LittleBigPlanet: Ghostbusters Hit LBP This Week!

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Disclaimer: Play video while reading

Are you troubled by strange noises in the middle of the night?

Do you experience feelings of dread in your basement or attic?

Have you or your family ever seen a spook, spectre or ghost?

If the answer is “yes,” then don’t wait another minute. Pick up the phone and call the professionals…Ghostbusters.

“We’re ready to believe you.”

Ghostbusters LBP Costumes

Fans of this 80’s classic rejoice! Finally, fresh from their video game release and after a week or so of tease images, GHOSTBUSTERS finally hits LittleBigPlanet this Thursday as individual costumes ($1.99) and as a full costume pack ($5.99) that includes all 4 costumes and bonus stickers!

We are looking forward to more great tribute levels like these-

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  • When there’s something strange in the neighborhood who ya gonna call? GhostSackers!

  • I love the name GhostSackers.
    Played the video while reading.It has the classy feeling.

  • NICE!
    Totally getting this!

  • we want level packs… :(

  • cool looking costumes. BUT I stopped buying LBP costumes long ago. I would shell out for a new level pack, though.

    It looks like you get to run around carrying an unusable ghost trap prop, but no shootable proton packs? That is pretty disappointing…

  • wow keep up the good work MM

  • little big planet rules!

  • I love all the recent costumes, but I have to agree that we want more levels.
    I don’t know if MM is sitting on their hands in order to let user made levels take the stage but I wish they would release another DLC level pack.

  • I’m getting behind. I need to get the Team ICO pack as well! :(

  • We want more level packs!

  • Please MM, add a Top 5 in the Search Options. That is a Top 5 user levels chosen by MM, fansites, gaming websites etc. available in a seperate section under Search Options, updated every week. Would be great to have a Top 5 Ghostbusters levels etc. easily accessible and playable in progression. Would also give some recognition to a lot of the amazing user creators in the community. How about it?

  • Sorry. Gave up on LBP because of the whole whoa co-op creating thing. Plus, no level packs.

  • More overpriced DLC, no thanks.

  • Told you it wasn’t a level pack..

  • @1 Sackbusters sounds better i think.
    I would have preferred this to be a level pack but anyway it looks cool!

  • Well no money for any more costumes… Level packs only.

  • SWEET!!!!! Slimer AND Stay Puft…MM I love you guys

  • Hey thanks for plugging my level! (The first video) However That video only shows the version I made during the LBP Beta. The level is much better now! And my Ghostbusters 2 level is even better! Hope you guys enjoy! Love the new costumes MM! Thanks again everyone for enjoying my levels!

    • Great job Stryden! Sorry, that\’s the only vid I spotted on Your Tube. Keep up the great work man!

  • Still no new levels? :/ This game is pure genious but I’m sick of these “costume only” packs :/

  • I can see that I’m not the only one.

  • #1 and 2, lol.. I guess that’s better than Sackbusters!

  • Does any boby but me think we are getting nickeled and dimed to death by Fake clothes. I have never bought fake clothes for LBP or Home I think it a wast of time. And also is LBP Game of the year coming out? If it is might as well wait and trade your old copy in!

  • Stay Puft Sackboy FTW!

  • LBP will be so popular if MM could release a level pack to coincide with major game releases.

    For example, Infamous comes out, release an Infamous level+costume pack (~$15).
    – Buy Infamous, get $5 coupon for the LBP store, where you are get the Infamous DLC (For people who don’t have LBP, they are now inclined to get it. For people who do, they will now spend money in the store)
    – Buy Infamous level pack, get $5 coupon for buying Infamous game. (Not only are you putting more value to the DLC, it is a great way to promote a new game)

    The LBP platform can be so much more than it is now (and let me say it is an azaming game already now ).

  • Your game lets you make levels. Why is it that you guys can’t make new levels??

    These costumes are getting annoying too. There are so many other things you could add for DLC. But you guys are just choosing the quick and easy route. It saddens me.

    I will not be buying another MM game. Selling costumes is not “support”.


  • Wish it was a Level Pack :(

  • Give us new levels already!

  • Jesus christ, costumes can piss off.

    Why is this even on the blog?

  • I’m kinda dissapointed that it’s not a new level pack. I wanted a new weapon!

    But those sackboys look so good I’ll let it slip for now. :D

  • Ugh, in the first LBP video, Gohan100 sent a message without giving it a subject line. Doesn’t that just tick you off? I mean, seriously, put SOMETHING there to the effect of what the **** you want! Jesus H. de la Cruz!

