month

  • JEFF!!!! Something told me you guys were in town with the All Star Game but I couldn’t really decide on whether to venture downtown or not. Are you guys in town tomorrow? I’ll be coming down to hang if you are.

  • Still no Uncharted 2 Schwag for me yet. Keep checking the mail but still have not received anything :(

  • Getting onto your quiz to enter the shwag bag contest. Keep in mind everyone that you must enter your age DD/MM/YYYY for MyBuzzQuiz as it’s a SCEE site.

  • Jeff, let me know if any of you guys ever make it out to the PlayStation area at Nationals Park, I work across the street. Nice setup you all have at the Nats stadium, I’m pretty sure that’s the only reason people would be going to Nats games these days.

  • One question, I’m used to seeing XBRs at the PlayStation events. Is SHARP a sponsor of the All-Star game or why were you all playing games on the touch of color Sharp Aquos TVs?

  • Not much of a Buzz T.V. fan. I’m keeping my eye out for Uncharted 2 sony! :]

  • lucky……..

  • I went to the All Star game and Home Run Derby last year. It was a really great experience, I would go every year if I could.

    The St. Louis crowd seemed kind of calm last night, which is disappointing because it’s such a great baseball town. Was it calm Jeff or do I need to get the sound on my TV checked out?

  • Damnit I wish I could make it out there. When you guys come to the Nats’ stadium, I’ll be the first in line.

  • By the way, that’s one sweet setup for MLB The Show 09.

  • I want to delete my trophies!! Why Can’t I when I no longer have the game?? Trophies are ridiculous. Alot of people want to delete their Trophies but can’t, it should be an option to keep, not mandatory. (Trophies – Worst Idea Ever!!!)
    It’s Wasting space on my HD.

  • Trophies are saved to the server at Sony, and take up virtually no space on your HDD.

  • Give me your Shwag bag!

  • Hi Jeff, I still haven’t received the Uncharted 2 schwag bag. Is there anyone to talk to about that?

  • There a Seattle Mariners twitter account RT everyone’s answer to the buzz quiz and it annoying me

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