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Newly branded, same delicious flavor. With God of War III recaps debuting this week, The PSB, SOCOM, Killzone and God of War Recap just doesn’t have the right ring to it. But never fear; the all-new PlayStation Recap has you covered for the entire week of PSB and PlayStation game updates, as usual!

Courtesy of Ken Chan

  • God of War III Fan Kit Released – Be prepared to unleash your wrath of Kratos with newly released renders, logos, and music directly from the game. Prove your worth to the Gods by using these premier art files in making your own God of War website, signatures, blogs, avatars, etc.

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  • So any news on when Fat Princess will finally be released?

  • thanks Chris

  • That link doesn’t work for me. >>

  • Sorry, the GoW website. Or whatever is on it doesn’t load.

  • Fat princess??? Please

  • More avatars please.
    Oh and is it true that Fat Princess is not going to be release this summer? That sucks if it is true.

  • If you are having problems with the God of War 3 site, just keep hitting F5 and it will load.

  • Yeah just keep refreshing until its loads, kind of weird though.

  • Any news on Critter Crunch? I heard they’re working on trying to release it “this summer”…

  • y doesn’t my age of birth work im 23 and cant see the god of war 3 video wtf?

  • Are we going to get more info on the Ghostbusters pack, or is it just costumes and stickers?

  • Hey jeff & Chris and PS3 Fans Please Read


    Remove *

  • hey i was wondering will there more rpg games psx and psn titles? cus the ps3 is lackin in them big time

  • Hey the link to the

    Nathan Drake Back on TV Tonight! — Mr. Drake, back in action. Did you catch the spot on GTTV?

    Does not work, just thought you would like to know.

  • another great week

  • hey Chris, i just bought a logitech quickcam 9000 pro and decided to plug it in the ps3 to do a video chat, and wow, the image quality is amazing, i was wondering if sony will ever allow 3rd party cams to work with some playstation eye games as i am sure this cam would pick up my motions alot better then the ps3 cam, just curious, thanks

  • I hope there will be a disc version of a God of War demo, I have 4 (disc based) unique god of war demos and would love nothing more than to have one for the third installment. Hopefully they do like what they did with Chains of Olympus and release a special edition.

    I am semi looking forward to the Killzone DLC it’s hard enough finding a game with the two map packs that have been released so I don’t know if the one being released will be worth my money. I would be so happy if it ended up being free, ya know companies do this type of thing -hint, hint-

    Thanks for another week of PS info.

  • of course no socom recap, still waiting on that update….anytime lol andnew kz2 maps im glad bout that one and can we get an update on fat princess lol thks guys keep up the good work :)

  • God of War 3, Uncharted 2, Heavy Rain, Final Fantasy Versus 13, FF: Dissidia, Fat Princess, ModRacer Nation… omg… I am going to be a very poor man for a long time!!!

    *Give Jack Tretton a raise!* XD

  • Fat Princess release date, please.
    It’s been WAY too long.
    A month ago we were supposed to get a release date for the game “soon”. Isn’t more or less one month’s time soon enough?!
    “Sometime this Summer” is so vague you may as well say “Eventually”.

    In the game industry you’re supposed to complete your projects by or before their deadline/due date. If you find a problem with a beta version of a working game and you have a limited amount of time between the end of the beta and the final release to fix it, you’re expected to complete the repairs before the final release regardless of what kind of issue it is.

    Their deadline was June 2009, and they didn’t meet it. Their backup deadline is this summer.

    It’s summer now. PSBlog’s deadline to give us a release date for Fat Princess passed a long time ago. “Soon” and “Sometime this Summer” will not suffice because they are too vague and it’s already summer.

    We would like a deadline, preferrably one that isn’t so vague. An exact date would be ideal and it would give us something to look forward to. At this point, it’s safe to say that we’d be happy to hear(at the very least) what month Fat Princess will be released in.

  • Jeff… can I ask you a question?

    Where the hell are all the PS3 JRPG’s?

    Seriously WTF! The PS2 was king of that genre, yet pretty much every game coming out of Japan is either for the Wii or 360(lol)! Where’s the PS3 love? Are the M$ moneyhats that great?

    I think we can fit all the PS3 JRPG’s on ONE hand (Valkyria, Folklore, Cross Edge, Disgaea 3, Eternal Sonata)! ONE HAND!!! The damn PS3 has been out for 3 years and there’s ONLY 5!!!!


    P.S. I know you have absolutely no control over this, but I need to bitch at someone :P

  • @20 hey about fat princess release date anything could have happened they could have had problems with online or there were bugs in the game that needed fixing it could be alot of things also what would u want a game filled with bugs and what not to make the game feel crappy andf what not or would u want a game done right and everything worked out right thats why the new batman game got delayed i believe was cus of bugs in the game that they wanted to work out so people would enjoy the game and everything just wait and be paition ok go play ff7 or re1 or mgs1 that will keep u busy till at least aug/sept

  • @ 18 i agree with and what is up with the socom update ? do we have to wait untill the end of summer ? sad real so sad .

  • God of War 3 fan kit is awesome

  • @21

    You know, whenever a bug or number of bugs are detected in a game like that, a patch is released to fix them. You don’t just shut the whole project down.

  • Also trying to wait patiently for Fat Princess. I have so much want for that game, it’s ridiculous.

    Also, just wanted to let you know that I’ve given up on receiving my Uncharted 2 Schwag Bag. I’m wondering if it ever actually existed in the first place. :( Thanks for the Beta code, at least.

  • chris could u please tell me when fat princess is coming out, if you cant can u tell me if its done and just need to be released or if its still under work???????????????

  • Hehe, this is what I made using the GoW fan kit:

  • Wheres freaking TRINE you liars Its way past the Deadline Sony and frozenbyte June 24th is over now July is over Release it already its already out in Europe along other stuff that we never got Thanx but no thanx to you SONY Where is VidZone jezz….

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