    I think it’s officially time to give up on the costume thing. Spend $1.99 on a Slimer costume, you’re still playing the game exactly as you were before. I certainly wouldn’t spend that on a new skin for a car. Why would I do it for a Sackperson? My thoughts on the matter anyway.

    • Totally valid opinion. There are LBP players who don\’t care for costumes and here are a lot of players that do. It just adds fun to the experience.

  • i mgetting it

  • come on mm! the mgs level pack was incredible! if you hype something like this it shouldnt just be a couple of costumes! you were promising new gameplay features and improvements like coop level creation and the end of the lag but none of that has happened. instead we get a constant barrage of microtransaction little costume things. you’re smarter than that. we want the stuff that made your game great in the first place: AWESOME LEVELS.

  • This is the third blog entry for this “Ghostbusters” release…and the payoff is just a handful of frickin’ costumes?

    Why post multiple blog entries about a few silly LBP costumes?

    MM, when you have something interesting to post, feel free. We love your game, but you’re starting to wear out your welcome with these over-priced, petty little DLC offerings.

  • @32
    What made the game great was the fact that you yourself can CREATE, AWESOME LEVELS!
    I want a Ghostbusters level pack too but seriously there is an endless supply of “AWESOME LEVELS” online.

    • I have to agree with that. With hundreds of thousands of Community created levels there is a ton to play.

  • 90% of people feel this way, why are there still costume packs? They are such a waste of everyones time.

  • There is “support” and there is “exploit”. The game is a few months away from making a year and you are still charging 2 bucks for a single COSTUME…

    Seriously guys, I mean no disrespect, but with every DLC that comes around, it’s clear that you are MUCH more interested in milking the game FAR beyond what it’s worth than actually supporting it.

  • 90%? I seriously doubt that.
    I for one love the costumes, but I would also love to see new levels with new trophies added too.
    But to say costumes are a waste to everyone is wrong.
    I do think theses licensed costumes are too expensive at times though.

    I’d personally like to see some new tools for costumes so we could make our own and alter colors of the old ones.

  • What about bringing some new levels?

  • It’s already been said, but you need to hear from as many fans as possible: the costume packs are not cutting it. WE WANT LEVEL PACKS! The MGS had costumes and level packs. That was a great experience and totally worth it. I’d gladly shell out money for DLC like that again. This had great potential for amazing innovation, but you guys blew it.

    I love LBP and still have it in regular rotation, but I’m not spending another penny on anything less than level packs.

  • sorry MM :( i gave up on LBP if only you would listen to your players comments… i would play it again if you would make a patch with brand-new emotions like an “evil-smile” or suprised…

  • BOO!
    Another boring sticker/ costume pack?

    Sorry MM, a big ‘NO’ on this one.

    Give us MGS4-pack like levels/ new mechanics.

  • Sooner or later, you guys will have to stop this costume only and give us some Level Packs also. I can only speak for myself when I say, I will stop purchasing these costume packs because it is just not worth my money anymore. I spend too much money on these costume pack when I could have purchase other contents off the PSN store. Hell, I do not even play LBP as much anymore because I am too busy with other games at the moment and when I do, I hardly uses the costume I download. Maybe I should just trade in LBP now and just purchase the GOTY edition that release later this year with all these contents.

  • This song should be on vidzone, I’m just saying.

  • Not to sound like a troll or anything. But why isn’t MM posting these DLC blog entry? Instead we get another Sony Marketing Manager.Do they even listen to the fans on this blog or not? And again poor marketing by Sony marketing guys. You guys post three separate blog posts about this DLC and we only got costume pack? If you are going to hype a LPB DLC, then make use it isn’t just costume for the past two weeks or so.

  • Meh, Costumes.

    I mean I like the look, but it’s just costumes. I know, you are ware and the levels are priority.

    MM picks user levels, keep them coming.

  • @Chuck Lacson
    I want you and the rest of Sony Marketing team to get together and ask each other as a group if you guys are doing a good, not a great, job at marketing Sony gaming product. The majority of the gaming media and fans will agree when I say you guys are doing a terrible job at marketing Sony PS3 and they games. Why is it that since late December last year, I have yet to see any PS3 commercials regrading the system or its game. I never seen a Killzone 2 or inFamous commercial. Two of the best game to be release this generation.

  • More costumes? Come on. I haven’t played lbp in forever because there’s just not much to do in it anymore. Give me level packs or give me sack death!

  • Those are some cool costumes, but you should add bright white skin to match the color of the Marshmallow Man.

    And we don’t really need more costumes; we want more levels. I wear these costumes for five minutes and get bored of them. That’s why I stopped buying them.

  • Advice:

    Level pack + Costume pack = great fun, definite buy

    Costume pack + overpricing = go away!

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