Nathan Drake Back on TV Tonight!

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You’ve watched the awesome E3 footage. You’ve met the actors behind the iconic characters. You’ve talked with the Naughty Dogs live on the Blog. You’ve mastered the beta. You’re already in line for the just-announced movie. OK, that last one’s a bit farfetched, but what’s the next step for you hardcore Uncharted fans? How about take a seat, and turn on your TV tonight.

Naughty Dog is dropping a megaton of new Uncharted 2: Among Thieves knowledge on the next episode of GameTrailers TV, (tonight, 12:30am Eastern/Pacific). You’ve already seen urban and village environments; tonight you’ll see more of the chillier environments from the initial teaser trailer. We’ve already experienced battle; tonight you’ll learn more about the puzzle elements that Uncharted 2 has to offer. You’ll see new single-player and multi-player in-game footage, and 3 more minutes of story. That, and my pick for the cinematic Nathan Drake, TV’s Geoff Keighley.

Take a look:

OK, see you tonight at 12:30am.

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  • Sweet! First.

  • yeah booooooooooy

  • I was going to watch anyway :P

  • Setting my DVR now. Thanks for the heads up.

  • This has been on joystiq and kotaku for a few days now :)

  • First?

    Anyway, I’ll be watching!

  • can’t wait.

  • Looking very good. I really enjoyed the multiplayer demo and am looking forward to the release.

  • Hey Jeff, any chance we could play BF 1943 together once or so? Heh. I say the PS Blog should have a competition!

  • Erm.. Why does it say 12:30 AM (Eastern/Pacific)??? WTF time is that supposed to mean? Is it 12:30 AM eastern or 12:30 AM pacific?

  • I’m not hardcore enough since I don’t have GT TV -crys-.

    Honestly the only video game channel needs to be added to regular programming channel packages so they could reach an even bigger audience. It’s a bit off topic but I hope we get some information on the collectors edition soon, I want to know what my $$ is going to.

  • update the store…i want to get some battlefield going!

  • @mywhitenoise

    Saying that it was this week, the blog is now confirming its tonight…

  • I am looking forward to it, its gonna be AWESOME!!

  • Can’t get enough of this game. Really looking forward to tonight’s new footage and story vittles!

  • heheh
    “..mastered the beta”
    im immature :\

  • “GameTrailers TV, (tonight, 12:30am Eastern/Pacific)”

    Judging by the times I was thinking this was an online show. Not the case.

    Just to clarify. Gametrailers TV, on the Spike channel, 9:30 pst/ 12:30 est. At least for DTV it is. If you’re west coast and tune in @ 12:30 you will have missed it.

    Jeff, could you please be a little more specific in the future? Just tell us what channel it’s on. I don’t watch much TV and almost always get my VG news from the ‘net. You see,I can’t stand [DELETED] like Morgan and the idiot next to her.

    Hope that helps! Thank you

  • I don’t want to watch any more footage before I get my hands on the game but I know I’m goint to anyway.

  • It’s tempting but I also don’t want to watch any more footage of the actual game so that I can bask in the awesomeness of the game and story itself when it hits retail.

  • ok didn’t Thursday 12:30 A.M pass!!!!!!! or am i late.

  • Hurray for not having it on G4! I’m very proud of you guys. :)

  • Jeff, can you tell me right now it will be SPOILER-FREE? Probably not, but it’s so tempting to watch…

  • Just set my DVR, I will still be at work when it goes on. Can’t wait to see it though. This will be one of the few games that I purchase on Day 1. Naughty Dog rocks, Uncharted 1 is by far one of my favorite games of all time. It ranks up there with Final Fantasy VII.

  • Can’t wait to see. big fan of the studio and the series. So any information i can get i’m surely checking it out. And i need a release date guys to have some sense of how long i have until i can play this great game.

  • bobthebuilder789

    i can’t wait

    can u watch this on on friday???

  • “tonight you’ll see more of the chillier environments”

    So we finally get to see some of the snow levels. Can’t wait.

  • cant wait for the 15 seconds of footage

  • Cool.

    Still waiting for the schwag bag I won in the contest. Email said allow 1-2 weeks and it’s been a month!?!?!?! “Contact Us” seems to be broke too.

  • Oh Jeff, I got my U2 “Package” today. It’s cool and all.

    However, here I was thinking it would be an actual schwag bag with goodies in it. But still, I’ll take the empty Bag and t-shirt. :)

  • @6. Man that must be the biggest fail I’ve seen on the boards. You’re the SIXTH post. lol.

    Also will we be hearing a release date for the game tonight. :D

  • Jeff,

    Is there anyway you can find out if there is going to be a special edition or bonus from pre ording uncharted 2.

    Thanks a lot.

  • Cool a video for the 2009 game of the year.

  • Heard about this last week, can’t wait!

  • My most anticipated game of the year. I’ll be there tonight, will you??!?!?! Muahahha!!

  • itll be on tomorrow anyway… always interested in seeing more on this game.. so cant wait for it to come out.. i know, gonna have to…

    oh, and i really dislike Geoff Keighley… his interviews are horrible, how he calls some people by their last names and just his cockiness… i dont like him at all… wish theyd find someone better…

  • setting my dvr now!!! This is gonna be exciting!

  • @17 – it’s ok…it made me giggle

    Anyways, Thank you PSBlog! I almost forgot this was on tonight!!

  • But i don’t have satellite or cable….. No fair :(

  • DONT SPOIL TOO MUCH ND…it will ruin the game if these guys reveal too much stuffs ;(

  • :O! that was a GREAT preview!!! I think ill watch that show more often.

  • It occurs to me now that with all the talk of an Uncharted movie, I don’t think I’ve yet seen anyone nominate Joe Flanigan (John Sheppard from Stargate Atlantis) as a potential candidate for the role of Nate.

  • About the SCHWAG BAGG to jeff rubenstein or whoever is in charge, I still have not received mine, I got the e-mail with the UNCHARTED 2 BETA CODE no sweat, but I’m still waiting on the bag. So is there a set date of when they should reach us by? Or do you know if I will be lucky enough to get mine today, or at least by the end of the weekend? I’m dying for that sweet longsleeve, This is the 2nd contest I have ever won through the blog (LBP BETA was the 1st, but W/O physical goodies I can show off, really I consider this the 1st.) I live in COLORADO, also is it USPS or UPS? Thanks alot, I cant wait.

  • When am I suppose to get my schwag bag?????

  • going to watch it now. later :-)

  • There better not be anymore monsters in Uncharted 2!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • sony stop everyone who uses lag swiches and cheats, I’m getting sick of it and it has to stop. Its in every game and it makes me wanna stop playing online. You’ve aloud this to go on now its everywhere, u have to stop it now because under the agreement their not aloud to do this, yet u do nothing. SORT IT OUT!

  • im new wat r u talking about

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