New MAG Developer Diary — Command and Control System

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This week we’re wrapping up “MAG Mondays”—the Zipper Interactive developer diary series—with the final video detailing the command and control system within MAG.

While MAG breaks new ground with 256 players and unprecedented online action, the game’s sophisticated command and control system involving eight-on-eight, squad-based combat allows each player to influence the larger battle and climb through the ranks to lead his or her own squad, platoon, and army.

Listen to the devs explain how it works in the video below:

We hope you’ve enjoyed learning more about MAG through this developer diary series. You can be sure we’ll be bringing more MAG information to the PlayStation.Blog in the very near future, so stay alert!

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  • MAG BETA for North America please!! :)

  • Awesome, that answered some of my questions.

    And will the Beta be this summer?

  • ThreeLeggedFreak

    Please put me in the Beta, it’ll help me decide if I should buy this or MW2 this Fall.

  • this game looks great but i need a beta soon or i’m gonna buy modern warfare 2 comeon zipper i need a demo soon

  • Wow. The depth of game play is unreal. Thanks for the info.

  • The Halo/Call of Duty/Xbox fanboys are going nuts in terror over this online tour de force.

    They’re digging out all their old Killzone 2 material in desperation to trash this amazing game.

    Hopefully Sony will take the same care they did with Killzone 2 previews and reviews where they masterfully marginallized all of the hardcore Xbots in the gaming media who frantically wanted to get 6/10 review scores out early to try to set the tone for all followup reviews.

    North America beta to mute Xbots putting out trashing previews of the game like the Killzone 2 beta did

    Keep the review copies out of the dwindling hardcore Xbots and Call of Duty fanboys

    Home launching and MAG Space release day.

  • This is the most anticipation I’ve had to play a game in a long time.
    The battle field in this game will be pure madness. Can’t wait to play it.
    My head spins when I think of an on line battle with hundreds of people.

  • WOW. I am going to buy this instead of Modern Warfare 2. This looks amazing, great job guys, seriously. :)

  • I want some lag free footage of mag.

  • As much as I loved MW…I f’in love Zipper as a developer. I trust them hands down. So if I get MW2 as a gift, great! But my money is going towards MAG!!!

  • Looking cool cant wait for the game guys keep up the good work!!!

  • MAG = Most Awesome Game.

    FTW. =]

  • god i can’t stop watching this vid i need a beta next week!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11

  • all i want to know is when is this game coming out? give me a date?

  • im getting MAG for sure! and hopefully i’ll get MW2 as a christmas present from someone but if i dont no problem MAG will be WAY better!

  • Awesome game! I loved the command system.

  • this looks great, home still sucks

  • Definately on my must buy list.

  • Will be getting this game over Modern Warfare 2 because of Activision recent BS about the PS3.

    Oh does MAG have a party system?

  • I’m really excited for this game! I hope the user interface gets some tweaks, because it seems too clunky and red. The whole marker from god thing is kinda strange. I can’t wait for a beta though!

  • After watching this last developer-diary, I’m starting to get a warm and fuzzy feeling inside.

    Keep them coming…and make me believer….LOL

    Thanks for the update


  • This game looks so good , but just one thing that I just read was that the 80g ps3 killzone2 &mgs4 bundle was released at best buy does it include Canada? MAG will be a buy for me thx for the vid.

  • Why are “MAG Mondays” always on Tuesdays?

  • They are on Tuesday’s because the Blog people are slow with posting them. Just go to Game trailer’s and see it on Monday’s.

  • can’t wait for this game – sweet!

  • @9 look st sny video you can find of MAG, and you’ll have your answer.

    Anyways, kinda sad to know this is the last one. I hope we get a mic bundled with this game.

  • include beta in Canada plz :)

  • I don’t know what to say. If the strategic elements are as straight-forward and definable as what we’ve NEEDED, this game will be the foot-soldier eye-view of C&C I’ve always wanted.

  • ivetusmcsat8202

    I can’t WAIT for the BETA on this one!!!! I hope I can get in. I got lucky with the Uncharted 2 BETA and got in a week before it went down. Hopefully I can get into this one when it starts!!!

  • This is one of my most anticipated games for the year. I hope launch day will be successful and there’s no downtime for an online-only game.

    I hope Zipper uses /6’s Socom Confrontation disaster as a huge lesson and plan appropriately for the online traffic on day 1.

  • Looking good, I dunno whats with that gun thats around 1:07+ into the video. It just doesn’t look right, like the gun and the arm looks really weird.

  • Hey guys, will this game come bundled with the official headset?

  • Ok so this game looks great just like Killzone 2 and many other Console first person shooters. But Sony come on, WHEN are you guys going to realize these games are best played with the Keyboard / Mouse combination? I mean there are 3rd Party company’s out there selling adapters for $100 dollars when you guys could easily release a firmware update with this integrated. Please listen to the PC gamers that spent 400+ dollars on your wonder gaming console, integrate the keyboard and mouse! PLEASE! =) Anyone who’s ever played a good FPS Shooter knows that the console controller just doesn’t cut it.

  • OH DAM !

  • Graphics look not on par with other games. Not to worried.
    Party System and In game inviting needs to be addressed if not already.
    Lag needs to be 100% perfect.
    Beta also should have a excellent choosing system for people, no codes flying around etc.
    I also hope that there is addicting factor to the game, which some games seem to lack (killzone).

  • Wow, I’m looking forward to this.

    More details on roles TBA I assume?

  • Who cares, they aren’t going to advertise it anyway. Sony’s advertising/public relations this generation has been terrible.

  • @34 You tell em’ =)

  • when are we getting more avatars???????????????????

  • NICE!! looks like a wicked game, I can’t wait to give it a day in court.

  • this fall im gonna be poor, im buying modern warefare 2 and mag. also im getting halo odst im like omg. anyway mag looks cool but not better than halo

  • This is a sure purchase, it would be a sure purchase just to see what 256 players online would look like. Glad to see all this exciting gameplay!

  • hell yea

  • @gooch-getta (#36):
    Parties are already something that Zipper has addressed when they did the live “Ask the Devs” broadcast. Basically what happens is that if you and your friends want to join a game as a party, there’s a lobby system where your party will wait which (I believe) is separate from the individual waiting lobby.

    In other words, something similar to the Halo 3 multi-player lobby system is going to be used for the game.

    As for lag issues, you’re ALWAYS going to encounter lag because not every part of America has 10 mbit broadband service available. Live with it. Network operations are a “best effort” practice and not a “guaranteed performance”.

    I’m actually more concerned about faction-balance issues. Put it this way, when you play Counter-Strike, the game usually auto-balances the teams by randomly moving people from the team with more players to the team with fewer players. Now, what happens if a lot of people sign up with Raven as their preferred allegiance? Or what happens if Raven and VALOR become the two most populated factions? What becomes of the SVER faction if it is considerably less populated than the other two factions?

  • This game looks promising but we will see if it is as good as it is hyped up to be!

  • At #46:
    Apparently you haven’t read this:

  • Looks amazing. unprecedented depth.

  • definitely best online FPS of 2009

    x360 would simply RROD while playing this game . Not to mention that x360 cant even handle cartoon graphics and 32 player online of halo 3

  • This is gonna be at the top of my holiday games list. I simply can’t wait

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