PlayStation Eye Chat: Demon’s Souls

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Over the last few months, Demon’s Soul’s has consistently asked-about games here on the PlayStation.Blog. That hasn’t been lost on North American publisher Atlus, who, late last week took some time to chat via the PlayStation Eye. Atlus PR Dude-and-Sometimes-Blog-Poster Aram Jabbari and Localization Guru Sammy Matsushima take on all of your Demon’s Souls questions here:

Oh, and that announcement they were teasing was this: Demon’s Souls is coming to North America on October 6.

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  • This has easily been my favorite game of the year so far. I’m really glad I imported it. I’ll probably buy it again when it comes to the states just to get the Limited Edition strategy guide and art book.

  • wow looks great!


    What happened to Resident Evil 2 & 3 on PSN?

  • @commedieu resi games will be released at later date they were just announced as coming soon
    this game is aweseome very hard though

    will deff be buying the limited edition i need the guide lol :) but guess wont have LE in UK so will have to import from US :P

  • Woo hoo top 10 post ……sorry first time ever on top post add me!!!!!!

  • My most anticipated game of the year!

    We need Atlus and From Software on here more often.

  • Love the style of interview, via the PlayStation Eye. Great idea!

  • ascendantofrain

    Wow Jeff….You never cease to amaze me…NOBODY, and I mean NOBODY, EVER pronounces my name the right way and you absolutely NAILED it..

    I was adam_verheyen BTW…you made my day when I heard my name said correctly. Thanks, Jeff!!

    • Jeff Rubenstein

      Man, I can nail some Dutch names, all right. Must be from working with Guerrilla Games :-D

  • this interviews using the ps eye are really cool. cant wait to use my Eye using the motion controls.

  • The video quality of the interview was not great this time around, but I do understand there are some differences in connection speed and what have you. Still it’s a great way to connect to developers, cost them or the blog no money at all :) keep up the good work.

    • Jeff and the great team over at PlayStation Blog had everything working fine on their end Any jerkiness is likely a result of our using slightly older tech. Believe it or not, that is an Eyetoy (PS2-era) that we\’re using for the interview over at the Atlus offices. It got the job done this time, but we think it\’s time to upgrade.

  • Demon’s Soul is the perfect game for PS3 Motion Control, don’t you agree? It’s practically made for PS3 Motion Controller.


    DIRT 2


    • I don\’t know about controlling the main action with the motion controls, but there are motion-controllable gestures like waving hello and jumping for joy.

  • I’ll have to watch this when i get off of work. Demon Soul’s has intrigued me recently :)

  • We at least SOMEONE found a use for their PlayStation Eye.

  • I will tell u guys right now…DS is a very tough and brutal game. Great game though

  • Hey Jeff! Good to see this make the blog. I spent a lot of time talking with Sammy at the show…I think he knew me by name because I was the only one stepping up and performing effective Parry’s.

    Anyhow, glad to see the use of the eye-Interview continue. I really don’t mind and completely understand the video issues and connectivity variables involved but it’s nice to hear more voices and an overall participation in the service and value of the PS3.

    Sammy…I remember my first question to you was in regards to the Spoils Program and I’m happy to see some of what we talked about made the cut. Any chance a soundtrack or those HOME items might see the light of day on/around the OCT.6 launch? I’ve already played this game through to New Game ++ but will be picking it up again (just in time for my birthday).

    Thanks to Jeff, Aram & Sammy for taking the time to visit and enlighten us all!

    • We\’re still working to get as many goodies ready for the North American release as possible, but at the moment, the safest bet is to assume that what has been announced will be the entirety of things, just so that if anything else becomes a possibility, it will be that much more exciting for you :)

  • I just realized Demon’s Soul cover doesn’t have “Only On PlayStation” logo, is this a timed exclusive?

    • No. This was published by Sony themselves in Japan, so it probably won\’t be emigrating from the PS3.

  • @ 10- I don’t think Demon’s Souls would be well suited to a motion controller at all.(This comes from 80+ hours with the game)

    The difficulty is high enough that you need the precision of button inputs. As much as it might be fun to swing a wand around like it is a sword and point at the screen to aim spells, I have a feeling it would add too much to the difficulty of the game.

  • This game looks really good. Atlus is publishing a lot of nice games. Im sure that we will get a Persona title for the PS3. THAT would be awesome.

  • @ 15- I’d be really surprised if Demon’s Souls showed up on another platform. Then again, I don’t know if From Software owns the IP or if SCEJ does.

  • AT 14:30 it shows a that how the Limited edition gonna look like?
    and is that the stuff it will include?

    • Yes, everything you see there will be available to purchasers of the Limited Edition. The LE comes with the slipcase (the image to the left, with the fallen warrior) and the 150-page strategy guide, and those who preorder the LE will also receive the art book shown to the right.

      Buyers of the regular edition won\’t be left out in the cold as far as Spoils go, since they\’re also eligible to receive the art book if they preorder.

  • Ordered it from Hong Kong on Sunday, shipped today Monday. Can´t wait.

  • Looking forward to their upcoming announcment.

  • nice chat. jeff keep it up man

  • excellent. these Playstation Eye Chat interviews are really awesome. question though: were the Atlus guys using a Playstation Eye?, because the quality of their camera and mic was a LOT lower than yours, Jeff.

