WipEout Fury Developer Diary – Environment Design

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Picking up from last week, we’re back with number two in a small series of developer diaries featuring the upcoming WipEout HD Fury add-on pack. This week, I am happy to introduce Marcus Tanner, WipEout Fury Art Director from the WipEout HD development team.

Hello my name is Marcus Tanner, Art Director on WipEout Fury, and I’m here today to give you a brief insight into how a WipEout environment evolves from concept art to production geometry.

A WipEout track is set in a Utopian environment populated by stunning, cutting-edge architecture enhanced by contemporary graphic design. This aesthetic is created by designing architectural forms that are influenced by abstract sculpture, structure in art and science, futuristic architecture, mecha detailing and contemporary product design.

Talons Environment design 01

To create the WipEout aesthetic, our concept artists use a fluid design process that involves creating abstract shapes in 3D and bouncing work around the team from artist to artist to evolve and clarify the designs. This results in bold, abstract 3D structures, which are rendered and painted over with architectural detailing and placed into the context of a WipEout environment.

These concept images use the structures as set pieces, trackside furniture, tunnels etc, and give the production team an idea of how they would look in game:

Talons Environment design 02

The positioning of objects in a WipEout environment is created by a design process called Dynamic Composition. The results can be likened to a piece of music providing the track with a visual melody, rhythm and harmony. This process involves sectioning the environment along the track to provide the fundamental flow of shapes that creates an interesting rhythm for the player. It includes strategically adding set pieces which provide focus for the player and then populates the track to create an enhanced game experience. The result is a dynamic environment that emphasizes the feeling of speed and movement as a result of the rhythmic pattern of structures around the track, and also focuses the players’ attention on set pieces.

Talons Environment design 03

WipEout Fury is all about the use of bold structural shapes which define the architectural forms. These structures are oversized so they register with the player as they accelerate past at high speed and their striking shapes become associated as icons of each track. Interlocking modular shapes & overlaid layered surfaces make best use of the lighting by allowing shadows to play over the structures, and sunlight to glint through the gaps. This gives the impression of a highly complex and richly populated environment which is enhanced by the use of hyper-real gleaming hi-tech surfaces.

That’s it from me! Keep an eye out for more information on WipEout Fury on the Blog as we countdown to release — we don’t have an exact release date for you yet, but I understand that you’ll be told as soon as we do.

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  • Awesome concept art! How much will the Fury add-on cost upon release?

  • How about something special for those who platinum Wipeout HD? Cant wait for the new content!

  • we need big stages , wide stage and open areas where you can choose wich path to go , and default weapons for each team or ship but also having the panels in the floor , turbo boost like the burnout series that fills automatically , wipeout is very gorgeus game lets make it bigger in every aspect to be the king of racing games forever. thanks for the efforts keep doing a great work , an excellent piece of racing art. thanks

  • The smooth and abstract design was always my favorite part of the Wipeout games…

    I love that “shiny” look on massive “twisted” structures as you move by them, it almost seems like the building is moving too… it’s oddly calming? haha

    Thanks for the inside look at WipeOut! I’m looking forward to your next dev. diary!

  • Awesome work there, fellas.

    Can’t wait to pick this one up!

    Question, though… do you guys plan on releasing a WipEout XL/2097 map pack sometime?
    I’d love a HD version of Gare d’ Europa. :D

  • How about some Wipeout XL levels. now that would be awesome. just listening to the XL soundtracks in HD is not the same.

  • How’s about a real new Wipeout game? ;)

  • SilentDragon180


  • All the concept art is beautiful and I do appreciate it but I don’t even need any more convincing. I want this bad!

  • NICE!
    Looks good.
    Like to read a little “behind the game.”


  • Awe man, this is gonna be good,,,,

  • I will be asking it every time there is a Wipeout HD related post.

    PLEASE put this game on a PROPER PHYSICAL DISC!!!

  • The only thing I miss about wipeout XL was the variance between the level themes (forest level, snow level, industrial complex, earthquake zone). And while I loved HD, it did take me longer to learn the levels because they did seem to blend into each other a bit.

  • whatisdelicious

    Looks good, just give me that release date and make it soon.

    And I second the opinion that this game should be on a disc as well. I mean, sure, I’ve got internet and I just downloaded it really easily, but not everybody has that luxury and you’re probably missing some sales.

