The PSB, SOCOM & Killzone Recap

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Courtesy of Cindy “Abigale” Bowens


Courtesy of Victor Zuylen – Editor, Killzone Community

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  • Good week. I especially liked this month’s episode of Qore.

    Have you guys thought of making PS3 versions of Ape Escape or Legend of the Dragoon? Also, it would be awesome if you released the originals as classics in the store.

  • Cool but what about fat princess?

  • Great job with the blog Chris and Jeff! The only thing that could make it better is some info on Fat Princess and Trine :).

    • Currently trying to get in touch with the Trine folks, but nothing yet. We\’d love to have them come on the PSB, for sure.

  • great week…a suggestion for the countdown box..uncharted 2? XD

  • Why when I click on the Killzone link it says nothing about home? or vouchers?

    • Hmmm, the URL seems to be named correctly, but I am not seeing the Home story. Looking in to this…

  • Whatever happened to your Twitter survey, asking for questions to be answered by Atlus (for Demon’s Souls and Persona PSP)?

    I sent in a question, so I hope it gets asked.

  • hey jeff i got the UNCHARTED 2 trophies list off the UNCHARTED 2 multiplayer beta should i post them? if you want here’s how i got them go into the beta after the playstation logo hit start a bunch and you’ll get a options screen before the start screen you explore that screen you’ll find the trophies list along with the extras to prove this i’ll post the names of some trophies “relic finder”, “steel first”, “fire in the hole”, and “hangman” jeff please reply to this

  • Hope we see some Gran Turismo 5 news soon, like release dates etc.

  • Hey guys, I know EU is getting KZ2 content in home right now, but whats this about the Visari chairs? Are they available for NA users as well? If so how can we obtain them?

  • I think that the Killzone 2 home link is a mistake. EU got these free codes for the chair. If you change the region at the top you can see the correct link and the code to get the chair. This code doesn’t work for the U.S. accounts though.

  • @Chris
    Do you think there will be an update to delete trophies (in [my trophies]) that you have 0% in, and also to delete trophies that you have, that way in case your a trophy completionist and yu can’t get 100%.

  • cybershinigami87

    Do you know when Trine is coming out for PSN. I tried out the demo on Steam and I like it a lot.

  • its been quite peaceful for the past while… going to change anytime soon?

  • Dice_for_Death_

    Kind of unrelated, but is there any hope or hint from Capcom, for a PS3 Monster Hunter title? Probably too soon to ask, Freedom United being recently released and all.

    I’ll check back in another year or so.

  • i’m luving the new PSN Internet Browers

  • i’m loving the new PSN Internet Browser.

  • nice week. PS3 need a blockbuster announcement

  • Happy July 4th to you Chris/Jeff.

  • Hey, Jeff, Chris, whoever: thought about doing an post about Media Go? For PSP owners, this is a pretty important thing and I’m not entirely sure its existence is very well known. Honestly, it was only when I was searching for the online PS Store that I found it. (I thought it was going to be released alongside the PSP Go.)

    Just saying.

  • another great week


    killzone link dont werk right. where are the vouchers?

  • You don’t see the bit about the visari chairs for home? Heres a screenshot.

    Is this a screw up or are we getting this content too?

  • Hey Jeff,

    Maybe I’m looking into things too much, but in the ICO story that links to IGN, they toss a few subliminal jabs at Sony in the article. They do this type of thing in A LOT of their stuff, so you should totally stop linking there. I know, I’m a fanboy…

  • Happy Fourth of July!

    It was 233 years ago that this country was noticed as a country. How far we have come.

  • I just want to know when the DLC coming for Socom ? lol i hope it get hear before MAG.

  • Where are the code vouchers for the killzone chairs i havent heard anything of this… More info plz

  • The_Punisher111

    @11 Nick-30

    Why would you wanna do such a thing?

  • The_Punisher111

    @11 Nick-30

    Why would you wanna do that? (other than 0% in trophies)

  • Another good week, although it’s over Happy Independence day all.

  • Guys, please get back to us on the home content link, us home fanatics are going crazy.

  • @ Jeff (Regarding #22)

    He/she actually has a point. Just read the first paragraph and the final lines of the article and the just TRY to resist letting “**** you, IGN” slip from your mouth.

  • When will you guys give us info on PS Cloud?

  • @31

    I’m pretty curious, myself.

  • quick question will the new sony walkman be PS3 compatible when it’s finally released and when will it be released cause we saw it at ces then nothing lat i heard this summer well it’s summer and it’s not here

  • let me elaborate music from our PS3 to the walkman updating the software through the PS3 sending pics to the walkman and so on

  • Chris, don’t know why you are trying to get Frozenbyte on the blog since they are in the dark about what is happening with Trine.

    Frozenbyte’s Joel Kinnunen said,“As for the PSN release date, I think your guess is as good as mine.”

    On their forum Joel wrote:

    “I’m sorry for the delay of the PSN version. However, as it’s not in our hands (at least most of it), we don’t know when it’s coming and there’s very little we can do to speed up things. But, like you all, everyone at Frozenbyte hopes it would be soon!”

    Surely you know this.

    So whose hands is it in? Who’s delaying it? I imagine it can only be Sony. Perhaps you’re better off talking to Grace Chen.

    Also seems there won’t be a demo before it’s released. :(

  • The Trine developers are active daily on the official Trine forum, you can reach ’em there. They’re also completely clueless when it comes to anything surrounding the PSN release so…

  • As usual, nice job SCEA. (And CAPCOM!! hope SQUARE-ENIX and BANDAI follow your lead.)

    But, obviously, hope your able to change some current-‘policies’: (This is probably the wrong place, but nevertheless.. blah, blah, blah.)

    After Yuri Kageyama’s recent article on the Walkman, remembering the closed factory in Saitama, the recession, and the losses PS3 has taken.. the recent bad design(s); SCEI should use this still bad period, and energy, to somehow galvanize SONY’s ‘identity’. So far, don’t see this being done; SONY should be synonymous with ‘quality’, and ‘ahead’.

    There’s lots of amazing talent around, — use them, hire them! [Personally, think people like Takahashi have offered ‘a-way-out’. Some may disagree with some his recent choices, but they were serious choices! Real ones! And , a great dissertation on player-involvement, service, and interaction, ect. This gift should be left behind.]

    SCEI’s policies have to be further differentiated from Nintendo, Apple, or Microsoft. (rant, rant, rant. lol)

    Have a great day!

  • hey jeff/chris

    Is there any plans for a official PS3 racing wheel, maybe with logitech?

    I tried with the DFGT (and I loved it) but it doesn’t work with all games :/


    Could NIA post a blog post about bringing Toro and Kuro over to Disgaea 3 (and Disgaea 2) for us outside of Japan’ers?

    If Clap Hanz can bring Toro to Hot Shots/Everybody’s Golf in US/EU for FREE, why can’t NIA?

    And release the other Disgaea 3 content that is in Japan only and hasn’t been brought over (if those Joystiq comments are right). Region exclusivity sucks and Toro as a free DLC for the rest of the world would bring him out of Japan.

  • Hey Chris, I was wondering when the PSN store is going to get the trailer for Castlevania: Lords of Shadow. It was one of my favorite reveals at E3 and I want it on my PS3 in 720 or 1080p soon.

  • Jeff/Chris,

    I still haven’t received my Uncharted 2 bag and it’s been over 2 weeks. Where is it?

  • It was an okay week for you guys.

    Hoping next brings in some juice info oh and QORE is really bad I wonder why you guys bother with it since everything they show has already been covered extensively.

  • SOCOM DLC…finally our chance to show Slant Sux that we’ll never buy another product from them.

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