  • the interview would had been better if they used skype its on the psp i just dont understand why its not on the ps3.

  • hey jeff were they using the playstation eye cause if yes i’m not gonna buy it.

    • We were NOT using the newer PlayStation Eye, but rather an oldschool Eyetoy. While it got the job done, we all realize that Jeff looks much nicer than we do in the video, and we can\’t have that, so an upgrade looks imminent for us at our offices here :)

  • If I can turn invisible and do some sweet assassin moves, considered it is sold.

  • Cerberus_Hunter

    Can’t wait to play it! i’ll be pre-ordering the deluxe edition.

  • Damn I wanted to be the 27th commenter.

  • TheInfectedBy590

    Why October 6…?
    It feels like years away! ;_;

  • I want this game but am afraid I might miss out on DLC (as they are region locked) so is this coming to Europe?

    If you can confirm 100% there are no DLCs planned, I’ll just import it, if not, I’ll wait for the Europe version so I can buy DLC.

  • hey jeff, your fly is open lol pathetic

    • Jeff Rubenstein

      It\’s a button fly (therefore capable of unzipping), but thanks for paying attention to my junk.

  • I hope Demon’s Soul won’t be another Valkyria Chronicles, Sony needs to give the game some spotlight or support just like inFAMOUS,or Uncharted 2.

    One example is Valkyria Chronicles, it is an excellent game but Sony/Sega didn’t even try to advertise it. And maybe that’s why VC sales was so low.

  • “One example is Valkyria Chronicles, it is an excellent game but Sony/Sega didn’t even try to advertise it. And maybe that’s why VC sales was so low.”

    Don’t worry, after a price cut, VC sales went through the roof. :)
    Just make sure you support it by buying the DLC available for it.

    I agree though Sony marketing is pretty pathetic this gen mainly due there is hardly any (can’t blame them for being broke though lol).

  • Man this game looks amazing, im definitely getting that Deluxe “stop importing” version, im almost scared to play it cuz i know its going to suck up all my time, my girlfriend is gonna kill me lol.

    O and if Aram and Nich can please answer this question for me, are you guys by any chance going to put up the AX 09 video from your confrence on youtube like you did last year with Persona 4?

    Thanks and keep up the amazing work Atlus!!!

  • wow i need to get me a ps eye again

  • This game looks awesome has hell…leaning towards the limited edition :)

  • I am a little disappointed that there is no soundtrack included but will most likely buy the Deluxe Edition.

    I have imported the game ($57 w/shipping win!) and am wondering if the foreign game saves will work with the US game?

    • The save data won\’t be cross-compatible, alas, since the US version will have a new SLUS code. On the bright side, starting a new game means your level will be in line with all the other new players, so you\’ll have plenty more opportunities to play as a blue (or black!) phantom.

  • Any news about the new Shin Megami PS3 exclusive from Atlus?

  • nice interview.

    the more stuff i hear about this game the more i most likely pick it up.

    i still dont know yet…..

  • Thank you for the speedy answer to my question above Aram (Post 14). I hope I didn’t imply I wasn’t happy with the bundle & attached goodies, simply that the game has been a blast to play and I’m so looking forward to purchasing/playing it all over again (and similarly gravitating towards any goodies that go along with it).

    I knew the ATLUS team wouldn’t let us down in terms of spoils. Super excited…again…WOO!

  • This is the best way to do a developer interview remotely IMO.

    Jeff, thanks and hope to see more of these in the future.


  • Eye Toy interviews are my favourite feature of the Blog now!

    Can’t wait to get my hands on this game when it makes it to Europe.

  • Hey guys just curious I have a question that I have heard nothing about is Demons Souls an open world game like Oblivion?

    • Not quite as much as Oblivion, but it does allow you to customize your character any way you want to (unrestricted by your starting class) and you can approach the levels after the first one in any order you want. There\’s plenty of world to get lost (and die) in, if that\’s what you\’re looking for.

    • Open-world, not quite. Oblivion, and the Elder Scrolls games in general, have long set the bar for open-world games, and Demon\’s Souls is really not trying to be that kind of game.

      By design, it is a more old school experience. You get around using Archstones, portals to areas in the Kingdom of Boletaria, branch off from the Nexus, the main hub area. So, for example, you\’ll start with 1-1, and after clearing the area out and defeating its boss, you\’ll have access to all five of the Archstones\’ first areas, and from there, based on the order you tackle things, you\’ll unlock and more and more of the world.

  • I’ll buy it day 1 and Jeff great interview as always , i hope this is the second from many playstation eye interviews to come

  • well i’m glad you thought i cared, but i don’t.

  • Cannot wait for this game… I’m so glad I didn’t preorder.


  • great interview, I can’t wait to get my hands on demons souls!

    Do you think you will ever interview the guys behind Blazblue? I would <3 to hear from those guys.

  • Great Interview, Preordering the Limited edition Demon Souls.

    Can you guys clarify Co op in the game. Like I can go on and join a friend or send an invite like RE5. And with co op can we chat or trade items or something.

  • Soooo many good games coming out. I want this game. I hope I can get enough money to buy it.

  • Thank you, guys, for the terrific interview. Demon’s Souls looks fantastic. I can’t wait for this bad boy to come out.

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