  • it looks beautiful

  • Thanks Daimion and Marcus.

    Can’t wait for the add-on pack !

    Keep up the great work.

  • I have a few questions for the developer; :D

    1.) I remember some time back you guys were speaking of Wipeout HD leading up to a disc-based game down the road – is that disc-based game still coming??

    2.) Can you please release this tomorrow? Thanks.

    j/k on that last one…. unless you can, you know, do it….

  • All of this sounds so cool.

    Sadly I’m not very good at racing games.

  • Awesome concept art. Thanks for the insider info.

  • So is this a DLC add-on, or a whole new WipEout game?

  • This is a day one buy for me. I love WipEout.

  • That’s funny. I was just playing this last night. I love playing this with some RUSH or Black Lab Technology and relaxing to the city views, even if they are going by at 400+ MPH. I can’t wait for the new update. Day one purchase.

  • XxDeathDoctorxX

    off topic but chris or jeff is uno coming this yr to psn? plz answer and also wipeout hd is great

  • VehicleDestroyr

    Looks amazing but plz put the WipEout Pulse DLC on the Playstation Store, I have been waiting forever for thoose expansion packs. Release the pulse dlc and fury pack on the same thursday and call it a wipeout week. That would be cool.

  • No, WipEout HD ain’t coming to disc anytime soon. The next game probably will, but not WOHD.

    From the “making of” video that you’d find in the PS Store at 3:36:

    “We started from day 1 with the idea that WipEout HD would be just available for download. So what we’re hoping to do with this is really take the first step in moving WipEout into a new era, into a new territory and be one of the first big major digital brands that are available on the PSN.”

    And really, if you don’t have internet, you’re missing out on the online play (unless your name is Sekoku LOLOL!), and you wouldn’t even be able to download the game patches that pop up every few months.

    Of course, there are some wackos out there who just refuse to download ANY game, no matter WHAT the size is (check the comments of the recent Badman post at this blog). I bet when they’re not DEMANDING UMDs and Blu-rays of even the smallest PSN games here, they’re DEMANDING that Apple release their next iPhones with expandable memory slots so they can have a “physical copy” for every one of their apps.

  • Nice concept thingie!

  • This game was too repetitive I’ve tryed over and over to enjoy it but I just can’t no disrespect but this is the onlyi game I have ever played that I didn’t like I am glad to see that it was liked by someone

  • So… Magic or Lakers? Or Heat or Suns? Can’t be his movies, can it?

  • FAT PRINCESS can i have it?!?!?!?!?!?

  • will there be new music tracks?

  • Looks awesome, can’t wait for Fury! Release date and price, please?

  • Looks awesome, although I won’t be picking it up. Wipeout HD is far too difficult for me to spend any more money or time on it. It’s proven more frustrating than fun.

  • I watch the WO: Fury trailer on my PS3 all the time. The editing and music is rad.

  • sheer genius at work – wow!

  • Great post, love the wipeout architecture, makes me wish I lived in the wipeout universe.

  • Some of this page in unviewable on an iPhone or iTouch. The right half of the page is the problem. just thought I’d let you know.

  • The right side of the images, not the entire page.

  • i delete the game is hard

  • I need this like a fat kid needs cake!!!

  • Stop bragging and just release it!!!!

  • StalkingSilence

    Looking forward to this alot!

  • If one was to doubt that gaming is an art form, they should read this article. Great job!

  • It would be nice to some of the environment-based tracks from XL (forests, snow, etc.). An HD-updated WipeoutXL track pack has been suggested–and it would be awesome.

  • @ ehdeepblue:

    I’m with you. I still have the original PS1 disc (red book audio tracks!), and it would be nice to have HD versions of the tracks to go with it.

  • bring it … waiting for this!

  • Love ths game. How about a ship editor and more fleshed out backstories on the teams?

  • Absolutely stunning game, graphically but just maybe a tad too challenging, for gameplay. :)
    Still enjoy it and put many hours into the current version, I will just probably never get all of the trophies. ;)

  • keep on doing what your doing guy/gals WipeoutHD is the best thing on the psn. the hardness is perfect, everyones making there games nice and easy so everyone can feel good which just waters things down, but not with wipeout^^ give us some more rock hard trophies the fans will be waiting :).

    oh yea and make another colony wars XD

  • gunna get it!!!!! oh dn how about you the reader.:)

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