Who Will Win The All-Star Game? MLB 09 The Show Knows

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The streak is over. Well, virtually.

Now that the 33rd and final players have been selected (congratulations Inge and Victorino), MLB 09 The Show has simulated the 2009 MLB All-Star Game. The prediction: The National League All-Stars will win for the first time this century, 5-2.

Lincecum All-Star

The most authentic baseball simulation available, MLB 09 The Show’s ultra-realistic AI doesn’t predict a slugfest. Rather, MVP Tim Lincecum sets the tone by throwing two scoreless innings to start the game, striking out four batters. The game is predicted to include a number of spectacular plays, including a towering solo home run from the YankeesMark Teixeira in the 4th inning, and a key play in the 7th where the Blue JaysAaron Hill is thrown out at the plate on a perfect throw from Ryan Braun. A combined bullpen effort of four strikeouts from the PadresHeath Bell and the MetsFrancisco Rodriguez helps seal the win for the National League, who hadn’t won an All-Star game in its last 12 attempts.

Ramirez All-Star Teixeira All-Star

MLB 09 The Show is the top-rated baseball game available. Is it accurate? You’ll find out this Tuesday!

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